FILE - In this Oct. 1, 2020 file photo, former San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon speaks at a Los Angeles County Democratic Party news conference outside the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Gascon will be sworn in Monday, Dec. 7 as the new Los Angeles County District Attorney. Gascon, who co-authored a 2014 ballot measure to reduce some nonviolent felonies to misdemeanors, has promised more reforms to keep low-level offenders, drug users and those who are mentally ill out of jail and has said he won't seek the death penalty. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes, File)
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By Mark Oliva

Let the gun control zealots defend this. Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón had to be shamed into doing his job to protect his community from a would-be school murderer.

DA Gascón refused to bring charges against a teen who allegedly posted threats against a school on social media and was allegedly caught carrying stolen guns. His team of lawyers claimed there wasn’t enough information of the criminal threat.

The teen suspect was caught allegedly carrying two stolen pistols, body armor, magazines that are banned in California and ammunition when police arrested him, but the social media company had not yet turned over information requested by detectives. DA Gascón’s team rejected the case. That was until Bell Gardens, Calf., Police Chief Scott Fairfield demanded the case be reviewed for criminal charges.

“George Gascón refuses to prosecute juveniles in possession of firearms,” said Deputy District Attorney Jonathan Hatami. Other prosecutors are saying the George Soros-backed district attorney has a policy of not bringing firearm-related charges to juveniles.

Save the Condemnation

This is alarming to those in the firearm industry who have heard from gun control politicians that when their favorite gun control initiatives aren’t supported, they launch outlandish attacks against the firearm industry.

U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy told Salon that Republicans “don’t give a crap” about kids or criminal misuse of firearms. California Gov. Gavin Newsom said the Second Amendment is “becoming a suicide pact” after heinous murders in Monterey Park, Calif. The governor made a big show of his law, since struck down, of holding firearm manufacturers responsible for the crimes committed by others.

The governor, though, is silent on his own state’s district attorneys not holding criminals accountable.

Gov. Newsom endorsed DA Gascón for office when he ran in 2020, only to turn around in 2022 to say, “I don’t know enough about the job he’s done. I’m deeply concerned about the criticism.” That was while DA Gascón was facing a recall, the second one he ultimately survived.

DA Gascón’s talk-tough, act-on-nothing schtick was hardly a secret. DA Gascon has dutifully parroted all the gun control platitudes. When it comes to holding criminals accountable, he bails.

In 2021, DA Gascón defended a diversion program that allowed criminal offenders to still have access to firearms. The state law allowed for criminals to stay off the prohibited persons list from crimes that were downgraded from felonies to misdemeanors, which included hate crimes, carrying a loaded firearm with the intent of committing a felony, transporting a machine gun, possession of a deadly weapon with intent to assault and assault with a deadly weapon.

He was forced to walk back his “no bail” policies last year as crime rates in Los Angeles skyrocketed. He praised Gov. Newsom for signing more gun control legislation even as he released a murderer from prison after serving only six years of a 50-year sentence. That prisoner was re-arrested within a week of release on gun and DUI charges.

Two Los Angeles police officers were shot and killed by gang members in 2022 after being released on downgraded charges by DA Gascón’s office. Those felony Firearm charges would have kept them locked up. Because of DA Gascón’s policy of not pursuing gun-related charges, they walked out to murder police.

“How can George Gascón have the nerve to talk about needing new gun laws when he refuses to endorse the ones we already have?” said veteran prosecutor John Lewin according to the Washington Examiner. “If you want to deter criminals from using guns, punish them for doing so. This is why we have gun enhancements! The idea is that you want to increase the penalty so much for using a gun in a crime that the criminals decide to leave them at home.”

Say More ‘Gun Control’

It raises the serious question of how this man still has a job. His job is, after all, prosecuting criminals. Here’s why he’s still getting a paycheck funded by taxpayers: He says all the right things when it comes to gun control that California politicians want to hear. Never mind the criminals. DA Gascón is on board with punishing law-abiding citizens.

DA Gascón vocally supported the introduction of the Bipartisan Background Checks Act, legislation that would usher in universal background checks which are impossible without a national firearm registry. That, of course, is still against federal law. He also supported the Enhanced Background Checks Act, legislation that would have allowed delayed background checks to get caught in an endless delay-loop, essentially prohibiting gun purchases because they couldn’t be approved.

DA Gascón praised Gov. Newsom for signing more gun control bills into law last summer. He pressured credit card companies to bar the use of their cards for firearm component parts.

