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“The NRA is fighting back, blasting the corporate boycott as ‘a shameful display of political and civic cowardice.’ Actually, it’s just the opposite. These companies are taking the courageous step of saying the NRA is an embarrassing, immovable obstacle to passing common-sense gun legislation. At the very least, a reasonable approach starts with ending the sale of automatic assault weapons designed for combat zones, a step the NRA opposes.” – Robert Reed, Why more companies should hop on the anti-NRA bandwagon [via]

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  1. Up your poop!!! They aren’t automatic anything. At least you should have a clue what your writing about.

  2. Still nothing but Communist Agitprop and Propaganda…Anti-American, Anti-U.S. Constitutional-Bill of Rights Companies, Shills and Militant SJW “Brownpants”. Collaborators of NWO/One-🌎 World Global Governance…Which is still on the move to collapse the 2nd Amendment…..Making it unavailable except to the elite and wealth….

  3. The backlash for these companies is already starting and their shareholders have yet to weigh in. It really is fantastic to watch the left destroy everything it comes in contact with.

    The down side is that as they fail more spectacularly, the Social Justice Warriors will turn into real lynch mobs with actual rope and torches. Funny Democrats are like that.

    • hope-fully: the back-lash buries most of them and the rest who might be ‘thinking’ abt it get such a big, bloody SHOCK that such ‘thoughts’ never germinate in their tiny minds ever again..


      these ‘tards actually think that their only problem is the NRA and its few million members…
      well…not even them…just the NRA “office-bearers” like La Pierre;
      yr problem is the 150+ million Yanks who own guns………of whom most support the NRA…….
      here’s a FLASH for youse clowns: they’re gunna bury youse…..
      if only 10% of them decide to BOYCOTT all yr goods and services….. yr done!

      these clowns better just cancel their next, annual general meeting b’cs the share-holders might just storm the podium and LYNCH them!
      you don’t stuff with peoples’ Constitutional rights and not expect a bit of blow-back…..

      • Life in a free society means there are risks and social costs related to liberty and freedom. Giving government the power to label someone “dangerous” or “mentally ill” as a precursor to removing their ability to live as a free citizen is a path to a totalitarian society. That, in essence, is why we have the specific institutionalized protections like the 2nd amendment. Rather than empowering government to to randomly sweep up those who are deemed to be undesirable, a far better approach is to empower private citizens to defend themselves, which is exactly what the 2nd amendment is intended to do (think Bundy Ranch). The old Soviet Union certainly had safe streets, but the social cost of that safety—a totalitarian society—is a cost free Americans are not willing to pay. Thugs, terrorists, spree-killers, and progressives depend on being able to prey on undefended people. An armed society is a much safer society, overall. There’s a reason spree-killers never attack police stations.

  4. Robert, what makes anything this guy has to say worthy of our time. I don’t understand why this guy rates being put in TTAG.

  5. at the very least, the NRA should support a ban on “Assault Rifles”


    “at the very least”;

    OK….what’s their main position?
    Australian-style gun laws?
    we ALL know that’s what they’re after….they’ve made NO BONES abt it….

    mean-while, yr av. AUssie is, pretty much, being terrorised 24/7 by psychos, thugs and hoons…..
    under assault in their own homes and absolutely nothing they can do abt it….
    the thugs and psychos are having A FIELD DAY … terrorising who they like when they like….
    not scared ONE WHIT of the pretty much totally useless Aussie cops … many of whom have never even seen, used or even touched a fire-arm b’fr joining the cops and many of whom are actually scared of guns thanks to the commie Australian public edu. system……
    Australia…. where the ‘liberals’ (lefties) make the liberals in the US look like Rush Limbaugh….


    • AUSSIE –
      U.S. February 28, 2018
      We Studied Thousands Of Anonymous Posts About The Parkland Attack And Found A Conspiracy In The Making… is a top online resource for breaking homeland security news and analysis, brought to you by American Military University. is maintained by a network of field experts who cover topics dealing with terrorism research, emergency preparedness, disaster response, border security, transportation and logistics, military intelligence, law enforcement, cybersecurity, and national security.

  6. “At The Very Least The . . .” communist POS (D) left should build their own prisons, gas showers, and ovens.

  7. This is why I’m like a broken record when it comes to allowing the other side to set the narrative. as RF is fond of saying: consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds, and the anti-gun crowd are taking full advantage of that maxim. Do you see how subtle, yet obvious and deliberate, the shift has gone from “assault weapons” to “assault rifles” (or, I guess in this case, “automatic assault weapons”)?

    “Assault rifle” has an explicit definition. We know that.
    Assault rifles are already essentially banned. We know that.
    The term “assault weapon” has no explicit definition. We know that.
    The AR15 is not an assault rifle. We know that.
    The term “high-powered” has an explicit definition. We know that.
    The AR15 is not high-powered. We know that.

