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New at the 2017 Show is a budget-minded optics line from Bushnell, called Engage. It’s a full line of riflescopes and binoculars in the $149 to $449 range, and from what I’ve seen they’re quite nice. I picked up a 4-12x scope and the glass appeared edge-to-edge clear at all zoom levels and the controls were smooth. This is certainly a crowded market segment, but Bushnell is on solid footing. Press release follows . . .

Bushnell Announces New Best-In-Class Engage Optics Line at 2017 NRA Show

OVERLAND PARK, Kansas – April 27, 2017 – Bushnell, an industry leader in high-performance optical solutions for more than 65 years, announces a new line of high-quality, performance-driven optics for modern hunters and shooters. The new Engage riflescopes and binoculars represent the latest evolution in Bushnell optics.

“The Engage line is built to outperform all other comparable scopes and binoculars and completely dominate the elements,” said Curtis Smith Global Product Director for Bushnell. “The only sure thing about any environment is that it will change, but Engage optics were built from the inside out to deliver world-class performance every time, in every condition.”

Engage scopes and binoculars boast fully multi-coated glass that captures bright, clear images while preventing glare and actively repelling water, oil, dust and debris. The new EXO Barrier is the absolute best protective lens coating technology Bushnell has ever developed. Added at the end of the coating process, EXO Barrier molecularly bonds to the lens and fills microscopic pores in the glass. The result is an ultra-slick coating that repels water, oil, fog, dust and debris. Rain, snow, fingerprints and dirt will not stick. Plus, the bonded coating will not fade from the passage of time or normal wear and tear.

Engage riflescopes feature a new look, upgraded features and a brand new Deploy MOA reticle that offers 1-MOA windage and elevation hashmarks. Dialing in these scopes is easier than ever with several configurations featuring Toolless Zero Reset Locking Turrets.

Available in nine configurations from 2-7x36mm up to 6-24x50mm, all Engage riflescopes feature Butler Creek Flip Caps, the new Deploy MOA Reticle and Bushnell’s new Ironclad Warranty. Five models feature a 1-inch tube and low-profile, capped elevation and windage turrets. An additional four models boast rugged 30mm tubes and the new Toolless Zero Reset Locking Turrets.

“Engage scopes offer a full suite of the modern features hunters and shooters are looking for,” said Greg Palkowitsh, Riflescope Product Manager. “The Deploy Reticle and Zero Reset Targets give shooters all the confidence they need for mid- to long-range shots.”

Adding to this best-in-class optic line, Engage also includes premium binoculars. Like the riflescopes, Engage binoculars are backed with the all-weather assurance of Bushnell’s exclusive EXO Barrier that repels dirt, debris, oil and moisture.

With four configurations from 8x42mm to 12x50mm, these stunning binoculars feature fully multi-coated optics to offer maximum brightness and clarity, and a lightweight and rugged chassis. ED Prime Glass ensures razor-sharp images while the PC-3 Phase Coating enhances resolution and contrast.

“The image is bright, clear and sharp thanks to ED Prime Glass and our dielectric phase-coated prisms,” said Steve Smith, Binocular Product Manager. “But these are rugged binoculars, too. The chassis is built to take a beating, and a locking diopter permanently secures the desired focus setting, so you can maintain focus and quickly engage what’s ahead.”

The new line will be unveiled at the 2017 NRA Meetings and Exhibits Show in Atlanta, Georgia, April 27 to 30. All attendees are encouraged to stop by the Bushnell booth (#2542) during the Show to visit their favorite celebrities and learn more about the Engage Optics line and all of the latest products offered by Bushnell.

“No matter which Engage you choose,” Curtis Smith added, “you’ll get best-in-class performance at no risk with the Bushnell’s new Ironclad Warranty. Dollar for dollar these optics will outperform every competitor!”

Bushnell, a Vista Outdoor brand, is one of the most recognizable and trusted names in precision hunting, tactical and recreational optics and accessories. For more information, visit

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  1. “The Engage line is built to outperform all other comparable scopes and binoculars and completely dominate the elements,”

    If they are outperforming other scopes, they aren’t comparable by definition. I assume they mean comparable price point, but I didn’t see anything about pricing in the presser.

    • Wasn’t in the presser but just added a bit about that in the opening. From what I saw at the show, the riflescopes range from $149 to $449 MSRP.

  2. “offers 1-MOA windage and elevation hashmarks” Do they mean that 1 MOA is the smallest increment of adjustment? Usually the numbered marks are the primary or major marks, and hashmarks are the subdivisions.

    I suspect they meant to say 1-MOA numbered or major marks. From the picture I can see 4 hashmarks per major division which would mean 1/4 MOA clicks; just like most scopes.

    • 2nd focal plane. I don’t know why no one makes a FFP in this price range, if they’re much more expensive to produce or they don’t think there’s a market for them, but with any range estimating reticle I’d think it would be the standard.

      Also, all the affordable mil-dot scop es I’ve seen have MOA turrets, which is just plain silly.

  3. I’d like to see a review on the 4-16x and 6-24x models. I had plans to buy a Nikon Black X1000 with MOA reticle but one of these two might fit nicely. The Nikon has more internal adjustment but the Bushn ell has an extra 10 MOA of elevation on the reticle. The Bus hnell 4-16x is only a 44mm but then it’s also $100 cheaper than the Nikon. I’m a little leery of a mid priced 24x sc ope, especially with a second focal plane MOA reticle, if I have to back off to 18x to get a clear view it makes the hash marks 1-1/3MOA (and so forth).

    • I think we’re angling to borrow a carbine style one (1-6x or whatever) and a long range one.

      • I like the MOA reticle. I punched a standard 168gr. .308 target load into Hornady’s ballistic calculator (adjusted for local elevation and rifle) and came up with this; if I zero on the top hash mark (+5 MOA) at 100 yards that hits the cross hairs at 300 yards and hits the bottom hash mark at 1000 yards. That’s the only one I’ve seen like that, the Nikon gives you 20 up and 20 down – who needs the 20 up?

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