kenosha rioting armed citizens
Screencap via Twitter
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Kenosha, Wisconsin has become a hotbed of “civil unrest” in the past few days drawing troublemakers from both Milwaukee and Chicago. Last night saw far more looting and arson than Sunday. We also saw, for the first time, both homeowners and organized groups of armed citizens stepping up to protect local Kenosha homes and businesses.

When the police can’t or won’t maintain the rule of law, it falls to lawful gun owners. When things become bad enough, reluctant gun owners will stand between chaos and lawlessness and civilization.

In one residential neighborhood, where carloads of would-be rioters full of revolutionary zeal showed up to enrich residents’ lives, one homeowner stepped out and let his shotgun explain the facts of life. And guess what? When the social justice thugs realized Mr. Armed Homeowner had the resolve to use force to defend nearby families and their homes, the would-be Guevaras fled in a panic.

At a gas station, a group of several gun owners, all kitted up, provided the security ordinarily provided by law-enforcement officers. As you can see from the short clip, the mob gave them a wide berth. After all, these men didn’t have rubber bullets or bureaucrats telling them to give the looters “space to destroy.”

The rioters and looters don’t like anyone pushing back against their mob activities. They heckled the armed good guys relentlessly. The men standing guard tried to explain their presence was to protect residents and businesses, but their words fell on deaf ears.

kenosha rioting armed citizens
Screencap by Boch. Via Twitter.

Clearly, the mob wanted no part of meaningful resistance. They kept their distance and didn’t attempt to burn that particular business down.

That wasn’t the case for many other businesses without police or armed good guys to protect them from leftist anarchists and opportunistic looters.

Meanwhile, the cops and the Wisconsin National Guard had their hands full protecting the county courthouse from a siege of revolutionaries intent on burning it down.

From Breitbart:

Rioters in Kenosha, Wisconsin shot industrial strength fireworks and hurled dozens of bottles and other objects at National Guard troops who were stationed in front of a courthouse.

The Guardsmen were called in by Governor Tony Evers to help local authorities quell an explosion of violence that beset the city after an officer-involved shooting of a black man on Sunday afternoon. By Monday evening, the Guardsmen were in place and helping to secure several local facilities.

Some time before 11 PM local time, the contingent of National Guard troops defending the courthouse came under intense attack from well over 100 rioters who pelted them with bottles and shot fireworks at them.

Feckless political leaders in both Kenosha and in Wisconsin’s state capital appear to support the rioters.  They aren’t ordering the police to stop the unrest or hold those responsible accountable for their crimes. As a result, the unrest has spread across Wisconsin, largely thanks to the “hands off” approach from the  “authorities.”

Maybe these Democrat politicians think holding back the cops to allow the chaos and unrest will help them defeat Donald Trump in a little over two months come November. In reality, I can’t help but think these rioters and these politicians who tacitly support them are unwitting fools. Their actions only serve to get out the vote for Trump among undecideds.

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  1. As I’ve learned from experience: might is right. Although I experienced it at the receiving end of abuse and bullying at the individual level for many years, the same applies in this situation.

  2. Shoot these terrorist that is what they are out to destroy America paid by your democratic socialist communist atheists muslim party, we have to stop this Now that includes the politicians that are allowing and supporting these TERRORIST

    • I keep waiting to read the body count from Portland. When someone rares back to throw an improvised explosive device at a government building (federal, state, county or city) he should be shot down on the spot. Surely the cops have snipers on top of the buildings, capable of nailing the bombers? Let the bomb blow up beside him – maybe it will take out a couple of his buddies as well.

      The rioting will continue, until the rioters meet determined resistance.

      • Your comment was like a mentally deficient Fox ‘News’ mad libs.

        You’ve obviously never watched FOX News.. They are the only Cable news network where you will see a Conservative commenter rebutted by an “honest to God” hate spewing, fact challenged, Liberal live.. They have some of the most dedicated Trump hating Liberals and “nevertrumper RINOs” on television both as guests AND hosts… HINT (Carlson, Hannity and Ingram) are only opinion shows and even they present radical views from BOTH sides… Not like MSDNC and the Clinton News Network that parades RINO after RINO and a bunch of nevertrumper Republicans to show how “fair” THEY are..

      • Every one of these riots is far more effective than any pro-Trump campaign rally. Now, we just need them to continue for another couple months. Great for gun sales too.

  3. The police are to keep order and defend the citizens and their property, not to obey the mayor when told to do things that are not legal. Remember your oath !

    • The police aren’t there to protect anyone. The Supreme Court said so. Be happy they show up at all after the crimes happen.

    • Unfortunately, as you can see from the evidence before us, the police will defend only their paycheck and the people signing it.

