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It was vintage Wayne LaPierre today as the NRA’s Executive Vice President made his customary annual appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference earlier this afternoon in Orlando.

He hit all the usual notes, slamming gun-grabbing politicians for blaming firearms for every societal problem. He called out big city mayors like New York’s Bill DeBlasio, Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot and Houston’s Sylvester Turner for going after law-abiding gun owners while failing to enforce the laws already on the books and allowing crime to soar in their cities.

LaPierre hit Biden, Pelosi and Schumer for using homicide statistics in their “warped crusade against the Second Amendment.” While telling his somnolent audience that the anti-gun left would rather let prisoners go free while defunding police departments, he announced that the foes of the right to keep and bear arms . . .

…would rather get tough on the law-abiding than go out and get tough on criminals. They would rather kill the Second Amendment than save lives.

If you’ve heard any LaPierre speech, you’ve heard this one — in one form or another — a hundred times before. Just replace a couple of names here and there and LaPierre’s handlers could have (did?) copied and pasted the text for today’s speech from any of his others. The CPAC crowd certainly responded as if they had.

One aspect of Wayne’s address did break a little new ground. He actually briefly addressed the fact that the NRA has asked a US bankruptcy court to bail them out of years of bad decisions and protect the Association from the existential threat posed by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

LaPierre claimed that the AG’s attacks and New York’s attempts to force financial institutions to quit doing business with the NRA “…only strengthen our resolve. They steel us for the fight.” Good to know.

Part of the reason LaPierre’s stem-winders are so repetitive is because, in fact, the threats to Americans’ Second Amendment rights are very real and never go away. The cast of characters — politicians, gun control orgs, their media stenographers, among others — may change slightly from speech to speech and year to year, but their resolve to achieve civilian disarmament in this country never diminishes. So you should excuse Wayne, at least partially, for sounding repetitive.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t make for engaging oration. The CPAC crowd seemed to be more concerned with scrolling through their social media accounts than listening to Wayne’s recitation of what was scrolling by on the TelePrompter.

LaPierre and his act are old and stale. With a few exceptions, they’ve been fusty and uninspiring for at least a decade. And now that so many of the missteps, mismanagement, profligacy and alleged corruption that have been commonplace under his leadership are out in the open for all to see, performances like today’s have become downright embarrassing. We’re years past the time for someone in the wings to give him the hook.

The good news is, we happen to know that the NRA is actively seeking his replacement. It would be good if that process is concluded as quickly as humanly possible. There’s a decent chance the bankruptcy court won’t give the NRA the protection it’s asked for. Whatever the outcome of that move, the process of flushing the management group at the National Rifle Association and rebuilding the Association in a way that serves its members and more effectively fights for Americans’ gun rights can’t begin soon enough.

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    • Can’t argue with that. Wayne looks too much like the other swamp creatures in Washington at this point.

      My NRA membership is expiring and I’m having a hard time with the decision to renew.

      • I didn’t renew and I took the sticker off my car. It’s not that I don’t support what you and I hold dear. I even was happy to withstand the spit that someone put on my car where I work. I can’t tolerate this guy.

      • Mine did expire. I was a member about ten years and when it expired and the NRA started calling, I told them NO, not until LaPierre is GONE. I’m not lining his pockets and buying his fancy expensive suits while the NRA begs for my money to save my rights. Piss off Wayne, kick rocks!

  1. Wayne LaPayMe! is a cancer on the NRA. As long as he is in charge the NRA is under ever increasing threat of destruction from within.

    We need a strong NRA free of legal threat because the guy at the top is a corrupt, thieving, money-grubbing piece of shit.

      • Kiss my ass.

        You idiots supported a Traitor against a large field of actual Conservatives in 2015-16. Then you went whole hog defending that fucking scumbag wannabe dictator when he tried to overthrow our Republic on January 6. Some of you morons think it is going to happen again on March 4.

        Second only to the Democrats, you cultists are the greatest threat to my gun rights and the Second Amendment.

      • Oh I almost forgot enuf or perhaps you almost got away with it…Tell the forum how you decided not to become a NRA Life Member because you were not going to be around long “enuf” to benefit YOU. As if all of your posts don’t say the world revolves around YOU in neon lights. You are like one of those bottom feeding crabs that crawl around on the ocean floor doing nothing but feeding themselves. When you finally explode it’ll take a hazmat team to clean up all your self centered poop.

    • OK. little tommy potty mouth…Let’s hear your speech. Tell us all about your plans to preserve the 2A. The floor is yours.

        • ^^^The knee-jerk misogyny manages to be even more objectionable and uninspired than Ms. W.’s repetitive rants about racism and Nazis on every topic.

        • “Imagine being the poor geezer what lays down …”

          At least Deborah is getting what you can’t, a fulfilling sex life.

          What a pathetic POS you are! Aren’t you tired of everyone laughing at you? 😉

      • Debbie, why don’t you enlighten us with the NRA’s plans that have just been working oh so well the past 30 years. They did such a great job stopping the 94 AWB and the bump stock ban.

  2. I was going to leave my own nasty comment about Wayne, but was cheered to read the part about the NRA seeking a replacement!

