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“This started out as as disturbance…We tell our community all the time that sometimes going out on disturbances is one of the most dangerous parts of our team’s job.” So says Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey after one of his deputies was shot by a man involved in an argument with a neighbor over the feeding of feral cats.

When the officer arrived to calm things down, one of the agitated men “went behind a vehicle and charged a rifle, a sound the deputy, a military veteran, was able to recognize.”

The two exchanged gunfire. The deputy was wounded before killing the man with the rifle, but is expected to recover. According the Associated Press . . .

INDIALANTIC, Fla. (AP) — A Florida sheriff’s deputy was shot multiple times when he responded to a confrontation between neighbors over the feeding of feral cats.

Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey told a news conference early Wednesday that the deputy was being prepared for surgery but was alert. He says the deputy told him simply, “I won.”

Ivey says the deputy went to the neighborhood in response to an argument over cats. He asked one of the neighbors to return to his house while he talked to the other man, who appeared to be extremely agitated. The man went behind a vehicle and the deputy heard the sound of a rifle being charged. The man stepped around the vehicle, and the two exchanged gunfire. The man was killed.

The sheriff hasn’t released their names.

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    • You cannot say for sure those cats were damned. They might have been born again cats that were living decent, church going lives.

      • No, all cats are most certainly ‘damned’.
        Evil, spiteful self-centered creatures they are…

      • jwm,

        You, sir, win the Intertubez today, although Vic Rattlehead comes in a very close second!

      • They were turning their lives around. They wouldn’t harm a fly. They always had a nice thing to say when I saw them “Meow” mostly but I knew they meant well. This man was just defending their right to decimate the bird population, spread fleas and rabies in the neighborhood and swamp the animal shelters with kittens. And oh the sweet yowling at night when they’re in heat. They didn’t have no right to gun this man down defending them sweet kitties.

    • Stupid neighbor sticking his nose into someone else’ business and the damn government that just won’t leave people the fuck alone.

      Two types of people in the world. Those who wana be left alone, and those who can’t leave anyone else alone.

      • Depends on which a-hole was feeding the cats, allowing them to roam the neighborhood and kill all the nesting baby birds. And baby bunnies. And…

        To be fair, the only way to deal with feral cats is with a shovel.

    • Hope not! We have a crazy cat lady in our neighborhood. It would be bad enough if she fed the strays at her place, but NO, she goes to several other homes around the block putting food out. So we all have to put up with 10-15 nasty aggressive (many mangy and ill) feral cats( and raccoons, skunks, and possums). I can no longer just let my dogs out to do their business alone for fear they will chase after the nasty diseased vermin.

      • Dafook is wrong with you? I faced that situation over 40 years ago, used an air rifle and eliminated all cats who became visible outside fenced yards. Why would anyone just surrender? If .22 short (or .308) had been required, I would have used it. You do not “have to” put up with it, you “choose to” put up with it, quit complaining and waiting for someone else to solve your problems.

        • I live in a communist-held college town. If I was caught discharging an air rifle inside the city limits I would suffer about the same as if I had used a 50 cal. I am also semi-retired on a limited income and can’t afford to move.

        • I feel for your situation in a college town, maybe you can go to a “safe room” and vent! Just kidding. I would get one of those fancier slingshot that use the rubber surgical tubing. They’re cheap and most importantly quiet!

        • If one enjoyed gardening, one could purchase some Oleander bushes. They’re woody and the wood dries rapidly when removed from the plant.

          They’re also highly toxic with the nasty tendency to transfer that toxin to food cooked over the wood. It’s therefore inadvisable to cook meat over oleander wood.

          If one were so inclined, they could abuse such knowledge to cause a marked decline in pest populations.

          The more you know *sparkles*.

        • LarryinTX,

          In my neck of the woods, it is a felony to intentionally kill pet cats and pet dogs.

          If it were just a matter of a fine, I would have eliminated my neighbor’s hyper-aggressive dogs two years ago.

        • Really Hound Dog? College town is always the MOST expensive place to live. Forget those pretty coed airheads and move. Payback will be quick.

        • arc. Just upstream you were bitching about people not minding their own business and the .gov. Now look at you.

          Fucking proggies. Swat some one and then whine we have cops.

        • Jwm, I know you get a hard on for me. There is a great big difference between nosing into your neighbors business about feeding cats and failing to report a crime. The latter of which has a moral obligation to report up. Future pedos and serial killers usually start with animals.

