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You knew America’s Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex would rejoin their full-throated blame-the-NRA chorus after a spoiled, sexually frustrated 22-year-old decided that murdering blond sorority girls was a better solution to his dating problems than opening a Tinder account. And the father of one of Rodger’s victims didn’t hesitate to place the responsibility for his son’s murder not on the maladjusted little bastard, but on what he called “craven” and “irresponsible” politicians and…the NRA. But the LA Times is now reporting that the three guns found in Elliot Rodger’s BMW were purchased legally. That means . . .

he’d jumped through all of the legal hoops – in California, no less — that “common sense” gun controllers have put in place. That, of course, includes background checks of which the NRA heartily approves.

Not that a fact like that will matter. Not when there’s political hay to be made and gun grabbers see another opportunity to throw up still more roadblocks to law-abiding citizens who only want the opportunity to protect themselves and their families. Citizens just like those Rodger gunned down in a hormone-induced rage.

Blather, rinse, repeat.

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      • Actually is approximately 43% killed by stabbing, 14% killed by vehicle and the final 43% by gunfire. Note no targeting of BMW or the knife manufacturer (s) yet. Blame a gun for everything, not the sociopath who committed the murders. We live in a hysteria driven world.

    • The guns made him do it though. I’ll even give you a link back to this post as a credential.

    • The guy SHOT 8 people. For some reason you have disregarded the victims that were not fatally wounded by gunfire? Odd. The MAJORITY of the violence this guy imparted utilized a FIREARM.

      • “The guy SHOT 8 people.”

        Yes he did… and he stabbed 3 to death and ran over 2 with his car.

        “For some reason you have disregarded the victims that were not fatally wounded by gunfire?”

        I didn’t see him disregard anyone. He just was pointing out an obvious fact. By your logic I could say that you seem to have disregarded the victims he ran over.

        “The MAJORITY of the violence this guy imparted utilized a FIREARM.”

        Yes… we get it, only those that were gunshot victims matter. The fact that a similar event happened in 2001 and the assailant used a car, or when a kid stabs 22 people, we are told that those victims don’t matter because a gun wasn’t used or they were saved because a gun wasn’t used; even though there are similar violent events where all the gunshot victims were wounded and not killed during the attack. We gun owners understand that anti-gun activists are only consumed with the word “gun” in the term “gun violence” while we gun owners are concerned with all “violence” (which is why we choose to carry a gun).

        Does it bother you in the slightest that the state with an “A” rating from the Brady Campaign and all it’s various parroted gun controls (like universal background checks, “assault weapons” bans, one gun a month purchasing requirements, 10 day waiting periods, mental health investigations through APPS and DROS, confiscation schemes, etc, etc, etc) failed to stop this event? Does it scare you that you are wrong and that “one more law” won’t stop people from carrying out mass murder? Has it even entered your mind that you are not really interested in saving lives, but instead you only care about the advancement of a political agenda?

  1. And yet the late Mr. Rodgers killed three of his victims with a knife. Didn’t he also kill another victim with his car? I will say this for one . last . time . The tools are irrelevant. The sick, disturbed violent person was the problem. He stabbed, shot, ran over, and ran into several people with his car. This was a violent rampage. And it is quite possible that a good responsible armed person could have stopped his rampage much sooner.

    Oh, and did I mention that spree killer was mentally sick and disturbed?!?!?!?

    • A knife can’t shoot 100 people in a minute, NRA knows that, don’t they? And do they care? No, they’re just glad that they sold him the guns!

      • Yes, the NRA sold him the guns. Because the NRA sells guns.

        Not to mention, if you can shoot 100 people in a minute, you’re name must be Chuck Norris Eastwood Van Damme.


        For the last time…the NRA is an organization of over 5 million REGULAR PEOPLE who fight for their right to keep and bear arms. The NSSF is the organization of INDUSTRY partners. You know, the ones who sell the guns. If you’re going to blindly place blame on the “gun industry”, at least take aim at the right organization.

        • I have to admit some of the comments on this post are so out there somewhere they would be truly funny if people did not actually believe what they post. A 22 strapped on your hip? Really? If all you strap to your hip is a 22, why bother? A 22 is for target practice when you can obtain ammo because the ammo is usually cheap, or in a rifle for small game. I mean seriously, Harper, you may want to join the NRA just to obtain an education about the topic. After all that is a majority of what the NRA promotes, gun education and safety, they do not sell guns, or if they do no member has ever been eligible to purchase one. No number of laws that take away the rights of law abiding citizens will ever stop some crazy person from obtaining and using one, if they cannot do it legally, they will either obtain one illegally or use some other method to kill. The difference in allowing the law abiding to own a gun could however prevent or reduce the potential victims.

        • Arguing with an anti is just like wrestling with a pig in it’s sty. After a while you realize that the pig likes it and you just end up smelling just like they do.

