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Sheriff David A. Clarke has been a rising star in conservative political circles for years. He first came to prominence after being appointed to fill the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s position by Wisconsin Governor Scott McCallum in March of 2002. Clarke fought for, and won his office four different times. Earlier this week, Sheriff Clarke announced his decision to retire from an official public life. Looking back . . .

Ever since he rose to prominence — thanks to his pro-gun, tough-on-crime media appearances on Fox and elsewhere — former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has targeted the law enforcer for electoral defeat. Bloomberg is thought to have been particularly incensed with Sheriff Clarke’s public service ad in 2013 (above), advising citizens to tool-up.

Bloomberg spent over $150,000 to defeat Sheriff Clarke reelection campaign in 2014 — more than both Sheriff Clarke and his opponent spent on the campaign all together. Clarke won the race by a 52 to 48 percent margin.

Sheriff Clarke has been a speaker at two National Rifle Association annual meetings, in 2016 and 2017.

In 2016, Sheriff Clarke opened with ” Blue lives matter, Police lives matter, cops lives matter.” He correctly forecast the demonization of the police by the establishment media and Black Live Matter would result in a police murders.

At the 2017 NRA Annual Meeting, Sheriff Clarke congratulated NRA members for “dodging a bullet” by electing President Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton.

There’s speculation that Sheriff Clarke’s closerthanthis relationship with the NRA could lead to a job within America’s oldest civil rights organization. As the NRA seeks to expand its base beyond OFWGs, it seems entirely likely. Alternatively, there’s talk that Clarke may serve in a high level position in the Trump administration.

Clarke’s tweeted he will reveal his plans after the labor day weekend, 2017.

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  1. He will be a great asset to either group! Maybe he can work the Trump team to roll back all of Obama’s gun control legislation and enact legislation to protect the 2nd and enforce it as it was written, and not according to liberal BS interpretations! Nationwide carry with reciprocity and sever criminal charges against all governors and politicians that refuse to obey Federal law!

    • “roll back all of Obama’s gun control legislation”

      Which legislation was that? The law that allowed carry in national parks or the law that allowed Amtrak passengers to carry guns in checked bags? Obama was a lot of talk and sold a lot of guns, but in the end Reagan and Bush the First gave us the Hughes Amendment, the import ban and the original Gun Free Schools Act. Obama issued some executive actions that for the most part do not have the force of law.

      • Roll back the Obama administrations conspiracies to undermine the second amendment: to include operation choke point, operations fast and furious, and the attempted ban of M855. I’m sure there’s more I’m missing. “Legislation” may not be the word, but criminal conspiracy is.

        • *Very* early in the Obama administration there was another one.

          A directive went out that all expended firearm brass used in training was to be destroyed by something like a paving steam-roller so it could never be reloaded. It’s only value would be as brass scrap.

          Even my dad, an avowed Progressive-voting military combat veteran retiree (Nam) was outraged by that…

        • “Legislation” was the word used and it has very specific meaning. Obama did not even issue “executive orders” on gun control. He put forth “executive actions”, legally very different.

      • Let’s see he banned…

        Russian AK’s
        7n6 ammo
        Steyr AUG pistol kits
        U.S. surplus firearms from import
        attempted to go after M855/SS109 ammo

        All those have the force of law behind them.

    • You know, that is what Sheriff​Arpaio was convicted of. Refusing to follow federal law.

      You can’t just follow the law when you feel like it.

      • Pat H.,

        “You can’t just follow the law when you feel like it.”

        We don’t need a legislature to define right and wrong. Every adult who has an I.Q. above room temperature already knows right and wrong. If a law defines something which is right to be wrong, we should not follow nor enforce such a law.

        Saying it another way, legislatures are not gods. We should do what is right because it is right. And when legislatures are wrong, we should ignore them.

        • I believe you are incorrect. It is a common misunderstanding by those who grow up in a civilization immersed in Christian morals and values. In most other cultures, what Christians believe to be “right and wrong” is laughed at. The Christian value of human life tends not to exist in other places. Muslim doctrine does not find the life of non-believers valuable. Aztecs and many other cultures considered anyone outside to simply be a resource to be killed and despoiled. Hindus in India commonly burned the wife on the funeral pyre of the husband. German tribesman laughed at the thought that murder was a sin. Some African tribes did not allow a boy to become a man until he had killed a human being, man, woman, child, it did not matter. He had to kill someone to be considered a man.

