Audrey Hale shooting her way into the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee
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The debate over whether the Covenant shooter’s writings should be released continues four months after the tragic mass shooting that claimed six innocent lives at a private, elementary school in Nashville.

The court battle has been back and forth for two months now, but one of the lawyers tells FOX 17 News this case may not be resolved for three years.

Nashville Police Chief John Drake says the shooter had a detailed map, drawings of The Covenant School, known entry points, and journals. Almost four months later, the writings have yet to be released, despite public records requests from several organizations which are now suing the Metro government.

“What was going on with The Covenant School shooter? What were the motivating factors? Were there psychological issues? Were there organic issues?” says John Harris, the attorney representing the Tennessee Firearms Association.

TFA is one of several organizations suing for the writings.

Metro Police originally denied the open records citing an open criminal investigation, but Harris believes since the shooter is dead and they haven’t identified another person of interest, that exception doesn’t apply. Plus, Harris feels Metro Police need to comply with The Tennessee Public Records Act.

“Did you think that this whole process would last this long?” asks FOX 17 News’ Amanda Chin.

“Absolutely not. These cases were filed, and we expected that the show cause hearings would’ve taken place as initially scheduled back in May, and here we are almost two months later and the case is nowhere near resolution,” says Harris.

— Amanda Chin in Lawyer believes decision on release of Covenant shooter’s writings could take up to 3 years

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      • because they contain the overall mental illness of the shooter and would show that being ‘trans’ is the mental illness the DSM 5 says it is thus damage the trans movement, plus….plans for ‘total destruction’ of (implied to be) non-trans society, contains information for ‘associations’ information and (implied to contain) plans for attacks by others in the violent militant trans movement ‘ (according to one politician who was briefed on the ‘manifesto’ by the FBI), (or in other words plans for a genocide based agenda and warfare) … and they want to control information so the public doesn’t discover this.

        seriously, everything points to Audrey Hale not acting alone for an agenda even though she was the single shooter for this incident. Its indicated her planning (it wasn’t just target selection) was long term and extensive as if part of planning for a larger group and ‘warfare conflict’. She was stockpiling and caching weapons and ammo and supplies as if expecting a longer term ‘warfare conflict’ and had ‘coordinated’ with others of the violent militant trans to be a ‘supply point’ when ‘it happens’. She was communicating with other violent militant trans movement people frequently before her attack as if ‘coordinating’ with them.

        its almost like she was an ‘advanced ‘ ‘element’ intended to start things rolling for the terror ‘genocide’ agenda, and then no one else showed up for the party.

        • plus… its part of the left-wing agenda to supress ‘wrong doing’ and ‘violence’ of left wing being comitted. if she had been right wing they would be screaming it from the roof tops and releasing everything they could and making sure it was plastered all over media … but when it comes to this mentally ill left wing trans murderer its denial and suppression. For example, look at how quite the left wing overall was about her being ‘trans’ and how they tried to ‘talk’ around it and direct the narrative back to ‘gun violence’ and then try to place the blame on gun ownership by law abiding people.

        • The left-wing and media and the trans groups tried/are trying real hard to suppress the manifesto being released. They know its going to contain all or elements of what I stated in my other posts above, and it would paint the trans movement in a very bad light.

          Another example, the LGBTQ+ groups trying to downplay the ‘trans’ involvement and put the blame back on guns…Jordan Budd, the executive director of Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere (COLAGE), in reference to the manifesto told Newsweek “It should not be published, … ‘The focus should be on how this was able to happen in the first place. There should not be such easy access to deadly weaponry. … “Regardless of the shooter’s intentions, the real issue here is the ease of access to deadly weapons in Tennessee and elsewhere,’ ”

          Audrey Hale studied (like over 90% of school shooters do, because of anti-gun and media coverage) and journaled past school shootings. These journals were kept under her bed. She was learning from the school shooters that had gone before her, their messages in actions reaching out to her to show the way, their actions laid out in the anti-gun and media glorification of the violence by their making sure every little detail was put out and strayed in the public eye, she was validating her own desire for violence.