    • That’s very cloudy…And all along I thought if POTUS DJT failed to act congress would have and that meant a long list of items such as the Binary Triggers advertised on this site would be no more.
      If you wish to continue sticking your head in the behinds of bump stock crybabies and blow their smoke who am I to stop a politically inept butthead like you?

      • Yea…

        Infringements should be a compromise…

        It’s the only way to prevent further infringements…

        That’s as stupid as hoping congress will stop biden from doing dumb shit.

        • DebbieW…What part of “Shall NOT be infringed.” Do you and Wayne NOT understand???? FUDD.

    • NRA didn’t call for a bump stock ban. The NRA suggested that the BATFE re-examine their bump stock ruling. That was the smart thing do, which should have resulted in the BATFE doing nothing for a few months and then coming back and saying their ruling stands. During that time, the heat would have been off for Congress to pass a law and everything would be back to normal. Trump pushed BATFE to ban.

  3. I think his messaging was good….I think you people get worked up too easily…. He’s running the show over there at the NRA his way, if you don’t like the way he does it, GET RID OF HIM….. VERY SIMPLE…
    And if that’s impossible to do, then stop supporting that organization…. VERY SIMPLE …

    • Ever try to stop a moving freight train, with your body?

      How many other companies have we been vocal about not supporting? It’s almost like money has momentum…

  4. Just give to some of the other organizations. NRA has plotted against us for far too long and side with the anti-2nd Amendment organizations for over 50 years. If the NRA really cared back in the 1960s, we would not have the NFA of 1968 and all of these other firearm restricting laws after and before. We need to have 2nd Amendment organizations that really care and will represent the firearms community and the 2nd Amendment in court. Just give to Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC), Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), Gun Owners of America (GOA), and other organizations.

    • Some good thoughts, just a few minor points here. 1968 was actually the GCA, largely targeting imported firearms that don’t meet an arbitrary “sporting purposes” requirement. NFA was 1934. Our friends at the NRA supported both, and have since failed to take any effective action to mend their error. Unfortunate.

  5. Did you accept responsibility for the fact that the NRA was largely absent in the election the POTG just lost? In letting the Dems take over?

    Did you articulate an actual plan to change anything?

    Or are you going to let them keep steamrolling the NRA?

    Seems like it isn’t just the Dems who won’t answer hard questions.

  6. I am a Life member of the NRA simply because i purchased my membership decades ago as a one time payment. I haven’t supported the NRA monetarily for over 25 years because of it’s Anti 2A Shitnanigans. I spend my time, effort and money now at the local and state level which has a much higher rate of return in the deregulation of 2A Rights in Iowa. Constitutional Carry goes to committee tomorrow with a excellent chance of passage by the Republican Controlled Legislature, Senate and a Governor who has pledged to sign it if passed. It will also be on the ballot in 2022 to become a Amendment to the Iowa Constitution. “We the People” of Iowa have worked long and hard to elect people who Support the Right to Keep and Bear Arms as well as the entire Bill of Rights. Expecting someone from any organization who doesn’t live, eat and breathe in your state to protect your Rights is foolish at best. Especially when they are just a part of a machine that looks out for it’s own interests first. So get busy working at the state/local level. Educate like minded citizens, teach the children and support and elect the Right people. Stop expecting someone else to do the job You should be doing Yourself. Your Rights Depend on It as well as Your Freedom. Keep Your Powder Dry.

  7. This is the first I’ve heard of searching for a replacement for WLP. Is there a source on this? I’m surprised he didn’t slip when he said ‘They steel us for the fight,’ and say the truth, ‘We steal from the fight.’ The sooner he and his self-serving cronies are gone, the better. Maybe the next leader will be more concerned about gun rights than lining pockets. WLP didn’t want big 2A wins because then he couldn’t fundraise on scare tactics.

  8. La Pierre owns a sizable chunk of the blame for the precarious position that 2A is in right now. His radical partisanship is an incredibly stupid strategy- do the corporate lobbyists limit themselves to owning one party? No, they buy off both parties. Do the Israel, Arab, and China lobbyists limit themselves to one party and attack the other party? No, they lobby both parties and they host fundraisers and galas for politicians of both parties.

    Because of La Pierre’s personal need to make a spectacle of himself and sling sh*t at Democrats every chance he gets, he puts the 2A in danger any time the Republicans are out of power. There are many Democrats in red states that would hate to vote against 2A, but radical partisanship from the gun lobby may give them no choice. No point in voting to preserve 2A if the organized gun lobby is going to attack you as an “evil Democrat” regardless.

    • There is similarly no point in not attacking an “evil Democrat” when they’re going to tow the line for the far-Left of their Party and, at minimum, tacitly endorse gun control by not standing up to the members of the Democrat party who run on the issue.

      The real issue, IMHO, is a failure of the 2A community to understand what’s actually going on. The 2A is part and parcel of a larger package which the 2A community mostly ignores. That’s turned a small but vocal section of the 2A community into a “muh right, fuck yo rights” group. That has made the entire group easy to slander.

