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A bunch of people shot a bunch of machine guns at targets for quite some time. Is that a Citizens watch?

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  1. Great family outing. See how everybodies attention got pulled to the right when the mini gun let go. That distinctive sewing machine noise and solid ball of fire at the muzzle is a crowd pleaser. Dad lives in Kentucky but I’m always under the time pressure of family obligations when I’m there. Oh well, maybe next year.

  2. I applied to grad school in kentucky just because of this. If nowhere in-state works out, hopefully they will

  3. Please edumacate me… What’s the point of standing around in a huge crowd watching other people shoot???

    • I don’t know about this particular event but at one of these knob creek shoots they had a 40mm bofors gun that they fired. I would have stood in a crowd to watch that. And I would love to see and hopefully shoot a water cooled vickers also. Seeing these things on the history channel is not the same as being there when they fire.

      • Nothing like being there for some experiences. I got within 20 feet of an old top-fuel dragster (engine in front of the driver) when it was staging for its 1/4 mile run. HAD to cover my ears, but it was still too loud, and I could FEEL the sound thumping on my chest. For some things, video just can’t capture all the reality of the experience.

    • It’s not just watching people shoot – in some cases they’re firing at reactive targets and at any given moment there are a few fires burning downrange – and what a huge range it is! And then there’s the Night Shoot, with the tracers and exploding barrels full of fuel. Oh, and the 2PM break where they let you walk downrange and see up close the damage the rounds are doing to all of the targets.
      It’s people watching – just seeing the panoply of T-Shirts people are wearing, is interesting – I’ve seen attendees with Knob Creek souvenir T-shirts from the 1980s (now that’s dedication), as well as the full spectrum of (mostly gun related) political opinions on full display. And not just watching – people come from all over and it’s interesting to talk to them.
      Then there are the huge number of tables filled with firearms, ammo, collectibles, and all manner of sundries.
      Oh, and lots of people with slung weapons advertising them for sale.
      The lower range has “rentals” where you can fire an amazing variety of full-auto firearms.
      It’s about the atmospherics, too – the early morning chow queue in the crisp chilly air that has people lined up in the predawn darkness. It’s the 9am skyrocket that opens up the firing line. It’s the “ready on the left, ready on the…” range command that’s always obscured by gunfire that answers just a bit too quickly. It’s the surprisingly solemn and moving invocation and recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance that officially marks the beginning of the “night shoot.” And then, when the last tracer fires and the air horn sounds off for all to make their weapons safe, a thunderous ovation of clapping, cheering and whistling breaks over the crowd – a sincere appreciation for the spectacular show they’ve just seen.
      But perhaps above all it’s the amazing feeling of temporary community – with the exception of undercover ATF, liberal reporters, and spouses that are dragged along – everyone is there because they’re extremely passionate about guns and gun rights.
      I didn’t grow up in the “gun culture” and where I’m from is the one of the most anti-2A states in the nation. So perhaps that infuses my view of the ‘Shoot with a bit more elan than other folks might feel.

  4. Great footage, my favorite part about the shoot last year was the minigun. It can be quite loud. Also the watch looks to be a Seiko, in case anyone was wondering 😉

    • He forgot the apostrophe. Meant to say, “Is that a Citizen’s watch?”

      I know, I got the sly reference to a company ad campaign a few years ago, but I like it better with the apostrophe.

  5. It’ll get even better when the tracer fire during the night shoot. It’s truly a sight to behold. 😉

    Only in ‘Murica.

  6. Note to the gun control lobby: Please notice how the possession of an automatic weapon did not suddenly turn the shooters into crazed lunatics turning their muzzles on the crowd.

    MikeB must be beside himself and pondering his moral security…

  7. I’ve wanted to check out Knob Creek for some time, but as a minority I had to wait until a time when I wouldn’t be actively discouraged from being there. Finally, the Machine Gun Shoot came around. It was awesome!

    The sheer number of vendors and items available was overwhelming and inspiring. I’m pretty sure that an individual could find even the rarest of items if they spent the time to check out all the tables. I really wanted to do the subgun walk ($35 for a full Uzi!), but they sold out for the day by 9:30am. I also wanted to rent a fully-automatic gun, but for some reason they shut down the rental field early — before 6pm — so I didn’t get a chance.

    Even if you’re not the one shooting, just watching the night shoot is an incredible experience. Watching tracers hit something and then ricochet out of sight into the horizon is simply beautiful. Actually hearing the whir of a minigun can’t be duplicated. Trying to appreciate ballistics is one thing, but seeing rounds poke holes through a dump truck scoop is quite another. One thing that video simply can’t get across is the actual percussion you feel when they fire the larger automatic guns. Even at quite a distance I could feel a slap against my chest when they fired what I assume was a Browning Machine Gun. My only complaint is that trying to actually view the firing weapons is extremely difficult. With line after line of people in front of you, you actually don’t see as much as you would like.

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