NRA Enlists Political Heavy Hitters for Video Hailing its Move to Texas

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After the video was posted on social media, NRA Director of Media Relations Amy Hunter said the group was eager to end the targeting by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration and settle in a gun-friendly state.

“Regardless of political ideology or even stance on the Second Amendment, principled Americans understand that the NRA was targeted by Andrew Cuomo and Letitia James for political reasons. Subject to court approval, we plan to reincorporate in Texas — a state that embraces personal liberty, freedom, and our Second Amendment,” she told Secrets.

Cruz assured viewers that despite media reports saying that the NRA is teetering on failure, it remains strong. “The media is trying to tell you that the NRA is dead, that it’s bankrupt, that it’s hurting, and you know why they want you to believe that? Because that’s what the media wants. I’m here to tell you it isn’t true,” he said.

— Paul Bedard in ‘Dump’ New York, Cuomo: NRA move to Texas cheered by Cruz, Jordan, and Pompeo


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  1. This is great. I’m glad to see that our organization is getting out of that cesspool.

    As a 35-year benefactor member, I say full speed ahead.

    Now, while you’re at it…… Let’s dump the deep state within the NRA. Wayne, Marion, and about 35 other people need to get the hell out.

    I promise you, if that happens I will open my checkbook. Gladly.

    Until that happens it’s all bullshit.

    • Yep! About time our anti-guntrol organizations fell back to regroup and flank the 2nd/A killers to take ’em out once and for all. No better Base Camp than TX! I’m a life member also but became disappointed with all the corruption and compromise with the enemies of our rights over the years. Somehow they got brainwashed along with the millennials by the media or got too ‘donation drunk’ to do the best for their members. I’d move to Tx or Az or one of the other Pro-2nd/A rights states counter-attacking the assault on the 2nd/A at their state gov level if it weren’t so damn hot because of all the deep state they are doing there without our consent.
      But as Walt said, Gotta see it first, before I donate anymore.

      • HM. I’ve been outside working in ND with a wind chill of -120 and in TX with a temp of 115. Guess where I live?

    • This would mean a lot more to me (another Benefactor member) if they had done it 5-10 years ago, and not waited until it’s about NY suing them for all manner of corruption which may well be true.

    • OK- so let’s say Wayne does go. He’s 73 years old and NRA is in it’s 150th year of existence, so why wouldn’t he step down this year? Does anyone think all the NRA haters around here will magically step back up or will they continue to find other reasons not to support the only viable gun organization in the country- hell, in the world?

      It’s been pretty simple for the little groups to take potshots at NRA from the shadows. After all, besides being much smaller in membership and assets, they also have no real programs to run, therefor, little actual accountability to those they can hook for membership or donations.

      After all, NRA was originally founded in 1871 on the principle that Americans needed to learn marksmanship for the defense of the nation. Then other types of training were added, along with standardizing competition around the country; standardized and advanced training for the military and law enforcement; general firearms safety programs which have reduced accidental firearms deaths and injuries to “unbelievable” levels in light of the number of firearms owners/operators in the country; hunter safety programs; youth safety, marksmanship and training programs; programs for female shooters/competitors/operators, on and on, all of which continue as part of the original mission of the organization.

      Lobbying, legislative and general political activism were added in the early 1970s when it became obvious that, for the first real time in our nation’s history, people within our own government started trying to do away with privately-owned firearms in a progressive effort to bring us down to the “standards” of the rest of the world. And it wasn’t just guns- jobs, manufacturing, financing, housing, education- the entire pitcher of KoolAid. Up until then, very few Americans would believe their own government would try to enslave them and none of the other little gun groups existed, either- no NAGRs, GOA, Dorrtard groups in various states- none. Interestingly enough, none of those have attempted to run safety or training programs, except, perhaps, if you want to add the Brady, or the Moms groups- at least they use the word “safety”… (It’s sarc for those of you already boiling…)

      Despite claims of bankruptcy, waste, graft, etc., etc. especially from persons and governmental agencies state and federal, NRA still outspent all of the other supposed gun groups combined in all of the previous national election cycles and will continue to do so, using money not from dues, but from additional solicitation and donations. For “gun owners” to side with the likes of Andrew Cuomo, Leticia James and others of their ilk is a sign of the times, I guess- so much “information” out there that people have a hard time trying to see the forest for the trees.

      So, bottom is, there would be very little in the way of positive movement towards NRA to expect from those around here who claim WLP is “the problem” should he resign this year. Bet on that- there’ll just be more complaints and they’ll move to some other angle. Talk is always cheap, especially on free access websites and blogs.