        • Your pre-programmed feelings aside, with a couple of Supreme Court cases attesting to police not being responsible for either preventing crimes or helping the citizens, perhaps looking at the recent police behavior should give some hints – when as the cops plainly tell the citizens calling for help that none is coming, they are very good at personally protecting every asshole and terrorist mayor in every city that is going up in flames. Ponder on that.

        • I spent a few years in my own LEO shoes, and I’d say that comment is pretty accurate these days. Thats why I changed my shoes.

  4. ” We also saw, for the first time, both homeowners and organized groups of armed citizens stepping up to protect local Kenosha homes and businesses.”

    AKA the militia, the only Constitutionally authorized forms of law enforcement are the Militia,Sheriff and Marshalls service,that’s it, everything else is extra Constitutional.

      • The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. -10th Amendment

        Delegated powers to the States. If the State Constitution has it, then they’re legal.

  5. Same Group Confronting BLM Rioter

    “Bitch you not for protesting if you don’t give a fuck. this shit, the fuckin value of property has nothing to do with the value of life. if you value this shit, why don’t you value people? you not with us, Fuck You”

    • You won’t find a majority of citizens who are wit Burn,Loot,Murder rioting ,except for the hardcore Marxist Leftards,she’s correct not wit her.

      • In the favored tongue of the current marxist front organization… “Belleee dat!” Translation- You may be so inclined to believe that is a truthful statement.

    • I do value people. That’s why I don’t want BurnLootMurder goblins to set fire to places where people live and work.

    • I’m thinking a quick butt stroke with an M1 Garand with a steel buttplate across his filthy jaw

  6. I was about to ask , why arent people stepping into the breech, till I read this! About fu**in time the roaches ran into a “not gun free” zone! Bravo!!!!

  7. These are the MEN I spoke of on the previous article concerning Kenosha,. Members of the community putting forth the effort and stepping up to protect that which the Government Can not or Will not. Be as peaceful as necessary, but use as much force as needed. The choice is in the actions of Burn Loot Murder and Antifa. I commend these Citizen Patriots for having not only having the Responsibility, But also the Courage to Stand and Protect and if Necessary Fight.

  8. If I remember correctly, the same thing happened in Ferguson, Missouri. Armed private citizens, both black and white, stood guard over some businesses and warned vandals and looters to stay away. The authorities didn’t like it but, since the volunteer guards had the owners’ permission, they had to let the guards stay. The vandals and looters didn’t like it either but were smart enough not to test the guards’ resolve.

    • yeah, I saw a video of that where they were on the roof and these black chicks on the sidewalk asked them wtf they were doing. going to shoot people over stolen goods? dudes looked like idiots.

      • The appropriate response is, “No, I’m not going to shoot you over property. I will shoot you to preserve the livelihood of the business owner and his employees.”

        • Still not the correct answer. In most states, it would be illegal to kill a human being for your stated reason. However, “I’ll shoot to defend an occupied building that has people inside of it.” That should work ANYWHERE other than Shitcago, LA and Baltimore.

        • Know your law. In my state, this is the LAW:

          JUSTIFIABLE HOMICIDE BY ANY PERSON. (1) Homicide is justifiable when committed by any person in any of the following cases:

          (b) When committed in defense of habitation, a place of business or employment, occupied vehicle, property or person, against one who manifestly intends or endeavors, by violence or surprise, to commit a felony, or against one who manifestly intends and endeavors, in a violent, riotous or tumultuous manner, to enter the habitation, place of business or employment or occupied vehicle of another for the purpose of offering violence to any person therein;

          (d) When necessarily committed in attempting, by lawful ways and means, to apprehend any person for any felony committed, or in lawfully suppressing any riot, or in lawfully keeping and preserving the peace.

          Bold emphasis added by me.

  9. Just one more in a long list of reasons why I will NEVER vote for a Democrat. And I used to mostly vote D; spending quality time with their activist base and seeing what they actually do, versus what they say, started to change my mind.

    As for the rioters, they chant “black lives matter,” but the truth is that when they roam the streets, no lives matter. BurnLootMurder. Fuck all of them. I’ll do a happy dance when people start shooting them in their tracks. It’s overdue.

    • what happens when they loot/burn a black-owned store, and the owner comes out to stop them? do black lives matter then, or are they going to beat him to death like usual?

      • Simply put No. Most of the store that were burned and looted in Ferguson Mo. Were Black owned. As are many in the areas now being destroyed. The one place that race doesn’t fit into the Anarchist’s agenda is who’s store they destroy. You did notice that until the High Dollar stores in Chiraq started being burned and looted the Mayor couldn’t have cared less. Most of the Burn Loot Murder and Antifa activity takes place in lower to middle class business areas with a few big box stores in the mix. Let the shit move UP Town and watch the difference in the Governments attention span.