        • I don’t have a hard on for you, arc. You’re a special kind of mentally ill. You obviously hate the cops and the .gov judging by your past statements. And you hate and mistrust people. But let one person talk about eliminating a pest animal, possibly a dangerous animal and suddenly you are equating them to pedos and wishing jail on them. And you have no problem with swatting folks, using the same system you profess to hate as a weapon. Hypocrasy and mental illness.

      • The best solution for the crazy cat lady is to sic the law on her for trespassing. Start with whomever does animal control. They may handle her themselves or they may send you to the local prosecutor. If she is doing this on your neighbors’ property, too, they may be willing to join you. You will need more than suspicion to get results. If you see her, keep a log of dates, times, exactly where she leaves food and what it is. If she is sneaky enough that you can’t catch you in the act, set up a game camera. Video is even better than a log.

        Don’t shoot the cats or harm them any otherwise. That will get you into a shitload of trouble. The cats will stop coming around when there’s no longer food to attract them. You can speed the process by setting out bited traps. Turn the cats you catch over to animal control.

        • Also lands you in jail. People do have video surveillance on their homes now adays. Even out here in the sticks.

  1. ummm…

    Dont mess with a man’s cat. Country music doesn’t even make songs about that.


  2. I have seen people move to violence over the most stupid things. Worked a homicide/suicide with a third victim that was a near homicide. All over who ate who’s leftovers. There are no routine calls.

    • Went to a family beef where the two antagonists were arguing over who got the blanket that was on grandma when she died. The drunk fat guy, (not the other drunk fat guy), tripped and fell on me.
      Shattered my ankle.
      Man that hurt.

      • “Shattered my ankle.
        Man that hurt.”

        Preach it. At least I got Fentanyl in the ambulance.

        Now I know why it’s so popular… 🙂

      • wow sounds like my broken bone injury. I wonder if drunk fat dudes falling on people is a significant workplace related injury in LE?

  3. I don,t like dang cats especially those running around wild I call animal control tell to take care of them or I will

    • Yea I take care of them myself in my neighborhood by trapping and extermination. They aren’t pets if the owners let them roam the neighborhood killing other wildlife and crapping in my garden and yard. I have noticed less wild cats around this year Thank God! Caught a lot of them last year.

      • Totally unsophisticated, here, I wouldn’t have a clue how to trap something, just shoot ’em and toss ’em in the trash. If there are “owners”, they can fish them out of the trash and pay for a funeral.

        • I just bait a live trap with a piece of lunch meat and take it out back and put it down with a Ruger Mk4 .22
          Put down a couple with collars on, I look at it like this if they end up in my trap that means are wild animals roaming free.

        • Sounds like you need an intervention by mental health professionals. Arson is justified cause someone killed a pest animal that kills thousands of other animals?

          Did you cheer when Waco burned?

    • If Broward is anything like Palm Beach County Animal Control they will not do anything unless they see the cats running loose. Had this issue with a pack of 5 feral dogs. Even after livestock was being killed no traps and no increase in patrols unless ‘a person was attacked’. Problem was dealt with before that happened.

  4. Some people are willing to do all kinds of things even to cops.

    Man attempts to steal an “open carrier’s” gun:

    • Wow. Willing to bet that car IS registered in his name too. Why? Because he just seems that stupid.

  5. Florida Man is my favorite comic book character. There is nothing he won’t do.

  6. There’s nothing wrong with our country or society, not at all. This activity is absolutely normal, nothing to see here people. Move along, move along. The sad thing is this is becoming so prevalent it’s like it’s becoming normal.

  7. Good reaction and shooting to win a gunfight against a rifle with your sidearm. Apparently he reloaded during the fight, too. Strange because states like NY, CA, MA, etc etc tell me no one needs more than 10(+1) rounds in their gun.

    People will kill over the most ridiculous things. For example, I wonder how many lives have been lost over parking spots? Sounds from another news report that the decedent was on the anti-cat side of things, for what it’s worth. I have a feeling everyone involved is a little crazy.

  8. I became allergic to ra er cats later in life…basically just apex predator killing critters. Dying for cat’s…hell for him.

  9. Good guy with a gun, takes out bad guy with a gun,,,,
    I tot I taw a putty tat,,,🔫🙀😾🔫

  10. My moms last husband was always feeding cats. At the winter place in AZ, against the rules of the park they had a park model at, he cut a hole in the floor of the shed and made a feeder. Here in my town, he was feeding all the cats which were also beating up my moms cat. I didn’t like the guy at all because he was essentially an asshole but one day I just plain told him to knock it off with the feeding of the cats.
    He’s dead now as is my mom but that guy was quite the idiot.

