Think Progress Editor Laments Chicago Woman Using Her Gun in Self-Defense
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A little over a week ago, a 25-year-old Chicago woman faced an armed robber at a bus stop.  Robber Laavion Goings, Jr., 19, stuck a gun in the woman’s face and told her to give it up.  Moments later, she gave it up. She pulled a revolver and shot him at the base of the throat. We wrote about it here.

Goings, a frequent flier in the Cook County criminal justice system, ran away from the bus stop as fast as he could, but died not far from the scene. The CPD didn’t need a PhD in tracking to hunt Laavion down. He left quite a blood trail.

The Tribune reported the story:

Laavion Goings Jr. was out of jail only two months when the 19-year-old walked up to a bus stop about a block from his home, pulled out a gun and tried to rob a woman on the Far South Side.

But the woman had a gun too and fired first, hitting Goings in the chest, according to Chicago police. The teen ran back to his home and made it as far as a stairwell in the foyer of a building before collapsing in the 400 block of West 103rd Street.

That’s where officers found him shortly before 6 a.m. Tuesday, just minutes after the shooting. He died within an hour at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn.

Neighbors cheered the woman’s act of self-defense.

Even the Chicago Tribune, who looks at guns (and gun owners) as you would a freshly-loaded diaper, ran a column praising the woman for protecting herself. The Tribune piece even labelled Goins a villain. Strong words for a publication that sometimes describes 19-year-old criminals as “boys” or “teens”.

Think Progress Editor Laments Chicago Woman Using Her Gun in Self-Defense

Enter Zack Ford (above), an editor for the George Soros-funded Think Progress. Ford stirred up quite a storm with a tweet objecting to the fact that the woman defended herself with a firearm.

Think Progress Editor Laments Chicago Woman Using Her Gun in Self-Defense
courtesy Twitter

What does Ford have against vulnerable women in a dangerous city on their way to work? Why does he set about shaming this one for defending herself against and armed robber? This young lady simply did her best to make sure she could go home that night to the people who love and depend on her.

But for the radical lefty hack, self-defense was a shameful, selfish act on her part. Better she should surrender her valuables — and maybe her life — to a criminal than carry the tools with which to fight back and help secure her own safety.

Ford caught a lot of blowback for his short missive. So, Zack be nimble, Zack be quick. Zack posted another tweet.

Think Progress Editor Laments Chicago Woman Using Her Gun in Self-Defense
courtesy Twitter

It doesn’t matter if it’s a good guy killing a pair of Islamic terrorists, an armed robbery victim saving her own life, a criminal fatally shooting himself (graphic video) or a fellow criminal. Zack Ford doesn’t recognize any legitimate civilian use for firearms.

The Think Progress prog probably thinks the victims of the Pulse nightclub Islamist terror attack are also reasons why we should surrender our guns.

But Ford wasn’t finished digging. He tweeted yet again…

Think Progress Editor Laments Chicago Woman Using Her Gun in Self-Defense
courtesy Twitter

There you have it. Does Ford apply that same standard to another forcible felony, aggravated criminal sexual assault – commonly known as rape? Would Ford allow someone to rape him at gunpoint so they could both “likely have survived” the encounter?

Within hours, Ford’s online world began to melt down. Under a torrent of criticism, he took down the crude, offensive and paternalistic tweets and apologized.

Yes, Think Progress’ oh-so-woke editor will “try to be more sensitive in his advocacy in the future.”

Zack Ford tweets think progress chicago self defense
courtesy Brady Campaign

But Ford’s still going to work to end gun violence for all people. Because people like Ford just can’t sleep at night after reading about a real-life situation in which good triumphs over evil. Situations like a 25-year-old Chicago woman killing a ne’er-do-well threatening her life over a few bucks and a phone.

Oh, and here’s the tweet he has pinned to the top of his Twitter page:

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  1. If Ford is ever killed by a firearm and not at his own hand I’ll be sure to publicize the fact that he died as he wished, an unarmed and unresisting victim.