        • that makes sense. mayor does nothing, and gets votes from blm. might even babble some shit that he’s on their side and get more votes. until they hit the high dollar stores, then that’s going too far.

          got it.

      • We all know the answer that that. David Dorn.

        No lives matter to the arsonists and looters, or to the politicians that play along with them. And black lives matter even less than anyone else’s.

        • On a 50′ level no lives matter to a mob. On a 50,000′ level, no single life matters to the collectivist uprising of marxist authoritarians.

  10. Funny how Kent State seemed to be the end of the antiwar protests. If the national guard showed up with bayonets, fully loaded and some looters got shot these peaceful protests would probably stop.

  11. those in the picture aren’t residents. they have been videoed in other cities, and they are in fact with ANTIFA/BLM they just are against looting.

  12. More citizens need to step up. We have seen how they crumble under the smallest of resistance. They don’t want to mess with people who just want to be left alone.

    • To do that we need to restructure our gun laws. The first step is to adopt constitutional carry. The more people carrying guns—-which will automatically happen—-the less chance the socialist-revolutionary thugs will have for success. Right now they’re counting on creating ambiguity where they are counting on people not being sure if they have the right to carry a gun to defend themselves or not. The 2nd. supports the rights of an armed citizenry to defend against tyranny. If what we are seeing now isn’t tyranny, I don’t know what is.
      America’s armed citizens instantly outgun any organized attempt at a socialist revolutionary take over. For that to happen they need to take away our guns. The 2nd. Amendment removes the ability of government to have a monopoly of violence by owning all the guns. We should never forget that America is a society based on revolutionary principles. Gun ownership is at the top of the list. Everything evolves from that simple fact.

      • We HAVE constitutional carry, the Constitution says so. It’s time we just do it and remind politicians that they have no say in the matter. It’s apparent that the police do not believe they must put themselves in harms way. It’s time we showed these inner-city soyboys what dangerous really looks like. If BLM and Antifa can get away with burning cities, which ACTUALLY harm people, it’s time the rest of us start acting like Americans and start shooting looters on sight and on site; ubiquitously. THEN, once the looting is done, go to every mayor and governor that allowed (or worse, encouraged) the riots and do what is necessary to hold them accountable for the destruction they allowed.
        Finally, the Democrat Party needs to be declared a terrorist organization and then hunted like the pigs they are.

  13. Sorry commy comrades your in my unsafe space, my little bubble of freedom get to close it won’t be the bubble that pops

  14. next question:

    when you have the castle doctrine law, where your place of business has all the same protections as your home, can’t you shoot unarmed looters?

    and doesn’t the same apply to looters in your house?

  15. Just bought 2 60 rounder surefire magazines to go with my transferable AR. Need to find some tracers for fun and I am all set.

    • “Just bought 2 60 rounder surefire magazines to go with my transferable AR.”

      What’s a “transferable AR”?

      More to the point, what’s a non-transferable AR, besides a non-registered automatic weapon?

  16. During the Black Looters Murder invasion(May 31)a group of gentlement casually sat in front of the LGS armed to the teeth…guess what? Homie don’t like dat! No one dared f##k with them. Funny but I commisserated with my cousin asking if her son is armed in Kenosha. Her goofy friend commented hours later” NO! How would a gun help”! Retard😩😩😩😩


    • Sounds like one of my new neighbors from NYC. Ah well they are on the main road section of the development and the only one with pro Biden signage so not sure how much louder they can scream unarmed.

  17. “Meanwhile, the cops and the Wisconsin National Guard had their hands full..”
    Right. The people on the government’s payroll are busy protecting the government’s stuff. They don’t give a damn about you and your stuff. You’re on your own. It’s useful to have the message put out this crystal clear, if for no other reason than to jam it back up their collective asses when they tell you how you shouldn’t “take the law into your own hands” and “let the police do their job’.

  18. Clearly, the mob wanted no part of meaningful resistance. They kept their distance and didn’t attempt to burn that particular business down.

    And then the dumbass “taunts” them with some stupid “The Fonz” move… VERY cool…

  19. Scariest shit about all this? Cop hit the guy 7 times at POINT BLANK RANGE and he’s recovering? I want to know WHAT kind of rounds the cops are using so I don’t screw up and buy them for my (unless they are .380 or .40) then ehhhh.

    • MaddMaxx,

      Several articles and commenters on this website have stated how all handgun platforms are usually very poor at physically incapacitating an attacker in short order.

      Now, having said that, I can imagine there could be a couple exceptions:
      1) Magnums with hot loads and hollowpoints, especially .44 Magnum.
      2) .44 or .45 caliber loaded with full wadcutters (if they even exist).

      The simple fact remains that handgun bullets almost always make relatively tiny holes and disrupt/damage minimal tissue. That frequently does not result in rapid physical incapacitation.

