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FILE - Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (AP Photo/Keith Srakocic, File)
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The showdown between Pennsylvania’s Democratic Lt. Gov. John Fetterman and Republican candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz vying for the open U.S. Senate seat in Pennsylvania was described as “painful.” Lt. Gov. Fetterman is clearly struggling with the effects of the stroke he suffered months ago. We sincerely hope that he regains his health. Nevertheless, the debate revealed that Keystone State voters must contend with two candidates with vastly differing view on Second Amendment rights.

The debate opened with a question of why the candidates are running to represent Pennsylvanians in the Senate. Dr. Oz was unequivocal in his frustration with government overreach coming from Washington, D.C.

“I’m running for the U.S. Senate because Washington keeps getting it wrong with extreme positions,” Oz said. “Let’s take crime as an example, because it’s been such a big problem…John Fetterman, during this crime wave, has been trying to get as many murderers, convicted and sentenced to life in prison, out of jail as possible…”

Lt. Gov. Fetterman believes his record on crime qualifies him for higher office.

“I believe that I run on my record on crime,” Lt. Gov. Fetterman said. “All he’s done is put a plan up on his website in the last 24 hours. He has no experience.”

Campaign Positions

NSSF examined both candidates’ websites for how they would address crime and gun rights. Dr. Oz’s campaign site spells out that he rejects “defund the police” policies and opposes “cashless bail” ideas. On gun rights, Dr. Oz professes to being a gun owner, learning to hunt as a young teen with his father. He also “knows the Second Amendment isn’t about hunting, it’s about protecting ourselves.” He rejects red flag laws and “liberal gun grabs.”

Lt. Gov. Fetterman, too, professes to be a gun owner on his campaign site. He says he wants “common sense gun safety measures.” That includes his call to ban Modern Sporting Rifles (MSRs) which are the most popular-selling centerfire rifles in America with over 24.4 million in circulation today, universal background checks, which are impossible without a national gun registry and is prohibited by federal law. He wants red flag laws, without qualifying the need for Due Process rights protections.

“The Fraternal Order of Police from Braddock, the small town he represented, endorsed me,” Oz explained. “They supported me because what he’s saying is not true. Violence skyrocketed in Braddock… the town wasn’t in good shape when John got there. It got worse when he was there. People kept leaving, so of course you’re going to have all kinds of aberrations, but John… the city was dangerous under your leadership and that’s why the FOP endorsed me.”

Gun Control

Both candidates were asked how they might have voted on the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, which was recently signed into law. Oz’s position wasn’t unlike that of the NSSF. There are portions of the bill that had merit, but other portions that needed more work.

“There are parts of that bill I like a lot,” Oz explained. “For example, I like that there are background checks that are being strengthened now so we can make sure that people who should not have guns don’t get guns. I also like that there was a lot of money invested for mental health, which is an important part of the equation.”

Oz was pressed if he would have voted to pass the legislation and added, “I would have tried to improve that bill.”

Oz took Lt. Gov. Fetterman to task over the reports of him wielding a shotgun against an unarmed Black man while he was mayor of Braddock, Pa.

“There’s one person on this stage that’s broken the law, we believe,” Oz said. “John Fetterman took a shotgun, chased an unarmed African American man and put the gun, apparently according to that man, to his chest. Why haven’t you apologized to that unarmed, innocent Black man who you put a shotgun to his chest?”

Lt. Gov. Fetterman declined to offer an apology or a detailed explanation of the incident.

“I made the opportunity to defend our community as the chief law enforcement officer there,” he said.

SCOTUS & Filibuster

Both candidates said they had no interest in expanding the composition of the U.S. Supreme Court when asked by moderators. That radical notion has been proposed by far-left Members of Congress and senators as a way of achieving policy positions for issues that cannot survive the legislative process, including gun control.

“One of the first things he has said when he came back to the campaign trail was that he wanted to bust the filibuster, which means removing the brakes on the Sente overreacting,” Oz said. “That’s a risk.”

“That’s true. That is true,” Lt. Gov. Fetterman said.

