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Christopher Dorner, the ex-LAPD cop who’s currently on the run after gunning down three of his former comrades, has a lot to say on a variety of topics. So much so, he’s penned typed a Unabomber-like manifesto for the world to read in which he calls the murders he’s committed so far “a necessary evil that I do not enjoy but must partake and complete for substantial change to occur within the LAPD and reclaim my name.” Oh, and in case you’re wondering what an unhinged homicidal maniac thinks about the prospect of a new assault weapons ban, he’s in complete agreement with the President and the leading lights in the Senate. “Why does any sportsman need a 30 round magazine for hunting? Why does anyone need a suppressor? Why does anyone need a AR15 rifle? This is the same small arms weapons system utilized in eradicating Al Qaeda, Taliban, and every enemy combatant since the Vietnam war.” Sounds like it could have come from a White House speech writer. Click here to read the whole sordid thing.   [h/t David P.]

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  1. Can Dianne Frankenstein get him immunity to testify in favor of Obama’s gun ban in front of Congress? America needs to hear this man’s words of wisdom.

    “Hello. I am Christopher Dorner. I am a former officer of the Los Angeles Police Department. In the course of my daily duties I came across numerous assault weapons in the hands of criminals…..”

    • Nah! Appoint him as the personal bodyguard of the Baba Yaga of the Senate instead. Or, he could serve Dear Leader considering how well his policies vibe with “our father’s.”

    • A bright, if simple, individual ‘wrapping up’ their life. Hardly crazy. Naive? Sure, so was believing LAPD to be anything but the web of corruption and apathy it’s been for 40 years.

      Besides, this guy was a ‘true believer’. He knows what he is about to do is wrong, but found the system he has spent his whole life supporting is merely an illusion. He can’t reconcile it, and he actually wants some of the justice he’s been taught is there if you do what you’re supposed to.

      Killing the (alleged) bad guys in this story is certainly reprehensible and I’m not sanctioning the behavior. But a poorly-chosen course of action does not render him automatically diagnosable.

      • What is a ‘true believer’?
        This guy’s writing sets off a lot of red lights for me, clinically speaking.

        • A clinician unfamiliar with the term ‘true believer’?

          Perhaps you have heard of what he has (apparently) morphed into which is VTB or Violent True Believer?
          It’s in DSM IV and ICD-10…

          Which, ‘natch, is diagnosable

        • DSM IV has been replaced…..

          …and VTB is a forensic term that has yet to be further defined in clinical literature.

          That notwithstanding, ‘true believer’ is pretty darn close to ‘schizotypal’ and ‘delusional’

        • Eric Hoffer wrote a book named “The True Believer”, I believe that’s what he’s referencing. Great book, it’s been recommended by folks here before…

        • DrVino, Fair enough, I’m not current to all the changes in V, even though it is part of my cocktail party required reading list. I’m no longer dating a psychiatrist’s daughter, so I’m not as motivated as I used to be. I defer to your knowledge on that…

          It’s a term I’ve heard used in that community a bit, referencing the seemingly normal folks who get to attached to some belief system, and then can’t deal with the realities of corruption, malfeasance, or just plain compromise. There’s been a few interesting theoreticals posed from that origin point.

          AKA – You told me to believe this, you told me to behave this way, then when I do exactly as I’m supposed to, I learn that not only are you not doing as you’ve told me to do, but you’re going to ruin me for doing it.

          Sadly, the veracity of his claims will likely never be investigated because of his (very bad) choice of addressing his feelings of betrayal and injustice.

    • Huh. Interesting article, but they forgot to include what has to be the most awkward “compliment” of all time….

      “Off the record, I love your new bangs, Mrs. Obama.” [paragraph 142]

  2. No, I’m not gonna read crazy mans manifesto. Wonder what sort of banned guns he’s using on his little quest to clear his name by covering it in blood?

    • +1 – I am not reading anything this maniac has to say.

      I predict he will:

      A. Try to take some more of his former colleagues down before he, himself, gets taken down;
      B. He will try to run now are far and fast as he can;
      C. His body will be found somewhere with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
      D. All of the above.

    • I normally agree with your stand on most topics. However, I could not comment without reading it. Knowledge is power. With that said, it was hard to get through.

      This guy is definitely off the deep end. However, like all of them, a little truth is mixed in. His comments about the corrupt LAPD probably have some fact mixed in.

      LAPD record of corruption, brutality, etc. are well documented.

      • Yep, I’m not going to defend the LAPD. Mostly, I stand up for the individual cop on the street. Police admins are mostly politicians in uniforms and very corrupt.

        But Dorner is a whack job. Getting revenge by shooting family members that weren’t connected to his firing. You got a beef with the man, go to the man. Leave his family out of it.

