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This generation ‘will not be silent ever again’ the headline at proclaims. Is that a threat or a promise? Yes! And after much self-righteous victim card-waving petulance, five Florida teenagers — only one of which is a Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (Victoria Mejia above) student — get down to the business of civilian disarmament . . .

Although they don’t offer ye olde “I support the Second Amendment but–” trope, the following agenda does nothing if not color between the lines established by the Bloomberg-funded enemies of firearms freedom.

If there is one common denominator among the mass shootings that have occurred in recent history, it has been the shooters’ deadly weapon of choice. It must be banned. Additionally, we believe in the necessity of a national gun registry or database.

If critics of this movement want to compare guns to cars, we as might as well register them like we do with our vehicles and get rid of the Firearm Owners’ Protection Act of 1968, a federal law preventing this registry from legally happening anywhere in the USA. Putting this registry into effect will streamline background checks and prevent guns from getting into the hands of people who shouldn’t have these machines of war in the first place.

People with mental health issues also should not be able to own a gun, and if there were stricter background checks that recognize when people are hospitalized for mental health, then maybe we could prevent these countless mass shootings happening across America.

I know it’s been said before, but if ARs are “machines of war” why do we equip tens of thousands of police officers with them?

And if ARs are good for the police, they’re good for protecting us from the police. (Or, in the case of the Parkland spree killing, they’re good enough to protect us when the police stand idly by while a murderous monster inflicts his homicidal fury on innocent children.)

Speaking of the entire point of the Second Amendment, a national gun registry database? How great is that?

As great as it was when the Weimar Republic then the Nazi Party used their national gun owner registry to confiscate firearms from their critics and the Jews, as a prelude to murdering them?

The main thing we students want to see is meaningful change — not half-step measures designed to respond to political pressure. We want change in the way the gun control process works, change in the amount of funding schools receive, and change in how things are run in general. There is a major problem in America today and we will not stop until it gets fixed. We promise you that if you can’t undertake the necessary changes, you can bet that you will be voted out and someone more supportive toward this battle and our lives will take your place.

If a legally armed pro-gun rights advocate wrote “our lives will take your place,” he or she could well be the subject to a gun violence restraining order, facing the immediate and unannounced confiscation of his or her firearms. A prospect which would have triggered thunderous cheering amongst the CNN Town Hall audience baying to ban guns.

It is also worth mentioning that arming our school teachers is not a solution. Teachers are here to educate us, not to be soldiers. We can’t even imagine how destructive it will be to have more guns circulating in the school system. Why do we even need to tell you that adding more guns to schools is not the solution? Teachers barely receive enough money to be able to buy basic school supplies to begin with.

Ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which an English teacher should not put!. I can only conclude that these students have not received a decent education — although their inability to think rationally is a far more grave concern than a simple grammar fail.

While in Tallahassee, we received overwhelming support from a number of legislators and adults and we thank you all a thousand times over. But to those countless legislators who disagreed and refused to listen to us, whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, this is a very reasonable proposal of necessary change, and you should expect nothing less than a wonderful retirement when you are voted out of office in the upcoming election.

You may not be ones who keep your word, but we surely will keep ours.

Again with the insults and threats.

While the mainstream media simply adores the teens’ outpouring of unbridled anger at politicians protecting the Parkland kids’ [forthcoming] Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, the Sun Sentinel polemic is as far removed from Dr. King’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail (a.k.a., The Negro is Your Brother) as a gentle pat on the back is from a slap in the face.

The fact that the Children’s Crusade Against Gun Rights continues to captivate the progressive chattering classes tells us that they too, think as a child. As if we didn’t know . . .

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  1. ‘…only one of which is a Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School…’

    You mean that all but one of CNN’s little media darlings are frauds?

    • Indeed. And a while back there was a spate of teenagers who ate TidePods (detergent).

      And now we’re supposed to listen to that age group on disarmament?


      Adolescence is a crucial moment in life, the transition between childhood and adulthood. The brains of adolescents reflect that transition. They have the ability to take in a lot of information, to learn quickly, that children have — and their brains are beginning to build the connections that adults have, the connections that make different parts of the brain work together more quickly and effectively. The last part of the brain to build those connections is the frontal lobe. This is important, because the frontal lobe is the part of the brain that controls insight and judgment, the part that controls risk-taking behaviors.

