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“I don’t know why this [crime] is so important to you.”

With one dismissive comment, New York’s Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul encapsulated why New Yorkers may rock the Empire State political landscape and make their #GUNVOTE concerns a reality at the ballot boxes on Nov. 8. Crime and safety was front and center during a debate between Gov. Hochul and challenger U.S. Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.) and the differences could not be more drastic.

Gov. Hochul enjoys an armed private security detail paid for by New York taxpayers. She’s made it a priority to ram through anti-Second Amendment laws that have been struck down as unconstitutional, that only affects lawful gun owners and does nothing to hold criminals accountable.

Rep. Zeldin was physically attacked by a man wielding a blade at a rally and his daughters were home alone when criminals exchanged gunfire right off his residence’s front porch. He has a record in Congress of standing up for the Second Amendment and a strong message of getting tough on criminals.

Read The Room

As Nov. 8 approaches, crime is among the top issues for voters. Even more so in New York City.

Gov. Hochul has tried to pull the wool over on voters, reiterating that their safety concerns are baseless and more about a “sense of fear” than on fact. Perception is reality and for the governor, it’s both. Voters are concerned and they should be. Rep. Zeldin went to bat for New Yorkers.

“This governor – we’re halfway through the debate – she still has not talked about locking up anyone committing any crimes,” Rep. Zeldin challenged.

“Under our laws…anyone that commits a crime, has consequences. I don’t know why that’s so important to you,” Gov. Hochul shot back.

Media reports tell a different story because it seems to voters criminals don’t face consequences. New York voters say it’s important to them.

Gov. Hochul has deflected blame and instead passed more laws that penalize law-abiding New Yorkers instead of criminals perpetuating violence. She admonished New York media who pressed her for data behind her laws.

“I don’t need to have the numbers,” she said. “I don’t need to have the data point.”

The laws she’s passed have turned law-abiding New Yorkers into criminals. Now, among several additional restrictions, social media accounts must be reviewed by anyone applying for a handgun permit. She also expanded the list of locations where legal carry permit holders cannot carry their firearms, despite the fact that criminals ignore these limitations.

Gov. Hochul even tried to turn around the narrative and tries to reassure voters she’s “doing something” by holding a for-show press event before the debate with troubled Democratic New York Attorney General Letitia James to hype their efforts after passing the restrictive laws. Not everyone was impressed.

(Office of the Governor of New York via AP)

“Gun crimes in Albany are overwhelmingly committed using guns that are obtained illegally,” Albany Democratic District Attorney David Soares told media. “Red Flag Laws cannot be used to stop the many gangland warriors patrolling the streets with ghost guns, stolen guns, and community guns.”

Answer Voters

Rep. Zeldin made his case for a different path. It wasn’t just talk, either. His record in Congress backs up his belief in the Second Amendment and keeping New Yorkers safe. It earned him an “A” rating  from NSSF.

Rep. Zeldin raised the flaws in Gov. Hochul’s approach to restricting the law-abiding New Yorkers’ rights. He spoke about the governor’s blaming of law-abiding gun owners for criminals’ actions.

“Unfortunately Kathy Hochul believes the only crimes that are being committed are these crimes with [illegal] guns. We have people who are afraid of being pushed in front of on-coming subway cars, they’re being stabbed and beaten to death on the streets with hammers,” the congressman fired back. “Instead we have Kathy Hochul patting herself on the back, ‘Job well done.’”

He’s got a point. The FBI once again released data this year showing more murders were committed last year by knives, clubs and fists than by all rifles, let alone the Modern Sporting Rifles (MSRs) that Gov. Hochul supports banning nationwide. It’s why Rep. Zeldin voted against a Congressional ban on the popular firearm and instead is focused on holding criminals accountable and ensuring guns stay out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them.

Polling shows Rep. Zeldin may become the first pro-Second Amendment Republican governor in New York in 30 years. With more than 1 million first-time New York gun buyers since 2020 according to NSSF NICS-adjusted data, his focus on crime and the Second Amendment might be the difference and Gov. Hochul may find herself in need of a good moving company. NSSF encourages New York voters to get out to the polls and #GUNVOTE so they don’t risk their rights.

Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. I really think the Democrats are so deranged that they can’t even think right. it is just baffling some of the stuff they do! and what is more baffling is a lot of the people keep voting for these stinking Democrats. I just don’t understand it. they are destroying our country and they still have people that want to vote them in, it is just insane.

    • It makes more sense when you realize that they care about power not rules and will do everything they can to get power over you and see any resistance as insulting to their right to rule. Not all of them but enough that it’s not worth separating them out for now.

      • no, they are not well-meaning. not to any of us. in their minds, they are the human beings, and the rest of us are animals put here to serve them as they see fit.