        • In the spirit of Marquess of Queensbury I agree. The family has nothing to do with the sins of their fathers. Or whatever relation is apropo.

          That said, when ‘the system’ or a private company ruins one man’s life and it collaterally destroys his family, they give not one single eff.

          So, who has the moral high ground? I would offer none of them do.

    • I read the manifesto. He is intent on using legally purchased suppressors. He bought this out of state with a trust. He may also have SBRs but it isn’t clear from the manifesto.

  3. So he says racism and corruption are institutionalized in the LAPD? Here is my suprised face-> : |

    Then he goes on to claim that if we had an AWB he wouldn’t be able to rampage for being smeared. Hrmmmm.. Ok.

    Here’s hoping they can catch this idiot and put him down quickly without harming any more innocent citizens in more failed raids. And here’s hoping the investigation afterwards airs out the corrupt LAPD. I’m not particularly counting on either of those things happening though.

    • I just read the so called manifesto.
      I need some help understanding some of this?
      Gun Trust?
      How does this work?
      I will utilize ISR at your home, workplace, and all locations in between?
      I will utilize OSINT to discover your residences, spouses workplaces, and children’s schools?
      IMINT to coordinate and plan attacks on your fixed locations?
      Its amazing whats on NIPR. HUMINT will be utilized to collect personal schedules of targets?
      I know your TTP’s. Any threat assessments you generate will be useless?

      I get the gist of it. He will use his training, agaisnt them.
      Just don’t know the ABC stuff.
      I think the Jargon must be LEO?
      He knows the talk, can he do the walk?
      Your thought’s???

      • This was actually a reason I was really suspicious of that whole section. There are a number of local news stations that posted that manifesto without that entire second half.

        The whole trust fund is a complete myth. You cannot use a quicken trust fund. The ATF won’t accept them. You also can’t have SBRs or silencers in CA even with a trust fund. If he acquired them in UT or NV, he broke a laundry list of laws in the process.

        Also, I don’t condone extra-judicial murder, but any sympathy this guy had went strait to hell when he murdered a Riverside PD cop. I can say from personal experience that those are some fine human beings that he shot up.

        • You can use quicken trusts. As long as a trust is legal and valid in the state it’s written for, you can use whatever source you want.

      • They are military intelligence acronyms.

        Different types of intelligence gathering: Information System Research (Google), Open Source Intelligence (google, appraisal district, etc), Human Intelligence (talking to people);
        NIPR is just the unclassified network (google) and;
        TTP is tactics/techniques/protocal.

  4. In facing this psychopath, would you rather have a 7rd NY mag, a 10 rd CA mag, or a standard capacity 15 round mag? It’s bloody unlikely that a single 9mm or .40 round would stop this guy at 6-1 and roughly 275 pounds. Plus, he’s armed, and likely with his standard capacity mags from his former LAPD service.

    • At the very least I’d want three full-cap mags for my HK USP40, but frankly, this is the kind of situation which calls for a 7.62 patrol rifle such as a SIG 716. With a scope.

  5. Just turned on CNN for a few minutes, and according to the LE expert they had on, Chris claims to have “Barrett 50’s”. Of course, the expert didn’t miss the opportunity to show off a .50 cal cartridge (ooohhh…it’s so big!), claim it could take out APC’s (APC’s are used in manhunts?) and is lethal to 2000 yards (where in greater L.A. are you going to make 2000 yard sniper shots? From up in the hills, I guess?)

    • It seems like this guy is trying to make a case for gun control. Wouldn’t it be great if a civilian took him out during a DGU?

  6. It seems the police are to dangerous to have in the US. We need to have a Police Ban. No police, or security for anyone. If not that, take all semi-automatic weapons (assault weapons) away from them. I mean, England police don’t need weapons, why should US police need them.

  7. Dear little girl who asked the President to “make it so that only police and soldiers have guns”: is this what you meant?

    This guy is clearly mentally ill. I’d like to know if signs of his illness were observed while he was on the force. And what was done about that….

    • Yeah, don’t they screen their recruits?

      His writing seemed coherent enough at first, he lost me about a third of the way in. “…should of put a bullet in their skulls…” for using the N-word? A portable recorder goes a long way in proving hostile work environment…

      • Yea. If true, his allegations (multiple) would make the ACLU salivate.
        This guy is clearly off his rocker.

        • His allegations are but a tiny fraction of what the LAPD has already been proven to do in Rampart alone. Let alone what wasn’t proven.

          The thought that his allegations are somehow ‘crazy’ is really ignorant of history.

  8. I went to bed and woke up to bizarro world this morning. We have a rapist in a previous post and now a spree killer both for gun control — LOL! just think how much easier we can make their if nobody had guns. 5 out 5 criminals believe that gun control is good as long as they are controlling the gun and you have none.

