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There’s a video on YouTube of an articulate young woman talking at the Maryland gun control debates, and she does a fine job of it. It’s a speech that has been watched millions of times, but not that much was known about her. The NRA dispatched one of their reporters to get the story.

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  1. Smart young men and women like this give me hope for the future.

    A poll I once read said that Gen Y and younger have a health distrust for government, lets hope that is true come 2014/2016 elections.

    • I’m part of Gen Y and I completely agree with that statement. Basically I’m a piggybank to the federal gov. the problem is getting my generation to vote. of the three people in my house all the same age, i was the only one that voted in 2012. my gen is to caught up in their social media facebook twitter and getting the world to look at them to take time to actually want to make real change for the better. their just content to let someone else handle it. Gen Y, the narcissistic generation. Luckily I live in indiana, and we have an nice strong gun culture here. So I don’t think I would ever have to put up with the crap that young lady in MD is dealing with.

  2. A very smart young woman. I was impressed when I saw the original video of her testimony. What does this tell us when a 15 year old is smarter than our elected representatives in government? It is a very sad state of affairs, indeed. I agree with Pascal that young people like this give me hope for the future.

  3. She is quite sensible, but did she really say that the Constitution has been around for 300 years?

  4. It’s not that they’re not smart. This is thinking that gets us in trouble, because they’re smart. They’re just allied with the Dark Side. The Dark Side wouldn’t still be there if they weren’t clever people.

    This young lady lifts my spirits. Her patient defiance, her poise, her determination, her persistence. And they made a point of demonstrating their contempt for her by feigning boredom. Sons-of-bitches, WE WILL WIN, and YOU will decorate the insides of prisons….

  5. My post got sucked into the ether again. It’s not wasted time… YES, IT IS!!!

    Why does that happen? I never know which one it will happen to, either…

  6. Cute kid. Makes me wish I was sixteen again, except with a valid driver’s license and no acne.

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