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       \”free food!” /
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    ∩ ∧_∧

  14. So the moral of the story is always keep your firearms in combat ready mode. If you have to take time to seat a magazine, charge your rifle, or chamber a round in your sidearm, then not only are you wasting valuable time, but you’re telegraphing your intentions and forfeiting tactical advanatge.

    A secondary moral might be to pick your battles more carefully; perhaps don’t get into frivolous gun battles with police.

    • If someone is deciding to start killing people over a cat argument, I hope he keeps his firearm unchambered. Maybe that extra second will give him time to reconsider. OR maybe it’ll give someone else the notice they need to be ready for the ensuing fight.

  15. Well, look on the brightside. At least the police weren’t issuing a “RED FLAG” protection order…Though my guess is YOU’LL see an increase in such news media stories in the future…Authoritarianism yo! Just ask any DemoCRAP they’ll tell you…Their NOT even hiding that idea anymore… Venezuela here we come! just make sure everybody stays out of the crowd, and don’t have a NWO/police MRAP run you over….lol….

  16. At our local Animal Shelter, when you adopt a pet, Dogs cost money….cats are free.

    ‘just sayin

    • Not the places I’ve lived… although they are fairly cheap. The cost covers the shots and a tracking chip. And perhaps serves as a check to make sure someone can afford to feed them and isn’t just into torturing cats…

      • “And perhaps serves as a check to make sure someone can afford to feed them and isn’t just into torturing cats…”

        It’s not unknown in theses parts for “Free kittens” to end up being used by dog fighters…

  17. Seems there’s more to the story than what’s being told about “prior” to the gunfire exchange , imo.
    I had my kids out in the country for the majority of the juvenile lives and I’ve put down more feral cats than I could count, plus every spring, people are dumping kittens and puppies off out on gravel roads in the ditches, which adds to the count. We even had one lady who was seeking out young raccoons at night and was distributing them like they were Pet’s to anyone that would take one, that is until my son and I met her. While I’m listening to this ding bat ramble on my son tosses a piece of pizza crust on the ground near the coon she had on the ground by her in a leash, lmao. My son was around “ten” at the time. The coon doesn’t see it at first, but he quickly picks up the scent while my son is reaching his hand down to move the crust closer to the coon.
    I yelled NO! At the same time the coon latched onto his hand, thinking he was taking it away, etc.
    I swiftly boot the coon off and she’s making excuses and saying what good raccoon he is, etc.
    This happened In city limits, while we were visiting a friend. I get the local cop over there and he don’t know his head from a hole in the ground, so I tell him you have confiscate that coon and it has to be checked for rabies ASAP! He and the woman start arguing with me about it possibly being a pet and I’m guessing in my own mind, that somewhere in both their lineage, there’s been some serious inbreeding. So, I don’t argue and phone the GFP Officer and he gets the job done, all the while the woman was claiming she worked at the humane society and it had its shots. No shots, total BS on her part, but she did work for the humane society and come to find out that she had falsified her records and a degree to get the job, she was fired and charged with a crime. They didn’t even check her out before they hired her??? The woman even made the local tv news.
    They flew the coon out to the capital and removed its head, checked out ok, no nothing, being she weened it, as she probably robbed it from its mother.
    So my son learned a lesson the hard way too.
    Kinda like putting your thumb in a Northern Pikes mouth to try and retrieve the hook, bad idea..
    What a nut this woman is!
    Now she’s has a trailer house full of pit bulls and exotic birds. That will keep the men away, lol.
    My son got some stitches, that’s all.

    • Rabies is nearly non-existent in the USA, wish I knew that before wasting money on tests. Infection is the only thing to worry about these days unless your luck is on the level of winning the powerball.

      • Tell that to the Fox my Airedale killed in my yard. It had full blown rabies and came looking for trouble. It found it alright in a Hunting Airedale. Thank God my dog had her shots.
        If you get bit by a wild animal I would recommend getting the shots. Rabies is a really bad way to go.

      • A young man in Iowa died not less than a decade ago of rabies. I’ve relocated coon, possum and other critters that I’ve trapped. However, I’ve put down rabid skunks and coons more than I can count over the last twenty years. Are you living under a rock, assuming that everything is reported in this world?

