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Let me give you a little free legal advice (not a lawyer, but I play one on the Internet). First, manufacturing a silencer of any type designed to be used on a firearm is a felony unless you have a proper license. Second, if you’re going to commit a felony, it’s probably best not to film yourself doing it. And then post it to the Internet. No matter how funny it is.

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  1. Now that is some funny stuff right there. I ain’t a lawyer either so I’m not gonna comment on the felony stuff. But it was funny stuff. And it shows what happens when guys have cool toys and lots of time on their hands.

  2. That is awesome.

    Seriously, many of the home-made silencer videos on Youtube are made in countries where silencers are legal. Some genuinely work, too.

  3. He’s just being silly, and he didn’t even come close to making a silencer. He’s lucky it didn’t accidently work because ATF would be knocking his door down for sure.

  4. This YouTuber actually manages to break the law in this video.

    To break the law all you have to do is alter the db level of the firearm. You don’t have to “silence” it, just suppress the noise ever so slightly.

    There is no shortage of people willing to post videos of themselves breaking various gun laws on YouTube.

    • unless you can prove through video-quality sound that the sound levels were at all different than another shotgun recorded with the same type of camera (as it is the only standing piece of evidence), I take your words with a grain of salt.

        • Can’t you tell that was filmed in one of those “unfriendly”countries that the ATF has no jurisdiction in? I think that one was filmed in “a location by pygmy giants on the coast of the desert where shotguns and pillows are natural enemies but came together just for this video-stan”.

  5. Can the ATF arrest a gun owner for possession of a pillow? ‘Cause according to most of the crime shows I’ve seen on TV, pillows make excellent silencers, especially for revolvers.

    TV is very educational.

    • DG, is what you’re calling “ring’ed” the barrel what we old hillbillies referred to as a “dog knot”. The steel on a shotgun barrel is lighter and occassionally some one fires with an obstruction on or in the barrel and causes a swelling in the barrel. We called that a “dog knot”.

      • Whatever we want to call it, it can be fixed as long as the steel isn’t split.

        It takes time, the right tools and careful work, however. And if the coating on the barrels is marred while putting the bulge back down, the barrels will have to be re-blued or re-park’ed.

        The advice I’d give all shotgun owners is never to fire a shotgun even with a very modest restriction in the bore or at the muzzle. Even if you put your gun down into the snow while hiking around during hunting season, unload the gun and get the stuff out of the bore before firing.

        • It snowed where we hunted and the first trick I learned as a youngster was to tape the muzzle of my gun to prevent the clogging if the gun made contact with the snow or ground. If the tape was broke you knew to unload and take it down for cleaning the obstruction.

  6. I’ve found sawn off shotguns for sale on Craigslist before. There sure wasn’t any mention of NFA tax stamps.

    • It’s not illegal to saw the barrel off a shotgun. It becomes illegal when you shorten the barrel to less than 18 inches. Muzzle loading shotguns are exempt from this rule, you can shorten all you want on a muzle loader.

  7. Yea, no NFA violation here. Anybody who claims it is, is just trying to be a tattle “tall tell”. It is quite funny though!

    • A “tattle tale” would attempt to get him into trouble by reporting him to the authorities. Talking about a YouTube video doesn’t make one a “tattle tale”, that is unless of course you consider yourself to be a “tattle tale” as well for posting in this thread.

      The term “tattle tale” is a bit sophomoric, IMHO. To appear more masculine you might use phrases such as “snitch” or “nark”. You could also go with the retro versions like “stoolie”.

  8. Hmmm, various military manuals on improvised weapons recommend the use of a large, raw potato as a sound suppressor (one shot use). I am now worried that the State of Idaho is engaged in a conspiracy to circumvent ATF regulations – as in, promoting Idaho Potatoes. In fact, the Idaho Potato Commission just constructed a giant (think flatbed tractor-trailer) Idaho Potato and sent it all over the country on an “Idaho Spud” tour. Idaho’s potato farmers could also be arrested for “manufacturing” sound suppressors.

    And when will Coke and Pepsi be held accountable for their sales of millions of large plastic soda jugs that are easily converted to suppressors?


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