Palmetto State Armory Unleashes the Admiral Line of 1911 Pistols

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I know what you’re thinking…I wish there were more 1911 options to choose from (right?). Well lucky for you, Palmetto State Armory has just added a couple more. With the announcement of their new Admiral line you can pick from a couple of different models in 10mm or John Browning’s favorite, the .45 ACP. PSA has partnered with Rock Island Armory for the Admiral line and those folks have been making 1911’s for quite some time.

The 10mm Ultra FS and .45 ACP Tactical FS have all of the features you’d expect from a tricked out carry or IDPA-style pistol. The .45 ACP Standard FS is a G.I. style gun for folks who want a traditional 1911.

They’re showing an MSRP of $649.99 with a current Labor Day sale going on of $549.99 for the 10mm Ultra FS, $599.99 with a sale for $499.99 for the .45 ACP Tactical FS, and $499.99 with a sale for $399.99  on the .45 ACP Standard FS model. Although I joke around about there being yet more 1911’s out there, the guns look pretty solid and pack some great features at competitive prices.

Check out the details on the Ultra FS, it and the tactical FS share most of the same details, and then I’ll drop the basic info on the other two models below it.

Discover the exceptional PSA Admiral M1911 A1 chambered in 10mm Ultra FS at Palmetto State Armory – your ultimate destination for premium firearms. This remarkable pistol seamlessly combines classic M1911 A1 design with the power of a 10mm caliber, offering shooting enthusiasts and collectors a unique and high-performance option. Engineered with an Ultra FS frame, this firearm ensures optimal control and accuracy with each shot. Palmetto State Armory provides access to top-tier firearms that embody a perfect fusion of tradition and innovation. Elevate your shooting endeavors with the PSA Admiral M1911 A1 10mm Ultra FS Pistol – a true testament to craftsmanship and modern excellence. Acquire this exceptional piece today and own a slice of firearms history. Explore our extensive collection now to find the pinnacle of precision and power.

GI serration Slide
Ramped-type bull barrel
Standard frame with front strap serration
Full-length guide rod
MR3 trigger assembly with over travel screw
Combat hammer
3xp firing pin spring
Hi-sweep beavertail grip safety
Ambidextrous safety
Checkered slide stop
Checkered magazine release
Checkered main spring housing
Magazine well hooked to the grip screw
Socket head grip screw

Ultra FS Details

Make: Palmetto State Armory
Model: “Admiral” M1911 A1 Ultra FS
Caliber: 10mm
Action: Semi-Auto, Recoil Operated
Capacity: 8 rounds
# of Mags: Two (2)
Barrel Length: 5″
Overall Length: 8.74″
Sights: Front Fixed | Rear Adjustable
Trigger Pull: 4-6 lbs
Finish: Parkerized
Grip: G10

Tactical FS Details

Make: Palmetto State Armory
Model: “Admiral” M1911 A1 Tactical FS
Caliber: .45 ACP
Action: Semi-Auto, Recoil Operated
Capacity: 8 rounds
Barrel Length: 5″
Overall Length: 8.74″
Sights: Front Fixed | Rear Sight Adjustable
Trigger Pull: 4-6 lbs
Finish: Parkerized
Grip: Wood, Double Diamond Checkering

Standard FS Details

Make: Palmetto State Armory
Model: “Admiral” M1911 A1 Standard FS
Caliber: .45 ACP
Action: Semi-Auto, Recoil Operated
Capacity: 8 rounds
Barrel Length: 5″
Overall Length: 8.58″
Sights: Front GI type mounted on slot | Rear GI type mounted on dovetail cut
Trigger Pull: 4-6 lbs
Finish: Parkerized
Grip: Wood, fully checkered




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  1. A1? Arched mainspring housing.
    I like the standard version, and the price is in my po mans( they said Social Security wasnt a life style)aquireabilty.
    Perhaps my gunm shop may have or get some in?

    • I have an A1 clone with the arched mainspring housing. I like it very much. The GI sights suck, of course, and there is no giant beaver tail either, but the grip really fills the hand making it easy to shoot.

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        • Yup. The life expectancy at the time of the program’s launch was three years past the then-established retirement age. The very first recipient of this program paid in only $25 total before retiring, but lived to age 100 and collected a total of $20K. Right out of the gate, the ponzi scheme was proven, but here we are today with even more (SS, Medicare, Guv Union pensions, et al). Everyone in charge of them along the way have recognized the inherent problems with the math, but have always kicked the can down the road for political expediency.

          A statesman puts his country before his own interests.
          A politician puts himself before his country’s interests.

        • I remember reading a book that was written in the 70s when they made the major changes to SS. at that time they were predicting the population of the US to be something like 2 billion by now. If we had that size population SS would not be in trouble at least for a while. By its very nature SS requires an ever-increasing population to provide ever more people to pay into the system. They just didn’t count on us voluntarily depopulating,

        • “…voluntarily depopulating”

          Or being involuntarily subjected to depopulation (**cough cough mRNA fake vaccines**)

        • It isn’t just us ‘depopulating’.

          South Korea is doing it the fastest, their birth rate is 25 percent of what they need for a stable population.

          Pretty much all of the advanced western nations are on a similar track, but there is good news in there for us.

          All the constant harping on ‘climate catastrophe’ is causing the Leftist-Fascists to have less kids on average than us.

          They are believing their own bullshit. That means, in 2 generation’s time, there will be less of them than *us*.

          I’m hopeful they will respond by doubling down on their own demographic doom… 🙂

    • How does it stack up to the Springfield a1 from a decade or so ago if you have ever ran into one to compare? If nothing else over a hundred dollars cheaper before the inflation adjustment but wondering if it runs better.

  2. I looked at the picture, and my first thought was “Rock Island.” I assume the only difference will be the roll markings.

    • FTA:
      PSA has partnered with Rock Island Armory for the Admiral line

      Methinks RIA is trying to boost their sales which have likely shrunk since their political misstep a few years ago. By rebranding it as a PSA firearm, they still get the sales.

  3. Just another rock– but PSA is a good company that supports gun rights fully.

    Maybe their buying power will make for a fair price

  4. if:
    “9mm is much better now than in 1986”
    “.40 (and .45) are now obsolete as a result”
    “why buy a .45”
    (disclaimer: ive owned carried and have had all 3 on my nightstand at one time or another)

  5. I’ve owned or own 2 RIA 1911’s. Their Tactical is a tack driver. I would love to get one of there Ultra FS HS but it is a bit out of my price range plus I don’t have the time to shoot the ones I have. So if PSA is collaborating with RIA, you can’t go wrong. They are solid pistols.

  6. Does this mean they will also (re-) release magazines that dont run you $2/rd?

    I mean if you don’t shoot much, who cares, but loading up 4 (and then some) mags to equal one 9mm extended capacity gets expensive and tedious. Especially when even on a bad day, those plastic fantastic mags run you .60/rd.

  7. I question the amount of hand fitting that is going to go into a $400 1911.

    If you’re not sure why hand fitting is relevant to a 1911, you shouldn’t purchase a 1911 (or 2011).

    • I don’t think there were many GIs during the world wars that had hand fitted Les Baers or Wilsons.

  8. If you all can refrain from the juvenile, bullshit comments maybe folks could actually “learn” something from serious adults. Take your uninformed. ignorance to the “mall”.

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