    • All while trying to appeal to the criminal’s conscience and empathy.

      His last realization will be that criminals have neither.

    • Being a hardcore Democrat, he’s more likely to shoot up a school just to prove his “point” that “guns are bad,” then blow himself away rather than be caught by the cops and held accountable.

    • What he should have said, if he want’s truth in advertising, is that he and his socialist/communist cohorts want people disarmed, so they can have their socialist hellhole. They know not of what they advocate for. Their being used as pawns, and are too brain washed to know better.

      • Have to disagree. For all the evils of Socialism and Communism, gun control was not among them. Marx believed the people must be well armed and with no infringements. Including the private ownership of cannon.

        Anti-gun people today are not following the utopian, socialist-communist plan. For all they have wrong in their thinking, that’s not a part of it. Gun control is a tool of two kinds of people, those who think inanimate objects cause violent actions by human beings, and tyrants.

        In their own words then………

        Excerpt from “Address of the Central Committee to the Communist League”
        Karl Marx and Frederick Engels
        London, March 1850

        “To be able forcefully and threateningly to oppose this party, whose betrayal of the workers will begin with the very first hour of victory, the workers must be armed and organized. The whole proletariat must be armed at once with muskets, rifles, cannon and ammunition, and the revival of the old- style citizens’ militia, directed against the workers, must be opposed. Where the formation of this militia cannot be prevented, the workers must try to organize themselves independently as a proletarian guard, with elected leaders and with their own elected general staff; they must try to place themselves not under the orders of the state authority but of the revolutionary local councils set up by the workers. Where the workers are employed by the state, they must arm and organize themselves into special corps with elected leaders, or as a part of the proletarian guard. Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary. The destruction of the bourgeois democrats’ influence over the workers, and the enforcement of conditions which will compromise the rule of bourgeois democracy, which is for the moment inevitable, and make it as difficult as possible— these are the main points which the proletariat and therefore the League must keep in mind during and after the approaching uprising.”

        • Just plain wrong. Not the quote about the writings of Marx but about the reality of socialism and communism. Every example has required civilian disarmament to achieve.

        • Nope, just plain right.

          No socialist or commie utopia has ever sought to control gun ownership, not once, not ever. What happens is the utopian dream is flawed and always fails. How it always fails is it runs against natural human desires for self improvement, natural capitalist and self-determination tendencies. When that happens the utopian dream dies and authoritarian government rises as the leadership begins to apply force to maintain the utopian dream. But now the force is not against the prior power structure their revolution overthrew, now it is against the very people they were supposed to be helping.

          The Marxist dream cannot succeed because it always devolves into its own natural enemy. A brutal, bloody dictatorship of a single man or political party. A dictatorship that maintains the illusion of Socialist Utopia, but it is as much of a lie as the claim of being a Democracy of some sort.

          The Soviets also called their invention a Republic, just as we do. But there was no true representative democracy in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. It was a lie. A revolution that died long ago with a series of dictators, strong man authoritarians and Party Tyrants claiming to be what they were not.

          Their saying they were a thing did not make it true.

    • Apparently the Zack Ford thing is okay with folks being beaten to death or stabbed or run over with a truck or being hacked apart with a broadsword. I’m surmising that should he meet his doom via any of these methods he would not want his murder to be immediately politicized. ‘Cuz guns. This critter is beyond stupid. Incomprehensible.

  2. If an individual introduces a lethal weapon or lethal intent, said individual is to blame for whatever comes after. I’ve never been on the two way range, but I know some who have. I don’t want that, but if I’m staring at the end in the form of a blade or gun… I’m going home tonight, whatever it takes.

    • I have been. In Viet Nam, and later in a couple of US cities. You don’t always get the opportunity to stare at the business end of somebody else’s weapon.

  3. Another liberal who hates women and minorities. Ask how he feels about abortion. He knows that the majority of abortions happen in the black community. He would be cold stone stupid not to. So he’s good with abortions. Racist. Misogynist. Probably supports the brown shirts/antifa also.

