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Speaking at the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits, a loose, relaxed and occasionally extemporaneous President Donald Trump assured an adoring audience that “you are my friends, believe me.” After dissing the press and pundits for dismissing his candidacy, the President promised “I am going to come through for you.”

“I am here to deliver you good news . . . the eight year assault on your second amendment freedoms has come to a crashing end . . . No longer will federal agencies be coming after law-abiding gun owners.”

Without adding any detail (*cough* dismantle the ATF *cough*), President Trump went on to extol the virtues of newly confirmed Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. And tout his elimination of the lead ammo ban on federal lands.

“Responsible gun ownership saves lives,” Trump trumpeted. “The right to self defense is essential to public safety.”

The President used the pronouncement to launch his promise to restore “law and order” under Attorney General Jeff Sessions. And build the wall. “Don’t even think about it,” he repeated, mantra-like, “Don’t even think about it.”

“Let me make a simple promise,” Trump promised, returning to firearms freedom, “as your President I will never, ever infringe on the right of the people to keep and bear arms. Freedom is not a gift from government. It’s a gift from God.”

“We’re here today . . . to defend the right of a free and sovereign people to keep and bear arms . . . and to the NRA I will never, ever let you down.”

Not mentioned: The Hearing Protection Act, national reciprocity, “gun-free zones,” the ATF or any specific gun rights issue. So, a feel-good victory lap and a meeting of the mutual admiration society.

Whether President Trump will be A Friend of Ours for pro-gun legislation was not resolved here. It remains to be seen. Watch this space.

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    • A bit disappointed he didn’t throw out one scrap like “If the HPA lands on my desk, I will sign it.”


  1. That speech was underwhelming. He may as well of said, “I’m not signing any laws to take away any more of your 2A rights, but I’m not pushing to repeal any of them either.”


    • Fact is in four years a president can appoint up to 100 federal judges, and this president will likely appoint three supreme court justices.
      This bodes very well for the second amendment

      • There’s also the fact that with a simple majority, parts of the NFA, the Hughes amendment can be repealed and National Reciprocity can be initiated.

        Why Trump and his advisors bring these issues up in the speech today shows me that there’s no initiative to do so in the executive branch.

  2. If we wanted smoke blown up our asses wed be at home with a pack of smokes and a short length of hose

  3. I heard a bit. Same old thing. Funny when he mentioned Pocahontas;)… I’m pretty happy with the Donald (so far)!

  4. How do you know when a politician is lying? His/her mouth moves… Words without solid action are merely sounds cast into the wind.

    Our freedom comes as a package deal, actually. You can’t really have one without all the others.

    • Trump is NOT a “politician” thus not burdened with the long-time mandatory associations both Democrat and Republican legislators have relied upon for financing, outreach, and motivation, he’s his own man. Sure he’s pandering to us, the pro-2nd Amendment side, it’s about time someone had OUR best interest in mind.

      • He holds elected office so he is a politician. He may be more than just a politician and he may not be a career politician, but he most certainly is a politician.

        • If Trump was a real “politician” he wouldn’t say 99% of the things he says. I love it especially when he’s zinging the Dems, his insults are priceless.

  5. The man has only been in office 100 days, some of these things take more time, priority wise. Having assured us of a fair Supreme Court, I bet his attention will soon turn to cleaning up the mess that is the 9th circuit court and others.

    Once he gets more comfortable in the hot seat, I would also believe that he will support the HPA and other measures that favor our interests. Being the most scrutinized President ever isn’t easy, as media is tearing him a new one with every move he makes. He’s learning quickly how to handle them better too.

    I say let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and make sure that we keep the heat on for future action on measures we deem to be important as POTG.. At least we have his attention, unlike those that went before him.

    • If you’re looking to Trump to get the HPA passed, forget it. He’s got much bigger legislative battles right now with Health and Taxes.

      If we want the HPA (which we do) we need to lobby the hell out of Congress and get the bill moving.

      If it makes it Trump’s desk, I think he’ll sign it, but he won’t be the one pushing it. That’s on us.