Just don’t ask him to use any of the laws already on the books. Before the teen with guns, body armor and social media school threat postings was finally charged, DA Gascón’s policies cost two people their lives. An adult and 16-year-old were shot and killed by another adult and youth. One suspect had been previously arrested on gun charges when he was a juvenile but DA Gascón’s office dismissed them. The policy – no gun charges for juveniles – is deadly.

Demanding more gun control and refusing to hold criminals to account isn’t a failed strategy. It’s criminal and the public is paying the price.


Mark Oliva is the Managing Director of Public Affairs for the National Shooting Sports Foundation. 

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      • ==
        And in Mexico, some towns are arming 5 YEAR OLD KIDS to help protect the town from the biden enriched drug cartels.
        How sad to know that but a few years ago the CADET CORP was active in every high school and college. Kids from age 12 upwards were issued guns by the schools so they could train with them.
        Every June the graduating Cadets would march under arms thru the streets to be reviewed and given award as tens of thousands of cheering public lined the sidewalks.

    • So, the author Mark Olivia wrote this in his article:

      “The teen suspect was caught allegedly carrying […] magazines that are banned in California…”

      It is not illegal to possess magazines that hold more than 10 rounds in CA. Judge Roger Benitez permanently enjoined that section of our Penal Code back in March 2019 (remember our famous “Freedom Week”?). There is NO magazine ban! There is only the current prohibition on the sale and/or transfer of LCMs until the Duncan v Bonta case is finally settled.

      As soon as I read this completely incorrect statement by the author, I lost all faith in the accuracy of the rest of his reporting.

      Facts matter. If you’re gonna want to journalist, you’d better journalist well, or not journalist at all.

      • Despite the misconception that LCMs are banned the author probably lifted it from a news article making the mistake that the reporter was correct. Very frequently I will read that someone has been arrested for possession of an unregistered firearm. While I am not a lawyer, I follow gun news closely. I am under the impression that a lot of old timers bought guns when private party sales were legal in CA. They bought long guns when the form only identified the firearm as “long gun or “shotgun” without further identifying it. Only hand guns bought from a dealer were identified by serial number. That, of course, is no longer the case and guns are not supposed to be transferred without permission from our masters in Schitzomento.
        The most recent shooting in CA in Monterey Park the press was reporting the it was an unregistered firearm. Yeah, the guy had owned it since before 1968 when all this hoopla about registering firearms started. So give the author a little room. Yeah, he made a mistake about LCMs but the book on CA gun laws is 492 pages long. not counting a 38 page appendix. Anyone who says he knows all the laws regarding firearms in CA is either a liar or a fool.

  1. The voters of California are getting the Government they voted for. As well as the society they deserve because of the choices they make.

      • Then you’re both idiots. We did not vote for this .gov. And our constitutional rights are not dependent on our zip codes.

        • You are in the minority Jethro as the majority of Californian’s voted for the Governor so they obviously agree with him. Why don’t you pack up and leave Jethro since you claim to be independently wealthy on the salary of a former Janitor (chuckle).

          There are plenty of ignorant Hillbillies back in your home state in the Appalachian Mountains where you will feel welcome and could participate in their dances with live rattlesnakes. I am not joking there is a religious cult there that does exactly that. Of course you already used to do that back in the day.

        • Just as we have those who give up in controlled states that end up being a net drain on advancing gun rights we also have free state freeloaders who disregard the importance of fighting at all levels even if the best we can do is a draw.

        • Yeah, dacian the demented dips***, if only everyone was as “educated” as you, amirite???? How many degrees to you have, dacian??? Ever held an actual job???? Hell, have you ever been outside your mommy’s basement????

          Sod off, you pathetic wanker.

        • You sir are the idiot because you continue to allow your Rights to be violated. Simply because you choose to continue living in Commiefornia. No Sympathy

        • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, As you Lefties are famous for padding the rolls and having dead people vote, I have to wonder if the California election wasn’t fraudulent. Seems you seem to be the one who complains bitterly about the 2nd Amendment and the rights it guarantees. Time for your sorry posterior to pack up and leave for one of your favorite European countries.

        • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, ROFLMAOBT! That the “majority of Californians” voted for your Leftist control freaks is NO endorsement of their selection. Not one of your “gun control” measures have save a life.

    • Neither I nor most of the Californians I know voted for our overlords. The reason why the Dems were so fervent to codify cheating into our laws is because they knew honest elections would change the fabric of our State’s politics and move toward the Right.

      Stolen elections matter.