    An unarmed woman is a victim. Just how this boy likes them. The Left is a crime against humanity.

  4. He’s right that robbery is not a capital offense.

    What Ford fails to understand is that it’s the credible threat of death or grave bodily injury that this 19 year old “kid” presented that led to the termination of his life. It was not the robbery attempt it was the way he decided to go about that robbery attempt.

    Had he simply said “Give me what you’ve got!” then either the lady would have laughed at him or given him what he wanted. Either way, he’d still be breathing. He’s the one who decided that to enhance his chances of a successful robbery he had to use more than words. That decision is what got him killed.

    • I could not agree more but I am saddened you had to explain that to anyone. What you stated should be the most obvious thing in the world.

      • AND it might serve as a deterrent to some other thug will ill intent. Of course, that’s most likely wishful thinking.

  5. With regard to his last tweet, I don’t see anything holding him back from taking a trip to Chicago (or Baltimore, or DC, or other choice destinations) and making his life-long dream come true. Bon voyage!

  6. There’s that damn Unicorn again, right over the Rainbow. Good luck with that Mr. Ford.

    As for me:

    Lord, make me fast and accurate.
    Let my aim be true and my hand faster
    than those who wish to harm me and mine.
    Let not my last thought be “If only I had my gun”.
    and Lord, if today is truly the day you are to call me home,
    Let me die in a pile of empty brass.

    • Or as Jeff Cooper put it: “Blessed is that man who, when facing death, thinks only of his front sight.”

  7. My ideal is for a world in which guns do not have to be a part of anyone’s daily life …

    Yet another example which illustrates how Progressives operate on idealism, fantasy, and emotion.

    For what it is worth, I share the same ideal. Alas, we live in the real world where human garbage always has and always will prey on fellow human beings. THAT is why we will always need effective self-defense. No amount of well-wishing, fantasizing, and Tweets will ever change those cold, hard, terrible facts.

    • No guns? No problem. Swords. Bows. Cleavers. Knives. Etc. so on and so forth.

      The weapons means nothing. It’s the hand and heart that wields it. There has and always will be violence. Mr. Ford is a racist, misogynist idiot.

      • Absolutely true. To wish to go back to a time when there were no guns is to wish for a return of the dark ages where men who wielded large swords and axes subjugated the weak to their harsh rule. Those who wish for this twisted utopia seem oblivious that they would be serfs serving a lord who would force them to labor long grueling hours for the privilege of living. See, guns made all people equal in the use of lethality which reduced and nearly eliminated the nobility’s ability to subjugate people.

    • Myself, I don’t share this sentiment at all. I WANT guns to be a part of my daily life. I think they are beautiful: a unique and amazing blend of engineering function and aesthetic form. I think they are fun: a great sport, a relaxing pastime. I think they are interesting: history and the human condition encapsulated in metal, wood, and yes, even plastic. I think they are intellectually stimulating: they have helped me to learn a great deal about engineering, design, philosophy, and law.

      I DON’T want guns to be part of my daily life because people are trying to kill me, nor do I want them to be part of my daily life so that I can work to kill others. I am a peaceful, peace-loving guy.

      However, we do live in a world where sometimes those things also happen: another good reason to own a firearm. But even if we could entirely eliminate “gun violence,” or even ALL violence, I would still want guns around, just as I enjoy cars, books, art, music, literature, movies, and all the other things that make life interesting and worth living.

  8. Hmmm…if Zack was getting gang raped by a bunch of gangsters,…
    wait…he might enjoy it…never mind

  9. Sometimes robbers shoot their victims even after the victim complied. Why should anyone have to take that chance if they have a choice?

    • Yeah, staking your life on the good conscience of a violent felon doesn’t sound like a great plan, does it?

  10. My ideal is for a world in which guns do not have to be a part of anyone’s daily life and in which gun deaths are not a part of our daily news.

