LaserLyte Veep: NAA Revolver Better Than a Sharp Stick


Despite all the kind words heaped on LaserLyte at the top of the post on their VENOM laser for North American Arms’ .22 Magnum revolvers LaserLyte was less-than-thrilled with TTAG’s characterization of their new product’s utility (or lack thereof). I invited their Veep to tell it like it is. So . . . here it is:

“Traditionally the mini revolver has been known as a ‘get-off-me gun’ due to the limited shooting distance without a laser.  The incumbent laser for this pistol proved the fact that these guns are accurate at 5-7 yards. The repeat shot ability of a laser shows that this gun is a ‘get-a-way’ setup vs. a ‘get-off-me’ setup. The Venom Laser brings this same benefits to the pistol but with an integrated package and pre-sighted in for a better overall experience for the shooter. With practice a 2-4 inch group at 7 yards is very attainable with these mini revolvers . . .

“The laser simply brings attention to the quality of a gun that North American Arms produces. The defensive ammo that is available now, i.e. Hornady Critical Defense in 22 WRM is a fine choice for this pistol. The ballistic gelatin has proved this fact.

“When wardrobe or temperature demand a smaller pistol to carry this is a very good choice. Last time I checked a sharp stick does not allow time, space and distance in a situation that may need it. The loud bark of the pistol is just an added benefit.”

Thank you,

Aaron Moore
Vice President


  1. avatar Chris says:

    I have seen some pretty serious looking sharp sticks. Just saying.

    1. avatar Accur81 says:

      I’d take a spear over this any day. More stopping power and similar effective range!

      1. avatar Mark N. says:

        A well made spear has an effective range as far as you can chuck it. And with a throwing stick, the range is even longer. Imagine a pro quarterback throwing a fifty yard pass to a moving wide receiver. Now imagine that he has a pointy stick and its a running gazelle. I;ll take the spear over the .22 mag, tyvm.

      2. avatar frankgon4 says:

        Agreed, a Spear has more stopping power, but if I could Conceal Carry a Spear, think about what firearms i could conceal carry. I could conceal a Musket rifle – now we are talking power. 🙂

    2. avatar Aharon says:

      Did you watch the manufacturers video? At the end they showed a bayonet accessory that is “coming soon”.

      I think that with practice shooting small groups can be achieved. I question if a laser is necessary way to achieve small groups versus just practicing. Imagine all the .22 LR ammo you can buy instead of buying a laser. Someday, after I buy other guns, I might buy the .22 LR pistol without the laser.

  2. avatar TheSleeperHasAwakened says:

    I have a NAA Black Widow in .22 Mag and it is one sweet little pocket revolver. I can easily get 3 inch groups at 15 yds with it.

    I would advise against putting a laser on it because that’s just lame! I would however suggest putting on the Holster/Grip because it makes the tiny revolver way easier to carry anywhere and everywhere.

    For all the haters…remember, Rule #1 of a gun fight is to bring a gun!

    1. avatar Cody says:

      I have one of their .22 mags as well, and love it. It goes everywhere that I do, and it’s a pretty little thing as well.

    2. avatar Don says:

      I second this. I have a 3″ NAA Earl and can hit easily at 25 yards and consistently knock down plates at 15 yards at a healthy speed. If you put a decent grip on it there is nothing wrong with a NAA’s ability to hit at a distance.


    3. avatar Bill F says:

      Though it wouldn’t be my own first choice, I still wouldn’t want someone shooting at me with it. Even if I had a sharp stick.

  3. avatar Adam Z says:

    My dad bought a NAA .22 because his Sig P238 apparently didn’t fill the need of an easily concealable pocket pistol. I still don’t understand the logic behind his reasoning. It would have made more sense to me if he simply said “I like it so I bought it.”

  4. avatar Chas says:

    Better than a sharp stick? Not by much.

  5. avatar Greg says:

    My PUG .22 mag is with me 98% of the time and easier to conceal then a pointed stick. I have no use for a laser that I consider more of a an expensive gimmick.
    Same goes for a bayonet or other similar stuff. My PUG is fine without the extras.

  6. avatar Don says:

    A thing to consider about a small gun vs a spear or a big knife is that the gun laws in most places are better than the “other weapon” laws, particularly knife laws. You CYA legally better with a small gun and a LTCF (where needed) than a big knife. A spear would probably be considered a “dirk or dagger” or some kind of “double edged blade”, or club, and get you screwed if you used it.

  7. avatar surlycmd says:

    Practical, shmactical. If you like something and funding is available, get it. Guns are useful tools but they’re fun too. I like it and would buy one if I run across one with some cash in my pocket.

  8. avatar J- says:

    I love my little NAA Black Widdow. It was my “dog walking gun” in South Dakota. Great little tool for dispatching snakes without being too loud (compared to a .410 revolver or something).

  9. I own over 50 guns. I can carry any gun I chose to. My carry gun is the NAA Mini-revolver with .22 Mag. I have the older one with 1 5/8 barrel and no rear sight. I have installed the larger wooden “boot” grips on it that normally come with the earl. This increased my accuracy greatly because not only the pinky finger is hanging off. The gun has only a front sight. It took me some time to get use to it, but I can much take out any soda can within 20 feet.

    The gun with .22 Mag will easily shoot through a steel drum or 2 inches of wood, which is my criteria for a decent carry round.

    I carry it inside the waist band. I can comfortably carry this gun 100% of the time. I tried the Ruger LCP 380 but I became very uncomfortable after about 10 minutes. I guess I have been spoiled with my NAA Mini-Revolver.

  10. avatar Oscar Cannington says:

    The NAA Black Widow is already the best small revolver out there and doesn’t need a laser gimmick. While the other guy is fumbling with the laser switch, I’ll have him a sudden weight-gain program, 45 grains at a time.

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