“If you do that, you would free up the Democrats in the Senate without getting the normal amount of votes to actually expand the Supreme Court, add more states, do things that are detrimental to the well-being of the country,” Oz explained. “I think that arguing on your first day back that we should get rid of the filibuster is a dangerously radical move that would hurt Washington. It’s not in our nation’s best interest.”

Pennsylvanians will have the final say on Nov. 8 when they cast ballots for who will represent them in the U.S. Senate and other races in the Commonwealth. This much is certain. This vote is critical to protecting the firearm industry and the Second Amendment rights of all Americans. Voters can learn more about how to register, where to vote and how their elected officials stand on firearm-industry issues. Don’t Risk Your Rights. #GUNVOTE.

Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. Background Checks may, may, that is may, prevent the acquisition of a firearm by a prohibited person….for one moment in time; and one moment only.

    The belief of 2A deniers and “Fix NICSers” is that if a person fails a BGC, they will never try another avenue to a firearm.

    The number of denied purchases since Dec 1998 is estimated to be 2 million (as of Nov 2021). The number of denied purchasers who are arrested, brought to trial, and convicted is laughable.

    NICS is ineffective on its face, and cannot be “fixed”.

    Oz is all the people of Pennsylvania have, but he is not to be numbered among committed 2A defenders, POTG.

    • Well Dr. Oz is the far better person for the job goes without saying. However instead of just ramming fetterman’s ship Oz should have sunk it by explaining the Confirmed History of Gun Control to fetterman and his politically inept history illiterate supporters. An impromptu Gun Control history lesson would have put fetterman and his Gun Control rot in camp with the kkk and german nazis on their way to terrorize defenseless Blacks and Jews.

      Oz did do a number on fetterman putting a shotgun in the chest of an innocent Black man. So without any doubt whatsoever anyone voting for fetterman has poop for brains.

      Gun Control? It is indeed exactly what History says it is and not what you may think it is…

  2. I truly feel for any stroke victim, but #1 he’s obviously playing the victim card #2 he was a moronic lib before the stroke.

  3. ““I made the opportunity to defend our community as the chief law enforcement officer there”

    you’re the mayor, you utter numpty.

    The only difference between the situation he created and the one where Ahmaud Arbery was killed is that Arbery decided to forcibly resist an attempted kidnapping by rednecks while the guy that Ferrerman falsely imprisoned decided not to do so.

    • *The mayor of a decaying town of less than 2,000 people. I doubt he made the situation any better. The population keeps decreasing.

      Imagine someone with his health issues running 30 years ago. They wouldn’t even try to run him. At this point, people are just voting for a rubber stamp of the party.

  4. I dont feel bad for him and I am not afraid to say it. He’s a piece of garbage and he got what he deserves, communist scum.

  5. Fetterman’s health will improve but Oz will always be a snake-oil peddling conman. Like Trump his “commitment” to the 2A is all lip service. Trump did nothing to further common sense gun rights efforts (where is a federal level concealed carry reciprocity and why do I still need a tax stamp for a sound suppressor?) and neither will Oz. At the same time the policies of liberal/centrist candidates like Fetterman and Josh Shapiro (running for governor of PA) continue to move their platforms to the Right (both are pro-fracking, call for hiring more cops, and lowering corporate taxes does that sound like a leftist agenda to you? Nevermind a communist one.).

    Maybe it’s time to stop being single-issue voters and start voting for people who will prevent our society from taking another rotation down the drain. Socially responsible politicians may have an anti-gun bias but that can be counteracted through lobbying organizations and political involvement from gun owners. A United States with equitable education, universal healthcare, fair taxation, legalized (and taxed) drugs, and less income inequality would go a long way towards reducing our exorbitant crime/murder rate. This would take pressure off of law-abiding gun owners who are scapegoated by politicians for whom unilateral gun control measures can score them points for seeming like they’re “doing something” without having to take a broader look at the social conditions that cause mass shootings, drug cartel crime, and probably a good chunk of suicides as well.