      • Several articles and commenters on this website have stated how all handgun platforms are usually very poor at physically incapacitating an attacker in short order

        He was a foot away no body armor.. Had to be a weak load, old ammo.. Whatever, that’s why my EDC is either 10mm or 45 ACP (min 185 grain jacketed hollow points) little hole in BIG hole out…. Anyway now they say he’s paralyzed from the neck down… Hope Kenosha has some DEEP pockets… OBTW I HAVE used a handgun to kill a man, I know exactly what it does AND what it takes, I don’t need “commenters” posting to a web site to “enlighten” me with their expertise real OR imagined… How many men have you shot? But, I digress, thanks for sharing…

        • MaddMaxx,

          Oh, I understand now: you like to reject facts. Got it.

          Let me know when you win the Nobel Prize in Biology for explaining how tiny wounds are more incapacitating when handgun bullets cause them.

          • Oh, I understand now: you like to reject facts

            What facts? I don’t need a “Nobel Prize” in biology to understand the physics of a hard, high speed projectile vs. soft human tissue… The human body was not meant to have any extra holes punched through it and at the range that cop fired and HIT the guy 7 times from without making one of those “little” holes through something vital (heart, artery) causing the guy to “bleed out” is simply amazing in my mind … Maybe because my EXPERIENCES with large caliber handguns is somewhat different than a handful of EDUCATED know it alls with their soft hands and little guns..


        “A logit analysis of the likelihood of death found that compared with small-caliber cases, medium caliber had an odds ratio of 2.25 (95% CI, 1.37-3.70; P = .001) and large caliber had an odds ratio of 4.54 (95% CI, 2.37-8.70; P < .001). "

        I have never seen anything to convince me that a weapon smaller than .45 ACP might be as good, or better than, a .45 ACP.

        The 1911 was designed and engineered to meet a requirement to knock down very big men. Read the history of the US Army in the Phillipines. More mass means more knockdown, always and forever. More speed is good, but I'll take mass over speed, thank you very much.

        • The 1911 was designed and engineered to meet a requirement to knock down very big men. Read the history of the US Army in the Phillipines.

          I don’t NEED to read about the Army in the Philippines, I LIVED the USMC history for 39 months in South Vietnam (start with the history of the 5th Marines at Hue City, door to door in the Citadel) WITH an M-14, a 45, a very short 12 gauge side by side with a pistol grip, a Ka-Bar and the ubiquitous E-Tool (everyone deadly in their own right) all tasted blood and the 45 NEVER failed to stop a man OR a beast.. You are welcome..

    • The cop grabbed high in the shirt with one hand and fired with the other. The shots were in the lower torso area. There’s nothing there that you need to immediately survive — blood loss will be the major incapacitating physiological factor.
      Shot placement and penetration are the key factors for stopping an assailant. Handgun bullets need to touch the tissue in order to destroy it. You need to point at something vital to their continued actions, and you need to be able to reach in and do damage to that organ or structure. The most reliable stopper is a central nervous system hit — either brain or upper spinal cord, but these are hard to hit with a moving target. Second is cardiovascular system, which is heart, lungs, and major blood vessels.

      • You need to point at something vital to their continued actions, and you need to be able to reach in and do damage to that organ or structure. The most reliable stopper is a central nervous system hit — either brain or upper spinal cord, but these are hard to hit with a moving target. Second is cardiovascular system, which is heart, lungs, and major blood vessels.

        Thanks for todays informational reading, I’ll definitely keep that in mind the NEXT time I need to kill some asshole…

  20. Wisconsin, outside of the liberal armpits of Madison and Milwaukee, is a fairly conservative state populated with people prepared to protect what they have worked for.

    Kenosha is a nice town along Lake Michigan. Its biggest problem is it’s right between Chicago and Milwaukee. Good for tourist dollars but too close to busloads of beligerent thugs looking for an excuse to break laws.

  21. There’s gonna come a time when one armed protester/looter will take a shot at an armed protector. That will be the modern day ‘shot heard around the world’ and then the civil war starts.

    • Bull hockey. Already happened in Austin. NOTHING came of it except for some bloviating talking heads chewing up airwaves for a few days. Heck the whole thing plus a local columnist story were right here in TTAG.

  22. Before I retired I would have only had one short sentence for those armed citizens. “Thanks for the help.”

  23. Now having a bayonet mounted to a long gun, would be very useful at this time. The psychological effects on a mob can be very effective in stopping an attack. Without having to shot someone. My 590 with a bayonet I think would make a very big impression on any thug.

    Or having a rapid fire weapon to defend against a mob running through my neighborhood, would be great as well. A real machine gun? to expensive. Bump stock? Not legal now. An echo trigger! That would be very helpful. Even in 22 caliber.
    You can get 110 round drum magazines for a ruger 10/22.