  18. There is even a wild dog called a raccoon dog!
    I got too many cat stories, feral critters all mean trouble, same vein. I’ve had 35 pound plus coons completely destroy my live traps and cats are supposed to be able to collapse their lungs to get out of tight spots and it’s true, because I’ve seen them slither out of a trap through a tight gap when they see me coming and start going ape shit in there.
    GFP told me anything more than fifty yards from a farmhouse is fair game, he said thank you and shook my hand. I had a giant bull snake try and bite me on the leg while I was passing it on my motorcycle.
    I disturbed him while he was sunning himself on the highway. I heard rattling under a tarp that was covering an old engine outback one spring. I assumed it was a rattlesnake, right? It slowly crawl out of an exhaust manifold of a Chevy V8 and I took its head off with my BUCK 119 Special.
    After removing it, I seen that it was a bull snake!
    That was weird.. Looked it up on google and found out that bull snakes can rattle their tail similar to a rattler to scare predators/danger off. I wouldn’t have killed it if I knew it was a bull snake, as they do more good than harm on a farm. Outside of the house that is and especially in the barn and garden eating rodents. Live and learn.. Not a snake fan in general.


  19. Brevard County, Florida.
    I found the problem.
    The solution to the problem of Brevard County is ethnic cleansing. Some would say that calling for the elimination of Brevard County as something that is, “sadistically violent.” Having lived in America’s own shithole for five miserable years of my life, I can tell you that the term the naysayers are looking for is, “right sizing.”

  20. Wow, so much cat hate. A couple questions, and a couple facts. Question: Was it the cat hater or the cat defender that got in a shootout with the deputy?
    Facts: The country does not differentiate between a feral cat and an abandoned pet . If it’s out and not collared, it’s feral. When a cat will let you approach, rub up against your leg, or let you pick it up, it ain’t feral! I have rescued and adopted out 3 “feral cats”, and care for 3 real ferals at our legally registered “feral cat colony “. Yes, that’s really a thing. All the cats in our colony have been fixed and had their shots. When someone teaches an animal to trust and depend on them, then abandons that animal when inconvenient, who is to blame? The poor dumb animal, or the shitty so-called human?

    • I don’t hate cats. But I’ve lived in rural areas in WV and KY. Abandoned and or feral cats are absolutely devastating to the local animal and bird population. I’ve witnessed whole rabbits nests being wiped out by them. And squirrels. And I’ve seen a cat with a nestling jay torturing the jay to make it call out. He was trying to lure the adult jays into range.

      Everybody worries about the cat. I’ve never seen a word of concern for the hundreds/thousands of animals done in by the cats.

      • jwm is “EXACTLY” correct.

        TweetyRex needs to live in my barn for a weekend, but he wouldn’t last an hour after dark.
        You think this is about hate? LMAO!
        Go start a “me too” cat movement in your neighborhood and find some friends.

    • Your wrong on all accounts.
      My daughter walking was in a residential neighborhood when she was six years old and I’ve always raised my children NOT to touch or go near strange animals that they do not know. Well, little girls love cats and she still does and still has the scars to prove it.
      She was walking with her mother down the street when a neighbors cat came up to them, the cat rubbed up against my daughter’s leg in an affectionate manner and my daughter reached down to pet it an it BIT right into her arm down to the bone.
      Her dipshit mother didn’t follow the cat home and came to me with our daughter who was in tears and bleeding and I said I’ll find out where it went, while she tended to our daughter’s wounds. Afterwards, we walked three blocks and there it was, the cat they described, lounging on the door step where it lived. I knocked on the door and they came and I said, Is that your cat? They said Yes, I said it just bit my daughter and drew blood, now I want to see the vaccinations, they had them, so we left, after I informed them that if I ever seen the cat near or on my property that I wouldn’t need a gun to exterminate it, as I displayed my Tony Lamas to them. You people crying about cats are just plain stupid and why are you here anyway, you don’t know shit about nature.

  21. Abuse of domestic animals is a felony in most states and is a disqualification for gun ownership. Personally I would prefer to have cats in my neighborhood than some of you self righteous supreme beings that feel so threatened by a small creature. Such big men you are. At least the cats know who to shit on.

    • When animals become wild destructive nusences they are pests or vermin and their lives are forfeit. As far as I’m concerned that goes for pets that are not kept at home where they belong.

        • Good one! Bet it took you all day to come up with that one.

          It’s quite simple people keep their pets under control and they don’t have to worry about it.

      • “…that goes for pets that are not kept at home where they belong.”

        So who do we punish, the pet or the owner?
        Yeah, shoot the cat ’cause his owner is an irresponsible asshole.
        And your kid is an annoying little shit so I think I’ll kill you too.
        Great logic. And you wonder why people want gun control when the see nut case remarks like this.

