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From the CCRKBA . . .

Three major sports teams—the San Francisco Giants, San Francisco 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles—plus several other businesses have been recently added to the “Don’t Feed Them” list of anti-gun-rights businesses by the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Philadelphia Eagles

This comes after some 200 businesses signed a letter to the U.S. Senate, “demanding that Congress take action on gun safety (gun control) in the form of new legislation.” All of the businesses who signed the letter have been added to the CCRKBA list, greatly expanding the current roster.

“When we launched this project last year,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb, “we promised our members and supporters there would be occasional updates, and we keep our promises. We simply read down the list of people and companies that signed onto the Senate letter and added their names.”

CCRKBA’s “Don’t Feed the Gun Prohibitionists” project was developed to identify businesses and CEOs who have been supporting groups and efforts that push new legislation designed to impair the rights of law-abiding firearms owners. Gottlieb said he was appalled by some of the names on the list. They include Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and their CEO Matthew McCarthy.

Last year, the L.A. Clippers made the list because the wife of billionaire owner Steve Ballmer is listed on the SEC website as donating a staggering $3.5 million to the Everytown for Gun Safety Super Pac, Gottlieb said. By adding the two San Francisco teams and the Philadelphia Eagles, the organization is reminding its members and supporters that the battle to defend the Second Amendment is waged on several fronts, including at the retail counter and on athletic fields.

“People can spend their money wherever they choose,” Gottlieb said. “Our purpose is to educate the public about businesses, and business owners, who use their money to support causes that erode the constitutional rights of millions of American citizens who also happen to be consumers of their products. We think that’s something our members and supporters, and over 100 million gun owners across the country, need to know so they can make spending decisions that don’t come back to hurt them.”


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  1. Shocked by Ben & Jerry’s? They’ve been anti-rights trash since at least the mid-90’s. I have never bought or eaten their products.

      • I use to LOL at Tom & Jerry. Never heard of Ben & Jerry ice cream. Blue Bell is king of ice cream in these parts.
        What’s in Ben and Jerry’s, Diksum!

        • BLUE BELL!!!! Loaded up, just short of puking, during road trip to Houston for NRA Convention. Lived in Dallas and Houston for several years and became addicted to Blue Bell. Miss it now that have left Texas.

  2. As long as people keep going to the stadiums and watch that crap on t v then it will continue. People no longer stand up to tyranny. Don’t remember if it was Reagan or someone else, but they said we have become a nation of woosts. There are some exceptions to this.

    • As long as people keep going to the stadiums and watching this b s on t v then it will continue. People no longer stand up to tyranny. don’t remember if it was Reagan or not but they said we have become a nation of woosts. There are some exceptions to this.

  3. I have not watched the NFL since these thugs took a knee. America first for me. How can anyone look up to the NFL / players as anything but the over paid criminals they are. They certainly are not role models.

  4. As long as people keep watching these sports dummies then this will continue. The teams still make profits from the sports junkies that watch no matter what. You have to stick together to make a difference. lets see if this is removed like my other two posts were.

    • The good news is at least for the NFL railings are dropping each year, to the point where the valuable advertising space during not only regular NFL games, but even the super bowl, as decreased immensely. Companies simply aren’t willing to pay for the ad space anymore as the railings decline.

  5. I am surprised that the Seattle Seahawks isn’t at the top of this list, given that Alan is in Bellevue Wa.
    Its not like they haven’t given millions of dollars, to give us Universal Background Checks, Red Flag laws and even make us have to take a joke of a class to buy an semi-automatic rifle
    Now we have a ban on mags over 10 rounds & “Ghost Guns”
    Did I mention murder in Seattle is up 74% this year now?

  6. If such anti gun businesses depended on me for income they would all starve to death.

    That said…I purchased a Spikey’s carbine barrel from big name seller x. Nice barrel other than the rifling inside the crown looked like the results from a stainless bore brush used in a drill so back it went for exchange. New FN carbine barrel arrived and the difference is night and day. It is their button rifled chrome lined 1-7 version. It was a few dollars more than the Spikey. Best priced found for the FN 20-100046 on GB, check feedback before purchase…

  7. Ironically, the only major sport that isn’t woke is the one sport where the men and women perform at the same time. Sometimes, the women are even the main event. It also happens to be a true multicultural, international sport. That sport is MMA.

  8. I am sure the Leftist-Socialists will claim that the corporations should not be involved int he political discourse unless they agree with them.


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