      Basically, teens are quick learners without a whole lot of insight or judgment, and risk-takers. As frustrating as this may be for parents, teachers, and others who have to deal with teens on a daily basis, it makes evolutionary sense.


      I know! Let’s lower the voting age to 16! That will work great.

      • Raise the Voting age to 25, except for those who are serving in combat. Also bring back the provision in the constitution that state only property owners can cast a ballot. This keeps the socialists and tax grabbers at bay.

    • These children crossed the line when they stopped being victims and took on the role of political activists, and thoroughly ignorant ones at that. They obviously have not been taught American history and the role that the Bill of Rights plays in the protection of their individual liberty. They also make no mention of the other common factors in these attacks – gun free zones that make the victims sitting ducks, the failures of law enforcement, the degrading of our society by the popular culture, desensitization when it comes to life, violent video games, social media, permissive schools, the use of psychotropics on our kids, the breakdown of the family, and untreated mental illness. At this point, these children should be ignored. There’s a reason why we have an age of majority in all important matters.

      • ‘They obviously have not been taught American history and the role that the Bill of Rights plays in the protection of their individual liberty.’

        Of course not. They’re victims of the public school system.

        • We are always one generation from losing this country and their generation, unfortunately looks like the one who could do it. These young people have no idea what the U.S. Constitution means, what capitalism is, why socialism always fails, what the Bill of Rights is and why each part is important, how to actually think for themselves instead of accepting blindly the indoctrination being presented.

  2. This is yet another reason why we need a systematic purge of the school system of left wing insurgents. Nobody could possibly be this ignorant without a lot of help.

      • “If there is one common denominator among the mass shootings that have occurred in recent history, it has been the shooters’ deadly weapon of choice. It must be banned.”

        One common denominator? You mean the psych-meds all these mass shooting assholes are on…or the mental defecincy they all share?  

        • Or the lack of a father figure in many mass shooters lives, or the fact that numerous mass shooters are either first or second generations of recent immigrants (VA Tech shooter, Pulse nightclub shooter, San Bernadino shooters, etc etc). Shut up kiddies, let the adults talk

        • Here’s a common denominator: law enforcement knew about all of them, and every one of them had their poor behavior and violent outbursts excused.
          We see the exact same thing in Chicago. Want to reduce “gun deaths”? Hold people accountable for their actions.

        • How about the fact that almost all of them have occurred in “Gun Free Zone” otherwise known is death traps.

    • Or school choice. You can get a much better education for half the price from a private school. Private enterprise always does it better and cheaper than government.

  3. “Ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which an English teacher should not put! I can only conclude that these students have not received a decent education — although their inability to think rationally is a far more grave concern than any grammar fail.”

    Attacking someone’s use of their native language is the dying breath of a lost argument.

    Choose your criticisms wisely as they represent your subject matter depth.


    • Not really. English is not even my third language and I have better command of it than these addled commies.

        • They both piss me off in different ways…

          The former is in dire need of some Midol and a good shrink, the latter is just plain creepy on too many levels to list. We won’t even talk about the spineless poster child for birth control who spent the entire show masquerading as a main character. Honestly, the only way putting any of the three main characters into a multi-thousand ton war machine makes sense is the realization that everyone involved actually wanted to lose.

          The only character in that entire franchise who does not astound me with their fundamental incompetence was Gendo. When you take a look at his hand picked “command team”, your respect for his ability to play politics goes up exponentially.

          Katsuragi – So called “senior tactical officer” who fails basic military leadership 101. She had literal MONTHS to whip her pilots into a decent military unit and didn’t even TRY. I won’t even mention the rampant alcoholism that would have gotten her canned in any military in existence.
          Akagi – A poster child for the failures of sleeping with your boss and good old fashioned nepotism.
          Fuyutsuki – A literal doormat with zero initiative or management ability.

          The list goes on.

    • First off, it was a joke. Second, in the same sentence he concedes that grammar is not the greatest failing here. Lighten up, Francis.


    • The whole “ending sentences with prepositions” canard needs to die. There’s no basis for it and it’s not really based on real logic Internet to English anyway. Essentially, a grammarian way back in the day wanted to formalize English, so he borrowed rules from a bunch of languages including Latin. You’d never end a sentence with a preposition in Latin (or split an infinitive, because it’s impossible) in Latin, but it’s natural in English in certain situations.