    Under the right circumstances warning shots are very useful. The so called gun experts are wrong. Or we can kill these invaders out right. But I know Libertarians are against that.

    • My Mosin is fully functional and has its bayonet. A Mosin with a bayonet IS an impressive sight.

      • I won’t let the problem get close enough to make a bayonet necessary. Approaching me in an aggressive manner with hate and vitriol in your eyes and voice. Will be considered a threat. Once inside the “Box” my actions will be dictated by the aggressors. In the end my Safety and Life trumps their intentions.

        • Having three weapons on me I think is better than two. A long gun and a side arm. You can carry pepper spray. But you can run out of spray and bullets. But a bayonet will always be with me.

          We are now at the point of a “survival situation” in some cities.

    • Since Double Tapping is an effective way to end a threat. Does the first one count as a warning?

      • A warning shot should be placed center mass on the individual who appears to be the leader of the group coming towards you. That is the only warning shot I would give with the cost of ammunition right now.

    • Been there, done that. The rioters couldn’t get away from us fast enough. IMO, an M14 with a bayonet is rather unweildy, but the rioters didn’t stick around to see how well we handled them. We just stomp-marched down the pier, and assisted them in their exit with a few half-hearted buttstrokes. At the end of the pier, we came face to face with Carabineiri who weren’t intimidated, until the Chief Gunner’s mate set up a Ma Deuce on the bridge wing. But, bayonets – yeah. People respect them.

    • Libertarians are generally NOT against killing violent aggressors when in the act of aggression.

  24. Toss a molotov? Then you get shot in the face.

    Violent looters need to get shot, it’s only a matter of time until a home/business owner has to protect their life and starts dome-shotting a mob of looters. He’ll look like the tactical Oprah handing out one hitter quitters… “ You get a headshot! You get a headshot! You get a headshot!”

    • You need to hit him before he launches the bottle. After that, unless his aim was poor, it’s too late to avoid the fire. With any luck, the bottle will break when it lands beside him and he will burn in his own fire.

    • That, exactly. Every SOB who tosses a bomb at that federal building in Portland should have been shot dead, and left lying as an example. Ideally, he was shot dead before he threw, so that the bomb blew up among his compatriots. Heave back to throw a bomb, results in one dead from lead poisoning, and 6 to 12 seriously injured from the explosion. Soon, there will be no more bombs, and the peaceful protestors can take over the show. Or, just go home.

      • No. To be blunt. They don’t want to shoot white gay people and middle class white women. And they don’t want to shoot white college educated people. All of them are ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, rioters.

        • I had to do a double take on that one but yeah I think you have a solid point. Injured white kids (especially weak body/minded) do make for great propaganda points for police are evil and maiming your children messages.

        • to SAFEupstateFML
          The rainbow flags are all over the Antifa/ BLM riots. Is this why when I say the rioters should be shot dead, that others don’t support it?????

        • “Is this why when I say the rioters should be shot dead, that others don’t support it?????”

          No Chris. The reason is a desire to believe one thing that they know isn’t true combined with fear.

          They fear that if there’s a “reaction” things will get orders of magnitude worse. They know that one person gets shot and it starts a riot so they figure that if they shoot a bunch of people the situation gets multiplied when the “They’re killing us in the streets!” meme seems to get some factual support. The fear is a fear of bad optics, essentially.

          They desire to believe that if they limit their response to this behavior that the behavior will cease when the perpetrators get tired of it or feel they’ve sufficiently made a point. Which is a nice way of saying “If we give the bully most of our milk money he won’t ask for more tomorrow because he’ll have made his point and get tired of taking our milk money”.

          People constantly talk about the “BLM vote”. Wut? There’s essentially no BLM vote. These are not the kind of people to wake up and go vote during daylight hours. The legit daylight protesters? Yeah, a decent percentage of them might vote. This “they only come out at night” sub-section? Nah. Not the type.

          What the powers-that-be don’t want to admit, can’t admit because it’s not PC, is that Sublime nailed (within the scope of artistic license and songwriting) the impetus behind this unrest back in 1996 when the track “April 29, 1992” came out.

          “First spot we hit it was my liquor store
          I finally got all that alcohol I can’t afford
          With red lights flashin’ time to retire
          And then we turned that liquor store into a structure fire.

          Next stop we hit it was the music shop
          It only took one brick to make that window drop
          Finally we got our own p.a.
          Where do you think I got this guitar that you’re hearing today? ey!

          They said it was for the black man,
          They said it was for the Mexican
          And not for the white man
          But if you look at the streets
          It wasn’t about Rodney King

          It’s bout this fucked up situation and these fucked up police
          It’s about coming up
          And staying on top

          And screamin’ 187 on a mother fuckin’ cop”

        • Chris, Strych covered it better than I could right there. I know that eventually rioters will probably need to be shot and utterly crushed but I also understand no one wants to be the first. The other side knows that as well and is exploiting that and loudly demonizing anyone who dares to oppose them (defend their right to live). The various protected classes in the riots are essentially political landmines to label someone a racist/sexist/homophobe/whatever other bullshit made up hate crime when they have to shoot a violent criminal.

