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“You know who started the Second Amendment? Southern senators so they could ward off slaves’ uprisings. Yeah. Read the history.” – Larry King [via]

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    • Thanks for that.
      I love to start my day with a good laugh.
      I could do without the snot rocket on my iPad though.

      • It’s south of the Mason-Dixon line, people say “y’all”, they love NASCAR. I think it is part of the south.

        • This why we have West Virginia.
          So the real Virginians had/have someplace else to move to.

        • Proximity to D.C. will do that. It was basically inevitable that somewhere so close to big Gov is going to get culturally dominated by it. I’m sure the majority of those living in the tri-state area around DC are Fed employee’s, non-profits, and lobbying interests. All of which have a big stake in Fed Gov. Not that all federal employee’s are like that automatically. Having been a fed employee in the deep south and rural midwest most there are not into big gov, the regional cultural influences are too strong. Don’t underestimate cultural influence ever.

      • Jewish people like Larry King should learn their own history before speaking out of turn.
        The Jews should be very careful when they talk about slavery and historical racist gun control in the United States.

        There are many more web sites like this one that are about Jews who supported slavery in the USA.
        The smarter Jews like Aaron Zelman, founder of the JPFO, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, spoke about the founding of racist gun control way back in the early 1990’s. I heard those talks back then. This black gun owner still misses him.
        RIP Mr. Zelman

  1. Jesus the second amendment is a natural human right recognized by our English common law dating back to atleast the Assize of arms in 1181. These people are knuckleheads.

    • While I agree, consider the ‘dissent’ in Heller which indicates that the common-law right to self defense is NOT codified in the 2nd Amendment. Their basis for this is (among other things) the phrase ‘the people’ in 2A, according to the court, does not include all people, as it leaves out, eg, criminals. Whereas ‘the people’ in all other parts of The Constitution apply equally to all people.

      It’s an interesting point, however, the court did acknowledge that the right to self defense is a common-law right (which the UK seems to have forgotten), and IMNSHO, if the 2nd doesn’t cover it, then the 9th does.

      Additionally, their interpretation of the ‘Miller’ case was also contrived, at best, as Miller was not in the military nor ‘regular militia’, so the previous courts ruling that only weapons of war are protected by 2A did not imply that only weapons of war ‘for the militia/military, and their use only’ were protected. The Heller dissent claimed that the earlier court ruling specifically could ONLY apply to military weapons for their use in a military context.

      It’s not enough to understand YOUR point of view; you need to understand the ‘other side’ to be able to be able to adequately counter it.

      • Good grief. Where, in those 27 words, are hidden the directive that it does not apply to criminals? Fool’s on the right track, but cannot (will not?) see that it DOES apply to criminals!

      • Your post got me to thinking that if the Supreme Court had not made fools of themselves so often in reversing themselves on the Second Amendment that the Miller decision would be the perfect excuse to ban present day semi-auto look alike AR15 rifles because of the fact that they are precisely “not military weapons” therefore they “can be banned” but then that would make Reagan’s Full Auto Ban unconstitutional. Not that the Court would reverse that they would just ignore it. After all they have their Corrupt History to uphold to avoid embarrassment. As Shakespeare once said “Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive” but then again is that not the real purpose of the corrupt Supreme Court?

    • I’m beginning to use that phrase a little too often, it’s a bit concerning. To be fair, I don’t think people are any worse now than they ever were, I think it’s a combination of getting older and noticing how stupid people really are, and the internet making their stupidity more accessible to us all. You just can’t escape their idiocy anymore. Maybe the Amish really are on to something…

      • Yeah pretty much. Kind of like how driving makes it obvious when someone has the attention span of a puppy. They could seem normal until given an opportunity to show you how inattentive they are. The same goes for giving these types of people a microphone to comment on every little issue.

    • I get that feeling every time I go to a mega-city. Those people live in a bubble, multi-generations come from families which don’t even own a simple tool-set and have never learned to fix things—anything at all, really. They have people there who think they should call the building super to screw in light bulbs. 40 year old’s who have never had a driver’s license and don’t drive. People who have never even held a gun, don’t know anyone who has, let alone own a gun or ever fired a gun. Scheech. I hate people . . .

  2. This is the kind of mindless propaganda that we’re up against and most kids educated in State-run schools don’t know any better.

  3. Larry.. the IDIOT KING…and the snowflakes will take what he spewed as “real history.”
    Watch the hogg quote him…

  4. Wow … I just … Where do you even start with this?

    Repeat the lie often enough and it becomes truth; control the future by controlling the history. Orwell was right.

    This is why I’d never be able to be a journalist or a politician. I have too much respect for facts.

    • And who was the greatest practitioner of that? Darwin was wrong about very nearly everything, yet his is the go to Theory (=opinion) that is rigidly enforced in education. All biological science has been developed since his day. If he had written even ten years later, no publisher would have accepted his draft. And the result? Despite a solid century and a half of scientific data disproving Darwin, we are still subject to the Darwinian worldview, and the politics this brings. Control the past, the future is yours.

  5. Another idiot spouting off on something he knows nothing about. That your once had a radio audience does not make you an expert on all subjects. Just another pitiful attempt to demonize an object–the gun. By implication he is saying that guns are bad, no one should have guns and all guns should be confiscated. I guess he forgot how that worked out for the Germans leading up to WWII; particularly the Jews.

    • The website says “89 days left to comment,” yet when I click on “submit formal comment” it returns comment period closed.

      The points I plan to make:

      Infringement of individuals second amendment rights. Increased regulation and costs to law abiding Americans.

      Used in only one known crime, and I dispute it increased civilian death and injury over an otherwise unmodified rifle.

