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Our man Albright is back from his vacation. He’s in contact with Karl Lippard, the gunmaker and Marine who’s graciously agreed to lend us a Lippard 1911 Combat NCO A2 for testing and evaluation. As regular readers will know, Karl claims his gun’s the first “400-yard accurate pistol.” Which is a hell of a lot of yards for a .45 caliber bullet. One hundred yards more, in fact, that Martin can find for the TTAG test money shot. So if any of our Armed Intelligentsia have access to a 400-yard or more range at which Martin can do the put up or shut up thing with Lippard’s A2, please email [email protected]. Working stiff that he is, Martin’s available on the weekends for your mutual dining and shooting pleasure. It won’t be long now . . . So to speak.

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  1. I gotta know-are we specifically talking about .45 ACP! Now, I’ve cut wire at 60 yards with a .38-but I have also seen/watched the slow moving .45 visually head down range with the naked eye… I also don’t see a Sharp’s sight on the piece…

  2. I tell you what – have Albright test at 300 yards. If he can actually keep 2 rounds on man-sized target at that range, we’ll take Karl’s word on the 400 yard shot!

  3. From what I could find.. if he were to zero it at 300 yds, the holdover at 400 yards would be about 141 inches. At 400, the bullet would be going about 597 fps with 181 ft.lbs… time in flight 1.66 seconds. (given 890 fps, 230gr, 0.143 BC)

    Holdover with a 100yd zero is about 370 inches.

    Ballistic calc from


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