Let’s Thank the Violence Policy Center for Illustrating How Law-Abiding Those Who Legally Carry Guns Actually Are

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The Violence Policy Center gun control organization maintains a database of “mass shootings” carried out by concealed carry permit holders. They naturally jumped on the incident last week in which an ex-cop opening fire in a bar in Orange County, California. Unfortunately for the VPC, their database really only proves — pretty clearly, in fact — how rare murders committed by people with carry permits actually are.

Of the 2,490 deaths referenced across 16 years, 1,505 were suicides where no one was killed but the person with the permit themselves. That’s right, Violence Policy Center shamelessly continues to classify suicide victims as “killers” like gang members in a drive-by shooting.

That leaves 985 people killed, some of which VPC acknowledges were self-defense situations and other instances that aren’t really a good fit for what they’re trying to claim.

But let’s pretend that all of those 985 people were actually cold-blooded killers with carry permits. That would equate to around 75 “concealed carry killers” per year.

Given that around 16 million Americans carry legally, the per capita rate of concealed carry homicides comes out to 0.47 per 100,000. That’s not even 10% of our national rate.

People who carry a gun legally are among the most peaceable demographics that exist. And we have the VPC’s diligence and hard work to thank for proving it.


Konstadinos Moros is an Associate Attorney with Michel & Associates, a law firm in Long Beach that regularly represents the California Rifle & Pistol Association (CRPA) in its litigation efforts to restore the Second Amendment in California. You can find him on his Twitter handle @MorosKostas. To donate to CRPA or become a member, visit https://crpa.org/.

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    • Concealed Carry Permits. What is the state taking a right from the citizenry and selling it back to them?

      Carry Permits have a not so nice documented History and should never be laid on the table as some sort of litmus test to determine who is the good guy and who is the bad guy.

      • You going to put some money where your mouth is and fund some lawsuits challenging it? No? Then just pissing in the wind. Try to be more useful in your comments the trolls are getting lazy

        • void…Since you are clearly a do it for me greasy worthless mealy mouth all wet pos you wouldn’t know what Grass Root Effort means. In other words first came Grass Roots for Civil Rights then came Civil Rights. Therefore you can lead, follow or stay the f out of the way you Gun Control lint licker.

        • Toots I am a troll that goes after the empty so if you lack the ability to appreciate the humor that’s on you.

  1. Ironically the cause of 99% of the mass shootings are done by young black men/women with illegally obtained firearms. Against other young black men/women and the unintended victims around them.

    • According to the BOR there is no such thing as an illegally aquired gun. Just illegal use of said gun after purchase.

      • Stolen is illegally acquired. Straw purchased is illegally acquired. Either one bought or traded for on the street is illegally acquired. Used by a juvenile, which accounts for a vast number of the shootings. Which is illegal. Facts are facts. Statistics can be manipulated to mean whatever the manipulator wants them to mean.

        • Like your 99% mass shootings stats are Black? Mass shootings are mostly attributed to individuals who shoot up crowds of unsuspecting people in churches, schools, grocery stores, theaters, banks, etc. Generally not associated with inner city turf wars, drugs, gangs, etc. Isn’t it enough demoCrap between their ears for you not to compound the problem with the bigoted Jim Crow kkk demoCrap stuck between your ears? You can answer too johnny boy.

        • Stolen I give you. But straw purchase? The .gov should have no knowledge or control over who buys a firearm or how. So long as it was not stolen, of course.

        • No not straw purchase because there should be no straw.
          The Right To Bear Arms Shall Not Be Infringed.
          If the first Amendment had as many infringements as the second Amendment does We the People would become mutes

        • @ Debbie W. Under the definition of the DOJ 2013:
          For the purposes of tracking crime data, the FBI defines a “mass shooting” as any incident in which at least four people are murdered with a gun. This survey adopts this definition of a mass shooting, making it a representative sample of shootings in which at least four people were murdered with a gun. The survey findings indicate that mass shootings compose a small share of the total number of U.S. firearm homicides, constituting less than one percent of gun murders recorded by the FBI in 2010. The survey also found that assault weapons or high-capacity magazines were used in at least 13 (23 percent) of the incidents. These incidents resulted in an average of 14.8 people shot. A total of 135 percent more people were shot in mass killings than in other gun incidents, and 57 percent more deaths resulted from mass shootings than in other gun-related incidents. Survey findings also indicate that domestic or family violence was a factor closely connected to 57 percent of the cases, in that the shooter killed a current or former spouse or intimate partner or other family member. Eight of the shooters had a prior domestic violence charge. There was no evidence that any of the shooters were prohibited from possessing guns under Federal law due to having been adjudicated as mentally ill or involuntarily committed for treatment. The survey also addressed the role of prohibited possessors of firearms, whether the shooting occurred in a gun-free zone, whether the shooter committed suicide during the incident, whether the shooting occurred in a school, whether law enforcement or military officers were targeted, and whether the shootings occurred at a current or former workplace of the shooter.
          When under the definition of the media. It is whenever more than 2 people are shot or killed.
          By FBI’s Definition, Mass Shooting Incidents Declined Last Year

