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Marc sends us his “Pure Essentials” pocket dump for today’s Everyday Carry pocket dump of the day.  Courtesy of Everyday Carry.

Gun?  Check.  Springfield XD/s 9mm (3.3″)

Spare mag?  Check.

Blade?  Check.  Unspecified make/model.


Bueller?  Bueller?

I suppose that iPhone probably has a flashlight app.

Marc’s also got the world’s (almost) smallest Victorinox Swiss Army Knife.  Along with a fidget spinner.  Or, as the bots at Amazon like to say, spinner fidget.




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  1. He’s a naturalist. Pure indeed. So pure, the only light he needs is from the sun and moon.

    Fidget spinners… Never understood them. I just sit still.

    Aside from that, I honestly think the Springfields are pretty fugly guns. Any specific reason someone would chose one? Save a couple pennies? Any springfield carriers out there?

    • Ugly is as ugly does. My son bought a Springfield XD/S. Does the job. Goes bang every time. Hits what he’s shooting at, and the grip safety is a nice, unobtrusive protection against reholstering discharges, windbreaker strings caught in the trigger guard, etc.

      • Good points. I don’t have those issues, no jackets with strings or anything like it, but I see the value in a grip safety. More for professional use than anything. I just never got into it because I see it as a potential point of failure. That, and they are bulky, blocky guns.

    • I carry one on a pretty regular basis and thinks it’s pretty attractive but I also think my Ruger Lcr is a sexy little beast sooo….

      • Well, the Ruger is kinda… Price and concealment ability make it my kinda sexy. I’d really like a S&W model 327. I have grown fond of a p238 to familiarize myself with, but maybe a 9mm would be better since I already have a great. It’s gonna be one or the other if I walk into that store selling them again. Barely made it out last week without a new possible EDC. But the 327 is a dream revolver, a safe queen for me… Maybe one day.

  2. A friend of mine is fond of the Springfield XDs. As were a bunch of guys I used to work with just across the line in Georgia. Me? They’re OK. Just ok.

  3. I thought the whole ‘fidget spinner’ fad ended about a month after it started, but here we are…

    • I did too but…..heck, I still see young people chasing poke-mons downtown on their phones.

  4. Carried an XDs .45 Mod 1 for a while…until the recall. Took them months to get it back to me. Whatever mods they performed on it changed that sweet (but firm) shooting little .45 to something that is unpleasant to shoot (with any bullet weight)…it now resides full time in the safe. I shoot a mag or two once a year to remind myself why I don’t carry it any more.

    My only other Springfield is an older TRP that points and shoots like a dream…never had any issues with it (other than periodic maintenance – new springs a couple of years ago).

    • I only have the experience of shooting mine post recall and I seem to have a hell of a time getting consistent shot groups perhaps due to the “updated” grip safety?
      Have you considered powder river precision spring kit? I’ve read much about it but haven’t yet committed to purchasing the kit.

      • +1 on he Powder River trigger kit. Drop in install and a crisp 3.5 lb trigger. Not sure I would use on my carry but awesome for IDPA or target shooting. Made a decent gun a great gun imho. By comparison adding an apex trigger on my Sig p320 was only a minor improvement.

      • Ditto on the shot groups. Hadn’t heard about the Powder River kit (I guess that I’ve considered my XDs as a “lost cause” since the recall…haven’t researched any possible “cures”). I’ll have to take a look at the kit and see. Thanks for the info.

        Currently it is 43F on my little piece of the Rockies with an expected high today of 75F…weather liars prognosticating a slight chance of snow over the weekend…Life is Good!

      • Addendum:

        Just looked up Powder River on the Interwebz…one of their spring kits is on the way (I figure that it can’t make the XDs any less pleasant to shoot…).

      • I own XDM40, XD40, XDE 9, XDS Mod 2 40, XDS Mod 2 45. I also own Glocks, Berretta, Remington & Springfield 1911, Browning 1911 380 and others……..
        The sharpest tools in the collection second to my Springfield 1911 are all of my XD’s.
        My only comment to you is that if you are having a problem putting rounds in a 4 inch diameter circle at 10 yards minimum with your XD you need to revisit your fundamentals and practice more. One other common mistake most shooters make is relaxing their grip after each shot. Especially with a grip safety, the gun will shift in the web of your hand. That will also give you a buckshot group. If still in doubt get another experienced shooter to watch you shoot and even take a video as evidence.

  5. Looks like he most things covered.

    I fidget with my flashlight.

    My Tacticool Streamlight Stylus Pro. Costs 18 bucks and isma great EDC light.

    (It won’t set paper on fire like the mall ninja lights will though).

  6. I have an XDs .45. Great for its intended use. I really like it. Shoots well. Manageable. Extended spare mags. Probably should’ve gone for the 9mm, but that would have robbed me of an excuse to research and buy a different gun. I fidget by pulling extra long nose hairs out with my fingers. It helps me stay awake. Lastly, even if I can’t carry a gun, I certainly have a flashlight. WTF?

  7. It sounds like a very few folks with only a pen/keychain/phone light don’t ever plan on using it in a DGU under low light conditions, or don’t want to to be labled as a mall ninja for having one greater than 200 lumens, or actually carry with a WML. As a concealled carrier, have to ask yourself, can your carry light identify a potential threat in low light conditions? If yes, you are GTG. If no, research (youtube reviews and that EDC website these pocket dumps come from) one to fit your needs, then wait for a sale, like a 4th of July sale and buy one. Easy Peasy.

    • And the point behind a WML, is to be able to have both hands on your grip, rather than waste seconds also grabbing a flashlight from your pocket. Are the chances rare that you will use a WML? Yep, but like you said, can you identify a target in low light in such a rare situation? It’s a simple solution to be prepared for, and adding a WML is extremely simple taking up very little space in your holster. Every time I ask someone why they won’t carry one, it’s personal choice because they don’t want to, and mostly because they think it’s tacticool. Just a naive outlook, especially when you conceal carry to be prepared in the first place.

  8. spinner my as….today’s answer to a roll of dimes in your fist….brass knuckles without the knuckles

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