    I can’t stop laughing because this is so insane!

  9. Related story: I received a flyer from my child’s school. It explained all the security systems, and measures they will take in an active shooter situation, blah blah blah……

    and that the police will visit at random, and have all security codes, and keys, and access to surveillance video at all times…..

    and i asked “who the hell are these guys that they just gave unlimited access to? what happens when cops become the active shooter? are they any different from you and me, and all the other crazies?”

    • Agreed. I’m not buying it. Be careful guys, you don’t want to repeat potential falsehoods. It seems way too “good” (this situation is horrible) to be true that a spree killing ex-cop would say this kind of stuff.

      • But Michael, imagine for a moment, if it is true? I fully agree with you that the situation is horrible. So was Sandy Hook. That was used to beat us with a stick.

        Now the shoe is on the other foot. I wonder how that will play out??

        • If it’s true, then it’s true. I’m skeptical, not dismissive. It just sucks that something terrible happened either way. This guy is shooting people, the LAPD is shooting people.

          I’m a gun owner but I prefer non-violence in all but the most dire self-defense circumstances.

          I’m cautioning against jumping on this and claiming this as some sort of propaganda win because it just seems too convenient. A former cop writing that in detail about proposed gun control laws and saying ‘If this were the law I’d never have been able to do this!’ C’mon. That doesn’t strike you as suspicious? It sounds like something a satirist would write.

    • I, too, wasn’t sure I was reading it right. Just ’cause FoxNews truncated it doesn’t mean that’s the whole document. Supposedly this is from his facebook wall and it has been re-posted at several other sites and blogs and includes the pro-AWB/anti-2A stuff along with his bizarre shout-outs to Charlie Sheen, Tim Tebow, Ellen Degeneres, etc.

      Given that the anti-2A stuff is in the middle of his crazy rant and is followed by even weirder stuff to the celebs, I tend to think it’s his actual writing and not a prank or setup. It sounds like the disorganized thinking of a schizophrenic, IMHO.

      • Not enough word salad. As weird as it is, it is not as weird as the ramblings of a schizophrenic.

        I would second the comment about him being a Violent True Believer. His ideology clashed with what he alleges he saw in the LAPD. His allegations may be true (racism, corruption, whatnot) but his firing seems to have pushed him over the edge. Waaaaaaaaay over the edge.

  10. It was interesting to see the whole libtard rant thrown in. It is so out of place I thought it might be sarcastic. He talks about all the reasons he seeks retribution, and specifically against who, and how, but then allegedly goes on to say that laws should have been in place to prevent him from doing any of this? The two are not congruent.

  11. Why does anyone need Christopher Dorner, who is using up valuable oxygen with every breath he takes? I hope his former colleagues at the LAPD will soon put an end to such waste — with assault weapons.

    • I think that’s a good bet. If you read through the manifesto (not recommended) he doesn’t expect to be taken alive. And given the fact that he’s killed three cops, I don’t think anyone at the LAPD is interested in reading him his rights.

      • Border Patrol on Big Bear said they were told to “Go for the head” so yea it’s not about capture at this point.

        • A great american 🙂

          Every capitalist pig he kills, score one for the good guys 🙂

          Go Christopher!

  12. This guy, whatever may or may not be true about his compliants, is the veritable POSTER CHILD for the argument that the problem is a mental health issue, NOT a “gun control” issue.

  13. In his manifesto he states that on two occasions he had “been afflicted with severe depression.” I’d like to know what he was/is taking for that.

  14. I want an AR15 rifle so I can defend myself and my family from people like Christopher Dorner who come unhinged and start killing people because he, “… must partake and complete [murdering police officers] for substantial change to occur within the LAPD and reclaim my name.”

    Oh, and that’s also why I need 15 round magazines for my handgun.

    ‘Nuff said.

  15. So, this website was critiqued for picking on stupid cops. So far, LAPD has shot up two vehicles (the photos show at least 20 + holes in one vehicles – different manufacturer than this guy is driving), put two women in the hospital who were delivering newspapers!, shot up the second vehicle, thankfully no one was injured.

    And you wonder why some of us don’t trust cops who cover for each other (lie) and don’t respect the general public. Cops are a bigger problem for the general public than most other professions . . . .

    I know, the two women were acting suspicious, throwing newspapers on lawns, etc .. . .

  16. I know I’m not the first to observe that this guy is an irrefutable argument for owning high-capacity magazines.

    Bet he’s wearing body armor, too.