    And my ideal is for a world in which disease does not have to be a part of anyone’s daily life and in which death from disease is not a part of our daily news. Does that mean we should eliminate hospitals and modern medicine? After all, having hospitals and modern medicine is a tacit admission and constant reminder that disease has the upper hand.

  11. Zack Ford is obviously a Soy-Boy, Leftist, Fruitcake!” He should be immediately relegated to the comic pages section, and NOT given any primetime viability…Especially to taunt, vilify a “victim of crime…” Maybe even “Fired” from his post….

  12. The penalty for theft is not death.” — Zach Ford

    The victim did not execute the attacker because the attacker was robbing her! Rather, the attacker threatened the victim’s life and the victim defended herself WHICH WAS A RIGHTEOUS ACT!

    • “… a 19 year-old would be mugger.”

      So true Uncommon. A gun pointed at someone takes the offense far beyond theft. Plus, the offender was a mugger, not a would be mugger. Whether the property was obtained or not, pointing the gun and issuing the threat makes you a mugger, — period.

  13. You heard it, ladies, just throw ‘em in the air and deal with it… It’s really better for everyone involved.

  14. As Clint Eastwood said in Dirty Harry, “There’s nothing wrong with shooting, as long as the right people get shot.”

      • Ok, so Mr. Eastwood didn’t say this. His co-star did, but I like it so here it is.

        This is the age of lapsed responsibilities and defeated justice.
        Today an eye for an eye means only if your caught.
        Even then it’s an indefinite postponement and lets settle out of court.
        Does that sound profound or just boring?

  15. Wow! His words are exactly like a bunch of statements I have seen here in this blog’s comment section. What does that mean?

  16. Is Zack Ford really pedder ass Jared from Subway?

    Would Zack feel better if the lump of shit was 30?

    As for the dead criminal…Goings, Goings, gone.

  17. Oh man, I can understand why Zack Ford doesn’t want people to be able to defend themselves. He looks like a pedophile (not sure what gender he prefers) by looking on his photo. He even has puppy bait.

    It would definitely be in his best interest for victims’ parents to be unarmed.

      • Or claiming to represent the “victim”.

        In progressive ideology, the true victim is the criminal who was forced into crime because of a cruel and unjust society. We, as members of society, need to be punished for our bourgeois privilege. According to Lenin (Vladimir, NOT John) anything bourgeois needs to be exterminated.

  18. I’ve often said the same thing in different words. It is the bad guy that decided that the risk of his life was worth his potential reward. Let us hope that more find it wasn’t.

  19. Zack can’t stand empowered women.

    But hey his logic is probably that she should have been killed with her own gun like a good girl because that’s what guns cause. Heaven help someone actually defend themselves against a predatory asshole like god intended them to. He needs to check his privilege too he doesn’t know what it’s like growing up in the hood.

    Overall a happy ending though, I hope she gets her revolver back. Don’t need another scumbag “child” buddy of his coming back to try and finish the job.

  20. Brady is Wrong.
    Rapes CAN and DO last a lifetime…..for the victim.

    What a bunch of assholes for telling us to submit to criminals, instead of defending ourselves.

        • If you reverse image search it, the first instances of it being used are on 4Chan’s /Pol/ board. So it’s definitely a fake as they are known to do this sort of thing.

      • If it’s fake, then TTAG should definitely remove the photo. They even give credit to the Brady Campaign. I clicked on it thinking it was real. Still not sure. Does anyone know for sure?

  21. We could watch in amusement when some 17 year old gang banger walks up to Mr. Zack Ford and sticks a 9 inch blade to his windpipe, and listen to Mr. Ford squeal like a little girl for someone to save his sorry a$$, but we would not be that type of persons what would stand idly by, we would remove the threat to Mr. Ford so he could berate us later.

    • “…but we would not be that type of persons what would stand idly by, we would remove the threat to Mr. Ford…”

      Speak for yourself. My gun is for me and mine. If you, or anyone else, are the benefactor of me protecting mine, it was merely incidental.