          There’s also probably a potential joke in there about bacon. But I’m too tired to think it up.

      • “A knife can’t shoot 100 people in a minute, NRA knows that, don’t they? And do they care? No, they’re just glad that they sold him the guns!”

        This is some derptastic stuff right here.

      • One of the real problems with the internet is that you can’t always tell when someone’s being purposely facetious for a bit of lulz and when they’re a complete idiot.

        • Yes, there is a crying need for a sarcasm or tongue-in-cheek font.

          Maybe we could all decide for instance that Comic Sans is sarcasm, the way we accept the convention that ALL CAPS is shouting…

      • Neither can any gun, Eintsein. Then again, facts aren’t your forte`.

        Secondly, the NRA doesn’t sell guns, but do any of you thoroughly bigoted, sexist, racist, anti-rights, anti-Humanist gun control advocates care about that? No. Of course not. Again, facts aren’t your forte`.

      • Please tell me what gun the average citizen can buy that can “shoot 100 people a minuet”

        For that matter… point to any gun… ANY GUN… than can actually- *accurately* shoot 100 people a minuet- that is man portable.

      • Interesting. I never knew the NRA was in the business of Retail Firearm Sales. I guess that is pretty much the same as MADD is in the business of selling liquor to drunk drivers… Oh. They’re not? I guess neither statement is true then.

      • Technically, the idiot may be partially right. The NRA does in fact sell knives.

        Of course I know the NRA is not to blame, this particular piece of garbage who felt his life was so bad he needed to hurt other people is to blame. The laws worked, the scumbag passed the checks AND a police interview. It is absolutely impossible to stop every deranged person who wants to commit murder from doing so.

      • Please tell me more of the guns the NRA sells. I wasn’t aware the NRA sold ANY guns, let alone ones that can shoot 100 people in a minute. I’m interested in seeing you try to back up your claims.

      • Condolences to those affected.

        The idea that people, in their grief would lash out at the NRA is a profound tragedy. An indication of a deep and malign prejudice and absolute lack of understanding of what the organization is. A prejudice nurtured by the media as it feeds on the destruction of peoples lives.

        Chasing false causes leads to nowhere.

        Keep the facts coming and be plain about the misrepresentation and exploitation of events.

      • I think Harper is arguing that the NRA is selling guns by promoting their ownership. Of course, I was never really motivated to put together an AR15, (There were other choices higher on my list) until Dear Leader told me he didn’t think I should have one. Now that is selling guns!

      • Why isn’t anybody catching the fact that his father made a movie all about people killing each other (children no less!!!). Seriously, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. His dad made his ill-gotten cash glorifying murder and his son ended up living it out. Parents, you reap what you sow…

        • And his father’s current wife is just a few years older than my granddaughter, and could pass as the mass murderer’s sister.

      • I’m tired of hearing that all of the gun grabbers say they want to take on the NRA as if it is some huge corporate lobbying group. The NRA is 5 million of your fellow citizens (mostly, but not all, old, fat, white guys – many of them vets). Recently, a politician in Pennsylvania was running ads in the PA gubernatorial democratic primary race stating the he was the “liberal lion” that would take on the NRA. Some governor he’d make – wanting to “take on” his fellow citizens. This is just outright discrimination against law-abiding veterans and old, fat, white guys.

        • Being an OFWG, but not a OFWV, on this Memorial Day weekend, I thank you for your service.

        • I’m a member of the NRA and neither myself nor any of the other members in my area (that I know personally) are old, fat white guys. In my area most members are young, hot white chicks!

      • Huh, well, I will save the Mods the trouble and just say this: “COMMENT MODERATED”.

      • And similarly, a gun has an awfully hard time stabbing 100 kids a minute. Or running over them. Even kids as soft and pliable as the current crop of unintended abortion survivors.

      • No a knife cannot kill a hundred people in a minute but a bomb can and is cheaply and easily made with ingredients that are not hard to get. We need to address the failure of our health care system in America that allows mentally ill people to slip through the cracks. We deserve to be safe from them and they deserve a better life than the hell that is mental illness. Stricter gun laws will not stop them acting out, helping them will.

  2. Wouldn’t surprise me if he father could have scored him a CHL if he asked daddy for one.

    • I’ve been wondering a lot about what role the family may have played here, however unintentional. It takes barely a minute of looking at some of the videos and posts this guy made to go “what the hell is wrong with him? This dude needs some serious help.” Was the extent of his illness kept secret or downplayed for whatever reason by friends and family? Did they just not think he was capable of going this far? Was he just really good at fooling everyone close to him? I’m guessing it was some combination of the first and second…I have a really hard time believing NOBODY saw this coming. If you’re 22 with a Beemer and still can’t get laid, you’ve gotta be putting out some seriously weird and creepy vibes.