      The rule with prepositions is especially inane because prepositions change the meaning of verb phrases in English. To put up with has a very distinct, idiomatic meaning from put up, which has a distinct, idiomatic meaning from put. In this case, “to begin with” means something different than “to begin”. It’s just natural to keep the verb phrase together.

  4. civil war 2 is knocking at our door, I wonder how the left is going to stand any chance at all if they keep cutting up ar15’s and trying to ban civilian ownership?

    • There won’t be a civil war over the 2nd amendment. The US is well on track to have its rights chipped away, if anything. Some good wins, and some hard losses. People won’t fight a civil war over this though, the majority don’t have the stomach for it. I bet even stanch 2nd amendment supporters won’t if they have families.

  5. You can say all you want, just don’t cry when you are being repatriated back to the land of your people. In the case of all of those kids, that would appear to be either Cuba or Mexico.

    Immigration is invasion, and these are the child soldiers.

      • I wish mack and chris mallory were hillary fans. They make us look bad.

        And they may well be hillary fans and that is their intent.

        • So, immigrant, where did your people come from? Do you pass chris mallory’s test of ‘family being here by 1800 or you get deported’?

          Are you a native American?

          Virtue signaling. Has as much meaning as racism since it’s improper and over use by dullards.

        • History and reality are on the opposite side of you. The Cubans in Florida you mention vote conservative and are consistently counted on to vote Republican by the party. As a block, they voted for Trump.
          And then we have Texas, which is a state bigger than most countries and has a higher percentage of immigrants than ever in history. 100% of all statewide elected officials are Republican. It was not that way 25 years ago. Texans have more firearms rights realized now, with many cities being majority-minority, than we ever did with a predominantly Anglo population.
          This is observable reality.

        • Taylor, apparently your knowledge of history and observable reality only extends back to the 50’s and using the term “selective” on both cases is me being complimentary.

          Gun Free, I’m the son of a colonist, not an immigrant. Regardless, 4-5 generations is what should be required for someone to be considered sufficiently American.

        • This is why conservatism will fail. We are being sold out by self proclaimed conservatives. But muh racism! This has nothing to do with race. Plenty of latinos are Caucasians. The point is that mass immigration by an alien people is a soft invasion, plain and simple. Do you think Japan could keep its culture and politics with mass immigration from China? Of course not! I guess whites in North America and Europe need even more “cultural enrichment ” so nobody calls them racist eh? If you refuse to let a black person move into your spare bedroom are you now suddenly racist? In that case, a logical person would say that you are not a fuckwit because you refuse to have your home taken over by strangers of any color. But sjws and phony conservatives like yourself would spout some ignorant shit about racism. I hope JWT(SJW) enjoys the reconquista. He deserves the government he gets. There is a reason most of Latin America is a shit hole. Wide spread corruption and lawlessness due to leftist politicians. Were Jwt’s ignorant theory of Mexicans turning the tide in Texas (Easily observable as false) true , why the hell are those Mexicans not turning California and New Mexico blood red?? In the next 20 years, Texas will be going blue in presidential elections due to fools like JWT accepting our native leftists and their largely like minded replacement populations. Sure there are exceptions to latinos being leftist, people vary, etc. But by and large, the latino block is hard left. The Cubans are perhaps the only bloc that is solidly anti left, and that is because they are exiles/enemies of a leftist regime. That kind of shapes the demographic. Were all of Cuba to occupy Florida, Cubans would no longer be considered conservative as a voting blog. Enjoy “LA Raza “, your people’s paradise, and Ms-13 comrade.

        • Reality check for sjw.
          I’ve been hearing that same bullshit for decades now, still hasn’t come to pass. The exact opposite has happened.
          Again, Texas. Again, Florida.
          If reality doesn’t match your philosophy, reality isn’t wrong.

        • In other words, mack, you’re an illegal immigrant. Or at least your ancestors where.

          What’s got your panties in a knot is that the same thing your folks, and mine, did to the natives is now being done to you. It’s a brown tide. And since we white folks is too smart to spawn the brown tide will likely win given enough time.

          And closing the borders will not work. There’s still enough brown skinned folk here legally that they will outfuck us white folk.

          What’s your other options? Genocide? Deporting people that have been American for generations?

        • Mack Bolan,
          “Regardless, 4-5 generations is what should be required for someone to be considered sufficiently American.”
          Is your goal to turn the whole country into “Progressive” liberals? Because that’s about all you would have left based on your criteria. The population that fits that bill is predominantly located along the eastern seaboard, the home base of Amerika’s left.
          90% of the population of the entire west would be excluded. Go back 5 generations in Texas and almost all you have left is Mexicans and Indians.