    • both fetterwoman and Josh shitpero are anti-gun, you can try to butter them up but both there actions and words over the years backs up my statement.
      as for federal carry or atf tax stamps, blame the party as they never made it to trumps desk and you know it.
      nice try to dump on Trump you leftist liberal democrat troll.

      sorry stupid, I’m not compromising on my second amendment rights just because these two anti-gun morons support fracking, especially since Biden does not.

    • Asking people to ignore that politicians ignore their oath to protect our liberties is like saying a Jeffry Dommer wannabe’s illegal habits should be overlooked because they do stand up for all other liberties.

      • “Asking people to ignore that politicians ignore their oath to protect our liberties is…”

        The only alternative is to shun all politics, all the time. There is never a situation where one can support the “best” political party; only a choice between “less bad”.

        People are people, politicians or not. Expecting “perfect” is a cop-out (which is a valid choice, but that choice removes all justification for complaining about political outcomes).

        • “The only alternative”? NO. We can demand our representative represent us and do it in accordance with our laws.

          Part of the problem is, people believe these elected and appointed types are leaders and not agents subject to the rules we, their principals, establish.

          I was told, over a whole bunch of decades, “you can’t fight city hall.” However, “city hall” has kissed my butt on many an occasion in attempt to get me to not fight city hall.

          Those making up city hall, and even their legal advisors, are not high IQ geniuses. Even those in the business of law can be beaten at their own game. Of course, you have to want to beat them at their own game. That may or may not require going all in, but it doesn’t require having that genius IQ.

    • Nice try “Frank.” They aren’t moving to the right! They’re lying to get elected because their left wing positions aren’t popular anymore. Fetterman is extremely anti-fracking. He’s on the record saying so. How stupid do you think people are? All you have are lies. And only a moron would use the word equitable without a hint of irony.

      Just wait until people get a real taste of your idiotic green energy policies this winter. This is only the beginning. Your dream green energy plans would take the cake for the most commie kills in the history of the world. That’s saying something.

    • you want “(where is a federal level concealed carry reciprocity “? WHAAAAATT are you TAWKING about? You WANT to keep some form of gummit Mother May I Card in your money poke to show to some nosey copper who’s just a bit uppity about the fact you are carrying one on your person, which is your absolute RIGHT?

      NO. National “reciprocity” means continuing to seek gummit permission to DO what is already our RIGHT.
      NO candidate is really OURS until/unless he unabashedly supports the right of ALL law abiding citizens (that is not debarred the use of arms because of their own CRIMINAL use of them) to keep and bear arms of whatever sort we wish to, whenever and wherever we wish to, and without saying BOO to any government offficial (let alone crossing someone’s greasey palm with some poll-tax category FEE to get any permission slip.

      Let’s have done with this “national reciprocity” foolishness. Perhaps Congress clarifying the FACT that all citizens (not disqualified) have the unfettered RIGHT to purchase/borrow/own/make/modify any firearm they wish to, and to carry about with them upon their persons that or any other firearm. Accepting anything less is to bown and scrape before our “betters”.
      NO, thanks all the same.

      • It needs to be remembered, anything it’s said “government” wants of us translates to “people want . . . .,” or “agents want . . . .” Government is an imaginary, agreed upon thing incapable of either good or ill. Only through agents can anything be done in the name of government.”

  6. PAAAALEEEEZE, people, quit calling them “democratic,” that’s a process, not a party. And the party people keep confusing it has little to do with any process representing all of We The People.

    Call you politicians out when they call the Democrat party the democratic/Democratic party. It lends the impression they are more than they are.

    • “PAAAALEEEEZE, people, quit calling them “democratic,” that’s a process, not a party.”

      The national party of what is known as the “Democratic Party” is officially called the “Democratic Party”.

      The actual discombobulation of language is that the members of the “Democratic Party” call themselves “democrats”. They should be called the “Democratics”, like some kind of really bad rock group.

      • Too many politicians ramble erroneous garbage like “this great democracy.” Toss in the, of late, use of the word democratic, in place of Democrat, and it implies all others are the stuff of which the likes of FJB rambles.