      • Too late to edit, but I just read that apparently his family was actually quite concerned about him…less than a month earlier they had asked authorities to check up on him, and deputies told the family they didn’t see any reason to take him in on mental health grounds (which isn’t surprising…they aren’t psychiatrists and also don’t have hours to sit around evaluating someone who’s being polite and seems normal enough). Seems like another case of “we knew he had issues but never thought it would come to this.”

      • And just where were the vaunted California Gun Seizure Cops after he’d been reported as a nutcase??

      • According to a supposed forum post the perpetrator made, his parents found his youtube ranting a year ago and made him remove them.

        (his forum posts are linked below in the comments)

  3. Do 3 gun fatalities (plus the victim) make for a mass shooting under accepted law enforcement reporting criteria?

  4. And one more thing. The 10 round magazine capacity limitation did nothing to limit the spree killer since he was carrying three handguns (or was it four?) and something like 40 fully loaded magazines. For those of you who are new to the firearms world, having multiple handguns meant that Mr. Rodgers was able to fire 33 times before needing to reload. And if he had four handguns, he would have been able to fire 44 rounds before needing to reload. And even then reloading was at most a 2 second exercise.

    • If each magazine only had one clip he couldn’t keep shooting, now, could he?

      #mda @shannonrwatts #everytown #2016 #hy2 #safecities

        • Sweet I think that was my first moderated comment…. Though it really wasn’t bad.

      • “If each magazine only had one clip he couldn’t keep shooting, now, could he?”

        Not totally sure what you thought you just said. Did you mean “If each GUN had only one clip (sic)…)? So, we need a law that says only one mag/gun?

      • Magazines and clips aren’t the same thing, genius. And it wouldn’t have mattered if he had one or the other, and he would have gotten every single one that he could have ever have wanted. But, as is par for your course, facts aren’t your forte`. #NRA #SAF #GOA #NAGR #GRNC #2014 #stopMDA #guncontrolisnotsafe

      • “If each magazine only had one clip he couldn’t keep shooting, now, could he?”….

        What in the bejesus are you talking about? Do you even know? Are you some computer-troll sitting in a cubicle…? WTF?

        RJ O’Guillory
        Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

      • Harper,

        Facts aren’t your forte either. A Clip and a Magazine are two different things, and they don’t always work together. A magazine actively feeds a firearm, by using kinetic energy. A clip loads a fixed or detachable magazine usually using gravity (if I remember the M1 is the exception to this rule). So 1 clip loaded into a magazine could be 10 cartridges being loaded at a time.

        The NRA doesn’t sell weapons. In fact, the NRA was founded in Queens New York City, near what is now Alley Pond Park, to teach accuracy and safety in the use of firearms. The NRA was the first organization to actually fight against racist and sexist laws concerning gun control.

        When you advocate for Gun Control, you advocate for subjugation. Then again Bloomberg was all for running everybody’s life.

      • To those of you commenting on this Shannon Watts made the comment about magazines having only one clip so they cannot be used more than once. It was her Stupidity he was commenting on!

      • Come on, now, that HAS to be a joke. It’s even phrased the way we would put it while cracking each other up. This person is funnin’ us, nobody is that stupid.

      • well, your right, each magazine holds 10 clips, and each clip holds 10 bullets. i think #MDA should really focus their efforts on clip size reduction and not worry about magazine sizes, clearly this crazy shooter had CA legal magazines, so the clip size is probably the next thing you should tackle.

        Everyone else, not one word…..

  5. Here it comes.

    Wait for it :
    “We must pass MORE LAWS! Clearly, the already stringent regulations just weren’t strict enough!”

    -The certain reaction on the part of the CA legislature.

      • Tell me one (1) which would make a difference in this occurrence. Because there is only one, encouraging more responsible citizens to carry guns, in order to oppose this manner of insane evil. Now, COMMENT MODERATED, answer THAT.

        • If he couldn’t have bought guns he couldn’t have done what he did. If the NRA didn’t keep trying to sell guns to the public who think they’re cops.

        • He could have bought the guns regardless of whatever laws were on the books, and you would not have even slowed him down one iota, either. ‘Specially not with #gunrunner #lelandyee in your midst. Oh, and you don’t get to characterize us, but we will call you out for what you are: a anti-rights tool.

        • Dear Haper,

          I’m glad your fantasy world is working out for you. However, in reality, where most of us lived, this murderer could easily has killed many people without ever once using a firearm. Does anyone recall Jack the Ripper using a gun? How about another massive piece of excrement named Timothy McVeigh? What about the recent incidents in China where maniacs have attacked school children with knives?? Someone who is motivated to kill others will find a way to.

        • Harper, if he couldn’t have bought any firearms there still would have been four people dead of non firearm related injuries. This guy would have killed people regardless if he had firearms or not. Laws would have not stopped him. You can outlaw all firearms, and destroy every last one, but it will not stop mass killings. What do you really have issue with? murder or firearms? If your scapegoat “assault weapons,” and “high capacity clips” are “banned,” and mass murders still occur, with or with out firearms, whats your next step? Will you simply stop caring? Or take your irrational, uninformed, “common sense” measures even further?

