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(sponsored post) Click here and buy your tickets to the 2016 Texas Firearms Festival at Best of the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill. Three weeks from today, you can try and buy the latest and greatest guns from over 40 manufacturers; including IWI, FN, SIG SAUER, Walther Arms, Blaser, Bergara, Benelli, Battle Rifle Company, Kel-Tec, Wilson Combat, Taurus, Remington and dozens more. Ammo’s free! No gun cleaning required! But wait…there’s more!

The 2016 Texas Firearms Festival is literally bigger and [it’s hard to believe, but true] better than ever. Ticket holders can also try and buy gear from 45 top notch retailers like Cabela’s, hang out with gun rights groups defending your Second Amendment-protected gun rights, and sample Austin’s finest food truck cuisine. And then there’s Full Auto Friday . . .

On Friday the 14th, VIP ticket holders will have exclusive access to over a dozen modern fully-automatic firearms — many suppressed for your dining and dancing pleasure — firing discounted Sinterfire lead-free frangible ammo. Belt-fed mini-gun? That too.


One more thing: the 2016 Texas Firing Festival is a family-friendly event, for both shooters and non-shooters.

If your child is under 12, non-shooter admission is free. (Children under 12 with Shooter Tickets may fire guns at the discretion and supervision of each exhibitor.) Firearms newbies are welcome to purchase a Non-Shooter ticket and learn to shoot with The Texas State Rifle Association — at no extra charge. Or buy a Standard Shooter or VIP ticket, receive expert instruction from our exhibitors or the TSRA and join the club!

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  1. Has the Texas Gun Fest published the ammo prices for Full Auto Friday? The only thing I’ve heard is that the ammo will be discounted. The Sinterfire website lists the ammo at $32 for 50 rounds.

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