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Sean Moon (courtesy

Kahr Arms makes wikkid pissa guns. Not submachine guns, as reports in its article about the company’s move from Massachusetts to Pennsylvania (their Auto-Ordnance Thompson TI replica is semi-automatic.). But there’s nothing wrong and a lot right with the Kahr Arms PM9: a small, reliable, appropriately-calibered (9mm) handguns that’s ergonomically sound. Anyway, the Unification Church-owned gunmaker has opened its Pike County manufacturing facility. Despite the usual cringe-worthy sops to gun control, WNEP pens an appropriately celebratory piece; the kind of article you’d never expect from a Bay State paper. Like this:

The owners picked Pike County because, according to them, they want to be where it’s gun friendly, and where half the county residents are members of the NRA.

Before long, Kahr Firearms plans to sell its handguns, sub-machine guns and more from inside a room at its new facility in the Pike County Business Park in Blooming Grove Township.

On this day, however, it was packed with staunch gun rights supporters for Kahr’s grand opening celebration.

“We are so inspired to be in this land, so different from other states in which we’ve been,” said Reverend Sean Moon [above], Sanctuary Church.

However? However what? The video at the link is worse; running a montage of mass shootings before introducing the local reporter. And what’s this doing here?

Company officials said the new headquarters and firearm plant will bring about 200 jobs by next year. Local leaders gave Kahr a tax break for five years, worth thousands of dollars. This helped to secure the move to this so-called “gun-friendly territory.”

“I’ve been a staunch supporter of second amendment, very pro gun, we live in a pro gun county,” said Pike County Sheriff Phil Bueki.

But in a country that’s endured unending gun violence, and in some cases, senseless mass shootings, Kahr is standing up against gun control efforts knowing it also has backing in Pennsylvania.

[Sean’s brother] Justin Moon added, “It’s the minority that keeps on saying we have an issue, issue is decided, we love freedom, we love our guns, we’re not going to give them up.”

Good for Justin! Bravo Sean! I could say something about the Dad’s church’s reputation as a brainwashing cult – not the kind of organization one normally associates with the love of liberty – but that would be indelicate. Suffice it to say, I carry the aforementioned 9mm mouse gun from time to time and love it to bits. Worshipfully, in fact.

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  1. That’s about a half hour from where I live. North east Pennsylvania is fairly gun friendly, although it can stand some improvement. Maybe I’ll put in an application to Khar.

  2. Missed it by a few states there Kahr. Anyone claiming you should’ve landed anywhere east of the Mississippi was getting a kick-back, and you just landed in the “next state you are going to relocate from.” Don’t stay B-list gun maker, make the switch. We could even try to take up a collection.

    Don’t bother coming to Oklahoma, we’ve only been building and repairing airplanes out here since they’ve been invented.

  3. Good for them, I hope the people that lose their jobs here in MA let their Reps know how they feel. I live 3 miles from Smith & Wesson and I really hope they move out of state to make an even bigger statement.

    • Ain’t gonna happen – at least for Smith’s handguns.

      The company relies on highly-skilled worker to make its guns. They’d have to cease production for at least a year to move and train-up newbies. Like many other trapped-behind-enemy-lines gunmakers, Smith may add new capacity for new products (rifles?) elsewhere and slowly transition.

      Or not. Despite their gun control bias, Massachusetts knows Springfield would roll over and die without Smith. FWIW.

      • One wonders how many of those skilled workers would jump at the chance to relocate to sunnier climes…

        • They have to be willing to drive more than 30 miles from their home. I found it weird when I lived there. Trying to set up a meeting in Amherst I was told it’s too far away. I said it’s a 30 minute drive. Still too far. Ok, I’ll settle on Somewhere in Springfield that is 45 minutes drive away but only 10 miles. That’s no problem! So 45 minutes in traffic is preferable to 30 minutes on the highway?

    • You think S&W has it bad? Gun companies like Charter Arms, H&R, and Ithaca have it way worse being in either Connecticut or New York.

      • Do the companies really have it that bad? Gun control doesn’t mean hating guns. Just loving control. As long as the companies pay protection money to the oppressors, you’d think they’d be left alone.