          Btw, don’t blame the NRA for firearm death’s, as it makes almost as much sense as blaming AAA for automotive deaths.

        • And I asked you to tell us a law. You rambled nearly incoherently and did no such thing. Was your diatribe supposed to mean “murderous lunatics are prohibited from purchasing firearms”? Already a law, with the NRA’s blessing. How about “murderous lunatics must kill without firearms”? He sure seems to have tried to comply. So what LAW do you propose which might have eliminated or mitigated this tragedy? Because ranting about new laws and the NRA kinda makes you appear stupid (which you are sure you are not) when you cannot name one such law or tell us how the NRA has prevented its implementation.

      • No, no we DON’T need more laws, and especially not laws drawn up by you lot of bigots.

      • does this incident speak to you in that way?? that laws are too leanient?? in california its hard to even own a gun. let alone carry one. if this doesnt prove criminals dont obey laws. your too derpy for me to even argue.

        • What are you talking about? It is very easy to own a gun in California, even a handgun, as long as we are speaking generically. You decide you want a gun, you go to the FFL, pay for it, fill out paperwork and return in ten days. Other than the waiting period no more difficult than Arizona.

          Much is made of the Handgun Safety Certificate. This is not comparable to the difficulty of buying a handgun in North Carolina even, where you need a permit to purchase or CCW. Here there is only one place you need to go, your dealer. Basically the HSC amounts to a $25 tax to allow you 5 years of buying handguns before paying it again. You do not need anything to own a gun, only to buy, and it is barely an inconvenience.

        • Well, first you told us what was necessary to purchase a firearm, then went on to tell us something else was also necessary, I suspect we’d find more and more and more. And then begin on magazine clips and things that go up and (gasp) ammunition.

        • No, it is really not hard to own “a gun” If you want a non-rostered gun, or this or that particular thing, well I wasn’t addressing that

          With no knowledge of gun laws, I bought my first gun in the Bay Area. I went in, picked out a handgun, paid for it, including $25 for a handgun safety certificate yes, filled out some paperwork…the “test” for the HSC…well if you cannot pass it while drunk and unprepared, you probably had a lobotomy at some point. The whole thing to 15 minutes, most of that was filling out the 4473. Hence why I said the HSC amounts to a $25 tax.

          Came back in 10 days and had a gun. It is easier than Iowa or North Carolina or Nebraska, and at least 10 other states that require permits to purchase a handgun. Sure a CCW exempts you in many of these states (California too), but a CCW is harder to get than a CA HSC…that is like comparing the difficulty of walking to flying a helicopter.

          So yeah, “real difficult” (not). It simply is easy to own a gun…CCW is another issue, owning this or that particular gun is another issue.

      • Being a recent resident of CA for 6 years, and seeing how hard it was to own a gun (and having no chance to carry one), and all the legal contortions law-abiding citizens had to go through to utilize any semblance of the 2nd amendment there…

        You’re full of it. The NRA doesn’t control jack crap in CA, or anywhere really. A bunch of self-righteous pigs in Sacramento control that stuff, and that sure did plenty to stop Mr. Roger (or not).

        I’m glad I got out of there. I now live in a subdivision where the street names are almost all gun manufacturers, and a neighbor is flying the “Don’t Tread on Me” flag. I hear shooting up in the hills, it’s music to my ears. There’s virtually no crime, everyone knows each other, and we are not afraid and we are at peace in this area, very unlike the SF bay area where I lived just recently.

        So go ahead…ask for more laws. Get everything controlled by the progs in Sac. But just make sure you remember to take responsibility for the outcome.

      • “Need more laws that the NRA can’t control”

        If the mass murder wasn’t ominous enough. What sort of laws are you suggesting? Secret laws made in secret and enforced in secret?

        Pulling the “Blame the NRA” card is tragedy exploitation. There are plenty of question to put to the institutions that had a chance to intervene to make a positive outcome in these peoples lives. It is obscene that those questions would be deflected in some sort of bigoted anti-NRA hate.

        Any “control” the NRA has is through an open democratic process. That message of NRA omnipotence is specious, a David and Goliath Fallacy.

    • In one of the other Elliot Rodger threads here, the original “BREAKING:” one I think, someone asked about his height. In the bodybuilding forum he said he was 5’9″, 135 lbs.

      • Yeah, hardly physically imposing, and by Elliot Rodger’s own account never very athletic or well-coordinated. One wonders how, even armed with a knife, he, all by himself, managed to dispatch three other young men in his apartment. Sounds like something out of “The Bourne Identity,” doesn’t it?

  6. ALL gun owners are legal until they do this, aren’t they? #gunsense #mda #everytown #2016 #stopNRA

    • @Harper

      All mothers love their children until they don’t.

