This Woman is the Gun Control Industry’s Worst Nightmare

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SilencerCo is producing a series of video profiles of American gun owners of all shapes, sizes, genders and demographics. Why? Because guns are for everyone and gun owners — and gun ownership — have been the targets of opportunistic demagogues for too long.

As SilencerCo says . . .

Gun owners in this country have been misrepresented and maliciously attacked by the media and social platforms for far too long. SilencerCo has taken it upon themselves to illustrate the true story of the American gun owner.

“American Gun” is an intimate look at the foundation of American Freedom focusing on the right to bear arms as outlined in our constitution and the vast diversity of people that exists among those who support the second amendment across this country.

The realtor who is featured in SilencerCo’s first video above is every anti-gunner’s worst nightmare. A female from a demographic that the gun control industry believes isn’t “supposed” to be receptive to gun ownership, she not only owns and carries a firearm to protect herself and her family, but she’s preaching the gospel to other family members as well.

According to the NSSF, gun sales to African-Americans were up 58 percent last year. Hispanic-Americans bought guns at a 47 percent increased rate and Asian-Americans bought them at a 43 percent rate higher in 2020 than in 2019. That hasn’t slowed down in 2021 either.

So you can see why this is a story that politicians and the civilian disarmament advocacy operations don’t want to be told.

Like you, we hate the idea of upsetting Shannon Watts more than we already have, so whatever you do, don’t watch the video above. And for God’s sake, please don’t share it with your friends. Let’s let Shannon and the rest of her red-shirted gun-grabbing friends enjoy their weekend, mkay?


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  1. In my experience here in the Bay Area the Asian community is tooled up. Same with Hispanics.

    And for the record. watts is a brown shirt. She’s a whore for the fascist left.

    • Just East of the Bay Area here in the Central Valley armed defense is even more acceptable.
      Sure we are still under the tyranny that is California, but at least the locals are a little more liberty oriented.

    • “Fascist left”

      Uhm- how is fascism a left wing movement? Not everything you don’t like is “fascist”. That word has a specific meaning, and it’s part of the far-right.

      I personally am sympathetic to fascism, so I don’t understand how people call it left wing.

      Free Derek Chauvin.
      Free Kyle Rittenhouse.
      Pat Buchanan for president.
      MY RIGHT TO OWN A GUN COMES FROM GOD, not because a black woman also owns one.

      • Ok you had me hating you in the beginning, fascism is about controlling the populace, it’s not right or left wing.

        It is a tool used by those who seek power above all else.

        It was used by bush jr with the patriot act, it was used by obummer when he weaponized the IRS against people he disagreed with (and later when he used the NSA to spy on political opponents) and that you are sympathetic to fascism is unforgivable.

        Fascism is about your betters telling you what you can and cannot do, what to think, what to be; this country was founded on the concept that ALL men are created equal despite our lot in life; that a ditchdigger’s life has the same value as the president’s, and that I dictate the course of my life not a beaurocrat.

        But I wholeheartedly agree with you at the end – Derek chauvin is a scapegoat serving time for doing his job keeping criminals in cages, Kyle rittenhouse is a hero who was trying to save lives, and the 2nd amendment protects my right to own guns not gives it to me; that right was given me by God himself, and “if today is the day you call me home, lord, let my last thought not be ‘if only I had my gun’, and let me die in a pile of empty brass.”

        • That has been JWM’s consistent message for years now, and it’s a good one.
          Fascism and Socialism are two sides of the same authoritarian coin.
          Inside every Progressive is a fascist screaming to be let loose.

      • As a matter of fact fascisms is from the left end of the political spectrum as is national socialism. Check your political history.

        • This is true. Fascism is right-wing only in Europe, where everything begins and ends with socialism — communists on the authoritarian left, fascists on the authoritarian right, and ALL of it is socialist from start to finish.

          Here in America, the left wing owns socialism…all of it, from communist to fascist to the seemingly warm fuzzies of welfare-state “democratic” socialism. And Europe has nothing remotely like our conservative/libertarian right wing.

          In fact, the whole left/right paradigm is another ill-fitting European import, from back in the 19th century when political opponents separated themselves into the left and right sides of the legislative chamber.

      • Fascism would be on the left today. While the european fascists where to the right ( slightly ) of the communists , they where to the left of a center left US democrat say Bill Clinton.

        If you look at today’s “ corporate democrats” they look a lot like the fascists.

    • @jwm

      Definitely a whore…not a common slut (old-school definition for difference between whore and slut…whore does it for money and a slut just does it)…and Shannon does it for Bloomie Bucks. Look up her history – she has been a paid spokeswhore for several large corporations…then she struck pay dirt with Bloomberg and Co.

  2. Plenty of black women have guns. Including my wife. And she votes “R”…

  3. She’s a confident self-sufficient woman. Why does the Left want to take that away?!
    So her and her rapist have a fair fight?
    And an equal outcome(They both get sex)?

    • Why do you want to destroy the family? Women need men, and children need fathers.

      Like the guy you all call a troll:

      My right to own a gun comes from God, not because a black welfare queen happens to like them. You people watch too much TV. Anyone who disagrees with me needs to disclose how much TV they’ve watched over the last decade.