    • “Having assured us of a fair Supreme Court …”

      That won’t happen until Ginsburg or Kennedy leave the bench and Trump/Congress install another justice who will uphold the actual plain meaning of the Second Amendment.

      Nevertheless, Trump is off to a good start having appointed (and secured confirmation of) Justice Gorsuch.

      • Agreed. Now he just has to stay un-impeached until he can get a second Justice appointed (and approved without the threat of filibuster) and I’ll be happy with “The Donald” as for what he can do on his own.

        If we want legislation passed, we’re going to have to fight like hell to clear out the obstructionist Democrats in 2018.

    • Same crap we heard the first week…the first month..the first two months..the first 3 months..”He’s only been in office x amount of days! Give him time!”.

      Sorry….he’s not going to do ANYTHING for the people of the gun. He could have easily signed many EO’s that could help us. He has not and don’t try to make excuses about not having any time. I’ve seen Air Force One parked at Palm Beach International many times when he’s been down here playing golf all weekend.

      If he won’t do something simple like signing an EO he’s not going to the mat for us on HPA or anything else. Yet ANOTHER Republican politician playing us like fools

      • Oh..and the fact he mentioned NOTHING during his speech tells you all you need to know. He didn’t say “Hey folks…I appreciate your support and don’t worry. I have plans to get HPA passed…I’ll be pushing for National Reciprocity in a few months. I have many EO’s ready to get signed in the near future. I’m working with the NRA now to see what else I can do.” IF he was really planning on doing anything he would have said it.

        Nope..basically said “I put Gorsuch on the court…maybe another one. That’s all I’m doing.”

        • Trump is not a politician. Like Reagan, who came in with good ideas, Trump is learning that it’s not as simple as telling Congress what he wants and it gets done. Look at how Ryan and other have thrown him under the bus.

          You mentioned signing EOs. Sure, he could do that, but it would not be the permanence we want. The next Democrat to sit in the Oval Office could reverse everything he did for us. I am happier with the direction he has taken with his choices to fill positions, his directions to the DOJ, BLM, etc, which have lifted restrictions which make little or no sense. I like what he has done with the military; telling the brass to get the job done and getting out of their way.

          I’ll be happier if he can do something about ObamaCare which screwed the middle class. Same with taxes. Everyone has known for many decades that the tax system is screwed up. And we still have NK, and other hot spots to deal with…

          He’s doing far more than Hillary or Bernie would have done for us. It’s a different world than it was under Obama the Mooselim.

        • Suddenly the Master Negotiator, the Art of the Deal idiot-savant, the frog who would drain the swamp, is but a powerless babe in the woods, innocent, naiive, and most importantly, blameless.

          Why’d so many vote for him in the primaries again? Because what you just said wasn’t what they were saying when actual, experienced professional political leaders were vying for the spot atop the ticket.

          Trump doesn’t owe us a damn thing, that’s the sad truth of it all. He didn’t do a single thing before the election to earn any gunowner’s vote in the first place, so he isn’t going to do anything to keep it for the next go-around (assuming he doesn’t get bored & wander off). No, canceling Obama orders that had no impact on anything don’t count. No, signing a bill put forth by congressional forces that restores gun rights to like a dozen octogenarians doesn’t count. No, Gorsuch doesn’t count since 1) Trump had no clue who the guy was until his GOP advisors presented him the list they’d have given anyone else, and 2) the Dems were in no position to block a confirmation for four years (nuclear option was always a given).

          All he’s done was win the election over Hillary (barely, and a strong argument could be made that any other candidate besides possibly Bush would have as well), and that’s more of an argument for preventing her ascension ‘by any means necessary’ than an argument for Trump to hold the seat.

          He could single-handedly (yes) eviscerate our import bans & 922r, speed up NFA approval times, reign in ATF abuses, and even schedule a machine gun registration amnesty in a single afternoon, if he would only spare an hour for the gun owners who probably made up the vast majority of the votes he received (how many of the 62 million who voted for him do you suppose own the 400 million guns in this nation?) Instead he cries “Wall!” at the fucking NRA convention on national television, and has the gall to once more ask for our votes.