          It was known she had mental health illness issues and no one helped her, and any ‘mental health professional’ she visited simply ‘validated’ her ‘I feelz’ and threw pills at her to help her validate her ‘I feelz’ instead of addressing the underlying cause of her mental illness and growing desire for violence and to harm herself. She even outlined this desire for violence and to die up to the very end with a message to one of her friends that said “so basically that post I made on here about you, that was basically a suicide note. I’m planning to die today. THIS IS NOT A JOKE!!! You’ll probably hear about me on the news after I die,”

          Well, no Budd. The real issue here is mental illness. Audrey Hale, she was a biological human mentally ill woman and not a male no matter how much she ‘felt’ like she was a male. No matter how many drugs or surgery’s it is impossible to convert a biological human female into a biological human male. Its all ‘I feelz’, a psychologically twisted mental illness self-rationalized emotional fairy tale they come to believe and the underlying cause of that is mental illness. If your groups really cared about people you would spend time on addressing the mental illness involved instead of this instant validation of “oh you poor child, you feel like a boy and would be happier as a boy so we will help you become a boy” glorification and agenda thing you have going on and stop trying to force the rest of society to be your emotional support animals.

          There is not one ‘I feelz’ fairy tale to become a ‘real boy’ or ‘real girl’ that ever came true. 100% of all trans ‘transitions’ from one gender to the other have failed – that’s right, 100% have failed and the reason they have failed is because you can not convert a biological human gender to a real biological human opposite gender like the trans movement claims in trying to liken a transition as actually becoming the real opposite gender.

          Stop trying to be ‘morally superior’ and ‘authoritative’ Budd … the LGBTQ+ agenda did this by not bothering to address the mental illness and instead only ‘validating’ the ‘I feelz’ and making it seem like its ‘normal’.

        • The trans need psychotherapy, not ‘transitions’. The whole transition thing is contrived pseudo-science. For example… .

        • correction for “plus… its part of the left-wing agenda to supress ‘wrong doing’ and ‘violence’ of left wing being comitted.”

          it should have been …

          plus… its part of the left-wing agenda to suppress exposure of ‘wrong doing’ and ‘violence’ of left wing being committed.

      • “Why?”

        It will paint the trans community in such a bad light, that some people may use it as justification to attack anyone trans.

        Which leads me to wonder, it probably legitimately scares them to let it out.

        Now, where’s a government leaker when you need one? You just know *somebody* took some pics of the original documents…

        • Consider:
          “If a guy pretends to be a woman, you are required to pretend with him.
          People who say there is no such thing as gender are demanding a female President?”
          What a maze of foolishness.

        • .40 Cal. Booger, what you wrote on this subject was the most honest version of the realities of Trans-people that I have ever read. It’s about time we realize that this is really a form of mental illness that is trying to corrupt our society.

    • Okay, I will spell it out for you. Right after the shooting three Democrat Tennessee House of Representatives members let in a bunch of anti gun Democrat protestors to the state legislature, while it was in session. The decision to release this information is controlled by the same Nashville Metro Council politicians that sent their expelled representative right back to the Tennessee House of Representatives after that behavior. The simple answer is they support gun control and also giving chemical castration drugs and carving up the gen!tali@ of children and this information reflects badly on the nutcases that support doing this.

      • More likely, it will show what we all know, that to be trans is a mental illness, prone to murderous violence.

        And for all these years, after closing the insane asylums, telling us the mentally-ill are no more dangerous than anyone else, so releasing them into society will be no problem at all.

        Now the 4473s have a field to check off besides male and female, should we use reporting of non-heterosexuality to be grounds for denying gun purchases?

        Read something recently as to how trans folks have something like a self-reported suicide thoughts of something like 40 percent. Seems perfectly logical to make them legally-prohibited to own guns, doesn’t it???

        • See? There are many answers to the question “why?”

          I want to read the tranifesto. Just the facts, ma’am.

        • @Man with no name, it really comes down to one thing: narrative. If it doesn’t support the narrative, then it must be dismissed or concealed. If it can be made to support the narrative, then it will be shouted from the rooftops.

        • Geoff I think your on to something there.
          It is without doubt a mental illness and there’s a question on a 4473 about mental problems. To bad connecting those dots is highly unlikely

    • Here in middle TN a rumor floating around is that she was molested at that school as a child (she attended the school as a young child) and the school does not want that info being released.

      • School /= Feds. Not saying the rumor is impossible or not a smaller contributing factor but doubtful it would be anything big enough to prevent release.

      • I doubt the commies would want to hide that. They love talking about that sort of thing (only in religious institutions, not government schools). Of course you know that.

  1. Lets be clear here the demographics of the shooter and the fact that puts them in the left leaning camp not the right leaning one is almost certainly why the manifesto hasn’t been released. If this was a white supremacist shooting up a synagogue, mosque or a bunch of black people it’s almost certain it would have been released right now.

    The “investigation” may be accusations against staffing of the school. I don’t consider that a 100% impossibility honestly.