        • Gun Free- Quite the logical fallacy you have spun for yourself there.

          Someones Genocide is going to be inevitable, the only way to stop that from happening is to send people back to their homelands and stop them from migrating. You don’t get that Culture eats Civics. If you need a modern lesson, try Yugoslavia and you will see whats coming.

          The Indians got what was coming to them, since they shot first. They started a war, lost it, and they are lucky we let them live at all.

        • Ignoring logic, and truth, doesn’t make it go away, mack. How do you send people born in America back to their homeland? They’re already there.

          As for the indians shooting first? You have a citation for that? Not that it matters. It was their country. If they fired first it was at an invading army.

          You have white supremacist fantasies that aren’t playing out in the real world. And will not play out the way you think.

          Your best hope is to move to wyoming and ignore the rest of the world.

        • Oxford defines a nation as A large body of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular state or territory. Someone who is simply born here is not by definition an American. They can quite easily go back since their parents probably still know their old address.

          As for White Supremacy? There are clear differences in the ability for different nations to create civilizations that are observably superior to others. Encouraging people to return to their native civilization and build it up, rather than tear anothers down is self preservation. It is Nationalism. It most certainly is not White Supremacy.

          But you aren’t big on truth or logic besides claiming others ignore it.

        • mack. Take your dictionary and go to court. See how well that works for you. And you’re advocating removing Americans from America. By force?

          Let me guess. You consider real Americans to be of european heritage? Seeing how well those euros are doing running their homelands we might be better off with a brown tide here.

          Let me know when you and your ‘brothers’ are ready to start your ethnic cleansing. It’ll be fun to watch you guys on court tv.

        • Every Culture has a right to exist, and based on the rising tide of Nationalism in Europe, not only will you see the EU collapse, you will also see mass repatriation.

          You still don’t get culture>civics do you?

          Here is a brief example to help you drive it home.

          Englishmen colonized America. After roughly 150 years or so, their culture, language and customs diverged enough from that of their parent nation, that they decided to declare independence and go to war over the right for the American culture to exist.

          It was illegal to declare war on the crown, and yet somehow they did it.

  6. No thanks.

    Move to Mexico if you would like to experience disarmament. Oh and don’t be blatant hypocrites like your elected anti-gun politicians and celebrities with their gated communities and armed security.

    Put your money where your ignorant mouth is and rely completely on the govt and police for your protection.

    Then report back after a few years if you’re not dead.

  7. I wonder if that girl in the pic is a DREAMER…or is it a nightmare?!? Seriously it’s war in Illinois. Soon to be EVERYWHERE😡👿

  8. “If critics of this movement want to compare guns to cars, we as might as well register them like we do with our vehicles and get rid of the Firearm Owners’ Protection Act of 1968, a federal law preventing this registry from legally happening anywhere in the USA.”

    Repeal FOPA? So we can buy post-86 machine guns? I have to say, that’s tempting. . .

    Or is it repeal the Gun Control Act of 1968 (since FOPA was ’86, not ’68)? So we can mail order weapons again and do away with the whole FFL system, import restrictions, and marking requirements?

    • Exactly, we should get on board to repeal the FOPA and the GCA, might as well toss the NFA in there as well. You know… for the safety of the children…

    • Wanted to comment this.

      I dare you to repeal FOPA, I’ve got a form 1 waiting and ready to submit…

  9. Hopefully everyone freedom loving US voter will be out there for mid-term elections….Show these a-holes the 2nd Amendment is the law of the land!

    • and vote for who? Remember 2016 when we had two terrible candidates but it was a “binary choice,” so we had to vote for the one New York liberal over the other New York liberal or we were accused of being “RINO’s” and “snowflake liberals?” Why will 2018 be any different? It won’t…

  10. “Teachers are here to educate us, not to be soldiers.”
    Perhaps he is unaware that being a soldier consists of more than simply the act of carrying a pistol while going about one’s typical business.

    I realize that “soldier” was probably a hyperbole, but the beauty/pity of hyperbolas is that the concept of the hyperbolized word will change after enough usage.
    I carry a gun, am not a soldier.
    My rifle is for tactical conflict, not assaults.
    I have a fruit tree, am not a farmer.