      When you allow yourself to give up the high road for the sake of convenience you shouldn’t act shocked when shit comes down the hill and lands on you.

      • I expect to be called names. It goes with being a gun owner.
        Anytime you speak up for your civil rights using the most mild language possible, you are still demonized. It has always been this way. Those that use more colorful language get more press. But gun owners were being demonized long before these colorful language users started showing up.

  9. WLP knows much of membership is dropping because of him. Like those who lives exist in a small bubble of their own self importance, he rather stay in his position instead of doing the honorable thing by passing the torch. He stays and membership and money continues to drop. The next generation will have to fight harder, and overcome his stain to get where we were 20 years ago.

    We are less than a generation away from losing the dream our Founders paid for in blood. People like WLP are part of the problem.

    I do what I can. I introduce new people to firearms and include thier children. I cannot fight like I could when I was younger, but my heart is still in it. Old age, and years of humping in jungles and deserts, exiting high performance aircraft while in flight and general youthful activities of immortal thinking took its toll. And I would do it again knowing then what I know now.

  10. The prosecutors who are Democrats are going to have to prove that Wayne LaPierre committed crimes. And when they prove it I’ll be glad when they send him to jail.

      • They say gun ownership as a republican issue. I don’t agree with that. Arms are for everyone. Republican administrations have never investigated the NRA. And it seems high crimes are being committed there. I don’t think the prosecution of the NRA is a partisan issue. However the people who run the NRA should have known are the Democrats were out to get them. And it seems the NRA was very sloppy and stupid.

        • I hope the NRA win in court but they reconfigure in spite of it. The liberal prosecutor most likely has dirty hands herself. I agree changes should be made and behaviors modified but I hope the NRA is smart enough afterwards to stay a step ahead of them in the future.

        • to GRA
          I’m not like the YouTuber, The Yankee Marshal, who has said “the NRA needs to be burned to the ground”. We need the NRA. And the JPFO. And the GOA. And the Pink Pistols. And NAAGA. Or any organized group who supports the 2A.

          As long as they are morally straight I don’t care. But the leadership at the NRA is not a morally straight.

          That’s the Boy Scout in me coming out.

  11. The Second Amendment is BIG business on both sides of the issue. Pro-gunners have played by the enemies’ rules and have been losing…..three steps forward, four backward…..death by a thousand cuts……. by the enemies’ rules since at least 1934.

  12. For the past five years I have said Colion Noir needs to be the main representative for the N.R.A. Talk about bringing in those we need to bring in. Well N.R.A.?

  13. I see this; the NRA is still around and we still have the 2nd. Amendment and although we could do without all the unconstitutional restrictions the NRA was all we had until others like GOA came along. Since we have a couple of new organizations that focus on litigation maybe the NRA can, and should, return to their focus of training and development. In that regard they’re a hell of a lot better that the organized crime con artists selling insurance and bullshit at and for the USCCA.

  14. Probably not helping their bankruptcy case to be telling their members and prospective members that they’re not going bankrupt and are in strong financial shape. But, if denied, they’ll be quick to blame persecution by the biased judiciary.

  15. I’m an endowment member of the NRA. I can’t see myself giving another dime to them until Wayne is gone, but I haven’t studied enough about the other organizations to make an educated donation. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

    • For some years my practice has been to give part of my annual tax return to the Second Amendment Foundation, the Gun Owners of America and the NRA. The least was $100 each, this year the total will be $1000.

      But I’ve dropped the NRA due to the Wayne LaPayMe! situation. So I need another place to send my donations as well.

      While I am a member of the SAF and GOA, I’ve let my NRA membership lapse and told them exactly why. I am also a member of the Arizona Citizens Defense League, which is active at the state legislature. I’m thinking of giving them the money I used to give the NRA.

      Possibly there is a worthy state level outfit where you live?

      I’ve also been reading more lately from the Firearms Policy Coalition. Not sure yet, could be another candidate for donation.


  17. I send all of the response forms right back to them telling them hell no, not a dime until Wayne and the board are gone.

  18. N egotiating R rights A way
    And now the SSFS saying the BATFE are the good guys.

    ” Your all in it together, bunch of pimps”
    Ike Clanton was right.
    And the shoot out at the OK corral was about disarmament too

  19. Two people whose egos are too big to allow them to just GO THE EFF AWAY!!!

    Donald Trump and Wayne LaPierre.

    Go away. You are hurting the very movement you say you support. Buh bye!!! Don’t let the door hit you on the a55 on the way out. Please. PLEASE!!!

    • Why don’t YOU go away instead. All we ever get from your funky state of CT is liberal BS who constantly votes to keep stolen valor in office. Seems supporting liars, gun control, and corruption is all CT voters are good for.

  20. Hi gang,
    Since The nra and wayne have been sued by that mean lady in new york, I think we need to step up and help. I sent wayne some used suits and a few of my worn smoking jackets. when a fellow is down, it’s good to help. Please send wayne some of your well worn clothing, he needs us now. Oh and lest I forget, I sent wayne my old Flow-Bee, as I’m balding now, and no longer use it. I hope he doesn’t mind that it’s got some dog hair in the unit. Help a man out.


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