        • You equate controlling pest animals to killing kids cause they’re annoying? We don’t need gun control. We need better mental health facilities in this country.

        • It was sarcasm towards the previous comment.
          The suggestion was to punish the innocent instead of the accountable.
          It is pure ass-clown logic.

        • No, kids get recorded and the law called. Then it becomes a matter for the court and parents.

          I personally don’t care if someone doesn’t like how I do things on MY property. I have a child and two dogs and none of them go around the neighborhood tearing up other people’s property. My family and I live in such a way to impact those around us as little as possible and we expect the same courtesy. So to quote Clint Eastwood “Get off my lawn!” and there won’t be any problems.

        • The ass clown logic is the jackass that let’s their animals and kids tear up other people’s property and when confronted they take no responsibility and act like it’s not a big deal or it’s everyone’s fault but theirs. Like I said if people would keep their animals at home there wouldn’t be any problems. Plain and simple.

  22. Does this really have anything to do with “The Truth About Guns”?
    This is an issue of mental stability, not gun laws.
    All it brings to light is another idiot gun owner, that will make us look good.
    Keen bit o’ reporting.

    • Ya know, I cant remember if I stomped more feral cats to death with my boots or trapped and shot them? It’s a close match. “One day the lion shall lie down with the lamb”.
      Until then?
      “Lion Medicine”
      Teddy Roosevelt”

      Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Jack!

  23. Well I can tell you are filled with hate this evening.

    Zoonotic diseases are not something John Doe has to worry about unless he is having sexual contact with animals or likes to pick up animal feces. Cats keep the rats down and catch birds, both of which are worse, so I’ll take the feral cats any day. Sweeping out rat shit is just asking for respiratory problems and diseases. Getting bit by rats is no fun either, been there done that, got a scar for it too while the rat got squished. I should have put a sterile needle through it and made a piercing on the end of my thumb.

    I’ve only seen 1-2 truely “feral” cats in my area, they looked at me like they never seen a human before, then went back into the forest. Critters too shy to get more than a dozen yards are a non-issue for disease. Then again, it may have just been one of the neighbors cats. Everyone here has cats. /everyone/

    • Ok, we’re obviously being “baited” by these feral cat people, so I’m out now. This last post by “arc” proves it. Feral cats that live in your woods like bush people lol do not kill real rats, because a good size rat will whip its butt. Feral cats are unsocialized cats, born wild from wild cats, that have not been vaccinated nor several other things, click on the link Mr Bradford posted for the ignorant.
      Feral cats eat mice, garbage, long dead rotten roadkill that skunks, coon and other critters have all been chewing on after baking in the hot sun for days, birds are a favorite of theirs, insects and so forth. Poison is for rats or old school rat traps that have a spring that can take a finger off. In fact, city rats and old meat packing rats are so big, nasty and aggressive that back in the fifties my uncle John was hired by the local meat packing plant to shoot them with a 22lr. That was his job at $2 a rat. I’ve spoke with old retired hog farmers and listened to their stories when I was a kid about herds of large rats that traveled from farm to farm back in the early American farming days and when they would have tunnels into hog buildings with holes so large like size of a city street man hole cover, I seen one and it’s still there today, some were filled with concrete and tunneled out to the fields where there were so many rats that turned the field black like a moving blanket. My dad and grandmother, both are passed now, but told me that clear back to my great great grandad up to my dad on the farm that they raised mink and after harvest would turn one or two mink loose in a corn crib and they would stay in there for two or three days killing rats. My dad made money renting out his minks to farmers and he was also a trapper up until he went into the Navy after high school in the fifties.
      Feral cats aren’t doing anyone a favor and most of them are so sick that putting them down is more humane than feeding them or letting them grow in population. Example; I spied a feral cat near my rural home one afternoon down by a small stream, it was white with filthy dirty matted up clunks of hair, so I was stalking it and I was within earshot and stepped on a dried dead branch and “snap” it loudly broke and I was sure the feral cat was going to take off and I would lose my shot. I was surprised to notice that it hadn’t even moved or noticed me at all. You know why? It was deaf, from disease and was probably not far from death, so I was successful in putting it out of its misery and keeping it away from my rural home or biting one of my children or my dogs, etc.
      I’m finished with you jokers pulling our chain, because “common sense” has leveled you people.
      I’m out of this thread now.

  24. Rabid animals killed frequently here. The localities won’t even test ’em unless they bit someone.

    As for the cat problem, treat like the pet dogs that would pack together and kill our calves.
    Shoot, Shovel, Shut up.

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