      Do these mothers reflect badly on all mothers? No they don’t. Then why do people like you insist all gun owners are the same as mass shooters?

      Everybody is law abiding until they aren’t. That is part of the philosophy our country was founded upon.

    • Aren’t only about 5% of gun owners members of the NRA. And trying to be as polite as possible, what did the NRA have to do with any of this?
      Scapegoating – Singling out an individual or group for unmerited negative treatment or blame.
      It’s been happening since the Old Testament.

    • COMMENT MODERATED in answer to your ridiculous and meaningless comment #above, once each of the @100 million have killed six people, you will finally be free of #fear.

    • What a dumb argument. Sure, all people are innocent until they’re not.

      Blame guns, blame policy, blame laws, blame politicians, blame drugs , blame whatever you want until you are blue in the face. Flail about and do what you need to do to achieve whatever catharsis you want over the fact that you can’t control people and you live in a scary world where people can and always will be able to do bad things.

      It’s not the power of government or law or religion that keep people in check, it’s the fact that people are by in large good. That’s all that holds it together, the strength of individual will of millions of people you can’t monitor, assess, approve of, or control. And there are bad people among these masses of good people. OoOooo scary isn’t it? Delude yourself into a false sense of security, keep your mind occupied with simple excuses and stay busy with your crusade and maybe that terrifying reality won’t ever be something you need to face.

      Do you really think guns are the problem? He’d have killed more people if he ran his car through a few crosswalks, or lit up a milk jug of gasoline on a bus or a subway, like lonely frustrated crazy people do in other countries to commit mass murders on the order of 40+ victims.

      If you want to make a difference quit crusading and stop investing your energy in these non-solutions. Then take an interest in your community, get to know the people in it, and be a part of their lives. Then if you see someone in pain or acting crazy lend a hand, get them help, alert authorities, and do what you need to do.

    • NO they’re not. But then again, as is usual, facts aren’t your forte`. #gunrights #NRA #GOA #SAF #NAGR #GRNC #2014 #stopMDA

        • @Harper — Yes, me and my 214,439 fellow TTAG’ers will rep them. And speaking of toys, looks like YOUR boy Elliot, a #registeredDemocrat and #hillaryclintonsupporter, played with his toys, too. Did #gunrunner #lelandyee supply his? 😉 Only in a very bad way that we DON’T teach.

          Maybe you could net a real woman if you actually become a man and take responsibility for your own personal protection.

        • “Name calling , slander, and hyperbole is a sure sign that the other person has lost the argument and has nothing else to say. We see this all of the time.”

  7. Interested in reading the toxicology report on the murderer. That is, if it is actually made public. If they find pot, coke, heroin, etc., he lied on his 4473.

      • There will be a new push for mental health checks that will hurt vets. Just hope you never went to the VA or a doc for PTSD.

        • Not like the VA is doing much for vets with PTSD anyways. Just what they need, another reason not to seek help, and not get it anyways, if they do.

  8. Whenever talking about this with anyone, mention that in 2001, another disturbed entertainment industry child murdered 4 people by driving into a crowd. This guy stabbed 3 people, shot 3, and left a wake of run over people as well. This isn’t a gun problem it’s entitled rich kid problem.


    having watched his video, and knowing he was rich with a BMW, my thought was: buy some ass. seriously, he would have been better off getting someone to f**k his brains out, take her $ and leave rather than yap and yap and nag, etc. he would have noticed peace and quiet is a precious commodity

    • His Hollywood upbringing likely filled him with an unwarranted sense of entitlement.

      “Now son, we don’t pay for p***y. Only non-BMW drivers pay for p***y.”

      • I’m thinkin’ fool doesn’t start to cover it. Y’know, Harper, you should walk into your local police station and demand to be placed on the “prohibited” list for NICS, after which you will never be able to buy a gun, and if found in possession of one, sent to prison for 5 years. Show us you know what you are talking about, and that you mean what you shriek.

      • Uhh…. I’m still not sure if you’re trolling or not. But either way you DO realize that this isn’t Twitter…. right? Hash tags don’t work.

      • Actually typical liberal anti-gun Hollywood insider. You know like Woody Allen or Roman Polanski.

        • D’oh, fine! But you know I was only telling the absolute truth, though, and I can hedge my bets on that — and win.

      • Actually, man, if he walked into a police station, or at least the jail area, and saw what humanity is capable of producing, he’d probably crap two bricks and become catatonic.

        There’s a real world out there, and old Harper believes he’s not part of it. So, yeah, prohibited on NICS would serve both him (her?) and the rest of humanity.

      • Yeah but it’s expensive and the girls are ugly.

        Prostitution should be legal in all 50 states.

        Until we have realistic sex robots, it would be the simplest way to calm down some of these QQing wankers.

        • “Realistic sex robots”??