      • Exactly. Unless you share my last name, my gun doesn’t leave its holster. My only responsibility is to be physically, emotionally and financially there for my wife and daughter. Period. I may feel differently if a bus full of nuns or handicapped children are under attack, but that’ll be a game time decision.

    • We absolutely MUST comply with Zack Ford’s wishes and not assist if he is the subject of an attack. I can’t call him a victim because to Zack the real victim is the perpetrator.

  22. Holy fckn sht beeotch: ASL I wanna have this person as my mate. What nerves, gun in the facee.. caps dah fckr. Oh hell yes.

  23. Wow. He checked his own privilege in record time. Must be nice not to worry (ignore) about violence where you live. What folks like Zack fails to understand is that self-defense isn’t about ‘justice’ and it never will be.

    When someone pulls a gun on you, you CANNOT know whether or not they’ll kill you regardless of your cooperation. There are many reasons why bad actors resort to armed robbery. Monetary gain usually isn’t a reason but merely a result.

  24. Problem is that Ford or the victim couldn’t possibly know if this violent crime would’ve ended at just a robbery.
    Ford obviously shaves with Gillette products.

  25. Zero sympathy for the thug. Mr. Zack is a communist shill, likely the useful idiot that Stalin loved. He knows not what he advocates for. He would be one of the first to be murdered.

  26. Ford is simply one of the elitist lib-prog thought police, who think they should be able to tell the rest of us proles what to think and how to act. May he fail spectacularly (especially as a user of Bloomburg/Soros money) and feel the heel of free people upon his neck.

  27. This is the kind of racist white Liberal scum I talk about who now supports the Mulford Act.
    This racist Liberal pig would support the Black Codes.

    These are the kind of who are people running California. And the House of Representatives now.

  28. OR a rape is 30 seconds…a death is forever. Read THAT today. Happy boy hates women. Especially brown women. He could prove his progressive bent and get some young black buck roomies. Put a few a few through college😄😊😏

  29. Zack Ford is a criminals dream. Not o my is he unarmed but he’s more than willing to give up his property. How would he feel about home invaders having their way with his wife while he watched? Because that’s what criminals have done to disarmed people.
    I like his ESP about how sure he is both would have survived the encounter. The crook was fresh out of jail and would have not wanted a witness alive to ID him. Criminals kill their victims quite frequently.

    • Wife??? Well, maybe in Chiraq he(?) does have a wife, another soy boy. Or maybe he is the wife.

  30. I would encourage Zack Ford to spend some of his hard earned Soros ducats in the South Side of Chicago. What would his life expectancy be without a police escort when he’s passing out free hugs to the un-rehabilitated members of the felon community? Ford lives in a fantasy world where the only violence occurs playing Fortnite. Progressives are the cause of the extreme poverty and virtual modern day slavery that exists within that community. Ford just couldn’t resist “tweeting” his two cents, given his visceral hatred of firearms and citizens who defend their lives using firearms. As a leftist, Ford is willing to accept a body count, a running theme with leftists, in order to push his agenda. A living citizen who doesn’t depend on the state is antithetical to his existence.

    • There is much truth in what you say. I’ve been debating this issue with people since the late 80’s, when the anti-gunners were harping on background checks, waiting periods, gun rationing, etc. The “assault weapon” thing was still a couple years in the future.

      At that time, the rate of major felony crimes committed with guns was much, much higher than it is today. The most ardent proponents of gun control were then, as they are now, upper-middle class “professionals” who wanted to not see reports of violence on their evening news broadcasts or in their newspapers.

      In the run-up to the Brady Act, I was in a public debate with a bunch of people in the SF Bay area on the topic. At one point, I asked for a show of hands of “who here supports gun control?”

      OK, a whole lot of hands went up. Then I asked “Now, if you’ve never been the victim of violent crime against your person (robbery, rape, assault, etc), please put your hand down.”

      Suddenly, over 75% of the hands went down. Now I asked for people to look around at how many hands were still up. You could see the clue starting to kick in… but I wasn’t done yet.

