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As Wallace said when he first spied the wrong trousers, now that IS clever. LEO TakeDown CEO Lance Maffett has designed an attachment system that allows rifle owners to change barrels in the blink of an eye. Or carry an AR-15 in a handy little pouch and deploy it within seconds. Mr. Maffett reckons his two rings (or more) to rule them all product line will hit the market in the next couple of months for around $300 per set. Full review to follow.

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  1. Love the reference, loved the cartoons. I wonder how many years its been since I’ve seen one. …Hmm, maybe there will be grandchildren to enjoy them with.

    • Actually, the reference was from W&G’s “A Close Shave”:

      “A sheep mincing machine! Now that’s clever!”

  2. Claiming ‘no change in aim point’ when swapping to a different barrel is a bit of a stretch…

  3. Ok, riddle me this: how can it guarantee that by switching barrels, I don’t need to switch optics or iron sights? Even if they can guarantee a non-zero drift with just the same barrel being switched out, it wouldn’t necessarily mean I have the same zero if I snap on a different barrel assembly.

    And that is the $10,000 question. The only advantage I can see is to this system — if it can guarantee zeroes even between barrels — is that you don’t have to buy separate optics for different uppers. Otherwise, if it can’t guarantee it, you might as well buy different uppers. It won’t really save that much more time than switching uppers, or that much more space when you take it down.

    • Depends on the caliber you’re switching from/to and the range you’re expecting to get out to. .223/5.56, 6.8 SPC, and 5.45 are very similar in the first two-hundred yards or so. It’s only when you start trying to go long range that you start to see divergence. This becomes more a problem with a magnified scope than a red-dot.

  4. In my experience with ar 15s and 10 in many calibers once u get a scope sighted in on one upper, when u move it to another ar its close if not on. Not so if u go ar to bolt or vice versa

  5. An idea so good, at least two other companies (Frontier Tactical and Pantheon Arms) have already been doing it for years. Yawn. Wake me up when someone actually does something *new* with the AR platform.

  6. Me too, me too.

    One word – Dolos. Simple stupid to install, simple stupid to use, industry support, thousands of customers, and only $200. The only problem with it is that retailers are always out and nobody carries the handguard kits. Hey Brownells – carry the handguard kits please!

    Next Maffet will invent an internal combustion engine that runs on gasoline. TTAG will report on this innovative new product.

  7. What I learned from this article:

    1. The writer doesn’t know the gun market or the products in it. Not atypical.

    2. The company representative thinks he invented something when in fact this functionality already exists and has been done well. Red Jacket comes to mind.

    3. He doesn’t know the difference between gross and fine motor skills, or doesn’t think anyone watching the video knows the difference.

    4. He has a prototype concept, with no production product, customers, or pricing, or market research.

    5. He intends to suckle at the public tit by using taxpayer funding to sell his undewhelmingly weak product to law enforcement and military at all levels. Haven’t we had enough of these corportist liberals masquerading as gun guys?

    6. Frontier Tactical called and wants their big ugly clunky POS back.

  8. I’m looking into a quick release system mainly for the compactness of it, especially when coupled with a LAW folding stock adapter.
    I do not like the levers on the Cry Havoc so it is out.
    The Dolos does not hold the barrel and attachment bushing together making it look flimsy. Also they do loosen up when firing. Although the company addressed this with the gen 2 model by adding a lock, owners say it does not hold up over time.
    I was impressed when I saw the LEO. Everything is solid and being a machinist myself I it is a precision addition to the weapon. I do agree the price is a little steep and hopefully will go down over time. Sometimes you get what you pay for!

  9. I would buy it if it was ever available for purchase. Frustrating to say the least. I’m not comfortable with DOLOS. DOLOS is cheaper but I’m looking for a secure lockup. I hope the availability issue gets resolved at some point. I;ve witten them but have yet to get confirmation of when they have them in stock. I’ve offered to pay in advance but they haven’t taken me up on it.

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