  11. If ever you had doubt that liberalism is alive and kicking this should remove all doubt. A generation of kids all too willing to destroy the Constitution. They have no appreciation for the treasure, sweat, and blood we have paid for freedom and liberty. I am disgusted.

    • And they don’t understand what leftism is, what the inevitable end results are. Some ultimately will. By the time they do, it will of course be too late. Many more would continue to blame the inevitable decline into poverty and misery on whatever the leftists tell them to blame.

      • The same could be said about most Conservatives. There is a reason the mainstream Republican party is left of JFK these days.

  12. It is also worth mentioning that arming our school teachers is not a solution. Teachers are here to educate us, not to be soldiers. We can’t even imagine how destructive it will be to have more guns circulating in the school system. Why do we even need to tell you that adding more guns to schools is not the solution? Teachers barely receive enough money to be able to buy basic school supplies to begin with.

    Translation, I simply am incapable of protecting myself, much less others around me, and that job belongs to government. And when government fails to accomplish that job, quite miserably in this case, they simply still cannot fathom why their thinking is critically flawed.

  13. You want some reform? Fine, raise the voting age to 25, any person found the rolls who is not a legal voter is executed for attempting to overthrow the government, raising the driving age to 25 as well as the drinking age.

    We can do all sorts of fun things that would make some real change. You don’t like the above, we can even go so far as if you don’t pay net taxes, you get a vote. Tired of whiny leeches who absolutely refuse to face reality.

      • The more modern solution would be to tie voting rights to paying taxes. If you take more from the government than you pay, you don’t have an investment in the system and thus shouldn’t have any power in it.

    • They are indeed ramping up. I don’t know if it’s because they think they are near enough to end-game to make the final leap, or if they are doing it out of desperation. I go back and forth, but I see the attitudes in so many people, and I worry it may be the former rather than the latter.

  14. I believe the children are our future….
    Teach them well and let them lead the way….
    Show them all the beauty they possess inside…..
    Give them a sense of pride to make it easier….

    Yep. That worked well.

  15. That’s a lot of ballot-box threatening by people who aren’t even old enough to vote. These Useful Idiots are emboldened by rental car companies bending over to appease social media slactivists who aren’t old enough to rent cars. People of the gun vote. If the democrats try to run on a platform in line with this editorial, November will be a metaphorical bloodbath.

  16. So… let me get this straight… if YOU fail as a human being, I, the law-abiding responsible citizen, “need” to disarm.

    How does that make any sense?

  17. “People with mental health issues also should not be able to own a gun, and if there were stricter background checks that recognize when people are hospitalized for mental health.”

    Wasn’t it the Democrats/Socialists/Regressive/Communists that forced the closure of Americas mental health system,to deposit it’s patients on our city and town streets and now their solution is to hospitalize them .

  18. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. We (2nd Amender’s) should not take the “children’s crusade” lightly. If the majority of the country thinks the way I think they do (which is stupid) this movement could end up bringing a lot of major changes. Not only to “assault rifles” but to actually owning a firearm of any kind. That is why bashing the NRA and fighting among each other should stop. We need to unite against this retarded reformation movement or our next president will be Oprah. Our next vice president will be Whoopi. Think about it.

    • The NRA instigated this nonsense and is giving cover to spineless Republicans to support more gun control. You have to fight the enemy but you can’t ignore the backstabber in your midst…

      • Yup.

        IMHO, it will continue to do so because it doesn’t care about actual unalienable individual rights but pushes for government privileges in their place. If anything permanent was “won” there wouldn’t be a need for the NRA… $$$ and power. I am confident that the NRA will never, ever change its stripes. If it confined itself to teaching firearm safety and marksmanship, I would be an enthusiastic supporter.

        At this point, we don’t really need political organizations like the NRA. The political system is broken, defunct, kaput, FUBAR. What is needed is to turn minds of the (possibly few?) real, dedicated individual rights supporting POTG to the self-evident truths of unalienable individual rights. They will naturally begin to understand “shall not be infringed”, “no means no” and why it is essential to every free individual.

  19. Putting this registry into effect will … prevent guns from getting into the hands of people who shouldn’t have these machines of war in the first place.

    Wrong! Registries and background checks have ZERO impact on black-market transactions. Proof: Heroin is cheaper (when adjusted for inflation) and more widely available today than at any point in history in spite of the fact that law enforcement has spent something like hundreds of billions of dollars on the “war on drugs” over the last 4 decades.

