LA Times: Elliot Rodger’s Guns Were Purchased Legally


You knew America’s Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex would rejoin their full-throated blame-the-NRA chorus after a spoiled, sexually frustrated 22-year-old decided that murdering blond sorority girls was a better solution to his dating problems than opening a Tinder account. And the father of one of Rodger’s victims didn’t hesitate to place the responsibility for his son’s murder not on the maladjusted little bastard, but on what he called “craven” and “irresponsible” politicians and…the NRA. But the LA Times is now reporting that the three guns found in Elliot Rodger’s BMW were purchased legally. That means . . .

he’d jumped through all of the legal hoops – in California, no less — that “common sense” gun controllers have put in place. That, of course, includes background checks of which the NRA heartily approves.

Not that a fact like that will matter. Not when there’s political hay to be made and gun grabbers see another opportunity to throw up still more roadblocks to law-abiding citizens who only want the opportunity to protect themselves and their families. Citizens just like those Rodger gunned down in a hormone-induced rage.

Blather, rinse, repeat.