          Mass shootings in the U.S. as tallied by the FBI declined last year 2022 even as the number of victims injured in such shootings rose, said a report released Wednesday tracking how often random gunfire erupts in crowded places. The FBI counted 50 such shootings in 2022, a decrease from the 61 incidents recorded in 2021. At the same time, the bloodshed from those attacks rose — 313 casualties last year, including 100 deaths, compared with 243, including 103 deaths, in 2021, reports the Washington Post. There is no widely accepted definition of a mass shooting; some count based on a minimum number of dead victims, or a minimum number of overall victims. Another more expansive metric also measured a decline in incidents from 2021 to 2022. The Gun Violence Archive, which defines a mass shooting as when four or more people are shot or killed, not including the shooter, counted 646 such events last year and 690 the year before.

          The FBI defines a mass shooting as when one or more people engage in killing or attempting to kill people in a populated area. The bureau’s definition excludes shootings motivated by gang violence, drug violence, domestic disputes or hostage situations, or resulting from another criminal act, like a bank robbery. By the FBI’s yardstick, a mass shooting happened in the U.S. last year nearly once a week. Last year marked the first time in five years that the number of incidents declined. The overall trend has been toward more such shootings — both 2018 and 2019 saw 30 mass shootings apiece. The shootings came most frequently in May, with nine, including the massacre at an elementary school in Uvalde, Tex., that killed 19 children and two adults, and a grocery store shooting in Buffalo, where 10 were killed. Sunday was also the deadliest day — mass shootings happened 12 times on Sundays and nine times on Mondays, while they were less common on Thursdays and Fridays. The highest-casualty mass shooting last year came on the Fourth of July, when a gunman opened fire on a parade in Highland Park, Ill., wounding 48 and killing seven. In about half of the 2022 incidents described in the report, the shooter had a prior connection to the place where he opened fire. They sometimes were a current or former employee, sometimes a resident or former student or patient. The type of weapon used was roughly even split, with 29 handguns used and 26 rifles. Of the 50 shooters, 47 were male. Numbers don’t lie…People make them lie.

  2. A quick review of the VPC database does not appear to include suicides per se. Instead, it lists instances where 3 or more people were killed, sometimes including the shooter himself by suicide. How did you arrive at your conclusion “Of the 2,490 deaths referenced across 16 years, 1,505 were suicides where no one was killed but the person with the permit themselves”?

  3. “People who carry a gun legally…”

    “Legal” and “lawful” are not the same. California’s gun control laws are legally passed as per the State’s legislative process, but are contrary to the U.S. Constitution (the highest law in the land) and therefore unlawful. CA also aggressively promotes and funds abortion, which *always* results in the death of an innocent human life, and is legal here, yet directly contradicts the directives found within the DOI and USC for Government to honor and protect life. Therefore unlawful.

    I happen to have a legally acquired CCW, which is legal by state law, but unlawful due to the requirement to prove my innocence and pay usurious fees (see Shuttlesworth). Therefore unlawful. So when my permit expires due to the new LASD Sheriff’s opposition to the idea of private citizens carrying and the Dept’s extremely slow processing of applications (I personally know multiple people who applied 15+ months ago and are still waiting) and I choose to continue to carry as per my constitutional right, I will be considered both illegal and lawful at the same time, depending upon which person/LEO/judge is asked.

    Get rid of all this nonsense. Repeal the NFA and GCA.

  4. Suicide is killing state property so in that regard they could be seen as killers.

    You are the kings deer.

    • In the state of Kansas it is a felony to commit suicide.
      Most certainly that has prevented a lot of suicides.

      • According to Cornell law School suicide is no longer illegal in the United States, although attempting suicide is considered a crime in several states.

    • That’s a law dacian would approve of. With the addition of North Korea’s “guilt to the third generation”.

  5. so, where does that number come from? The 16 million legal CC number is the one I’m asking about. There are 245 million adults age 21 and up in the US. I used age 21 because, at least for now, most states restrict concealed carry to age 21 and above. This means 6.5% of the adult population is carrying concealed on a regular basis. If that’s true, that is pretty significant.

    I’m guessing the 16 million number is actually the number of concealed carry permits, not the daily carry number.

    • If VPC is citing numbers for violence committed by CCW-holders, then number of permit-holders is correct to get the violence rate for them.