  25. Kenosha’s crime rate is higher than 83% of the Wisconsin’s cities and towns. I guess it’s not going to get any better.

    • Morning news 8/26/2020
      Kenosha Police Spokeswoman
      “It was too dangerous to arrest criminals”

  26. Now how much ammo do you have on hand??? Portland is under siege now. It’s 80 days and counting. Are trucks still delivering to the local grocery stores? Are tankers still delivering to the local gas stations?

    Are you now having to drive out of your way to get supplies?

    • Chris T in KY,

      All of the madness is happening in the evening and overnight. I suspect that resupply occurs between 9 a.m. and noon when all of those violent mobs are sleeping off the previous night’s shenanigans.

  27. Bringing a gun you’re not willing to use is the worst thing you can do. Leave the guns at home, now is not the time for killing, that comes later.

    • I REFUSE to just sit by and not protect everything I have worked and sweat for my whole life for because of a bunch of lawless thugs and a government that sits by and law enforcement that has been neutered by that same governor’s liberal agenda. NOW is the PERFECT time for killing if they threaten me, my family or my stuff.

    • Leave the guns at home, now is not the time for killing

      Tell that to the cop that got “bricked”… sticks and stones can do a whole hell of a lot more than just break bones.. My piece (at least one of them) is “strapped at least 20 hours a day, the four (or less) that I DO sleep (daytime only) there is a 45 a hand drop away… And make no mistake I am NOT one of Austin Tx AK boys “pussies that ain’t gonna do nuthin”… At 70 and a 100% disabled Veteran, I consider ANY level of assault life threatening and WILL respond accordingly… If they Wanna live, they do NOT want to screw with me..

    • shut the fuck up fudd. It’s past time. They are invading neighborhoods now. What do you need, them on your doorstep to realize it? I get it, it’s not okay on your door step, but on other people’s doorstep it doesn’t affect you, so everything is still okay… right? People like you will NEVER fight. You might utilize self defense, but you would never actually fight for freedom.

    • At least three people were shot during the protests overnight in Kenosha, some 40 miles south of Milwaukee, and two of the victims died from their injuries, according to the Kenosha Police Department. The third gunshot victim was taken to a hospital with “serious, but non-life-threatening injuries,” police said.

      Somebody gets it..

  28. A word of warning for anyone who want’s it.

    Think twice about taking up your arms and going to any of these flash points. Armed townies defending one or 2 local proprieties, looks exciting and dashing.

    But remember this is in cities that vote democrat, in Blue States mostly.
    If you are an out of towner, or worse a non-state resident are caught up in a shooting situation, odds are you are going to lose the court fight. You will be made an example of and when the real fight needs you, you’ll be in prison, and no use to anyone…

    • Exactly, either show up to clear it out and have the tyrants turn a blind eye then thank you for doing it, or prepare to suffer the consequences. That said, it’s never been easy to fight for freedom, so legal battles are inevitable. Make your stand one way or another I guess. Only one way to change those laws, and in times of lawlessness or the slow detective work looking for online purchases and checking videos sourced from the incidents, you need to be smarter than them. If that means rucking for 100 miles in and out of the city, then do it. If that means keeping your face concealed and not giving any indication as to “unique” gear, then do it. I say these things, because that is what it requires. Surveillance is the enemy as well. Do not forget that the government, beit republican or democrat, enforces laws on both sides. Like it or not, these people are protected and that is why they are out there doing what they do in the first place. So you need to be able to beat them at their own game, and the ones in power too, or prepare to suffer the consequences. War is hell.

  29. What few will ever understand is THIS is what a militia is….

    The people rising up to defend itself as THE last line of defense.

  30. these ANTIFA/BLM really are in the minority and not that well trained. only quite vocal and have the news, media, Hollywood and half the politicians running interference for them.

    among a crowd of a few hundred hungry looters, and complacent cops, you see how only a dozen or two ANTIFA can destroy much of a city with fire.

    and this is likely being driven by foreign elements. communist state powers that want to foment an insurgency and topple our government, exactly like what happened in Bolivia not even a year ago, and in every pre-communist government there ever was. we got the commies knocking at our door. ANTIFA/BLM are their Useful Idiots.

    if the spaghetti REALLY hits the fan, they are going to get STOMPED so bad they will be complaining about it for generations.

    the problem is they keep pushing for it and they don’t know what they’re asking for. this seems inevitable.

    prepare accordingly. carefully consider just what the fuck we are faced with.