      Then I asked “OK, all hands down. Now, if you’ve been a victim of crime against your person, and you’re against gun control, please raise your hand.”

      A bunch of hands went up. More than those who were for gun control. Oh, and the hands were a lot less pale and manicured, shall we say.

      It was one of the few times I could bring home the smug elitism inherent in the gun control movement. People think that Shannon Watts is a new aspect of gun control. She isn’t. She’s just a smug elitists hired by and even bigger, smugger elitist, Mike Bloomberg.

    • Mr. Ford, FIRST of all it appalls me that you even bring up anything being left or right. Not ALL of the left is anti- gun like you or MANY right wingers think. This young man was nineteen years old, which is old enough to hold a job, get an education or even serve in our U.S. Armed Forces, which only backs up my thought, “He was old enough to know better, or right from wrong.” How would you feel if this. nineteen year old raped your mother or wife or killed them after they know how to handle a firearm and you persuade them NOT to carry a firearm. How would you feel then, Mr. Wise Guy ?

      • “How would you feel if this nineteen year old raped your mother or your boyfriend/husband….”. FIFY

  31. I read those tweets on another site, hadn’t actually seen a pic of Ford til I came here…he looks EXACTLY like I imagined.

  32. ” ignored the context that this took place in a neighborhood with high rates of violence. That’s an experience I don’t have and shouldn’t speak to. ”

    This is a large part of what drives the anti-gun mob. In their smug arrogance, they are totally incapable of placing themselves in anyone else’s shoes. Coming from a cozy existence of private schools, gated communities and helicopter moms they can’t even begin to imagine what life might be like for the rest of the world.

    Maybe Mr. Ford should spend a week or two on his own in a “high crime neighborhood.”

  33. “My tweet also ignored the context that this took place in a neighborhood with high rates of violence. That’s an experience I don’t have and shouldn’t speak to.”

    I would have never known that to look at him…

  34. These idiots keep focusing on the tools.

    If all firearms magically disappeared, the same criminals and crime victims would suffer the same fates, just with different tools.

    • I like putting it to most anti-gunners like this:

      Me: “Do you really want to get rid of guns? All guns?”

      Them: “Yes! We’d be so much safer without them.”

      “Well, you’re partially right. I’d be safer. Because you’d be doing what I want, when I want you to do it.”

      “What do you mean?”

      “Look at the size of me. Now look at the size of you. Without any guns, you’re going to do what I want, when I want it, because we’ll going back to the world of ‘Might Makes Right’ – and I’ll be able to enforce that with little more than a large stick.”


      I’ve never once seen one of these anti-gun people show a shred of evidence that they thought of this before I spelled it out for them.

      • Superb, DG. That really is excellent.

        I can’t do the same thing, at 63 years old, 6 feet, 160 pounds. But the point can be made effectively.

  35. “Would Ford allow someone to rape him at gunpoint so they could both “likely have survived” the encounter?”

    Well there’s one way to solve this quandary. Now we can do this the easy way or the hard way…

    • Judging by his picture you can be sure that’s something he actually pays for. Ironically and unbelievably, these soy bois are infinitely more dangerous to America than the worst actual Nazis and Kamikazes ever were.

      • I forgot where I saw it (it was recent), but it was something like “Here, the face of tyranny is a soccer mom named Karen.” Too true.

  36. Ford is in a word, a MONSTER.

    He’s of the kind which condemns Mordechai Anilewicz and the Bielski brothers for fighting the forces of the Holocaust.

    He reminds me of the woman who used to call Cleveland radio stations bragging about how she was pen pals with a bunch of serial killers and child molesters. She condemned the parents of the Curley kid for suing NAMBLA.

    He’s just like the women who send lingerie and marriage proposals to animals like Charles Manson.

    I hope some day he meets up with a couple of guys like the ones who slaughtered the Pettit family in Cheshire, Connecticut. Hilarity will ensue.

