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Under current law, the Department of Veterans Affairs reports a veteran’s name to the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System when they seek help managing their finances in a conservatorship.

“If a veteran who defended this country has to go to the VA and ask for help managing his or her financial affairs, the VA automatically reports that veteran to the FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System . . . and that veteran loses his firearm,” [Louisiana Senator John] Kennedy said on the floor of the Senate Wednesday. “Automatically. No due process.”

The amendment was spearheaded by Kennedy and fellow Republican Senator Jerry Moran of Kansas, who championed the measure in June as one that would “would prevent government workers from unduly stripping veterans of their right to bear arms.”

“All our amendment would do, would be able would be to say: The VA, just because you’ve asked for help with your money, can not automatically take away your firearm or report you to [the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System] unless a judge has ruled that that veteran is a danger to himself or to others,” Kennedy said on the Senate floor Wednesday.

— Emma Colton in Senate Passes Kennedy Amendment Protecting Veterans’ Second Amendment Rights

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  1. I actually typed in ” Time to give ttag shit.” Lol.
    Ya ahll crap piss moan and brag about what the courts going to do. Until your state ,my state his state ,says the judge said , and ain’t nothing going to happen, and they all know it wont. It’s nice to pretend we have freedom in America? ,,,,,,,, small steps,,, I’d like to buy that single shot .22LR. ,,,, “WHY SURE YOU CAN,,, JUST FILL OUT THIS FORM AND IF You COME BACK CLEAN, Your government permitting blessing you a right, ,,, YOU Sure CAN BUY IT.
    The constitution was written as restraints on Big Government. Somewhere along the lines they have developed confusion among the restraints which were propagated by and perpetuated by lawyers making money over twisting words. You can look up those law firms whom first perpetuated this and implemented this ,and why they did it, however I prefer to remain anonymous and delude ant other information Because it’s a very political can of worms.
    Let just say Nazi’s are really really bad……. nazi’s? mmmmm K theres nazi’s.

  2. Think this is such a great idea given the recent shooting by someone who was known to the FBI, police, and the military as an unstable actor?

    • Wouldn’t apply to him since he’s not a veteran. I still take everything with a big ol grain of salt, but multiple news sources say the US Army has confirmed that he’s still in the Reserves (petroleum supply specialist) and has no combat deployments. Still in=not a veteran.

  3. Now we just need to de-fund and dissolve the BATFE. Give FFL licensing authority to the Commerce Dept and repeal the NFA and 1968 Gun Control Act.

    • That’s IT, in Aces of Spades, Bro! You just reiterated what I’ve evangelized for, for over 20 freakin’ years. The ’68 GCA with all its metastasizing manifestations was the dirtiest, most insidious, alt-reality rights deprivation under 18-241-242 to ever undermine the blessed 2nd A.
      It essentially nullifies ALL Natural Sovereign immutable rights to protect yourself without any chance for complete rehabilitation for your ‘sin’ of committing a sickly defined socially dubious stigma called a ‘felony’. Which cancels out the fundamental concept of ‘spiritual forgiveness and redemption’ in the religious communities as well as creating a permanent, eternal sub-culture of forever disadvantaged citizens that at the mere flip of a circumstance verifies the biblical aphorism “There, but for the grace of god, goeth I…”.

      The ’68 Gun Control Act not only is the primary vehicle for the Marxist Disarmament agenda in America, and not only a cause of why organized religion is declining in America, but also is responsible for more deaths by restricting firearms for self defense, than the deaths caused
      by criminals using them.

      The Satanic social and sexual and murdering criminal deviant LBJ who perpetrated this criminal law against Americans while in office has a youtube expose called something like “The corruption of LBJ” that everybody should watch that will shock some of you…because it’s not just about the JFK assassination.

    • Repealing those laws would also remove the FFL requirement. Why keep that in place, anywhere within the federal system? It should be a state issue, just like any other retail or service business, within the constraints of the 2A.

  4. The only people who should be stripped of gun rights are felons and mentally ill who have been ajudicated in a court of law.

    • Agree…but I feel firearm limitations are warranted for violent juvenile offenders who avoid a felony conviction due to age.

    • Prior to NFA of 1934, all citizens upon completing their sentence in full were given back all of their rights. The NFA caused certain felonies to be deprived of their Second Amendment rights. The CCA of 1968 applied the rule to all felonies. After doing the time a citizen should be given back all of their rights. Only fully adjudicated mental individuals should have their Second Amendments taken away.

      • Medic 28, that is your opinion and you are welcome to it. To go with your way of thinking we should allow a convicted felon to go back out and rearm to commit further crimes?

        For your edification, more than 66% of all convicted felons reoffend within five years. That percentage goes up to almost 80% within 10 yrs.

  5. So, gun laws. Criminals do not follow laws, including gun laws. The confiscationists believe that by taking arms away from the public, including from veterans whether they’ve been found incompetent in court or not, that they are making society safer, problem is, people bent on mayhem aren’t necessarily stupid, and you will never stop criminals from getting guns no matter how many officers you hire or how much typing you do. Notwithstanding potential political implication especially in our current climate, the blunt fact is there’s estimated over 600 million guns in public hands and general circulation in America today, and you will never confiscate them all. It’s just not in the cards. It’s also an established fact that teenagers, minors, are legally ineligible to purchase firearms. They also enjoy a de facto immunity to much of the law due to being minors, which is why they get recruited by gangs, because they know that even if teens commit an armed murder, the court system is very likely to let them off with a reduced sentence, with attorneys pleading some kind of emotionalistic nonsense on their behalf. That may be changing, but change is often slow when it comes to the law. Veterans specifically and in general have had some kind of firearms training and been through a background check at some point in their lives. That also is not a hard guarantee against individuals performing heinous acts as demonstrated recently in Maine though there are some big questions as to the details including whether the person doing the shooting was actually the man described, until there’s better proof of identity. Interesting times we live in with violent-minded people with agendas and no love of the military or its former members. Lots of differnet people out there with debt, emotional problems, heavy duty political opinions and lots of free time and loaded weapons and car keys and other instruments of mayhem…

  6. still,…things can sometimes get a little hairy in the VA office…worked for many years in federal protection…the only shooting we ever had was there…

  7. Why do my posts go to moderation and then get deleted? I have no bad language in them. I am simply pointing out that Grace is violating copyright law by using the copy and paste function on her computer. She is adding no additional new content to these posts. This is not fair use.

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