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From PWS . . .

Primary Weapons Systems (PWS) has recently released the limited edition MK113 Alpha Rifle. This is welcome news for those who have been fans of PWS for many years, as the Alpha is an exclusive recreation of the PWS original Mark I Alpha, originally released in 2018. Only 250 of these rifles have been made, and each ships with a certificate of authenticity and a unique challenge coin. This rifle is a must-have for collectors and PWS enthusiasts alike.

The Alpha is unique compared to the rest of the PWS lineup due to a combination of fine-tuned enhancements. With a 1:7 twist rate, the Alpha offers exceptional stability for heavy bullets, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and performance. The construction of this rifle is of the highest quality, featuring robust steel plates and screws for a rock-solid rail assembly. Additionally, the gas adjustment knob takes a strategic shift, now positioned in front of the rail, providing convenient access and no need for an adjustment tool. These many carefully engineered modifications make the Alpha completely embody the PWS commitment to innovation, delivering a truly exceptional firearm.

PWS has a limited number of Alpha rifles remaining, so be sure to order yours as soon as possible through the PWS website before they’re gone for good.

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    • PWS is one of the most advanced and durable AR-15 iterations on the market. Typically they cost around $1900, significantly better than the $3000+ FN SCAR, HK556, Daniel Defense, Noveseke, or other over priced ego toy.

  1. So it’s a quality rifle with an exorbitant price tag based on artificial scarcity? Pass. Why does anyone support these kinds of games companies play?

    • gadsflag…Wake up sleepy head. Did you vote for POTUS DJT in 16, 20 and what’s your plans for 24? Please advise.

      • I’m voting for Deez Nuts this time around. Hell can’t be any worse than Egoman or Vegge-o-matic.

      • I’ve donated money to the DeSantis campaign. After this I’ll have to ignore you. I’m sorry, but I find you tedious.

      • It actually IS ok to leave politics out of the occasional post. A post and comments on just guns would be nice from time to time rather than attacks on fellow gun community members.

      • “Did you vote for POTUS DJT in 16, 20 and what’s your plans for 24?”

        Who he votes for is none of your G damn business.

        Actual fascists demand answers from others, free people do not, ‘princess’. So, now you admit to being a fascist?

        Seig heil, fascist! 😉

    • True, how many AR platform rifles do you need. Being a lefty I have gone for one or two Stag lowers in each of AR-15 and AR-10 and uppers in calibers that interest me.

      … And, of course, uppers do not require an ffl. Stag makes decent equipment and had the smarts to realize their cnc machines could easily be adapted to produce for the left handed and left eye dominant occasionally since their first CEO was one of us!

      • “True, how many AR platform rifles do you need.”


        I currently have 18 AR platform rifles, in different calibers. Seven of which I milled the 7075 aluminum lowers myself on CNC. I need all 18 because its 18 expressions of the ‘right to keep and bear arms’. 😁

  2. Should have went a 16″ barrel before bowing down to Gun Control and welding on a brake and tossed the adjustable stock and used a M16A1 stock or equivilant. For the MSRP it should have optics and a decent carrying case. And especially for the forum’s resident Rambo wannabes the Manual Saftey should have been removed and flattened with a hammer.

    • “Should have went a 16″ barrel…”

      They are free to configure their product any damn way they want, without your input.

      But nooooooooooooo! Do as deb the dunce says, or else!

      All bow down to deb the fascist, everyone! 🙂

  3. not a fan of the piston guns
    the recoil impulse is definitely different
    and not better different
    worse different
    i dont shoot suppressed
    so just give me a good old milspec di gun anyday

    • Notice where the gas block is, short dwell time there. I’m sure they are using a heavy/anti-tilt buffer too. There are tricks to tame that snappiness.

    • “not a fan of the piston guns the recoil impulse is definitely different…”

      You enjoy having crap spitting in your face and eyes while firing? 🙁

      • Never noticed it with the 20 inch options and barely noticed it with the 16 and 14.5 (but only ever as a m4 so no idea what the non mil is like) inch varieties. Admittedly I don’t shoot enough rifle lately so need to get on that.

    • I generally prefer DI, but the PWS guns actually do really good on having a mild recoil and the dot returning to the target quickly after the shot, and work surprisingly well with a can.

    • If you are shooting suppressed then piston is your friend, put the next heavier buffer weight in there and good to go.

  4. After experiencing the advantages of piston driven AR’s and finding them to be far superior- I’ll not be going back to dirty DI.

  5. Dig my PWS MK111. Reliable, handles a baffled can well, and fun to shoot. They’ve been around a while. Good stuff.

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