  37. “…They might say, “Come along with us. Let’s hide and wait to spill someone’s blood. Let’s catch some harmless people in our trap.
    Let’s swallow them alive, as the grave does. Let’s swallow them whole, like those who go down into the pit.
    We’ll get all kinds of valuable things. We’ll fill our houses with what we steal.
    Come and join our gang. We’ll share everything we have.”
    My son, don’t go along with them. Don’t even set your feet on their paths.
    They are always in a hurry to sin. They are quick to spill someone’s blood.
    How useless it is to spread a net while all the birds are watching!
    Those who hide and wait will spill their own blood. They will be caught in their own trap.
    That’s what happens to everyone who goes after money in the wrong way. That kind of money takes away the lives of those who get it…”

    This applies to robbers and socialists alike.

  38. Unfortunately, there are a lot of men like this guy. On both the right and the left. They’re essentially misogynists who believe that women should submit to men regardless of whether the man is a criminal or a predator. As such, they are strongly against women owning and using any type of powerful “thing” that allows her independence over her own fate.

    These guys are everywhere. Sad to say. Even in the conservative community. They discount crimes like rape and other forms of sexual assault as not being really that important, since “the woman lived.” They are not interested in any of the data about how such crimes radically affect the lives of women and girls. To them, it’s a man’s world and women and their wants and needs are far secondary to anything a man might want – a wallet, a purse, sex, money, her time, her attention, her physical space.

    As a woman you quickly learn that this kind of misogyny has very little to do with political preferences.

    • Not a Man, Not a misogynist. He’s a Soy Boy….

      And as a raving shitlib, he doesn’t know what to do when his virtue signals contradict themselves.

    • Before you see YOUR online reputation plummet, you should do 2 things:
      1. QUALIFY your statement that there are LOTS of men like this by offering more than your opinion.
      2. QUANTIFY your statement by saying something other than LOTS. A percentage, or a number, with demographics studies to support your claim.

      OR, admit that your bias is showing and recognize that you can’t possibly speak knowingly about such things.

      • I was going to say that I know a bunch of men, and not a single one of them would do anything other than cheer for a woman who successfully defends herself against a would-be rapist (well, some might settle for a more subdued “thumbs up” or similar).

        Of course, that’s personal experience too. But if she knows a bunch of guys who would rather see a woman raped than fight back, I’m thinking she’s unlucky in her acquaintances. Or I’m lucky. Who knows.

      • @Burley

        How do I know what I know?

        1. I’m a woman. Been one for 50 years.
        2. I’m a trauma therapist who counsels a lot of women.
        3. I move around in worlds that contain a lot of men, much more so than most women. I’m around men a lot. I overhear a lot of things that men don’t think I hear.

        The statistics on domestic violence and aggression against women are easily findable with any Google search. Of course, you’re not actually interested in the data, but in discrediting me. Which is exactly what misogynistic men do – suggest that somehow we, as women, don’t know jack shit about our own experience.

        I have nothing further to say.

        • Still, nothing but personal experience. You may or may not be a “Trauma Counselor” as you put it, but you’ve offered no credentials, no scope of experience, nor done anything to support your misandrist statement in the way of studies with statistics and demographics. If you were to say that “in a study conducted by (insert a credible group or institution name here) they found that in (type and location of area polled) up to (some percentage of women) made police reports about (insert act of actual violence here) indicating that (women in this type of household) were more at risk of (victimization by their significant other or roaming bands of gang members), I might be able to have some context around your statement offering a useful perspective. Telling me that I am uninterested in facts, offering none, and then using ad hominem by projecting your bias upon me is a classic internet dismissal (read that: logical fallacy) perpetrated by people with little to no support of their blatant statement. You are still basing your judgement of “a lot of men” on your anecdotal experience. Telling me that arrest rates for domestic crime is public knowledge but not listing any sources is ineffective in convincing me, as I could turn it around and point out that plenty of women commit acts of violence and largely go unpunished, not to mention the rising number of false sexual assault charges;which is tantamount to women doing violence unto men. My experience tells me that for me or any of my male coworkers to behave even a little bit flirty at work toward a woman may result in getting fired. There again, that’s just anecdotal. Most women are not so easily triggered, but I can also conjure up things like “labor statistics on workplace discipline are decidedly one-sided against men”. It’s not actual data, it’s just opinion. Sorry, but there was nothing qualifying or quantitative in your rebuttal. For you to get all triggered when someone questions your misandry only to be accused of misogyny is not conducive to any useful discussion and only reinforces the notion that your comment (and possibly you) was in fact misandrist.