    • Actually, a quick minute with Google would seem to confirm that the current number is north of 20 million permits.

      That makes the point of this story even more important, as the ratio is even lower than with 16 million.

      • It’s over 16 years, so properly should be adjusted for the change in number of permits over that time period. Doubtful that the end result would differ much, so perhaps the author kust took the estimated number of CCWs from 16 years ago?

    • Their 16 million is the number of permits in the states they polled and which would give them current numbers, not all states. And not all states, and those which are shall issue but permitless also, will give out the current numbers for those that got permits. there are ways to get the numbers though and the actual number natio wide in 2022 was closer to 29 million permitted and an estimated around 40 million (to around 50 million if random carry during a month is included) if permitless carry is included. its even more if carry includes those who have it in the car but not on person all the time, then it gets up to around an estimated 80 million.

    • The number of people that actually carry legally is much smaller than the number of Concealed Carry Licenses/Permits. Saying that 16 million people carry legally (or 20 million or whatever number) is sloppy writing. That is the number of people who have a state issued permit or license to legally carry. The majority of them do not actually legally carry.

      We need to be accurate and precise on this, not sloppy like the anti-gunners.

      • Eric, where did you get your stats from? Each person that I know with a full carry permit carries every single day.
        Yes, we do need to be accurate, but we also have to not try to make little of the people who do carry.

  6. There are too many moving parts everywhere. Your not going to see 100% across the board a hundred percent of the time with anything at all in a world ran by humans. Things are going to be missed here and there. That will happen on both sides. The mere fact that so many people don’t seem to understand that is part of the problem.

    The main point though is that if there is a group to be afraid of, it is NOT the concealed carry license holder.

  7. “Retired Ventura sergeant” this guy would have already gotten a permit under the previous commiefornia gun control scheme before Bruen. He was one of the protected classes.

    • Yes, absent disqualification by his commanding officer, he was entitled to carry under LEOSA. Nice perk for retired officers, but then again I have to assume that quite a few have targets on their backs from released convicts and other miscreants.

  8. “Of the 2,490 deaths referenced across 16 years, 1,505 were suicides where no one was killed but the person with the permit themselves.”

    How odd …. that 1,505 is ~60% (60.442%) of the 2,490. There it is again, this 60 correlation that keeps coming up… its a really weird math ‘down in the weeds nerdy’ correlation that keeps coming up again and again.

    ~60% of reported (supposed) ‘gun suicides’ are later found to have not been suicide but rather murder stage to look like suicide or it was an accident. And strangely, 20% happened during a ‘sexual act’ of some type and 20 is a factor of 60.

    ~60% of FBI ‘homicide’ stats turn out to be valid legal self/home/others defense.

    60% of gay male-on-male domestic partner victims of domestic violence murder are killed by their partner ~60% of the time with a blunt object.

    60% of gay female-on-female domestic partner victims of domestic violence murder are carried out by the domestic partner with a blunt object 60% of the time with the help of at least one male 60% of the time after rape by the male 60% of the time.

    ~60% or ‘transsexuals’ (male-to-female) who willingly engage in ‘rough sex’ are seriously injured (sometimes killed) as a result of a ‘rough sex’ act with a non-transsexual person who strangely ~30% of the time is female and 30 is a factor of 60.

    ~60% of Latino women that are violently assaulted are assaulted by multiple gang members numbering 6 (6 is a factor of 60).

    ~60% of Black gang related mass shootings are never reported as mass shootings by MSM or the GVA.

    60% of violent crime weapon of use is a knife. (about 12% of violent crime weapon of use is a firearm, 12 is a factor of 60).

    the list goes on and on for that weird 60 correlation.

    • .40 cal (should you change it to .60 cal?) — I did a quick DDG on “60.”

      “60 is a highly composite number. Because it is the sum of its unitary divisors (excluding itself), it is a unitary perfect number, and it is an abundant number with an abundance of 48. Being ten times a perfect number, it is a semiperfect number.”

      That’s one paragraph of over 30 paragraphs on the topic in Wiki. (30 is half of 60.)



      • No, 70% is probably closer to the real average, but since lazy liars (looking at you Minor 49ish) that use round numbers like to do as little as possible avoid using seventy, since it has the most syllables.

  9. So I see a number of comments already. So to be clear you continue to paint with the same brush. Persepctive is out dated and you never had anyone in any group , organization, faction, squad, charter, foundation etc. have a few individuals who no matter what is said or done they will commit some sort of crime, transgression onto society that does not fit the defintion of a responsible lawabiding individual. A perfect world does not exist. We try.
    I defend you right to speak, offer opinions, ideas, and thoughts. But I disagree with your position that all individuals who possess firearms are bad.

  10. CC should have a lower homicide rate because they are vetted more. This is a win for more gun control.

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