  2. More concerning should be the motive of the Louisville shooter who by all accounts murdered people shortly after Nashville to demonstrate how easy it was for a nutcase to purchase a so called Assault Weapon and murder people. According to the Louisville shooter’s writings it appears his scheme was done to advance the pleas coming from Nashville for Gun Control.
    Similiar to the spaceman giffords when he attempted to demonstrate how easy it was to purchase a so called Assault Weapon. Unfortunately for giffords his scheme to advance Gun Control was stopped cold by a savy Gun Store employee due to giffords making what was a Straw Purchase.

    Since its inception Gun Control has been murdering people by the millions, so to ignore the History of Gun Control is to hold hands with Gun Control…

      • They use high profile mass shootings like this one as emotional leverage to push gun control.

      • The problem is as I see it, there are too many guns in the wrong hands and not enough guns in the right hands.

    • Since that was coherent, obviously the fake deb-the-dingbat… 🙂

      • Yeah no “raciss” screed. Anywho this whole mess is obviously a ploy of the prince of the power of the air ie satan.🙄 Didja see that lunatic claim area 51 had actual aliens in the congressional hearing???

        • Did hear about that the area 51 aliens, which bring brings up the question: If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, where the hell did they find Admiral Rachel L. Levine?

        • “If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, where the hell did they find Admiral Rachel L. Levine?”

          As Andrew ‘Dice’ Clay would have said in a dirty song :

          “Men are from Mars, women from Venus.

          Now shut with your yap, and service my pen!s…”

  3. what im more interested in is how/why:
    1 she was clearly wearing one pair of shoes in the school security video and then was wearing a completely different pair of shoes in the police body cam footage and
    2 she was hit with four 5.56 rounds and four 9mm/.40 rounds at point blank range and there was no blood on her or her gear or the floor or the wall behind her
    remember the guy on the scooter in new york that was just driving around shooting random people with a 9mm
    the video showed the one old guy getting shot with a single 9mm round and within seconds there was blood all over the front and back of his shirt
    im not buying what were being sold in nashville
    any more than im buying what were being sold about seth rich and las vegas and jan 6 and cesar sayoc and at least a half a dozen other things

    • You have a very good point. What was real in Nashville was shooting through the doors and after that it could be anything including Hollywood. And if Nashville was staged on the behalf of Gun Control and the show inspired the Louisville shooter to act then it would be the demise of Gun Control.

      The Nashville marching and begging for Gun Control came to a sudden hault after Louisiville. One way or another and by his writings the Louisville shooter is tied to whatever actually happened in Nashville…IMO.

    • I have heard that at least in Texas an annuity to family members of the shooter is being offered in return for a successful mass shooting. No word on who makes the offer, but in Israel it is Hamas. I don’t know if this is relevant, but should be part of the conversation. Could it be some anti gun group with influence putting a dirty thumb on the scale??

      • Mike and George have the cash for such a promise. But whether or not they actually pay is another.

  4. I just read that sick twisted woman had handwritting all over her cloths to include her bra, hand drawn pictures and stickers.
    An orange bracelet with the numbers 508407 on it.
    I do think they are not releasing the manifesto for reasons others mention above. But depending on how much of her writings they have to go through and puzzle together everything, I could see it taking awhile.

    In the end, we have a hard fact, a seriously mentally unwell woman, plotted at length, went in and committed murder.

  5. Some topics just aren’t open for discussion.

    Here’s another example — remember the shooting in Fargo a few weeks ago?

    Horowitz: The blackout of the Fargo terrorist attack obscures a broader concern in small-town America

    There has been a near-complete blackout on information about this attack, especially in the national media. It took over a week for any information about Barakat’s immigration history to come to light, as Americans watched the streets of France burn during those days, also a result of suicidal generosity in immigration policy.

    This was not your run-of-the-mill street thug or mentally ill mass shooter. Given the lack of criminal record or manifesto left behind, this has the hallmarks of a targeted jihad.

    • I can agree with this and what .40 cal Booger was saying about the cover-up of the militant trans movement. I can agree 100%. But there’s something I want to add to both thus call repeated attention to; the appearance of a false-flag operation IS STRONG and should not be denied with either shooting. My instincts can’t be denied when I smell such a rat in all this. And strangely, now this horrifying information is finally being brought to the surface by credible sources (Gibson, Wahlberg, etc.,) about the evils of Hollywood we just might realize the justice and truth about these false flag events sometime down the road. Whistleblowers are indeed to be respected.