    • Zak Ford is the LGBT editor for Think Progress. He is well known for attacking women general and specically Lesbians who refuse to recognize MtF TGs as women and have sex with them. Please do some research.

      • DEBATE! Crowder vs. LGBTQ #SJW (Zack Ford) | Louder With Crowder 19 minutes long.

        This is why I, speaking for myself, in the gun community have a “gay thing problem” according to Elaine B.
        It seems this white gay person is against my gun civil rights. Just like white straight people were against black gun civil rights in the America historical past. This interview is quite an eye opener.
        Thank you to Steven Crowder for doing this interview.

    • Elaine B
      I think you are projecting. What conservative, by name, are you talking about? I know Liberals discount the ability of women to defend themselves using a firearm. In fact Liberals have said a woman should just urinate on her rapist, to make him stop. Instead of shooting him. In fact its Liberal women who have said women should not have guns. And its Liberal men who have said women should not have guns.

  39. This is the same Zack Ford who went on Crowder to defend a person’s right to knowingly infect another person with AIDS.

  40. Oh great, another emasculated soyboy incel found his manjina.

    Theft with threats of use of a deadly weapon should be met with lethal force.

    Rapists should be met with lethal force.

    People can change, and we should give them the chance…but not before they alter/ruin an innocent’s life forever. The buck stops there.

  41. Zack Ford; doesn’t believe black women should be allowed to defend themselves from rape, robbery or murder……Huh….Why does Zack Ford hate black women?

  42. Deliberately conflating self-defense and vigilantism is an old ploy. Not the same of course, but if anyone is unclear, here’s an example.

    Self-defense: Man tries to rob a woman at gunpoint, victim shoots him and stops the crime, and possibly prevents death or serious injury to herself.

    Vigilantism: Man robs a woman at gunpoint, but she recognizes him. Later, instead of reporting the crime to the police, she ambushes the robber and guns him down.

  43. “A rape can last 30 seconds”?

    Only if the rapists is an antigun activists.

    This of course explains the obsession with banning large caliber, long barrelled, high capacity assault rifles which can fire dozens of rounds without reloading rather than small caliber, short barrelled, single shot Saturday Night Specials that are prone to misfire or discharge prematurely.

  44. Seriously, my grandfather was shot non fatally by an armed robber and my brother was murdered by a robber who intentionally ran him over with a Dodge van.

    This guy is evil.

  45. I am absolutely thrilled the kid is dead. Good riddance and a social benefit.

    Saves society the legal fees, incarceration fees, prevents all future crimes that pos would have committed and prevents him from breeding. Win all around!!

    I’m going to celebrate with a cupcake!

    Great shot……give her an award.

  46. First of all, by show of hands, how many of us actually WANT to get in a gunfight or otherwise shoot somebody?
    Second, I think we all can agree that we share his desire to see an end to gun violence.
    Having said that, we must not forget mama-wisdom “DON’T START NOTHIN’, WON’T BE NOTHIN’.
    I promise to all my fellow bi-pedal hominids, that if you don’t point a gun at me, or otherwise threaten my or my families safety, I won’t point a gun at or shoot any of them. I’m perfectly good with going to my grave as an old man who never shot anybody; fuck my goals up and I’ll fuck yours up.

  47. He doesn’t think the robber. Should have a gun either. So then he would just stab her if she doesn’t submit to Robert and rape ? And of course she’d be defenseless.

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