  17. Hey, at least he’s trying to clear his good name. & show what a poor decision it was to fire him. If I were in Cali. I’d be working on my “citizen” sign to hang around my neck though, Randy

  18. October 2007 CNN “An off-duty sheriff’s deputy used a police-style AR-15 rifle to kill six people at an early morning party in a small Wisconsin town, officials said Monday.” 30 rnd mag
    This guy here is a cop.
    Question: How many cops kill. How many cops are there?
    How many 2A gun owners are there? How many kill?
    If someone has the numbers and can do math, are cops more dangerous than us, on a percentage basis?

  19. This situtation interests me because black criminals aren’t normally afforded any consideration of their mental health status; they’re usually instantly labeled street thugs with no further analysis required. Mental health assesssment are typically reserved for non-black mass murderers and such.

  20. Well that seals it Dorner is now the official spokesman for the Democratic Party for Gun Control, take it away Chris.

    • In Texas those numbers are available on the DPS website. Texas CCW, compared to LEO nationwide. Bottom line is that LEO commit violent crimes at the same rate as private citizens.

      CCW permit holders are 18 times LESS likely to commit violent crime.

      • …because CCW holders as a rule are law abiding citizens who understand and appreciate the responsibility and gravity of carrying, educate themselves about the morality and consequences of any action they may be forced to take, and do not want to do anything to jeopardize their license to carry.

  21. It’s Fake, someone added it in afterwards in order to make it more gun control friendly.

    If he was really ex-military he would know the difference between an AR-15 and a M4.

    • Doubt it’s fake. The initial KTLA news show (google it. The video’s out there) describes his “more than 5,900 word” manifesto. Check the word count on the one with the pro-liberal parts vs. the truncated version on other sites. Looks like the MSM is giving it the edited Zimmerman 911 tape treatment.

    • Doubt it’s fake. The initial KTLA news show (google it. The video’s out there) describes his “more than 5,900 word” manifesto. Check the word count on the one with the pro-liberal parts vs. the truncated version on other sites.

  22. I have read the manifesto and I do not consider him a nut job. I can see where he would hold his dept. and fellow officers to a higher standard and when they act criminally and he does what he feels is right and he ends up villified for it and has his reputation and job taken he has a right to be angry. LAPD has been a cesspool for years it is well documented their lack of regard for civil and human rights yet we rarely see them held accountable for their actions.Here is someone willing to stand up and say no this is wrong and the system kicks him in the teeth. I do not agree with the killing of innocents but those who commited these acts or are complicit with covering them up are not innocent and deserve no sympathy for what happens to them. I do not agree that just because you have a badge that you are above reproach. Wait and see if any of the officers who shot those women delivering papers will face dismisal or criminal charges. It would be nice to see the system work fairly and equally but that is not reality. Reality is there is a well trained, welll armed, motivated individual who is unlikely to stop until he is dead. I would hope we would have at least one credible news outlet look into his claims and see if he spoke the truth or if he was delusional.

    • We all know what will happen to the coppers who almost executed 2 citizens for no reason other than their own criminal negligence – nothing.

  23. I, too, have read his manifesto. Personally, I think he’s just exasperated with the LAPD. His thoughts are actually quite coherent. However, I, in no way, condone his behavior.

  24. I just read what he had to say about guns… simply amazing. He really thinks that his actions will help Feinstein and the gang.

  25. A great american 🙂

    Every capitalist pig he kills, score one for the good guys 🙂

    Go Christopher!

  26. Yah, he says he is anti-gun (fervently believes in using them it seems), but lets not forget as we make jokes about this: the guy also calls George HW Bush his second favorite president, talks about how Jon Huntsman and Colin Powell are inspirations to him, and how he loves the military.

    Using this guy to say “lol anti-gun people” is like saying “Jared Lougher lol gun people.” If all we do is swerve for crazy, all we will do is be dodging crazy.

    Kill this fucker, and lets get back to biz. I’m completely for more mental health checks and universal background checks, I’ve got nothing to hide. But take away my 30 round mag because my AR is scary? Boooo crappy anti-gun nuts.

  27. Sigh.

    After reading his “manifesto,” all I could think was:

    “Taxpayers are paying for this crap. There are huge salary, health care, pension and legal expenses wrapped up in employing people like this… is this clown (and all his co-dependent clowns in the LAPD) really the best that the LAPD can recruit?

    Because if it is, then perhaps the taxpayers of LA County should just shut it down. Just shut down the sheriff’s department, too. Go back to vigilante law, which won’t be any worse than this soap-opera comedy, but would be a heck of a lot cheaper.

  28. Huh, I thought the California gun laws would have stopped crazy manics. Werd.

    And we need those pesky AR15s to protect ourselves from the manics. Like this guy.

  29. So does anyone still think LEO are the only people to be entrusted with “weapons of war”?
    This should be a wake up call about the militarization of our police forces. One unhinged cop can do a lot of damage, imagine 10 cops who decided they were going to raise hell.

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