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Haley Barbour is running for president. And so the Republican Mississippi Governor finds himself in New Hampshire, looking to tick all the right boxes to prove that he’s a “real” conservative. And presidential material. Which means he must walk softly and carry a big rifle. Barbour attempted to kill two metaphorical birds with one rhetorical shotgun during his visit to a Concord gun store. “Barbour said his belief in gun rights was strengthened after Hurricane Katrina when he OK’d residents’ using guns to defend themselves against looters,” the reports. “There was a small, small number of looters’ in Mississippi. The reason, I think, was because I said people could shoot looters. I think it was a real deterrent,” Barbour opined. To which gun shop owner Ralph Demicco replied, “You’re a patriot, governor.”

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    • I lived in Mississippi during Katrina. Notwithstanding the fact that I’m not going to support Haley for president — he did a damn fine job for Mississippi. After the storm, the coast looked like a bomb went off. Nothing left. NOLA got a bath – the MS Gulf Coast vanished. 1 week later – residents were rebuilding. LA Gov. and NOLA Mayor were still MIA.

      84P6: Looting does not provide for the circumstances to use deadly force, generally. In civilized society. Sorry to say….

      • I don’t understand what you’re saying. Does the gov’s word supersede law or what?

        What I’m getting at is a)would it matter to residents in a disaster zone what the gov said? and b)how would they know what the gov said? I hear power was out for a little while…

      • LA Gov. and NOLA Mayor were still MIA.

        “The mayor aint your friend-he’s the enemy. Just to get your vote, a Saint is what he pretend to be.”

        Juvenile, Get Your Hustle On.

  1. I think that’s MS Gov. Haley Barbour. I’d guess that, given Kathleen Blanco’s performance in the aftermath, Louisiana’s citizens would have preferred that he was LA’s governor, too.

  2. Living in MS most of my life, I can say Haley has been good for the state.
    I believe the message he sent out after seeing NO ravished by looting was strong, but it worked.


  3. Watching the video reminds me of how I first felt watching the police loot also. It tells you a valuable bit of info-big or small, if the world or your world goes to hell, there will be police out for themselves also.

  4. we cannot forget the racial component to the media coverage of this “looting” i will never for get msnbc’s coverage during the storm. They repeated a clip of dude who had busted into a foot locket, for 2 weeks straight. The media did NOT show as often people breaking into grocery stores to to get food and diapers for babies, after the WORTHLESS governor at the time had even given consideration to evacuating the poorest and most needy segments of the population of NO. “lame stream” indeed.

    what this piece of garbage “media” coverage is ignoring the fact that people were STARVING AND DYING while bush stood by and said “heck of a job brownie”.

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