    But small minds do not know any of that. And it seems that Bloomberg and his cronies have issued the order for “assault rifle” to be conflated with, and used in place of, “assault weapon”. It is absolutely intentional.

    And it makes their end-game all too clear. Their efforts are no longer hidden behind the “scary black rifle” facade. They want all rifles. They always have; now, they’re just being more open about it.

    • Actually I’d guess they want all semi-automatic firearms more than all rifles. And if they can get a ban on all semi-automatic rifles, the leap to semi-automatic pistols and shotguns won’t be so far. From there they can then move on until only single-shot firearms are left. It’s a long game they’re playing, but they’re happy to do their part to destroy our nation’s freedoms.

    • April 13, 2017 – President Donald John Trump is Flip Flopping and Reneging on quite a few of his Campaign Promises, so I am re-Posting this letter I wrote to Speaker Paul Ryan, Senator Bill Nelson, Florida Congressman Dennis Ross and the Trump Campaign after the Orlando Pulse Night Club Tragedy when our 2nd Amendment Rights became seriously under attack. I am doing this if in the event of another Horrible Mass Shooting happens and if any beautiful babies are involved.

      Our National Security is at Risk!
      Do you think ISIS/Terrorist or whomever our enemies might be, would prefer the U.S. citizens to be armed and able to defend themselves against them or to have their weapons taken from them by their own government and basically rendering them defenseless?
      A stupid question…, but one that being totally ignored.
      They are dividing our country now by using our own guns against us. The terrorist know that using bombing techniques are a much more an efficient killing instrument, but using them against us would just unite the people of America to fight them even more rigorously than ever. A unified State would definitely not help to further their cause. So in their diabolical and unscrupulous formulating, they have established a new heinous way to divide our country, “mass shootings”. Which if you are following the current news media, they are being quite successful at tearing us apart and putting us against each other. Our politicians, the news networks and most of the public are all pointing fingers at what they believe to be the cause of the deaths of all these innocent people.
      The San Bernardino and Orlando Massacres and who knows which others…, were well thought out and calculated. Lastly Orlando, where they knowingly specifically targeted the LGBT community to ignite them into action along with the general population, both misunderstanding what actually could be occurring. Being quick to judge into action and blindly trying to dissolve, what they perceive to be the apparent threat at the moment, semi-automatic rifles or so called “assault rifles” is exactly what these terrorist planned. The word “assault rifle” which protestors use, itself makes this weapon appear much more evil and ominous. Who could come up with such depraved word? Yes, Adolf Hitler and his Third Reich, which they themselves established the “1938 Regulations Against Jews’ Possession of Weapons”. Now that is even much more frightening and alarming.
      Losing more rights of gun ownership in actuality would be an even higher threat to our national security. No police or military can be everywhere when help is needed to protect its citizens. That is a fact and a reality we must all acknowledge. It would be naïve to think that awful things will never happen us, history tells us so. Furthermore, I believe the 2nd Amendment was originally put in place to defend ourselves and our country, if the need should arise. Wasn’t it?
      This has been entirely my theory of why these devastating events are occurring at this present time. No matter, it is a possibility and should be seriously taken into account before any further important decisions that might impact the safety of our nation take place.
      Please help stop these murderers from winning any further battles against the people of our United States.
      United We Stand…, Divided We Fall.

      An expeditious response to this very important message is only appropriate.
      Veteran, Patriot and Duty-bound American citizen

  8. These companies are taking the courageous step of saying the NRA is an embarrassing, immovable obstacle to passing common-sense gun legislation to significantly weaken our national defense.

    There, that is the truthful description of what is occurring.

  9. Or Not !

    The goal is to repeal the Second amendment,nothing quite like a unarmed populace to lord over.

  10. “At the very least, a reasonable approach starts with ending the sale of automatic assault weapons designed for combat zones, a step the NRA opposes.” Who the hell is Robert Reed and how can an adult be so clueless and stupid? If this moron is a Trib writer, the paper should be closed down for lack of legitimate proofreading.

  11. Pure Alinsky. These aren’t even as “subtle” as Lenin’s apologia.

    “NRA, NRA, NRA, “arguing” with mockery not argument, and the babbling bufoons enjoy being on TV and mocking people.”

    1 – Decline their frame of the conversation, every time.

    2 – Polarize, personalize n discredit right back. They don’t expect it, and it makes them too mad to think.

    3 – Call their tactics while yr doing it.

    Reading Alinsky, the “goal” is never stated. They’re doing all this stuff in aid of this thing, everybody knows but never said. Because it doesn’t bear saying. Everything they say and do is misdirection; a con to get to their unspoken agenda. They want what they want, n don’t care how many of you die to achieve it.