          Shameful. Sad. Entirely predictable by those of us paying attention.

  6. Platitudes don’t “feed the bulldog”. Yes, he’s only been in office 100 days and we’re not the only consituency he has to please., We get that. However, we have to let him know that we are listening and we are watching – and waiting for some concrete presidential action on the depredations committed against the Second Amendment over the years. There’s a REASON Trump was supported by the NRA and we expect to reap the rewards of our support.

    • Right? “Wall” is a hell of a lot more specific a policy proposal than anything he said in relation to the RKBA. Not that he had any business making such off-topic material the focus of his speech to the NRA.

      As if the NRA didn’t already look like a bunch of Republican shills that don’t really give a shit about moving the needle on gun rights (I’m not saying they are, but they sure look like it most days), they’re now hosting generic stump speeches that barely mention the reason for their very existence (protecting the RKBA, in case we forgot, which involves *a bit more* than simply not hacking pieces off with a butcher’s knife as Trump promised)

  7. Naysayers suffering from severe Battered Gun Owners Syndrome in here.

    Congress cannot even decide on a budget or even repeal a law they’ve voted for numerous times under the last administration.

    POTUS cannot and should not be doing everything alone. We need legislation and 2A issues are but one priority of many. We’re 3 months into this presidency with many more to go. This said, getting Gorsuch seated is a mammoth deal. We may even find out if Peruta is getting heard soon (also keep an eye on Grace and Wrenn from the DC Circuit). Trump also has dozens and dozens of lower court appointees to fill — again, a big deal that will go a long ways in restoring the rights of many.

    Also recognize that there’s much to be positive about when looking at individual states. Go back a few years ago; would we really even be thinking that there’d be over a dozen states and more in the hopper going Constitutional carry? That trend is spreading like there’s no tomorrow and we now have a POTUS that has pledged not to stymie or attack law abiding citizens.

    I for one am looking forward to what’s ahead and have no doubt it will be good for the 2A and Bill of Rights as a whole.

  8. Eh, Trump is a pretty crappy president. I voted for him for two reasons.

    1. Supreme Court
    2. Tax Reform

    I have no thought in my mind that he is going to do anything positive for gun owners. At best he will not be a negative to us and push gun control like Hillary would have done. Outside of that, I doubt anything will get done since we don’t have the 60 votes in the Senate required to overcome a filibuster. Pro-gun legislation will be seen as a huge defeat for Democrats so they are going to fight tooth and nail to ensure that nothing passes and with the filibuster rules, nothing will.

    • I agree that little will be accomplished legislatively. The Democrats are united that if it’s from Trump, it must die. They will obstruct any and all advancements and reform.

      2018 is the real fight. We already dodged a massive bullet (pantsuit). But if we want to make progress, we need a legislature that will approve the HPA, National Reciprocity, and other priorities. Without the legislature, it’s not happening.

      • There it is!!!! TRUMP 2018 for Gun Rights.

        Please. Trump is not pro 2a. Never will be. Does not matter what election year it is. All lip service.

        As far as the Dems blocking anything and everything Trump, possibly. But that was precisely what the republicans did to obama for 8 years – even if it was good: FUCK OBAMA was the republican line. Reap, meet Sow.

      • Passing the HPA will only bring the USA up to speed with England, Finland, Ukraine, New Zealand, Switzerland, etc. of which none of those countries have a 2nd Amendment so that will not even be a real win. Why is there no talk of dumping the NFA, 1968 GCA, Hughes Amendment, Bush’s 1989 Import “Assault Weapons” ban and 922 (r), and getting rid of all of the state’s gun control which is strangling gun owners in NY, CA, IL, OR, WA, CT, MASS, NJ, MD, CO, etc.? Look at all of these states! Gun control increasing as years go on and no NRA state victories to speak of. What about all of the gun owners there? Should they all wait for another damn election to get their rights back? I thought that this one was supposed to do that.