  6. GOA Scores 2A win for veterans. (in case no one is aware of it, basically; due to the Clinton administration, for years thousands of veterans were and still are , until this, entered into the federal system and denied their 2A rights as ‘mentally incompetent’ simply because they availed their selves of a VA program to help them with their finances… see the video)

    • taking rights away is a hallmark of the Democrat party, especially when it comes to ‘gun control’ which is more properly termed ‘rights control’

      • just to mention though, some democrats did vote to stop this and one republican voted to continue it.

        • “Who was this Republican?”

          Robert B. Aderholt – Alabama (AL) – 4th, Republican. he voted Aye for the amendment for it to continue for it. those who voted No against the amendment were voting for it not to continue through the amendment.

        • scratch what I posted…I had it reversed…anyway one republican voted for it to continue…see the link above for the votes.

        • man I screwd up the post…sorry…look at the link I posted, the republican who voted no.

          a vote of yes was in favor of the amendment which ends this denial of rights for veterans.

          a vote of no was in favor of continuing this denial of rights for veterans. the republican was not Aderholt.

          sorry bout that…I was trying to copy n paste the roll call on my phone and it only copied his name but he is not the Republican who voted to continue this practice.

      • The Democrats miss their plantations and the “property rights” over the workers.

    • this is the republican who voted no on the amendment to stop this denial of rights for veterans…

      Brian K. Fitzpatrick – Pennsylvania (PA) – 1st, Republican

      • Not surprising. He’s a RINO traitor that hates guns and the 2A and always votes to take gun rights away.

  7. Woman Who Detransitioned Calls On Congress To Ban Gender Confirmation Healthcare For Minors.

  8. This shooting breaks two Dem agendas, so don’t expect to see it before the next Presidential election. Others have talked out the trans side. I don’t see anybody talking about target selection. It was reported that the shooter had another site targeted, but it’s defenses were too good, so the softer target was chosen. That doesn’t bolster the argument for gun free zones and disarmed victims that can’t fight back. When ever place is hardened, the killers will die before they get a significant body count. Without being able to get large body counts, and the infamy that accompanies it, there will be little motivation for these attacks. Few killers fantasize about busting into a place, brandishing a gun, and immediately dying in a hail of gunfire from the intended victims. It becomes an alternative to suicide by cop.

  9. Item 1. Mental illness. Delusional and being pumped full of hormones. What could go wrong?
    Item 2 Target selection. Mention was made early on that the shooter had originally chosen another target, but switched to the church school because it lacked security.
    Item 3. Political agenda. Ask who benefits from the manifesto being published, and who does not. If it doesn’t benefit the leftist news narrative, and the leftist agenda, it gets buried deep. If it harms conservatives or promotes the Marxist agenda, it gets trumpeted from the mountaintops.

    • Any evidence that the women killer was “pumped full of hormones”?
      If so, it was thoroughly covered up, because everything I’ve read says that she was just a woman who liked to dress up as a man, no hormones involved, just a woman cross-dressing as a man.
      The fact that the killer was a woman confused the hell out of the Dems, because police originally mistakenly reported she was a trans-woman who used to be a man, not a woman who was born as a woman and still had all her woman parts. When Dems found out it was just a woman dressed like a man, they couldn’t blame toxic masculinity like they usually do. The woman was obviously bat-shit crazy, but Dems refuse to admit that mental illness has anything to do with so-called “gun violence,” so they just stopped talking about the killer and moved on to their usual “blaming the guns” and misidentifying handguns and Kel-Tec 9mm pistol-caliber carbines as “high-powered AR-15 rifles” even though they were low-powered 9mm firearms.

  10. End the speculation and the “conspiracy ” theories and release the manifesto.

    The autopsy reports have been released, and the absolute violence they show is disturbing. I have seen some bad stuff, seen bodies in all states of destruction, and the autopsy reports shook me.

  11. Well “big pharma” doesn’t want you to know the truth. And “big marijuana” doesn’t want you to know the truth either.

    The guy who murdered chris kyle said he smoked marijuana, prior to shooting the “american sniper” to death. And the people who advocate for drug legalization screamed bloody murder about that fact. And tried to deny that pot had anything to do with the murder.

    It all depends on whose ox is gored.

    Was this atheist, ex Christian, White murderous Lesbi@n on some medication, when she murdered children and adults at a Christian school???

    She is member of a “protected class” in the USA. So they will do all they can, to stop the truth from coming out. If this was a member of the US military who did this, the libertarians liberals and the left, would be screaming complaining about “the military industrial complex”.

    And I would see 200 well written option pieces in major publications demanding the manifesto be released.

    Those who scream the loudest for government transparency are strangely quiet on this issue. Or perhaps not so strangely quiet.

    • delay fuels speculation and all sort of wild conjecture…clearly they’re hiding something….

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