    Even if gun-grabbers admit that registries and background checks are highly ineffective and demand their implementation anyway using the “don’t let perfect be the enemy of good” argument, the inherent drawbacks of registries and background checks remain. And those drawbacks are:
    (1) A tyrannical power can use those registries to disarm political enemies.
    (2) Universal background checks add a huge cost to rural firearm owners.
    (3) Government can inadequately support the background check process.
    (4) Government can define their political enemies to be “mentally ill”.

  20. Human nature dictates that the person with all of the bragging about what they would do in a school shooting (this especially includes “law enforcement”) actually would cower in fear, while the 90 lb. armed teacher would reluctantly, but successfully “take out” the shooter. Being “forced” into a situation also forces one to act. There are many examples of persons, who one would normally think, would not be capable of acting in an extremely high-stress situation, but DO come out on top–stopping the threat, and saving lives.
    All one has to do is look at Medal of Honor recipients, who are almost always mild-mannered, initially reluctant to act, but DO act, and perform feats who most would think are normally beyond their capacity and capabilities–TRUE bravery in the heat of battle. The same applies to those civilians who act during school shootings.
    Human nature has a habit of propelling (actually forcing) the normal, average person into a true “hero” and life saver, while showing the true nature of those we assign to protect us. A good example of our “protectors” cowering in fear is the deputies who FAILED TO ACT despite having all of the equipment necessary and the preferential laws on their side (that protect them from lawsuits and liability).
    TRUE heroes ACT, while our “protectors” (failed to) REACT.

  21. Yes that generation will never be silent and because of that, it’s bitching about everything and anything they can possibly find to complain about, no one cares what they say anymore. They need to be a little more selective about what they go on rants about otherwise it just becomes more background noise. This issue and their voices will be flooded out by probably some Facebook or Kim Kardashian hysteria in about 1 weeks. Sure they’ll continue to squawk but no one will care.

  22. I am an OFWG with a few guns at home. I have explained that with my Mossberg 590 A1 I can get off an initial 8+1 in less than 10 seconds. Using +1 buckshot that is 144 30 cal pellets in 10 seconds. Into a crowded area of a school that could do more damage than Nicholas Cruz did. Drop that an pull out my H&K Mk 23 with a few spare mags and dump another 50-60 rounds of Federal HST jhp 230 gr +p ammo into the crowd and we have a catastrophe. I could easily do all that in less than 2 minutes. Would the two weapons described suddenly jump into the “no civilian needs weapons like that”?
    My point is twofold. Anyone who is so motivated could produce much more mayhem than Nicholas Cruz did regardless of whether or not they used an “assault weapon.”
    The other point is more relevant. I will never do that. No NRA member has ever done that. No matter how much the children moan and piss, it is who has the gun that is the issue, not the gun.
    Is POTG will also not be silent. Do remember that.

  23. Why “register” the guns of people who have never shot anybody? What will that accomplish?

    A known “bad guy with a gun” killed a bunch of people.

    One, or four good-ish guys with guns did nothing, and some more people died.

    Several very good guys without guns did what they could anyway, and a bunch of people didn’t die. Some of the “good guys” did, saving other people, in ways nobody anticipated.

    It doesn’t look like its the guns. More the people. How about we try

      • I strongly doubt that it’s accurate to say “always.” But it is close enough to “always”—usually followed by massive oppression, tyranny, and death—that it should NEVER be accepted.

        • “I strongly doubt that it’s accurate to say “always.””

          ‘Universal background checks’ is a durable concrete interstate highway on the road to gun confiscation Hell…

  24. The only thing that will happen with all of this is state’s will pass legislation to buy guns for teachers. My teacher freind would bring his own AR to class if he could. He won’t settle for a pistol against a crazy with an AR.

  25. “… It must be banned.”

    Lets just accept your point of view at face value and agree to ban the AR-15.

    Now what?

    There are millions of them already out there, what is your plan to address that fact?

    Are you going to organize a buy-up program? And where will the monies come from?

    Maybe you would simply expect the current owners to voluntarily turn them in because they are now banned?

    You’ve got the attention of the National Media so why do you take advantage of that fact to actually lay out your plans, all the details instead of just the talking points. We’ll wait while you gather your thoughts.

    • “Maybe you would simply expect the current owners to voluntarily turn them in because they are now banned?”