    Like the proposed legislation post-LV, it’s written sloppy on purpose. They can go get everything else, later. It’s simply on purpose that the legislation they had on deck would sweep up millions of hunting rifles, most pistols, and has special language to make sure they get the shotguns, too.

    “I’m just this guy. I’m not “The NRA.” whatever that means.”

    “I don’t think making criminals out of 10’s of millions of hunters n shooters who’ve never hurt anyone does much about known, drugged-up whack jobs shooting up soft targets because they’re broken people. Maybe go after them.”

    “We seem to have people shooting up schools a lot more than banks, even though banks are where the money is. Maybe do some of what we do at banks, at schools?”

    “One guy killed more people in an afternoon than the entire NRA membership in a year. Or two. Or a decade. Why are you going after these people. Excuse me, “deplorables?” You are ridiculous. It’s like what you’re pitcbing has nothing to do with keeping people from getting shot.”

    “Never let a good crisis go to waste, someone said. You have a bit of a crisis of credibility with this crap you’re spewing. Are you evil, or just dumb? Maybe both.”


    • Using their own tactics against them is fair game and, I think, the right and proper response. Socialist arguments can’t stand up to reason and logic. The anti-gun agenda is pro-fascist, racist, anti-woman and anti-LGBTQ. On top of that it is completely illogical as evidenced by its biggest supporters being those with hired armed guards. Show me one fine upstanding liberal with enough belief in their anti-gun agenda that they’ve rid themselves of their own armed guards. You won’t see it. Not ever.

      I think one reason for Trump’s success is that he is actually saying what we wish politicians had been saying for decades. He is not afraid to attack right back instead of sitting there apologizing for existing like so called conservatives of the past have done.

      CNN makes a very good point that Teachers wielding pistols might be outclassed by a perp with an auto rifle. CNN’s logic is unassailable, clearly teachers should be issued AR-15’s with high capacity magazines!!!

      • “CNN’s logic is unassailable, clearly teachers should be issued AR-15’s with high capacity magazines!!!”

        Grenade launchers. Plus training so the teachers know how to properly announce the shot, with a “Hot Shots” fake French accent.

        It only works right if you holler: “Gre-naaaad!” before launching.

      • Well, clearly they want kids to die.

        When a 15-year-old is killed standing fast holding a door for others, and they won’t allow that kid a firearm, obviously they want him dead. (Actually they do want him dead — quietly with no one noticing. His existence, and the way he left it, puts too much question on the way they want the rest of us to see the world.)

        If we are all pathetic, weak, and evil, arming us might make no sense. If there’s one in a million like that kid … who would deny him the means to save a few more, once he’s chosen to spend his life for his friends?

        It’s for the children. Maybe these “let the kids die” people should sometimes listen to what they, themselves say. (“… live up to their own rules.”)


  12. The NRA DOES support a ban on assault rifles. They got the Hughes Amendment signed into law in 1986 and they continue to push the idea that peasants shouldn’t have access to those scary machine guns, even so far as to push for an unelected bureaucratic agency to unconstitutionally regulate away a legal accessory that legally increases the rate of fire of a legal rifle to a level that is also deemed to dangerous for the idiot masses to possess. The NRA is a gun controllers best friend…

    • …whatever you’re smoking is causing you to remember things that didn’t happen.

      Switch to a better grade.

  13. I plan on buying a Bump stock for my AR-15 because I want one. And that is the only reason I need to give to anyone as an american citizen.

    Rich people will always have machine guns. The poor can’t even have a bump stock. The police will always have select fire weapons.

  14. Funny coming from someone in Chicago, which has the most draconian gun laws on the books along with the inhabitants schwacking each other like the national pass time…Surprised he even had the wrist strength to write the article..

  15. Yet another example of a modern socialist who has very strong feelings about something of which he is completely ignorant. The “educated liberal” has been replaced by the “ignorant socialist”. I believe the modern socialist movement will eventually collapse of its own stupidity. At least liberals had some reasoning ability and could articulate a cogent thought. The modern socialist is enthusiastically pro-violence against unborn children, children who espouse a different political ideology and the children of political opponents. And, yes, at one time democrats actually cared about people who work for a living.

    And in other news, a school in Great Britain announced a ban on schoolchildren touching snow- because of “what might happen”.

  16. Right….. the group that supports Gun Rights (mostly) is supposed to appease the anti-gun side by allowing just a little bit of infringement. You know, just to see how it feels.

  17. “common-sense” “reasonable” “automatic assault-weapons”

    one statement with 3 bloomburg buzzwords. Someone’s winning the Bingo after this.

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