    • ALWAYS have at least a pistola and a couple spare mags on you.
      NEVER be more than a few steps from a reliable centerfire carbine with MANY mags, loaded. Plate carrier and helmet would also be good…

  31. Lotsa bootlicking in this comment section.
    Also a lot of anti cop trolls.

    Find a medium.

    The fact is, you show up armed and these cowards will try to ambush you. Do not give your back to them and stay situationally aware. If you are armed, you better not be alone. You better have a whole squad. You better not rush to help people in the middle of the chaos. Sucks to say, because we are good people and do not want to use violence as a means to an end, but we will, and helping someone gives them an opportunity to ambush and flank you. You need to be smart, or stay the fuck home. That said, good to see nonetheless, and there needs to be more of it.

    What truly needs to happen is the cops just need to get to stepping. The city does not support you. Anything you do will be met with firm discipline. I do enjoy the current “investigative” stance, and bringing these terrorist to a slow and painful justice, but, it will also be uses against us! So go the fuck home, and let us do what you cannot. The court house is not worth protecting, but the land might be. Once the war is won, it’s time to setup shop and rebuild. Only one way it’s going to happen, and it won’t happen if the “thin blue line” is standing in front of federal buildings. It will happen when “militias” show up and clear the entire city in one night though. Maybe a week for bigger cities, lol.

    • Much as I hate to admit it I tend to agree with this analysis and I have for weeks.

      The cops seem to only care about their paycheck and pension. Other than that they “do as they’re told” with no regard for right, wrong, legal or illegal. They’re essentially mercs and unless you have another aligned interest you can’t trust mercs to do anything other than be loyal to the money they collect, that’s why they’re mercs.

      Obviously there’s no point in the cops doing the right thing in many instances because they’ll get shit on for it by the pols and the D.A’s won’t prosecute the people who get arrested. So… go home. If you’re a cop and you care show it by simply getting the “blue flu”. Sure, you’re not protecting any businesses or innocent people but you’re also not fucking with them about mask mandates or business licenses while the government actively tries to put hard-working people in the poor house for life.

      LE is in a no-win situation that only makes them look bad. At BEST they look like they’re loyal to the cash and only the cash. Particularly since they consistently enforce bullshit like “social distancing”, “mask mandates” and business closures WHILE allowing rioters to start fires, attack people, loot and burn etc etc.

      Much as I hate to say it, LE needs to just step away. This is a game where the only possible way for LE to win is not to play.

    • cops are employees, hired to do a job, according to how the boss wants it done. can’t do it their own way.

      in the blue states, their bosses SUCK.

      yes, maybe it would be better to step aside for a minute.

      • Alabama was a BLUE state up to the days of George Wallace. Thats right. It was the REPUBLICAN Party that sent the South home tail tucked during the Civil War. Lincoln did NOT fight to “free the slaves”. He wasn’t even ON the ballot in 10 Southern States. The SOUTH was full of “Southern Democrats” (Fathers of the KKK) up until the 70’s. TODAY they are known as the GOP. So when people dis the blue states for their dis YOUR OWN HISTORY.

        Why didn’t you know that? Because it was not taught in the South. RED states want to keep their citizens stupid. Out of 50 states, alabama ranks 48 overall and 50 in Education. Before you go dissing those states, best take a step back and look at the way things REALLY are. Democrats have GROWN over the decades. Sadly, Republicans have not. That is why it was so EASY for Donald Trump to waltz in and make a mockery of the United States. He serves only himself and his intent is to rip this Country apart from within.

        WHEN in YOUR lifetime have you ever seen a President that was elected to Office stand before Nations and call half the Citizens of this Country “Scum”? NEVER..until now. What is happening in the US right now is a direct result of the rhetoric coming out of the mouth of the person calling himself the President.

        I sat here and read post after post of the folks who claim they are NOT racist cracking on the speech of a protester. smh PLEASE. (And dont EVEN call on the name of God. Jesus Christ would NEVER have acted like we have towards immigrants and each other.)

        Also, whats with the title of this article? “Police Can’t…or won’t”. That doesn’t scream support for the Officers to me.

        Hate me for my words, but there is truth in them, and you know it.