      They will use the ‘California’ model – All must be registered, then any form of transfer will be banned, including inheritance.

      Upon your death being recorded by the Statists, they will knock on your survivor’s door and confiscate the firearm(s) for destruction.

      Well, except for those not pilfered for the personal use of the ‘Jack-Booted Thugs’ doing the confiscation, of course…


  26. Smells like a Soros financed kid/color revolution. Where is these Tide pod munchers righteous indignation about the some 600,000 yearly abortions? Or their righteous indignation about the ongoing medical/pharmaceutical holocaust that conservatively KILLS 250,000 Americans each and every year in the US? There are too many other causes of death to list that these financed children conveniently and hypocritically choose to overlook.

  27. I educate children. They don’t educate me. At least not in any arena that is this important. They could probably teach me how to operate my phone better. 😉 Some adults need to explain how their thinking is not in accordance with reality.

  28. Here is a simple solution or a dumb one, whichever, since you have to present your .gov issued ID to purchase a firearm at ye olde LGS why not have a go/nogo endorsement on it for firearms sales.

  29. How does a “registry” help “law enforcement” that declines to chase down people who actually shoot places up, during or after?

    It’s not like in an active shooter event, we don’t know who to go after. It’s the guy shooting people.

  30. Banning murder, possession by the shooter, or guns in the “zone” didn’t stop the whack-job from shooting up that school. So why do we believe “banning” “assault weapons” would help? With what?

  31. Ban “assault rifles?”

    When an active whack-job’s shooting up a school, I think I want the people #shootingback to have the most assault-y rifles we can give them. (That is, if we can’t get them anti-tank missiles, RPGs, and grenade launchers.)

  32. Register the guns?

    So, you can know exactly who you didn’t do anything about, after they shot-up a school? That’s not helpful. Besides we know who it was without a registry.

  33. Kill off FOPA?

    Because surveilling citizens is such a good idea. Especially for political activities. (What we need is more COINTELPRO. Yeah, that worked out so well…)

    I am confused. We already have a “terrorist watch list” or seven. And a couple of the “known wolves” on that list drove around out west shooting places up. Then, a different “known wolf” shot up a nightclub (while the protectors waited outside.)

    How’s this … we’ll consider another registry of people to watch, when the feebs start, you know, watching the people on the lists they’ve got. And stopping them.

    It turns out it takes actual congressional legislation to stop the keystone-feebs from creating another selective nonsense list, like the ones they already use for harassing people who’ve done nothing, and not stopping people who shoot up schools and nightclubs.

    When it takes the US congress to tell you not to do something stupid, you really ought to reflect a bit on your life choices.

  34. I must be showing up too late at these ” gun free zones ” because all the free guns are already gone. My understanding of history tells me that the ” assault weapon ” term was first used by Hitler after watching the demonstration of a new full auto weapon. The libs are using a term coined by Hitler to describe a semi auto , civilian version, of a select fire military weapon. Ignorance is bliss.

  35. I had a thought the other day. We all know that the term “assault rifle” as applied to the AR-15 and its clones is a misnomer, as is the term “assault-style” when applied to a semi-automatic rifle which resembles an AR-15. Why don’t we call these rifles the same thing the police do – “patrol rifles”? Every time someone calls an AR-15 an “assault rifle”, respond immediately with, “No, it’s a patrol rifle, just like the rifles police have in their cruisers.”

  36. Why is this fifteen year old speaking of registration? It’s because the Democrats are using her as a puppet. Kids are being used to push agendas that were unsuccessful when standard Dem pols pushed them.

    Hotair reported yesterday how standard Democrats were pushing the same stale agenda through the kids. Teachers Unions, Mr and Mrs Giffords, Wasserman Schultz. They all coordinate the rallies and pay for the bus transportation.

  37. Regulate guns like cars. Um, you only have to register a car to drive it on public roads. It does not need to ge register to be operated on private land, which a lit of farmers do.

    So going by this fomparsion, if we register a gun, we are legally able to carry it out into public areas like a car on public roads. Sounds ok to me and probably not the idea of what gun grabbers want.

  38. The Hogg student was not even in the same building, he is NO SURVIVOR, he was never under live fire.

  39. You can’t fix stupid; but you can fix ignorant. Our challenge is to differentiate between the two.

    Which of our opponents are stupid…. ignore… and which can be educated.

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