    • “they still have people that want to vote them in”

      1) because they think they are above the general population and will benefit from the predation on the general population

      2) and if there’s not enough of those then there’s always dominion. “the number on the screen for me is larger than the number on the screen for you, so now you have to do everything I say.”

    • Of course Hochul doesn’t see reality. She is mesmerized by the grand vista seen from her ivory tower.

    • @Samson. I would like to add to SAFE’s comment that in addition to those who desire power, A LOT of people in America want to be subjugated. They just want their phones to work and people to serve them food and drive them around and someone to call to fix whatever breaks and “free” stuff. They don’t want challenge or to make sacrifices or anything else. OF COURSE they love these people and vote for them. Dictators, meet Worms.

      • That is a brutal point and mildly disturbing to think that we may improve our government slightly mostly due to them wishing to be ruled less incompetently. Thank you for that as much as it kicks optimism in the balls it is a valuable perspective.

  2. C’Mon Man…With millions in nyc odds are you won’t get eaten by Lions. So relax already pilgrim and dance around town worry free like hochul believing you’re that extra special someone above all the blood and guts.

    • Yes, especially if you drive around the mass pike to Albany. Or anywhere on the Northway during daylight and immediate sunset.

    • Certainly on a par with Jacinda Arden, the New Zealand prime minister. I think they both look like Momo.

  3. I can see why she’s confused when no one cared until it finally reached critical mass. It’s not like it declined overnight

    • Helps when the news outside of a few radio stations goes out of their way to not report most of anything going on. If not for police scanners, FOIL requests, and a few honest police blotters it would be difficult to see how bad things have gotten……… until everyone starts seeing it despite the blackout.

  4. …”social media accounts must be reviewed by anyone applying for a handgun permit.”

    Pssssttt… Larry

    …social media accounts must be reviewed FOR anyone applying for a handgun permit.

    • That was actually heard on the 25th and could have a decision tomorrow but more likely Monday……..oh and on a lot of the carry restrictions as well.

  5. “Hochul: Anyone who commits a crime under our laws…has consequences…I don’t know why that’s so important to you ”

    Well, duh!

    1. Consequences? In the aggregate, the ‘consequences’ for over 80% of the “anyone’s” was being released to roam freely among the prey where they committed further crimes and then were released (almost immediately) again to roam freely among the prey where they committed further crimes – and over 75% of that 80% are still roaming free and committing crimes.

    2. Why is it important? The correct question is – Why isn’t it important to you Hochul?

  6. “Under our laws…anyone that commits a crime, has consequences.”

    And under her and her allies, many who commit crimes do not have consequences. That disparity between law and actual practice should have been the main takeaway / point of debate.

    • According to her viewpoint just being arrested is a consequence as these criminals are immediately released back into the streets to commit more crimes.

  7. Hochul, disband your tax payer funded security team and do away with it, the go out in public like your subjects do then you will find out why everyone is concerned about crime in New York and why law abiding NY people want to carry guns.

  8. She’s so damn ugly she scares away the rapists and muggers. By all indications she is dumb as a stump. Can you even imagine waking up, rolling over, opening your eyes, and seeing that first thing in the morning? No wonder she’s such a witch. I’m melting!

  9. Disconnected with reality.
    As long as it happens to little people, she does not care.
    Just look at the response when DeSantis sent 50 illegals to Martha’s Vineyard.

  10. “I don’t need to have the numbers,” she said. “I don’t need to have the data point.”

    she doesn’t. she’s at war, and the citizens are the target. once you realize this then all their inexplicable actions and all their incomprehensible statements suddenly come crystal clear – they are the righteous, you are here to serve them.

  11. This is the same attitude Arnold Schwarzenegger has. It’s the same way Democrats in general see the general population. I don’t know why the people of NewYork and California are so blind to the fact that these so-called leaders will lead them over a cliff. They do not care about anyone but themselves.

    I do know why. They just blow it off like it was nothing.

  12. When Gov. Lee Zeldin relieves Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg of his duties for cause, expect the socialist-democrat’s heads to explode and the non-stop cry of “racism” from the MSM.

    • We are already hearing how such a thing would be unthinkable and without process. But their lips are moving so………..

  13. Whatbthe hell do you mean CRIMINASLS r arenot held accountable . OF course they are held accountable by the mere fact they are CRIMINALS for heavens sake. WHat theheell do you expect the Poice to follow themselves to very bloody supect in America?

    Plicing in a DEMOCRACY ]or in MY type of DEmocracy] is by the CONSENT of those being policed and the majority of successful, DETECTION of crime depend pretty much on the CO-OPERATION and information from those being policed as well.

    Without that co-operation and information strteam Policing cannot be effective and the ANTI-POLICE uncoperative stance of America’s Gun Owners does their cause absolutely no favours. On the one hand they complain about Police inactivity whilst at the same time seem to support the de-funding of Police Forces.

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