        • The Dems in CA legalized ballot harvesting in 2017, and it was first employed in the 2018 elections.

          And mandatory mail-in ballots for every registered voter.

          Who is registered, you ask? Pretty much everyone. When you apply for an ID or DL, you’re automatically registered whether you want it at the time or not.

          Plus, you no longer get a receipt of proof of voting at the poll station anymore, since the change was made in 2018 from serialized paper ballots to the electronic ones, which are a joke.

          Finally, there is no longer any method available to the poll station supervisors to make corrections or deletions to the voter roll. Everything is handled clandestinely by some unknown person(s) somewhere. My adult son, for example, left CA years ago, but I continue to receive mail-in ballots for him. Both he and I have made multiple requests to have his name removed from the active voter roll, but every person I’ve spoken to in the Elections Dept has stated there is no longer any procedure for this.

          The Dems have baked their cheating into the cake. The system has to be torn out completely and replaced. That means removing the Dems out entirely, but they cheat, so…

      • The Democrats secured a lifetime majority by decreeing open primaries. The top two vote getters, of whatever party, make the ballot. In urban areas, that usually means two democrats running against each other. And since the urban areas compromise 60+% of the voters. The results are pre-determined.

    • Unfortunately for some of us, familial circumstances preclude moving from CA. Should that situation change, the flash of white, the cloud of dust and the hearty “I”m outta here” will not be the Lone Ranger. Yes, you are correct. The majority of the votes counted favor illegitimate programs proposed by demonokrautic party members and the sheep follow along obediently. I know some folks who have moved to other states after screwing up kalifornicadia chortle that pretty soon they will outnumber the residents of states like Arizona and change it into a paradise like kalifornicadia. Nevada har already been kalifornicated. Oregon and Washington the same. Idaho is head there as is AZ and TX. And don’t even mention Oz or NZ. They are far worse than CA.

  2. Classic communist revolutionary tactics: don’t prosecute the real criminals, while cracking down on the law-abiding. It’s purpose is to demoralize you. I know it may be difficult, but if you live in an area ruled by a Soros DA, GTFO. Now. To a gun friendly locale. And buy firearms and ammo. Lots of firearms and ammo.

    Things are coming to a head.

  3. Joe Biden thinks he is the CEO of a corporation…

    “President Joe Biden’s order that federal employees get vaccinated against COVID-19 was blocked Thursday by a federal appeals court.

    The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans rejected arguments that Biden, as the nation’s chief executive, has the same authority as the CEO of a private corporation to require that employees be vaccinated.


    No wonder he’s acting unconstitutionally, he doesn’t understand hes an elected official and thinks he is a the CEO of a corporation free to do as he pleases.


  4. Democrats will do nothing to prevent the murders of children. They actually need dead kids to point to in order to further their disarmament agenda.

  5. Person: “100% of intentional crimes are committed intentionally by criminals because they are, well, criminals and that’s what criminals do.”

    DA Gascón: “Huh?”

    • …DA Gascon : “That’s the Plan.”
      Fixed it for ya.
      Well, except for the diacritical above the o,which I can’t get on my “smartphone “

  6. DA George Gascon co-wrote proposition 47. Where it legalized recreational marijuana and raised the level of a misdemeanor up to $950.

    This accomplished two major goals of the libertarians liberals and the left. One to legalize recreational use of marijuana. And two, to reduce the jail and prison population in the state of California. By making it much easier for drug addicts to steal, in order to pay for their drugs, and making it far less likely that they would be prosecuted, for shoplifting.

  7. The primary goal of district attorney George Gascon is to keep the jail and prison population down in the state of California. That is his primary goal.

    And yes I know that sounds crazy. And welcome to the world of the 21st century in the state of California.

  8. George Gascon is the scion of a Cuban communist family that was TOO hardcore even for the murderous Castro assassins, let that sink in to your head.

  9. When you have 1 Billion $, and you spend $1000 Each and every day, you will run out of money after 3000 days.

    George Soros in 2010 had $24 Billion his own money.

  10. Sorry, your math is totally wrong. Assuming no additional income on the billion, you will run out of money after 100,000 days, not 3,000 days. That’s 279 years in rounded numbers. That said, my daughter and I once sat down to figure out how long a billion dollars would last and we determined that unless one spent the money on absolutely worthless items such as gambling losses or very expensive travel, considering a very low return on the invested one billion, it would be almost impossible to run out of money. Even buying expensive cars and boats, one still has a certain basic value in a high priced car even sold at a fire sale loss.


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