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This is a unique pocket dump because that’s an FN Baby Browning chambered in .25 ACP. The Baby has a 2.11-inch barrel, a six round capacity, and an empty weight of around 9.5 ounces. It has a fascinating background from a historical perspective and is one tiny pistol. If you’re looking for deep concealment this gun can get it done.

So what do you guys think of using a .25 ACP for self-defense? It looks like this is the main carry for this gun owner…what do you think of that?

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  1. At last. An honest pocket dump. 😉

    JMB designed the round to give .22 performance in a round more suitable for semi autos and more reliable than rimfire. He succeeded. If I could find a tip barrel Beretta in .25 I’d buy it. But here in CA our overlords know what is best for us peasants.

    • Think I’d rather have a NAA .22 LR revolver. But then, I actually had a .25 Beretta Jetfire some decades back, emptied the mag at a soda can from 5 feet and couldn’t make it wiggle. A real beanshooter.

    • But again, I bought it new, for the girlfriend, for $25, sold it around 20 years later for $150, could be worse.

  2. Depending on the handguns age, I guess it could work for an ankle holster or in a waist band while exercising. That’s about the only time I’ll carry something less than 9mm.

  3. Interesting that he went for a belt scabbard to carry his Baby Browning, that little guy is definitely pocket sized compared to others now on the market.

  4. Well, a couple years ago, I went to the range with a friend. He was testing his 9mm Para-ordnance, which turned out to be a Jam-O-Matic. I handed him my .25 FIE Titan with three mags. Fired every time!

  5. I’ve owned a few. Got rid of them. Pocket pistols are cool. Easy to get addicted to them. So many variations and cool designs, many from long ago. And fun to shoot. I’d carry a Walther P22 before I’d carry a .25. Or a Ruger LCP, which I don’t like at all, but I have one just in case pocket carry is all I can have. Regular carry is a Glock 21 or 22. But the pocket pistols are cool. I have a friend who has dozens of them in .25. Expensive ammo is a drawback. 9mm, .40, .45 are all cheaper to shoot.

    • Agreed. The LCP is what were looking for in the 70s….who knew.

      But tiny, well-made pistols are addictive. A pre-war Colt Vest Pocket 25 with lister blue and walnut grips is a thing of beauty…..even if it isn’t practical

      • I had the addiction bad for a stretch for the pocket pistols. Bad … lol … and it was fun buying them, owning them for a bit, finally selling them. I love the Beretta 21A, the 950 models. Very cool design, and there’s something about how tiny they are, and can be deadly. But so many makes and models, condition, price … fun stuff. The old ones are, as you said, are often a thing of beauty.

  6. I’ve never shot anyone with a .25 acp but I know two who did. A head shot the guy was taken to a hospital and died three days later. And another was a rolling struggle with bullets flying, three in the leg of one of the combatants and the one who shot him finally stopped the fight by using the pistol as brass knuckles.Ive carried/ carry a .25 and it did prevent a car jacking one night. If a noob was to ask me about what caliber ,gun to get. I’d suggest a .38 DA snubbie revolver, not a twenty five.

  7. Bought and sold a baby B in .25.
    In two months I more than doubled my money.
    It was a fine shooter.

  8. How do you know when someone drives a benz or a bimmer? They will tell you.

    But seriously… why not a 9mm? Tons of instances where .25 did not penetrate bone. Why risk it? Tons of better options.

    • Plus, it won’t even penetrate a car door… Not a round I would trust my life with. Especially only 6 of them. Might as well carry a .22

  9. Probably the smallest pocket pistol I would consider is the Seecamp .32. Pretty impressed with what I have seen, plus it fits anywhere — easy to carry especially when you don’t really think you might need it.

  10. If you’re trained and accurate enough to where you can reliably get a head shot under duress, it will work just fine.

    I wouldn’t go that route but for some people it can do the job. I know people who are very noise and recoil sensitive and who can shoot a .22 rifle or pistol just fine but who can’t hit the broadside of a barn with anything much bigger. For such people this is the way to go, though the price of ammo is a drawback in .25 ACP.

  11. Never owned a .25, but I would if I picked it up cheap enough.
    If I became comfortable with reliability I’d pocket carry.
    LCP fills the part nicely. Small, reliable and cheap.
    Mine has had many rounds through it and as far as I remember it only choked on on steel cartridge.
    I’m older and lazier I guess. Pocket carry is 75% of the time for me.
    No John Wick scenarios have come up or are likely to.

  12. It’s a reliable center fire round with . . . . . 50-70 ft-lbs of energy?
    I mean, hard nose can penetrate 12″ . . . . . so, there’s that.

  13. I have a few 25s, and I’ve carried them a few times. Most of them shoot great and the looks of a tip up 950 or 21 is hard to beat. However, a modern micro 380 is going to be thinner, lighter and just as stubby as all of them so mine are range toys and barbecue guys. I carried my 950 in my vest pocket for my wedding. That’s classy and no matter how much better a lcp is at being a gun, it will never be that classy

  14. Caliber is totally irrelevant. What is necessary is the ability to draw faster than your opponent and hit what you are shooting at. Studies done a number of years ago showed that more people were actually killed with small caliber handguns like the .22 , .25, and .32 than all other handguns because of two reasons. One was that the people that owned small comfortable handguns tended to carry them every day and that small calibers do indeed kill people as the Stats certainly proved. I would think that the low recoil of small caliber handguns also helped people hit what they were shooting at as well. All to often the big bore blaster is left in the car or at home sitting in the drawer because it was just to big to conceal or to uncomfortable to carry especially in hot weather. An old axiom is certainly true i.e. beware of the man who owns only one gun and practices drawing and shooting it, he is someone you never want to go up against no matter what caliber he is using. I might add I love the Baby Browning and the Beretta 950 Italian made. I can hit a silhouette target with either with no trouble out to 25 yards in rapid fire. Sadly neither is being made anymore simply because they were quality.

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