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Ooo-eee has the TTAG crew spent a pretty penny at Sportsman’s Guide over the years. Whether it’s military surplus, ammo, camping supplies or, now, firearms, their deals are hard to beat. Now through Monday, The Guide is having its annual Labor Day sale with savings up to 40% on dozens of items plus free shipping on orders over $49 with coupon code SH2422.

A few standout sale items include:

Nikon’s new Range Ready-Kit. For as low as $179.99, this kit includes a P-223 3-9×40 riflescope with Nikon’s BDC 600 reticle, AR-height scope rings, and Spot On Wind Meter that works with free ballistics apps.

Aguila brass-cased 9mm for under 19 cents per round.

A gun-concealing coffee table for $179.99.

Or, peruseĀ the clearance aisle for everything from game cams to multimeters to cast iron cookware to dog beds, crossbows, flashlights, balaclavas, and flannel shirts. And this cool milsurp storage case.

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  1. I like SG – always fast shipping times. They used to offer free shipping w/ no minimum about 2-3 times per year. Every time I would order a couple of boxes of my carry ammo. They haven’t done that in a while. Two boxes is about $28. Free shipping for $49 isn’t bad either.

  2. I’m sorry, actually no I’m not, screw um. They for some reason will not ship ammo to Ventura County in California, which is bizarre. There are no laws pertain to this,there is for the City Of Los Angeles. They also treat AR15 parts as assault rifle parts and won’t ship either.

    • There are dozens of online ammo retailers that will not ship to Ventura county. Not sure why, but it’s very commonly on the “no” list of specific counties within California that companies won’t ship ammo to. I lived in four different CA counties over the course of 11 years and had to deal with this frustration some of that time. The state has allowed far too much ability for individual counties and even individual cities to create their own laws or simply allow their DAs to harass and threaten online retailers. Plus there’s general confusion among many retailers regarding the California Condor Zone and how it could affect lead ammo sales (it doesn’t, it’s only a hunting ban). The state is a shit show and some retailers are a bit more gung ho and some default to a more CYA stance.

      Honestly, if you want change take it up with your chamber of commerce, city/county representatives, state reps, etc. Also, keep fighting against the compete ban of online ammo sales that will affect ALL of California starting January 1st. It’ll take a court injunction or overruling of the passed law to prevent that. Support your California 2A rights groups. Ask companies like Sportsman’s Guide to donate and get involved. They’re simply trying not to run afoul of the bottomless labyrinth of city-by-city BS California legal restrictions. It’s a nightmare and you’re directing your anger at another victim of it, not at the perpetrator.

      • If the CA Gov’t *spit* had its way these restrictions would have been statewide years ago. I expect the next administration to be even worse.
        There is still some freedom in rural jurisdictions, but this will change on Jan.1.

        Plan your procurement accordingly.


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