        In the many decades my life has touched, Democrats have been just that, Democrats, just as they are listed in voting schemes.

  7. Oppose him though we must, thank god that the stroke has not significantly impacted his critical reasoning facilities or ability to express himself cogently.

  8. In what other field could you continue to work besides politics after you’ve had a stroke and are notably impaired? Any other field and you’d be medically retired or have to take a long leave of absence. Fetterman wasn’t a good candidate in the first place. The people of PA who voted him in as Lt. Governor must not be very smart. I voted early in TX straight Republican except for the one Libertarian who was running against a democrat with no Republican candidate.

    • “In what other field could you continue to work besides politics after you’ve had a stroke and are notably impaired? ”

      How uncharitably mean. And not nice.

      Your are saying that disabled persons should be barred from running for public office; you should be ashamed. It is federal law that certain accommodations must be made for persons with disabilities/challenges.

      You’re just a mean ol’ meany, you meany.

      • Are you purposely being a fool, or is your post satire? If the latter, cudos.

        Essentially, the dude is a tard, whether temporary or not, it remains he is not a rocket scientist and is ZERO qualified to make decisions for anyone other than himself, and the latter only to the extent his decisions do not affect anyone.

        Anyone defending his attempt to represent We The People on any scale suggests they may be not far behind him, or are wholly corrupt and intend to take advantage of his defect.

        Oh, and using the words “disabled person” without qualifying it (e.g., physical disability or mental disability) suggests not good things about someone trying to chastise anyone not willing to let a downs syndrome person play lord over their retirement, nuclear codes, . . . .

        • “Are you purposely being a fool, or is your post satire? If the latter, cudos.

          Well, I admit to being quite the fool unintentionally, and without government assistance. On the other hand, you seem to be new here, and puzzled about sarcasm/satire/ridicule/mockery appearing too close to the mark to be certain of what you are reading; understandable. Most times, I try to be so ludacriss that the reader will declare, “No one is that stupid”, which is the giveaway. Look for twisted use of anti-gunner mantras as a clue.

          BTW, Dim personalities are actually declaring that Fetterfatman is being subjected to unfair, maybe illegal treatment due to his stroke-induced disability.

  9. I spent a large part of my career in Health Care as an NICU Nurse, I dealt with a lot of CVA victims during those years and I can say I’m more than qualified to make these statements.
    First, Fetterman didn’t just display Communicative Deficits, he displayed Cognitive Deficits too, and the DNC, his Campaign, and the MSM are trying to cover that fact up. Frankly, Fetterman is too disabled to hold any elected office, let alone represent Pennsylvania as a US Senator.
    Second, Fetterman’s approaching the six month point Post-CVA. This is critical in an assessment, because the Deficits he presents with at this point in his recovery, are more likely than not, the same Deficits he will have the rest of his life. He may show some slight improvements as time goes on, but there is no guarantee he will see any improvement at all. That’s not being cruel, it’s the truth about his prognosis. What I witnessed watching the debate, was a man who not only had trouble communicating, but a man who also had trouble understanding the questions put to him, and unable at times, to voice a cogent answer to the questions.
    Fetterman’s never been an intellectual, or a silver tongued ellocutionist. Now, he’s a man that has difficulty not only speaking, but understanding what’s being spoken to him, even when he “reads” it, and his ability to respond appropriately is severely impacted.

    The DNC, his Campaign Handlers and his Family should be ashamed of themselves for continuing this ruse.

  10. Fetterman, oh yeah, he’s the guy who held a ‘suspicious’ person at gunpoint, who was found to be totally innocent of any nefarious activity after the fact. I guess he learned his lesson from that episode so he is now out to disarm every law abiding gun owner he possibly can.

  11. Uncle Fester is much better lookin’ and intelligent than this cretin named Fetterman. Also Uncle Fester is more go green than this cretin because he can light his own light bulb by putting it in his mouth.

  12. The ills of this country have always been caused by the democrat lies the push down our throats! Fetterman is a classic sorry but poor example of their limitless propaganda of facts.

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