  9. For all the whiners complaining that everything they want has not yet been done….would you rather have Hillary? There were only two choices.

    Also, what are YOU doing to help push the gun agenda? Writing/meeting with our spineless congressmen and senators?

    At least with The Donald we have a chance; with Hillary, zero chance.

    • Agreed.

      And yes, I have repeatedly written to my Senators and Congressman, and to my state Rep and state Senator. Haven’t gotten a response yet, but I’m letting them know what they’re doing right and what they should do differently.

    • Sweet logic.

      “Trump is good because the alternative was worse.”


      Both can be (and are) bad.

  10. “[A]s your President I will never, ever infringe on the right of the people to keep and bear arms.”

    How about your executive agencies? Because I’m pretty sure they’re infringing on our right to keep and bear arms every day.

    • In fairness, Trump didn’t say the 2nd Amendment was about self-defense.

      The idea that armed citizens make for safer neighborhoods can be advanced independently of any Constitutional philosophies.

    • “The right to self defense is essential to public safety.”

      That right there tells me he WILL sign National Concealed Carry Reciprocity” if/when it reaches his desk and will order his Solicitor General to defend it when the Liberal/Progressive (Democrat/Marxist) cabal (financed by Georgy Schwartz aka “George Soros”) sues in Federal Court to overturn it as we all know they will. The Left’s aim is to bury him with lawsuits BUT when he and his administration win as he will with the “Travel Ban” and denying Sanctuary cities funding we win. The plus is it will set a “precedent” and becomes “established law” something our opposition will have a difficult time overturning for a long time.

        • Diane Rodham aka “Hillary Clinton” lost, get over it.

      • Maybe you should ask Trump’s son-in-law about Soros since he got a $250 million dollar loan from him and since he is his business partner.

  11. He’s not going to sign any anti 2a bills. That’s all we “know.” Still so much better than Obama and Hillary trying weekly to get anti 2nd stuff passed. It’s good times for 2nd amendment supporters and enthusiasts with cheap and plentiful “accessories.”

  12. Give him a bit of a break, the little s*&^t in N. Korea has had him working on more foreign policy than domestic, more than he expected.

    • LOL. It’s always going to be something, and Trump is instigating the bullshit with his crazy long lost brother Kim Jung….

      Trump is awful.

      He is not pro-2A in his heart. This was only election cycle bullshit and you bought it.

      • There’s another ten (10) cents in your account courtesy of Georgy Schwartz alias “George Soros”.

  13. You guys are really incredible. The POTUS speaks at the NRA meeting (first time ever; I think), he appoints a conservative justice to the Supreme Court and many on here are still harping and complaining. Trump supports 2A but because he hasn’t (fill in the blank) in his first 100 days in office, you’re unhappy.
    Take a break guys and enjoy the moment; it may not ever happen again.

  14. “you are my friends, believe me.”

    Never in my life have I needed a friend to tell me that they were so.

    I believe him when he says his administration won’t be as anti-2nd as the last. But that’s not good enough.

  15. End gun bans in Federal Park buildings, Federal Museums, and Federal Libraries! End the gun ban in Post Offices!

    End the gun ban on COE and TVA land!

    Don’t just give us lip service, President Trump!


  16. “Whether President Trump will be A Friend of Ours for pro-gun legislation was not resolved here. It remains to be seen. ”

    One thing is clear, at least to me is that he’s not our enemy. He, as POTUS came to my civil rights organization and addressed the members, that’s a trip long overdue by other so called “Republican” Presidents!.

    • Fair enough; but wouldn’t it have been nice if he’d limited his flowery platitudes (welcome though they are, let’s be real about the content) to the topic the NRA is actually dedicated to, and one would think invited him to speak about? Nope, just a “thanks for all the donations & votes, you really made the difference in helping me get the wall built; bye!”

  17. I’m also happy about his performance. I Just wish congress would get their act together to start things moving so we can advance our agenda.