          We don’t even have the flying cars we were promised forty-plus years ago.

          Yeah but it’s expensive and the girls are ugly.

          A trip to Pahrump would have cost less than all that ordnance, and not everybody gets to do the Prom Queen their first time in the saddle. That’s the way life is Elliot.

        • I see your point.

          That said, I think part of the problem was this douchebag thought he was God’s gift to women and it was somehow their fault they didn’t like him.

          I find it funny (very dark humor) that even while showing us all what a “god” he is during his killing spree, he took down single digits.

          That isn’t very impressive in the world of spree killers these days. Shoot, 6 people dead is like your standard drunk driving accident.

    • Incredibly precious. I wish you would tell that to the Salvadoreans start mowing the complex at MY end, at 8:00 am weekly. I’m retired. I’m an insomniac. I sleep from 6 am to noon. When I can.

      Oh. With the world’s loudest mower. I’m pretty sure it’s louder than a 767 idling up.

      • Cheers Burke. I am recently retired and I am finding my sleep patterns are also morphing although my tolerance for gun grabbers is not.

  10. on that bodybuilding website, sorry, but 5 ft 9, 135 lbs? and him saying it was unjust a white girl picked an indian dude over hr? hear that shannon? rich white liberal kid whose parents were against guns.

        • If you want to do background checks, then check the backgrounds and upbringing of these wealthy kids in blue states, and register a few of them.

    • I wasn’t that bad looking in college (those were the days), and had some beautiful women in my car at times. But all but one were just friends, and the other one is now my wife. It sounded like he was upset by a beautiful woman just riding with someone.

  11. you pay for pu**y whether it is cash on the dresser or a shopping spree, date night, engagement ring, etc. only question is it legal

  12. @dirk – Those were my initial thoughts too. Then as I watched the whole video I don’t think that would have done the trick. He actually expected women to want him for his charming personality and all around greatness. If you are paying for it it is fake and he didn’t want fake. The sicko actually appeared so narcissistic that he couldn’t figure out why women weren’t lined up for him.

      When you’re perfect in every way.
      I can’t wait to look in the mirror
      Cause I get better lookin each day.
      To know me is to love me,
      I must be a hell of a man
      Oh lord its hard to be humble
      But I’m doin the best that I can.

  13. They are all crazy in Kalifornia, I left there 25 years ago, I know what that state is. And as for that CS nut goes, looks a lot like, lack of parenting. That little CS is now going to us the Kalifornia system to spread his cowardliness. I say string him up and make an example of plick.

      • It must be tough to live your life afraid all the time, seeing “criminals” everywhere! That’s how the NRA keeps selling more guns.

        • @Harper — The only one who is afraid here is you. Well, you and your protected criminal class, anyway. The NRA doesn’t even sell guns, but go figure that facts aren’t your forte`.

          And yes, yes we absolutely laugh at you. Rightly so, too. Oh, and your unsupportable and indefensible fears of the ‘Old West’ never materialized and were never warranted, either.

        • Harper,

          What……….. the NRA sells guns? dude I so missed the boat on this one, what was I thinking all these years going into a gun shop to purchase, I could just have gotten them all from the NRA, thanks so much for the heads up.

        • @Harper

          Please provide a link to the NRA gun store you rave so much about. I can’t find it, and as a member, I’d like to get a discount on my next purchase.

            • Too much time and energy is being wasted on harper. Today is a time to remember all the men and women who “strapped in on” in defense of our republic. All gave some, some gave all.

            • aHA! I bet that’s where you buy those fast NRA guns that shoot 100 people in a minute!

        • You keep repeating this “NRA sells guns” thing, when you’ve been corrected. Either you’re ignorant, or you’re malicious. Of course, you might be ignorant and too prideful to admit you’re wrong and have no idea what you’re talking about, which makes you maliciously ignorant.

          I suppose in your mind the fact that I work on software that was used to create a commercial about cheese means I sell cheese. Or at least commercials. (I do like cheese and advocate its eating, so that must be doubly true!)

          But in reality, you’re just an astroturfer, and you are providing tons of fun. I’ve been playing bingo with your responses relative to Larry Correia’s internet arguing checklist:

          1. Skim until Offended
          2. Disqualify that Opinion
          3. Attack, Attack, Attack
          4. Disregard Inconvenient facts
          5. Make Shit Up
          6. Resort to Moral Equivalency
          7. Concern Trolling
          8. When all else fails, Racism!

          Harper, I’ll bet you’d just love Larry’s blog posts. You should try posting over there. He and his readers eat little harpies like you alive in the comments. 😉

        • Crazies do happen; this incident is a vivid illustration of that fact. There is also the question of freedom. I would prefer living in a society where at least ten percent of the citizenry were armed at any time, ideally openly, but it is a difficult target to reach.

        • Yep, you’re right, the NRA sell tons of guns.

          And we buy them by the truck load.