      • Spot on Craig in IA. You nailed it. Hard. The snot bubbles from the doofi is just sickening.

      • Craig in IA…..where are you located?? I lived in Burlington and Ankeny (Des Moines) for many years before career took me elsewhere. NRA is not only viable pro-gun organization in the country…or world. I am NRA Benefactor Life Member and Lifer in both SAF and GOA.
        Second Amendment Foundation and GOA, to name two, are exponentially more effective today than the NRA at winning pro-gun court decisions…..and are not known as Negotiating Rights Away. NRA merely rushes in…all out of breath like the Left MSM… the end to grab credits.
        Try attending the Gun Rights Policy Conference put on annually by the SAF to get an accurate state of the Second Amendment.

        • Also a Benefactor member for about 25 years who paid full price, not the now-normal reduced rate. I have volunteered as a gun show recruiter for over 30 years, have attended the majority of NRA AMs since 1983, personally have known most of the NRA presidents and leadership people and am on the 2021 Board ballot by request and endorsement of Nominating Committee. I’ve also spent hours at the Statehouse lobbying for improvements, at townhalls and DNR rules/regs hearings and write guest columns and letters to newspapers near and far. (A couple weeks back my letter was published in the Las Vegas Sun pertaining to a “safety column” that was articled on TTAG. I don’t do social media but ILA friends say I got over 20,000 forwards on that one. I’d check it out but that’s not why I’m in the fight.)

          I’ve researched and occasionally joined or given money to about every firearms group in the nation and, as is evident even here if you read the political and MSM propaganda: I found long ago that NRA is the only real, effective and affective pro firearms organization in the US. Period. The only one ever mentioned, the only one feared and hated by the Left and anti-American progressives. All of the others would have died off and gone away had they been put upon and under scrutiny by the same people and groups out to negate NRA. Neither Neal nor son Jeff Knox, nor Larry or Eric Pratt, nor Dud Brown nor especially the Dorr family could’ve withstood the constant lies and innuendo leveled at WLP even 10 years prior to the current allegations.

          I’m always willing to allow people to put their own money wherever they see fit but I hate to see it wasted. I gladly support NRA with my money, and more importantly to me- my time and energy. Were I not so invested in money, time and actual hands on experience with NRA and the people who make it run (which still is above the 5 million figure), I might give in and try to support someone else. It’d be nice to have the target off my/our back for a while but we’d only lose out in the end. I prefer to remain actively engaged and to not try to turn my personal liberties and responsibilities over to someone else. To each his/her/it’s own- fight where you think you can win. I’ll end here with a question I always ask yet never receive an answer for: Name one federal or even state protection or improvement to the 2A since 1970 that any of the other groups have run, start to finish without NRA’s help. Does it ever occur to “real” gun people that the reason GOA, NAGRs, or any of the other tough groups have never compromised is because they’ve never really been in a situation where they even had a chance to or could make a difference on their own?

          All the best.

      • Your right Craig. Getting rid of Wayne is not enough. Reorganizing the board of directors and the election structure so that the board is accountable to the membership is also necessary.

  2. I’m an endowment member, not another damn dime until Wayne is gone. Why the hell can’t these clowns get that through their fat heads?

  3. OMG, Wayne(ker) is a fucking genius!!! Who else would have thought to give money to Cruz to convince donors that the organization is in great financial and membership shape…. while filing for bankruptcy!!!!! Cue the final scene in ” Thelma and Louise”… I’m glad to not be a passenger in the T’bird anymore.

  4. Ironically I have always found Texas to not be that pro gun. Especially in Austin, San Antonio and Houston. Lots of no gun signs up and open carry was not legalized until recently. The laws about alcohal and firearms are something else. Buying a case of beer at Walmart and also visiting the gun department in that same Walmart is technically a felony according to Texas law. Same with carrying while purchasing alcohal from what I recall.

    As one commentator put it; All hat and no cattle.

    • That concept of TX law is all new to me. I think it’s BS but then I’m not studying it. No gun signs are simple to ignore, where in NJ an empty cartridge case can get you 5 years in prison. I regularly stop in at my local liquor store to pick up some tasty booze while carrying, probably every week for the past 15 years, with no problem, and I often have a margarita with dinner when dining out and I NEVER disarm first. I would agree about Texas not being particularly pro-gun, tho, mostly Texas tends to leave you the hell alone to take care of your own business. Which is what I want. When Dubya ran for governor his opponent Ann Richards was adamantly refusing to allow any discussion of Concealed Carry, Dubya said if the Leg put the bill on his desk he would sign it, and he was on his way. He did not say he supported the idea, he just said he would not be involved in stomping on the natural rights of Texans, and the results were spectacular.