  18. Alternatively we could have seen the old hag on TV promising total disarmament. Take it as a win.

    • You mean take it as a not-loss, right? Failure to score a goal is not a point.

      At any rate, you rather obviously evade the point that Donald has every opportunity to land a solid win for us…yet refuses to do so thus far. Wouldn’t take him but a single tweet; “Sporting purposes includes all lawful purposes as far as I’m concerned”

      • preventing the other team from scoring and therefore forcing overtime does indeed earn a point, even in a loss.

  19. I see Wayne didn’t study the Donald’s handshake. The “power grab” where he pulls you in quickly and forcibly after grabbing your hand. I’ve seen one or two guys resist that, and pull back not allowing Donald to pull them in, making for an awkward two seconds.

  20. “the eight year assault on your second amendment freedoms has come to a crashing end”
    -We’re *not* enforcing 922r or the other import bans any longer?
    -We’re *not* directing the ATF to pursue NFA/GCA charges any longer?
    -We’re *not* enforcing ITAR registration or restriction rules any longer?
    -We’re *not* enforcing the federal Gun Free School Zones Act any longer? (as promised “on day one”)
    -We’re *not* requiring servicemen & families to be disarmed while on base any longer? (as promised “on day one”)
    -We’re *not* enforcing the environmental rules on lead shot for waterfowling any longer?
    -We’re *not* enforcing federal bans on armor piercing ammunition any longer?
    -We’re *not* wantonly shredding functional surplus firearms paid for by the American citizen any longer?
    -We’re *not* requiring any states to report multiple long-gun or pistol purchases?
    -We’re *not* continuing to maintain registries of firearms ownership of any kind?
    -We’re *not* pursuing shady ATF sting operations that are at best entrapment, at worst, outright criminal smuggling?
    -We’re *not* subjected to daily opinion changes from unaccountable ATF bureaucrats outside the court system?

    I must have missed it since it used a silencer when it flew over. Maybe I should give it a few more hours for this “end” to come crashing down. He’s “only had 100 days” to do all this stuff he’s fully within his power to do, after all. Maybe at six months (oh wait, that’s “only” another 100 days from today, so still way too short a time frame), or rather make that nine months (oh wait, then he’s busy hustling mid-terms). You know what, I’ll bet if he gets a 3/4 Republican House & Senate, and a 7-2 Supreme Court, and after he wraps up Immigration Reform & The Wall, Healthcare Reform, Tax Reform, Entitlement Reform, Lobbyist Reform, Virginian Swamp Desertification, war with North Korea & Syria, a successful moon landing, and a paltry handful of other projects past presidents wasted entire terms pursuing in vain, maybe then we’ll see some attention.

    We gun owners only made up a huge portion of the voting base that earned his narrow win, and the NRA the largest advocacy group besides the AARP; we just don’t merit a seat at the grown ups’ table.

  21. The NRA has done nothing to prevent the slaughter of children by gun owners, the sale of military weapons to civilians who have no need of them, the sale of guns to the drunk and the blind, the bringing of concealed guns onto university campuses. They are morally bankrupt, and I look forward to the day when membership of the NRA will be regarded as just as obscene as membership of the KKK.

    • Check out this guy’s “ignorance.” NRA = KKK. Ridiculous. The NRA worked with the NAACP to train African Americans to successfully defend against KKK attacks.

      Also saying ensuring adults 2A rights on college campuses is the same as supporting the lynching of Blacks, Jews, and Catholics is not only stupid, but offensive.

      What has Charles done to stop the “slaughter of children?” For accidents, the NRA has the Eddie Eagle program for kids and includes gun safety in its training for adults.

      In regards to mass shootings, it lobbies for actual common sense gun laws that would afford teachers the opportunity to effectively defend their students instead of just soaking up a few bullets. They oppose feel good gun free zone laws that do nothing but attract mass shooters to schools filled with defenseless children.

      As far as crime in general goes, the MOST efficient crime fighting policy is for lawful citizens to carry concealed firearms. This is especially true for crime that impacts minorities and women.

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