          Whine some more on the Internet, that learn us.

            • The gun companies pay the NRA for this.

              Gina, gun companies don’t pay the NRA. And what you are talking about is the “round-up” program which people, when ordering guns or supplies from companies such as Midway, voluntarily “round-up” their purchase to the next whole dollar amount and that money is given to the NRA. So if I buy a half dozen magazines and my total comes to $149.50, I can pay $150 and donate $.50 to the NRA. But it is ME donating it, not Springfield Armory or S&W or Midway.

              • The bulk of the NRA’s money comes in the form of contributions, grants, royalty income, and advertising, originating from gun industry sources, not just a measly round up program. Since 2005 the gun industry and it’s corporate allies have given between 20 million and 52.6 million to it through the NRA ring of freedom sponsor program.

              • Gina:

                You got documentation or is this just more bull squeeze?

                You folks really need to try harder. The level of your effort is really funny.

              • Look it up yourself. I only stick to facts on these forums. It does not take much effort to keep yourself updated on current events.

              • Cheap deflection, then. Pretty much expected.

                That’s not how it works. If you make a claim, it’s up to you to provide the data.

              • Here you go; How The Gun Industry Funnels Tens Of Millions Of Dollars To The NRA
                WALTER HICKEY JAN. 16, 2013,
                Via The Business Insider

              • Let us say for the arguments sake you have your numbers right. Even that the higher estimate of 52.6 millions over nine years is right. It makes about 5.84 mil per year.
                NRA has about 5 millions of dues paing members. So maybe the industry chipped in little over dollar per member. Members give about $20 or more each year…
                And don’t let me get started about Bloombergs $50 millions donated to fight against our rights.

        • Do we see criminals “everywhere”, Harper? No, not everywhere, but certainly they are present. And since most crime is opportunistic, crime does happen “anywhere.” Because of rulings requiring California to reduce its prisoner population, my town is overrun with homeless meth heads, people who feed their habits with car thefts, home and auto burglaries, armed robberies and muggings. If arrested, they are released the next day because there is no room in the jail to hold any but the most violent. And I live in a small town in a mostly rural area of the state. My wife is in a wheelchair, and therefore a helpless target. Am I paranoid? No, but I think it is reasonable to take reasonable precautions.

        • Harper: Projecting your insecurities upon others is not a rational argument. You exist to peddle and regurgitate only the blatant ignorance, irresponsibility and disinformation favored by your side. You are of a lesser species that can survive only in sheltered enclaves and the internet so I wouldn’t expect you to understand the concept of integrity or intellectual honesty. You are not worthy of debate and your mother should’ve swallowed. Is that clear enough for you?

      • Show evidence of the NRA selling ONE gun anywhere to anyone or shut the hell up with this crap.

      • #laughinginyourface.

        I live in one the safest urbanized areas on the continent. Perhaps only Toronto is safer. We have lots of guns here, concealed an open carry while across the Potomac where it is a gun free paradise crime is out of control. Go figure.

        • @tdiinva

          Yes, you live somewhere so safe that you need to strap a .22 on your hip! And you laugh at me? Ha! Where I live we don’t need to act like Yosemite Sam.

          • What do you think makes an area safe? A “strict gun control law”? A lot of signs proclaiming a “gun free zone”? or the awareness of those who would think about committing violence that a swift, certain, and severe reaction to their violence could leave them dead?

        • Yes, you live somewhere so safe that you need to strap a .22 on your hip! And you laugh at me? Ha! Where I live we don’t need to act like Yosemite Sam.

          • Mr. Harper

            I hope you have some honest to God opinions on something instead of spouting ignorance. If you want to have an actual conversation so be it. But please TRY to understand the basic functionality of a gun. Or gun safety. Or your opponents. You, and everyone else, has an obligation to do so.

            If you WANT to have this conversation I have no problem talking to you. Otherwise your just a troll.

            • @David

              If you ever learn the difference between “your” and “you’re”, I’ll have no problem talking to you.

              • @Harper — Evidently, David did use “your” correctly (as opposed to “you’re” which he did not). But, then again since facts aren’t your forte` all you can ever do is lie and condescend to your intellectual superiors: namely, us.

              • You know Harper, if you and your bunch had helped him score some tail, this never would have happened. But no, you anti everything groupies are too busy with your agenda to see the problem, mental health. Then again, you might not suffer from insanity, but enjoy every minute of it.

              • From the high level of immaturity and the lack of analytical skills, I think a college Sophomore “campus activist” is more likely.

              • I’ll admit it, I made mistake. Are you seriously going to nit-pick my grammar when you get basic facts wrong? Can you admit your mistakes on this thread? Do you even want to be informed? Maybe if you got to know some gun owners you wouldn’t be so quick to judge.

          • Harper, I doubt anyone on this site would strap on a .22. Most would probably use a 1911. Do you know what a 1911 is? Anyway if you are really trying to make points, you should at least have some knowledge of the subject.