        • talking about those blue governors and mayors that tell the police to do nothing about looting and arson because they WANT that to happen. or the blue DA that refuses to prosecute crimes specific to rioting like resisting arrest, escaping arrest, trespassing, rioting, even put a restraining order on the cops to not use crowd control measures. are you going to say there’s not something wrong with that??

          how many billions of dollars worth of damage had been caused in these last few weeks? weren’t people killed too? aren’t those blue governors and mayors reponsible for this? do you support this?

          oh yes the Democrats have grown: into our educational system, welfare system, local politics, hollywood, key large cities, police departments and surprisingly the military to some degree. like a fucking parasitic disease on a host, and intentionally so. this plague wants to literally kill off the America we knew and transform it into its own dystopia. listen to the rantings of BLM saying exactly that.

          it is the glorious Dystopia that the Dems have promised the Blacks for motivation, and as Useful Idiots, it simultaneously serves as the Dem’s ploy to eradicate the oppsition. can’t win elections because they SUCK so bad? easy! get rid of the opposition! turn everybody into Democrat voters!

          isn’t that what Khruschev claimed he would do to the US in 1960? “We don’t have to invade you! We will destroy you from within!”

          and that is exactly what the Democrats are doing. destroying America from within. propaganda, lies, brainwashing, creating factions and divisions, and most recently using racism as the vehicle. by infiltrating the educational system, welfare system, local politics, hollywood, key large cities, police departments and surprisingly the military to some degree.

          unfortunately they are succeeding, since lying theives usually have the upper hand against honest, naive people who play fair, and least of all would not cheat so goddamned atrociously as to brainwash and propagandize the entire population of the country’s youth into becoming dumbed-down, uneducated, unthinking, servile idiots.

          not to mention the rampant vote fraud.

          and when Trump calls certain people “scum” or certain places a “shithole”, he’s pretty much on the mark.

          I would like to hear what his opinion is of you. I would like to hear that.

  32. Yes, instead of demanding the Trump sit down with Congress and adopt safety protocols, lets continue the violence until some Mother has to bury her child while another Mother watches as her 17 year old spends the rest of his life behind bars. Oh…wait….

    Had that 17 year old been black, he’d be dead. I know it, and YOU ALL know it.

    There was absolutely NO REASON for that child to have a firearm, especially an assault rifle, NOR was there any reason that CHILD should have been there in the first place. SHAME ON THE ADULTS who INVITED people to come play cowboy. That is NOT the behavior of adults and it is certainly not the behavior of competent, responsible Gun Owners. I am SURE that THEY will be sending their thanks to these “cowboys” when the gun laws change BECAUSE of their behavior. smdh

    • Donald Trump offered the governor of Wisconsin the support of the National Guard. like the governors of Oregon and Minnesota, he refused.

      all three of those governors share a similarity: they encouraged the riots. the mayors encouraged the riots and told the police to do nothing.

      why are the police doing nothing? because that’s what they have been told to do. nothing. where is the National Guard? at home. because they have been told they aren’t needed.

      that 17 year old ‘child’ who just shot 4 people to avoid a death of his own, and was walking towards the police to surrender himself, would not have been killed by the police if he happened to be black. proof of that was evident all evening. there were black and white children running around all over openly with assault rifles and handguns (and knives, and baseball bats, and explosives and gasoline, and undoubtedly right along with beer, booze, pot and assorted drugs of every description) and the cops didn’t kill anyone; there were shots fired and the police didn’t kill anyone, cops weren’t there nor did they care apparently; there were three children with assault rifles caught in the act of looting by one cop. he had them lined up against a wall. he did nothing to them but let them go. with their assault rifles.

      the cops were not out to kill black children.

      perhaps it isn’t appropriate for children to have assault rifles, in a riot zone. it would not be advisable for anyone to walk around with an assault rifle in a riot zone, or advisable for children for any reason to be in such a place. but there we are, a child with an assault rifle in a riot zone. why? he said it was because (like a fool) he supported the right of BLM to destroy government property, in fact there to protect them with his assault rifle, in addition to rendering medical aid if he could. however he was against them looting. he might protect property against BLM looters, with his assault rifle.

      a child should not be allowed to do that. an adult should, if that is his misguided wish.

      where were the adults protecting from looting and civil disorder?

      at least he wasn’t saying his mommy sent him.

      finally, the stupidest argument for gun laws is that because somebody killed somebody else with a gun, that makes everyone else guilty too.

      has somebody in your family lost ther license for drunk driving? does that mean you should not be allowed to drive either?

      has a certain racial group committed more crimes than the others? does that mean they all should be thrown in jail, or suspected of everything? surely you would not agree with that.

      when it is our GOD GIVEN RIGHT to keep and bear arms, which does not come from any law, any government, any tyrant’s decree, any majority’s whim, should we pass laws that say we do not have that right?

      CAN we pass such laws? do we even have the right to?

      the answer is NO.

  33. When it comes time for trial, the 17 year old should have a jury trial. All it takes is one juror to see that he was defending himself and game over. He has a case for self defense. hell, even at 17 he has a case for possession of a firearm to defend himself.

    A few weeks ago, BLM came to my city, They had their little march, however the sidewalks surrounding them was packed with armed citizens. They were not welcome and they knew it. when BLM complained to the police Chief he replied, “you have a right to protest and citizens have a right to bear arms”. Of course this never made it to the fake news media.

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