  5. When is Texas going to live up to their reputation? They could be the game changer for permitless carry. They’ve got the money, population, political clout and Electoral College votes to make every politician in the country sit up and take notice. How about it TX? You gonna walk the walk or just sit and talk? Quit yer whining about Austin & CA immigrants. Ditch the hat and tend to your cattle.

    • What would be a game changer? We already have a bunch of Constitutional Carry states, how would Texas be different? This makes no sense. We’ll get there, there’s no big hurry.

  6. Unfortunately not everyone realizes The NRA is much larger than a few bad apples. Do not allow the positive move to Texas to be overshadowed by gun owning crybabies and their bla bla bla talking out their butts BS.

    Throughout the entire mess such sour puss crybabies have contributed absolutely nothing but putting a sht grin on the faces of gun hating perverts who find great joy in seeing wimpy gun owners jump ship.

    The curtain is closing although slowly on Wayne. Good news is the sun is shinning in the Great State of Texas. So wipe the crybaby snot off your faces and Enjoy the Sunshine.

    • Debbie… I don’t mind if you’re going to keep feeding that slot machine- it MIGHT pay off before you run out of money. Me and the rest of the snot-nosed crybabies have found a few new places with much better odds.

  7. there should have been a NRA Leadership and Board cleaning decades ago for remaining in enemy territory of NY. Why would any sane leader think being in NY was a good decision??? Guess Wayne and Co. were too preoccupied with scamming members’ money to strategically plan NRA course.
    However, don’t think that the Second Amendment issue isn’t BIG business for all parties on both sides of the issue. Patriots need to make one big investment in brass and lead and settle the 2A issue once and for all. Probably cheapest route…..including the lives that would be lost.
    First American revolution over taxation without representation.
    Second American revolution over taxation by representation, and theft of Freedoms, Rights, and Liberties. Strike up the band…….
    In Thomas Jefferson’s letter of 1787 to William Stephens Smith, the son-in-law of John Adams, postulates on the newly drafted Constitution and what it will mean. One of his statements succinctly deals with our situation today, and I quote: “What country before ever existed a century and half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.!” Our Founding Fathers dealt with a plethora of issues, and provided guidance accordingly; hoping it would never come to this! It our fault we have let the issue slip this far without refreshing the Tree of Liberty for so long. Until anti-American Socialists/Demtards are made believers that Patriots are serious as a heart attack, they will continue to steal our Freedoms, Rights, and Liberties.

    • With the demise of free and fair elections in this country, the quote from William’s Steven’s Smith may have renewed significance.

      • Yes, Texas is not known for their free and fair elections, quite the opposite.

        In fact, three Republicans were just arrested for organized voter fraud in Texas. Perhaps the conservatives are correct, we should investigate voter fraud in the congressional elections, starting with Texas first:

        “The Texas Attorney General’s Election Fraud Unit made three arrests recently in relation to election fraud.

        In Bandera County, Leonor Rivas Garza, Eva Ann Martinez and Tomas Ramirez were indicted on several charges related to the 2018 Medina County Primary Election. On February 11, Garza, Martinez and Ramirez turned themselves into the Bandera County Justice System. This case involved allegations of vote harvesting at assisted living centers in Medina County in the 2018 Medina County Primary Election.

        Bandera Bulletin reports: Tomas Ramirez, 55, of Devine, arrested Feb. 11 by Texas Attorney General for organized election fraud, 17 counts of unlawful possession of a ballot, and 17 counts of unlawfully assisting a voter, released Feb. 11.

        Leonor Garza, 62, of Devine, arrested Feb. 11 by SO for organized election fraud, two counts of illegal coting, eight counts of unlawful possession of a ballot, two counts of election fraud and five counts of fraudulent ballot applications, released Feb 11.

        Eva Martinez, 41, of Devine, arrested Feb. 11 by SO for organized election fraud, nine counts of illegal voting, 15 counts of unlawful possession of a ballot, three counts of acting as an agent, five counts of tampering with government records, 14 counts of election fraud, four counts of fraudulent ballot application and 13 counts of unlawful possession of a ballot, released Feb. 11.

        In 2018, Tomas Ramirez was elected by the citizens of Precinct 4 in Medina County to be their Justice of the Peace. He insists that he is innocent.“

        Alert Rudy and the kraken, we have found the voter fraud!

        • Is there supposed to be a point, here? And btw, you neglected to show they were Republicans, as if we cared.