          The Spartans believed the biggest crime was being caught.

          What we believe as right comes from millennia of Christian thought, study, and teaching.

        • Interesting points/examples Mr. Weingarten.

          Even with all of those examples, I have to think those people still knew right from wrong: they just did not care to do what was right.

      • Accused and convicted of a federal misdameanor by a judge with a grudge so that he was not allowed to have a jury trial.

        I never heard of such a farce until that charade.
        There really is something greaty amiss in this country.

  2. Bloomberg spent over $150,000 to defeat Sheriff Clarke reelection campaign in 2014 — more than both Sheriff Clarke and his opponent spent on the campaign all together. Clarke won the race by a 52 to 48 percent margin.

    Shout it from the rooftops, Bloomers is a Raaacissst!
    That’ll make old Mikey happy.

        • Michael Bloomberg believes that gun control promotes public safety. I don’t happen to agree, but that’s irrelevant.

          We are all entitled to support or oppose any candidate based on their policy positions. The race of the candidate is totally irrelevant.

          Bloomberg has supported both white and black candidates all over the country, based on their policy positions. And opposed them based on the same thing.

          It is beyond ridiculous to pretend that he opposed Clarke based on race.

      • What would you (or any other Democrat) call a while rich man who attempts to move heaven & Earth to buy an election away from a black man with a positive record halfway across the country? A white man who has in the past stated that young black men as a whole group cannot be trusted with firearms.

        This Alinsky bullshit is still bullshit, but it does cut through the left’s bullshit defenses rather effectively, I must say.

    • I appreciate your desire to call Bloomers a racist right to his face, just to watch his supporters sputter for a minute…
      But our position should first and always be about the truth and the precise accuracy of our statements: Bloomberg isn’t a racist but he is a bigot. The demographic he hates are gun owners. Let’s stick with that.

  3. I wish him well no matter where he ends up! I wish he’d been my sheriff instead of the brainless twinky boy Tom Dart…

  4. There’s nothing not to like about the guy. Retiring, … HAH!! He can write his own ticket in making America great again.

  5. After letting a citizen die of thirst in his jail, life in prison should be how he spends his retirement.

    • It would make sense, Clark’s just as ambivalent and/or hostile toward NFA weapons issues as the NRA is, today.

  6. This man forced a woman to give birth in chains, he deprived a prisoner of water until he died of dehydration, and he is responsible for numerous other human rights abuses. If Trump or the NRA want someone who’s “tough on crime,” they should look for someone who at least gives prisoners their basic human rights. This “Sheriff” should be stripped of all titles and imprisoned for his crimes. In any case, the NRA has been steering towards the fringes for a few years now. They need to abandon this divisive nonsense with their hardline ads and allowing speakers like Clarke and remain relatively neutral on all issues except for those involving our 2A rights.

    • Anyone who runs a jail of any size for more than a year will have an inmate die in custody. The people being jailed are not in peak physical condition, they are drug and alcohol dependents with nearly all of them suffering from some form of mental illness or defect.

      • Turning off water was the action taken by the jail staff under the control of government employee Clarke.

      • Hank, you know simply calling something you find inconvenient “fake news” isn’t an argument, right?

    • He was the Sheriff, but that does not mean he personally put some woman in chains, or deprived someone of water.

      • No, no, he literally dangled a glass of water just out of the guy’s reach through the bars, while slowly pouring it out and laughing. He drank the last bit of it, and literally spat it at the woman in the next cell howling in pain from contractions, causing her to plop the infant right there on the cold, urine-soaked concrete. I have to say, the man’s so outrageous, that it’s incredible that practically no one apart from committed leftists even know about these abuses, let alone care about them in light of all the good he’s done with his office.

    • Wait, I thought the shackling of a pregnant woman was a Sheriff Arpaio thing? All of this sensationalist fake news has me confused.

  7. He dangled water in front of a drowning pregnant man in front of the grassy knoll when aliens from Venus abducted the Illuminati after Hitler survived the fall of Germany and moved to Argentina before he killed Kennedy! It’s true I tell ya!

  8. Everyone who’s not a hardline big government conservative hates Clarke. He’d be a terrible face for the NRA. He has no respect for civil rights other than RKBA and conditions in his jail are so bad that people have literally died of thirst.

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