      A ban will be entirely ineffective at reducing future violence as a murderer is unlikely to comply and can easily manufacture one;

      Ease of 3d printing or otherwise fabricating

      • How about:
        “Being deprived of property without due process of the law”. (5th Amendment)

        Also in the 5th Amendment, assuming this rule (since it’s not LAW) goes into effect, it is possible that it would violate the 5th for “being compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself”. The original NFA ran afoul of that (and was found so in the Miller case – registering after the fact would have demonstrated that they were a criminal BEFORE registration) – this is why the ’68 law added an amnesty period – to get around that pesky 5th Amendment.

    • in that article click on “notice of proposed rule making” then “submit a comment” at the proposal site.

      • I just did it, with “Comment successfully submitted” as the final result. If you are getting “comment period closed” result, you are clicking on the wrong “submit comment” link. Try again, find a different one.

  6. Why, in the national conversation about guns, do we never hear from anyone who owns guns, knows anything about guns, the laws, their history or even knows anybody who owns guns?

    (That’s a rhetorical question. Of course, we all know the answer.)

    • OK, I’ll answer. If we live in a city (and the majority of people do), that is our “bubble” within which only approved activities are allowed to happen. None of those activities involve guns in any way, save our children murdering aliens on Playstation. We do not get sweaty except at the gym, we do not get wet unless we swim at the pool, and we spend our evenings on the couch after dinner together. We live in safe communities away from minorities and crime, we watch news about faraway wars in places that don’t matter, that our government may or may not have a hand in, but we don’t care. We want to feel safe. And if that means taking dangerous looking guns off lunatic fringe die hard jerkwads, so much the better. And if Larry King says so, it must be right. He’s on TV, right?

  7. he’s on a info-commercial pushing some snake oil that improves your memory….well that’s proof it doesn’t work…LOL

  8. Larry falls into the trap of believing that history started when he was born, apparently just before the American Civil War. 🤣

  9. “You know who started the Second Amendment? Southern senators so they could ward off slaves’ uprisings. Yeah. Read the history.” – Larry King [via

    You WOULD know, Wouldn’t you, Ignorant motherf**ker

  10. Nah Larry, the 2nd Amendment was instituted by Christopher Columbus so he could grant himself power to fight the indigenous Vikings, the Vikings at the time were too advanced to be fought off with muskets so Columbus started the 2A for more firepower. Get smarter.

      • C.S.-
        That’s just revisionist history, the injuns were already operating casinos by the time the confederate general Winston Churchill decreed the states expansion westward.

  11. I hate to poke fun at the elderly, but doesn’t larry king need to be in a home by now?

  12. Larry king,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • I think the latter. He’s a puppet for the left obviously. Someone please change his diaper.

  13. I thought Larry King was dead. Is that thing just an animatronic puppet? C’mon, he ain’t really still alive is he?

  14. Larry should know, since he use to room with a Red Coat named William. That was before he helped Marconi set up the first radio station here in the US.

  15. I’m not a fan of ad hominem attacks, but consider the source. This is the same, once world renowned journalist, who is now used by RT America in an attempt to validate their journalistic credibility. I have a lot of respect for him as a journalist, but his credibility has been slipping as of late.

  16. What? So he is saying it was an individual right from the beginning and not about the militia? I am confused here. Justice Stevens says it was a collective right, Larry King says it was about individuals and both say we should read history to back up their views.

    Sounds like they just make stuff up to validate whatever they want, whenever they want.

  17. I hate to break to Larry but there was no Senate at the time the Constitution was being debated/adopted. The composition of the National Bicameral Legislature we know as Congress was part of the document. Ol’ Larry is putting the chicken before the egg.

    • The Bill of Rights was adopted AFTER the Constitution was written, passed and ratified. The Constitution was adopted in 1787 and ratified less than a year later. The BOR was adopted in 1789–by Congress–and ratified in 1791.

  18. Poor Larry. I think all that Omega XL he’s been taking to shrink his swollen joints has also shrunk his brain.

  19. Now hang on, TMZ? Seriously? That’s a gossip site at best. I’m no fan of Larry King, but I don’t take such sources seriously.

  20. History calling with an inconvenient fact. NY was a slave state at the formation of the union. So was New Jersey and PA. NYC was a major port for slavers – Annapolis too.

    The 2A was to enable a peasant uprising. Yes, some of the peasants owned slaves. Just like the gentry back in the UK. Freemen fight back; slaves not so much. The Magna Carta was forced on the king by men who had surfs in the field. These United States of the North American continent were forced on the crown by underestimated men with weapons. Freemen force freedom on presumptuous men far away.

  21. “You know who started the Second Amendment? Southern senators so they could ward off slaves’ uprisings.
    So why did the Northern States ratify it?

  22. Anti-gunners say they do not want to take away guns from the people.
    They only want to prevent people who are potentially a harm to
    themselves or other people.

    Now I don’t want to take away Free Speech from everyone,
    but I think some people just should not be allowed to publicly express their opinions.

    There should be severe restrictions and penalties for lying.

    Some speech you can be sued for Slander or Libel.

    But there are no penalties for lying except if you are caught lying while under oath,
    unless you are the FBI or Clinton is your last name.
    However, Larry King has harmed all gun owners by slandering them.

    Therefore, I think there should be some sort Class Action Law Suit
    to sue Larry King for Defamation, Slander, and committing
    the egregious crime of deliberately spreading
    historical disinformation.

    And he should either have to write an apology letter to every gun owner
    or have to write on the chalk board 1 MILLION TIMES,
    ” I will not lie about gun owners again”.

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