          • a .22? Yeah, this kid doesn’t know what he’s on about. Just stringing together gun sounding words.

          • Country deejays knows that I’m an outlaw, They’d never come to see me in this dive, Where bikers stare at cowboys, who are laughing at the hippies, Who are praying they’ll get outta here alive……

          • Um….unless you’re possibly talking about an oversized target pistol for training purposes, the notion of “strapping” a .22 to anything, let alone one’s hip, is fairly preposterous. I’m sure you’re just spouting off something you heard somewhere, so you don’t realize how silly you sound. .22’s make nice little pocket pistols, including for the little coin pocket in the right front pocket of jeans, but they aren’t monster gangsta gats by any means. Good grief.

        • tdiinva, Harper will claim it is just a coincidence, or perhaps an evil NRA plan to deceive us. You wait!

  14. Good thing universal background checks caught this guy- or not. Well good thing the hi-capacity magazine ban prevented this “mass shooting”- or not. Well that mandatory waiting period to purchase firearms sure slowed him down- or not.

    On another note, an armed citizen might not have been the best person to return fire at the time, but a prepared citizen may have been able to render life-saving aid to other victims before they succumbed to their wounds. One bystander was unable to render aid to the late Chris Martinez because “she was too upset to administer CPR.” Everyone that carries (and everyone in general) should also be prepared to provide first aid to themselves and others. Because when seconds count, blah blah blah.

  15. Ok folks, we are dealing with someone who was sent by MDA to post here. All he knows is the talking points he has been given. You have to get him out of his box and he will shut down.

    Harper: You and all gun control advocates support criminals because they know there will always be a Leland Yee to supply them with guns. You know very well that criminals will always get guns and if you disarm the population then they will helpless. Just ask the disarmed citizens of America’s inner cities. Crime is your preferred method of social control.

    • You don’t get it: you’re not shutting down #safecities #everytown #hy2 #2016: haven’t you been watching the news!?

      What’s getting shut down are the NRAs gun sales. Buy your toys while you can.

      • Hey harper… its 11:21 on a Saturday night… do YOU know where YOUR children are?

        • Nowhere near you gun nuts! Now they can go to Chipotle and Starbucks? You nuts are losing!
          Keep an eye out for #hy2 #safecities

        • But its totally ok that theyre doing a line of coke at this very moment at some rave right?

        • Sorry, dude but you can still carry in Starbucks and Chipoltle. They expressed a preference that you not bring your guns but they didn’t actually ban them. The problem is that everybody including criminals now think there are no law abiding gun owners at these chains. Jack-in-the-Box expressed the same sentiments and now they are being robbed. These establishments used to be safe because criminals don’t go rob places where someone may shoot back. Neither do spree shooters. You have made these restaurants unsafe. Hope you get first hand experience.

        • @Harper — Even though it’s you racist nutjobs that got kicked out of Staples HQ and completely fabricated the Staples “victory” in the first place? Sorry, but we can still carry at Starbucks and Chipoltle, too, by the way. So, uh, yes they will be quite close to us — and there is absolutely nothing you or anyone else can think, say, or do about it.

          Might as well get used to it already, Harpie, ’cause we are winning.

        • “Now they can go to Chipotle and Starbucks?”

          Tomorrow, I’m going to conceal carry, not one, but two pistols, legally, I might add, and I will make it a point to visit both of these places… Why?

          1: Neither posts the proper legal signage, so legally I’m in the clear to carry concealed weapons.
          2: Because I know that it will make you feel all warm and fuzz inside.

      • What you don’t seem to grasp is that we are laughing at you.

        Not with you.

        We are mocking you and the contemptible, shear stupidity and utter loathsomeness of your every remark.

        I spent this morning at a Memorial Day ceremony celebrating the lives of men and women who gave their lives for something. And…your bleating, crying wishful thinking of the world was not it.

        They gave their lives for a country that believes in personal responsibility and the courage to stand on your own two feet.

        So take your horse feces somewhere else, you contemptible sub-insect. When life teaches you what the word “honor” means and you grow up into a thinking human being, maybe someone here will give you the time of day.

        Until then, rest easy in knowing that the men and women in this world with the courage to fight for not only their lives but for yours as well see you worthy of less respect than what we clean out of our cat’s litter box or scoop into a plastic bag for our dogs.

        Is that clear enough for you? Or, do you need it in single syllables with cartoon pictures?

        • I didn’t assume jack squat about you except what you display here.

          Did I say you were never in the Air Force?

          What I said, since you do seem to need the monosyllabic version is this:

          You have no honor, sir.

          Okay, so one two syllable word. Sorry. It’s an important one, though.

          (Helper hint: Lying about the NRA selling guns is dishonorable. Using this tragic incident to promulgate lies to further political agenda is dishonorable. Etc. And, Etc., just for effect).