  4. That’s Awesome! Good for her and her sisters. The more people that can lawfully own a firearm the better for everyone. Love it!

  5. Thank you to Silencer Co for introducing gun mufflers to the non-gun owning black community. This is how you demystify them in the non-gun owning civilian mind. This is a strategic action. Well done sirs.

  6. If there is such a thing in the gun community, a 22 calibier firearm with a suppressor is the “gate way drug” to more legal firearms ownership in the country. A .22 is not the best self defense round. But it’s the best way to get more folks into accepting guns.

    The louder big bang guns can come latter.

    • Rented a Ruger mark 4 for my wife at the range, two months later my wife has more pistols than I do. Can confirm gateway status of 22.

  7. I just came from a gun range that was majority black. Lots of couples. The smiles were huge. A twenty something black girl at the counter was picking out a gun. Also, I see a lot of minorities at IDPA and action shooting.

    The best thing people can do is refuse to live down to the soft bigotry of expectations. Refuse to be defined by how a minority of criminals act.

  8. I know 22Lr are the not the best for self defense.
    However, if that’s what you shot most accurately then that’s going to be the best to carry, in my opinion.

    I’m scary accurate with it, that’s not bragging, it’s just stating a fact.

    • It ain’t braggin’ if you can do it!

      I happen to be scary-accurate, but it’s .40 @25yds. I protect my church, and that’s the size of the sanctuary.

      My personal metric is grains-of-hollowpoint-on-target per second. Whatever increases the number is good in my book. Peace.

  9. I think people who say things like “.22 is not the best self defense round” should volunteer to be shot with it.

    If you shoot it accurately, which most people do, it does the job.

    • As some will recall me saying here in the past, one of my lifelong friends from childhood was killed by a single .22LR to the head. So, yes, even the diminutive .22 can be deadly.

      • I have watched videos where the bad guy was shot only once, or multiple times with a 9mm and they continue to fight back. Same with a 45acp. I think shot placement is king. And the caliber used is less important. There are just too many good guys who have stopped attacks using the families .22 caliber firearms.

        I’m not saying the criminal was killed. Just that the attack was stopped.

        • When I consider a weapon for self defense reliability comes first.

          Caliber is a distant second.

  10. More “dems r real racists” from this blog.

    My gun right are not depended on it not being racist, or that non-whites own guns. It’s ok to be white and own guns.

    Gun control is racist against white people.

      • I’m not a leftist. I’m far right/alt-right.

        Why can’t you deal with people being more right wing than you?


        My right to own a gun comes from God, not a black woman.

        • No. You’re not. Ever once in a while the fascist left sends someone like you to post here to make gun owners look bad. You’re mugging for an audience so that your handlers can say we’re all bad.

          And yes, they are the real fascists today. If you claim fascism you’re the left.

  11. I have to admit I thought the video was pretty cheesy until it got to her family at the range. I have done that too and I know the exuberation of first-time shooters. That part of the video was genuine. Well done.

    • It’s all genuine. This whole video feels the opposite of what we are used to seeing. I thought for sure it was going to be an advertisement disguised as gun advocacy but there’s hardly a mention of SilencerCo in the whole video. In fact I don’t think the name is actually mentioned once.

  12. Former neighbor is ; a Female, a Realtor, and a Licensed CCW owner. Unfortunately it was a colleague’s assault that prompted the purchase, the training & the license.

  13. Yes, this is a lovely neighborhood to purchase a home! Now, hold my purse, I just gotta clear this house to make sure a crack head doesn’t assault us. Tough sell. She should be thankful a Democrat hasn’t forced her to provide a “good and sufficient reason” for carrying, determined by some corrupt police mafioso type. I’d love to see the gun control gunch try to convince this woman that she’s better off as a victim.

  14. WTF ? “Sure, I’ll show you this house but first I have to clear it.” Wow!! and I thought I grew in a rough ass neighborhood.

      • A freind of mine lived in a Section 8 shithouse for about a year and the property manager never needed to clear it when he showed him the place. This realtor must deal with some real stink ass properties.

        • I wasn’t to impressed with the houses myself. One looked like $35,000 worth of repair on $23, 000 worth of property .
          I’m still bugged about them railroad tracks.

  15. Why can we say that white people have interests, and that one of them is owning guns?

    Gun control is racist against WHITE people.

  16. What a great video about empowering a woman! I hope millions watch it and get the message.

    In Illinois the racists democrats were dragged kicking and screaming being forced by court order to allow law abiding Illinois citizens to have a concealed carry permit. However the law they crafted puts a high price on doing that with about $400 dollars required for classes and permit fee. They wanted to make sure the predominantly minority poor could not afford it. What a bunch of aholes and the same scum that complain that the “poor” are too stupid to apply for and can not afford a state issued picture ID so that must not be law.

  17. We recently moved, so we had to deal with a number of real estate agents. In talking with them, many of the women related concerns about being assaulted while on the job. Those that I thought could take the conversation I asked about concealed carry. They, almost to a T, replied that they would not want to make their clients uncomfortable. Apparently they did not get the part about “concealed”.

    At that point I dropped the conversation thread. Never did mention that I was carrying!

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