        • And they are being prosecuted as they deserve to be.
          Now we should pursue all allegations in the same way as Texas done nationwide. Whether it is the left of the right committing fraud.


    • For the TL;DR crowd….

      Leftist have made it clear that violence (BLM/ANTIFA) is now an acceptable method to achieve their goals.
      Leftist gun grabbers don’t fear us because they’re confident that we won’t use their methods.
      So far their assumptions are correct.

    • OK, StLPro2A- grab your gun and lead the way. I’m sure all the NRA-haters from here will be right behind you… Just like they were when Brady and the semiauto ban became law during the Clinton 1990s…

      And look at what’s happened since because of the amendments and sunset tacked on to legislation that was going to pass whether every American stood against it or not:

      Shall-Issue concealed carry in 40+ states as opposed to 1; the AR is the most popular rifle in America in more variations and calibers than could possibly have been imagined in 1993; “Constitutional” carry in 18 states,with more slated to be added this year in several states including mine; more and more states with reciprocity agreements concerning concealed carry (mine recognizes every state); and 10 million or so new guns legally in the hands of people who never thought they’d want to own one in response to the lack of “government protection” during the present progressive, shall we say- unrest.

      Think those anti gun zealots who were around in 1992 like Feinstein, Shumer and Biden wouldn’t rather have the old world to deal with when there were many fewer gun owners and real, viable firearms for self defense in their hands? They’re now even scared shitless that their own private militaries- the National Guards might turn against them and their un-Constitutional power grabs. They certainly have tried to do away with the police and especially hate all the patriotic and elected, not appointed sheriffs who are on record (usually at their own peril) for standing firm with the Second Amendment and the American people.

      We are in perilous times but not all is bad. It’s important that we use our brains and make alliances that unify rather than splinter and separate. The rioters at the Capital didn’t endure your type or those you appear to revere to the majority of America. We need the rest of the nation to at least side with us to come out of these next 18 months. An armed riot now won’t help much, but if you believe you have the followers- go ahead. The progressives and MSM will make a lot of hay from the pictures and video of the smoking holes where you once stood. Good luck and God bless.

      • Craig in IA….And, your acquiescence stance is why we are where we are today. You would have been sitting by the fireplace at home instead of at Lexington and Concord. Only <3% actually participated in fighting for Liberty. That's what Dimtards are counting upon. Buckle up…don't fall out of your rocker.

  8. Rather than spend the money or time to actually support the 2nd it’s supports itself. this is why we need a new organization. who’s gonna start it? hear nothing but crickets….

  9. If you’re going to move, why not move to a pro gun state without significant Communist influences?

    Oh, and Wayne can stay in Virginia, thank you very much.

    • It’s funny to see all the comments about NRA “moving” to Texas, as if HQ and property was in NY state at present time… It shows the lack of intelligence, or at least the total ignorance of many of the NRA-hating posters here and around the net. NRA was chartered in 1871 in the state of NY which was the US center of commerce at the time- if one planned to do serious business, that is where one established charter.

      It is probably true that NRA could’ve/should’ve moved the charter out of NYS before now but hindsight is always easy. Why anyone who claims to be pro-2A would mock us from doing it now is a mystery but I imagine the same ilk believe NRA is broke, without options, and will be gone in a year or so. I think this is about the 12th time NRA has been declared dead since WLP’s description of ATF as “jack-booted thugs” when Bush 1 was pressing globalism. I’m sure more than a couple present NRA haters here thought WLP was wrong then as well…

      So here’s a suggestion: Why don’t all the anti-NRA people join ranks with the rest of the gun-ban forces and go protest outside of the NRA HQ in NYC? Pick a date and contact the media. Get some support from Cuomo and Leticia James- they’d probably patch up their differences long enough to welcome you. It’d make great press and some of us would have a great laugh watching them try to find the place.

  10. The NRA leadership needs to move as well. WLP needs to go. The entire board needs to go. And shrink down to a 12 member size board. Criminals running away across state lines, trying to escape justice, are still criminals. Morally degenerate criminals.

  11. Doesn’t matter. Wayne is still in charge and there is no attempt to at least get a few Democrats to possibly change there views.

    The NRA may actually have money on hand. Given what has happen in the last 12 months I bet they have gotten more donations from people not in the know or understand Wayne’s antics.

  12. Yeah, well, whatever ya’ll say.

    Let me know when Wayne LaPayMe!!!and his minions have been kicked to the curb. Got a $1000 donation waiting on that happy day when the NRA rids itself of the thieving trash who are destroying it.

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