  4. Yeah, Pennsylvania is definitely a blue state getting bluer at every election. On the plus side, like Vermont, many Pennsylvania pro-socialist big government voting advocates (the registered voter majority) are also gun owners and 2A backers. Part of the mental illness that defies history and logic….

  5. My PA state rep has been involved in getting Kahr into Pike county. These type of decent paying manufacturing jobs are desperately needed in northeast PA. It seems that a lot of local politicians are happy with jobs that require asking, “Do you want fries with that?” As for WNEP’s stance on firearms issues? They produce an in-house hunting and fishing show that is definitely pro-gun. Realizing that there are a LOT of transplants from New Joisey, and New Yawk living in the area (including me), our local media is mostly unbiased in matters of firearms.

  6. First pistol ever was a Kahr CW40… still my EDC piece. Love that gun. Dead nuts reliable, slim as a pancake (0.9 in wide if i recall) and small/light enough to be concealable in literally anything (live in Florida… can conceal this puppy in a bathing suit). And the trigger… best striker-fired trigger I’ve personally handled.

  7. Didn’t know that the Moonies own kahr. Makes me rethink my past purchase and glad I don’t own it now.

  8. The Moonies don’t own Kahr. Best anyone can tell.

    But one of Moon’s sons started the company. He’s an engineer.

    • OMG, you’re right. AND, I just found out that my 1911s were designed by the 11th child of a polygamous Mormon marriage!

      I should never have bought my 1911s…or my Auto 5…or my 1894 Trapper…or my…

      Or, maybe none of that shit has anything to do with good gun design…Just maybe.

  9. What the heck is a “wicked pissa gun” and why his the reference in this article at all ? Sounds like something a gang banger or a pre-teen would say. In other words “it sounds stupid”. Had to force myself to read beyond that as I thought the whole article would be nonsense.

  10. Watched the video and it is very obvious that the station that made it is a left wing gun grabber propaganda machine. Otherwise it would not have started off with the reference to mass killings that have nothing to do with the rest of the story. Glad that companies like Kahr are taking their business to locations that appreciate and respect what they do instead of the Socialist Statist Fear Mongering locations they were in before.

  11. Good for Kahr. I seem to recall them laying ground for the new facility a couple of years ago, (the article even had side news of a hibernating mother bear and her cubs found near the new site, they had to call in the State animal control to determine if they could go ahead with the site.) I heard their M1 Carbine reproductions have greatly improved in quality the last couple of years.

    On a side note, their original factory was in Worcester, MA, which was where I was originally born and raised. My family moved to Northeast PA when I was ten years old, where the rest of my family still lives today.

  12. I met Justin at the NRA meeting in St Louis a few years back. Great guy, and as far as I can tell, great guns. I don’t own any… yet. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.

  13. “…the Unification Church-owned gunmaker…”

    i keep learning things on TTAG that i probably shouldve already known.

  14. Kahr CW380, best pocket .380 that can be made and it’s less than $350. Load it with some Buffalo Bore +P hollow points and it’s got more energy than a .38 +P load.

    Good to see Kahr leave the forsaken lands of Massachusetts and send their corporate taxes to a better state.

  15. I bought a PM9 and put some tritium sights on it a few years ago as a back up gun. I was genuinely surprised at how well the little gun handles and shoots. It requires careful reassembly, but if done correctly is rock solid reliable. I ended up giving it to a friend, but this reminds me to go out and get another one.

  16. The trigger/muzzle safety of the reporter is fantastic, isn’t it?

    Here’s to hoping they do well in PA both in terms of staying legal and in terms of commercial success.

  17. Good for them-Kahr make some good guns. The level of mental retardation to call their Tommy gun a “machine gun” is mind boggling(but not surprising). And I got no problem with the Moonie thing-do they have direct control over these American guns made by Americans?

  18. Glad to see them in my home state. I will be sure to support their move via some purchasing in the future.

  19. So its not just old white guys who can design guns, build guns, and own a gun company. America the land of the free. And the home of a brave man from south Korea to start his own business. The son of a preacher man. Congratulations!!

  20. Please come to York County and especially Hanover. And give me a job!!!! We are very gun friendly here and across the line into Carroll County, which refused to follow Maryland’s new gun laws.

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