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“After being looted two times in the past year, the Ferguson Market and Liquor Store employees decided to take things into their own hands,” new2share reports in their description of the above YouTube video. “Armed with shotguns and handguns, the employees stood at the front of the store to ensure that no one could enter. When shots rang out in the middle of a protest on West Florissant Ave., many people ran towards the market, but quickly dispersed when guns were drawn.” What else needs saying, really? . . .

Other than once burned and looted, twice shy. And what would the antis say about business owners exercising their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms to protect life and property?

They’re strangely silent on that score.

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  1. I guess that’s how you open carry a shotgun. I wouldn’t be so casual about it, but I haven’t rehearsed defending a business.

  2. I didn’t know Aziz Ansari owned a corner store.

    Jokes aside, damn that’s shitty muzzle discipline. Props for defending your property but how about some gun handling basics first?

        • I imagine they’re new to guns if the article indicates they only started defending the store after being looted twice.

      • Plenty of people successfully drive while legally intoxicated, all the way from the bar to the sobriety checkpoint, and they lose that argument in court every day.

        Recklessness is recklessness, regardless the lack of resulting injury, whether it’s muzzling others or driving drunk. It’s not so much a matter of arguing against success, as it is arguing for sloppiness and luck.

    • I also immediately noticed the serious muzzle discipline problems. More training and practice are required here — safety must be an ingrained habit that you don’t need to think about in order to do it right. (If you need to think about it, then you’re going to screw it up.) But these guys don’t even seem to know what they’re doing wrong. But fortunately, it all worked out okay.

      • It worked out ok so far. If they continue to handle firearms like that on a regular basis, one of them is eventually going to get the Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day Award.

      • It is a necessary evil, that having a gun precludes the use and a handling of said gun, safely or otherwise. I would be a wonderful world if firearms were so ubiquitous and accepted in our society, that all persons were exposed to safe gun handling as a matter of course. Alas, that is not the case. In the meantime, crime & criminals do not wait for you to get you shit together.

  3. Hey do you guys remember that time I stopped going to TTAG because of auto-play ads while I was at work?

    • @Montana Dan: You need to install some ad block software or something on your computer at work or quit using it for stuff like this. I never get auto run ads when I log on to this site.

      • Not the point, really. You shouldn’t have to install an adblock in order to not be assaulted by horrible auto play crap.

        Sure, advertising pays for this site (and RF’s snazzy Mercedes), I get it, but that doesn’t mean the man is wrong when he complains about f’ing crap auto play ads.

        Want to know how to get me to never buy your product? Auto play.

        See also: chase panels that race me to the bottom of my phone’s screen and taunt me. “See the X? Try and hit it. Yay! Let’s go to a magical Daisani filled land!” Cunts. I’d rather die of thirst.

  4. Don’t think the 4 rules of gun safety are taught in country they or parents came from.
    Doubt spent time at a gun range.

    • You can spend forever at the range and not learn a thing if your’e not taught by someone that knows what the heck to do. I’ve seen this more than I’d care to at my local range.

  5. There will be complaints from “community organizers” that the wealth was not voluntarily redistributed to the needy.

  6. Business owners are starting to realize that the police will NOT protect them from looting and arson during a riot. We saw that in Ferguson (twice), and we also saw it in Baltimore. [Note: I live in Baltimore.]

    But they are also learning that employees deployed with guns WILL protect them. It’s what we’ve said all along — e.g., the armed Korean merchants who defended their businesses during the L.A. riots are heroes to us.

    • It’s a damn crime that the police don’t announce ahead of time that they don’t protect people’s property during riots. The fact that they choose not to proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that they don’t give a rat’s ass about “public safety.”

  7. If enough other citizens routinely defend their businesses and homes in such fashion, perhaps the residents of Ferguson will start following their local government and….voting, rather than rioting. When the majority claims they are not represented adequately in local government then they just haven’t thought things through.

  8. Wait, I thought (according to the left tells me) that any non-white carrying a gun would just be shot on sight by police.

    • No, that’s changed, what I’ve been seeing on lefties’ FB pages now is that the police leave white guys with guns alone and go after unarmed black people because racism.

      Until the narrative changes again in 5 minutes.

    • Well, to be fair, the cops actually have to be around to shoot anybody, and they tend to disappear during riot situations.

  9. Better late than never I guess. Shame it took them getting looted TWICE before they took their head out of the sand.

  10. The salient point where anti’s show their house of cards…how do you argue against lawful self defense, preserving property and maintaining your living and the mob looses civility?

    • Easy. You just use the leftist “ace in the hole” and shriek racism until someone makes up a trendy hashtag saying. Keep in mind that these people don’t play by the same rules of logic and reason that we do.

      • Interesting that anti’s are concerned about law abiders behavior when the mob begins their looting run.

        And my kids are a pain the the ass but love every minute being with them and guiding them to be good citizens.

    • Ah yes, the 12 Gauge Babel Fish. You hold it up to somebody’s ear and all is understood instantly.

  11. leave them the fuck alone!

    “he could’ve shot his buddy.”

    “he needs to train more.”

    “he’s doing it wrong”.

    Jesus Christ, no wonder so many people are intimidated out of gun ownership. so many of you are DICKS. serious armchair warrior types. giving useless criticisms to people that are fighting back the best they know how. Shame!

    you think your the hotshot on the block that has it all down pat? Then take your ass to Ferguson and teach these folks your master gunwizardry that you are so well versed in.

    sigh…. okay I’m done.

    • Ferguson has been a text book lesson to show how armed private individuals can protect life, limb and property and not even have to shoot anyone. The black guys protecting the gas station in November. We (old white guys with guns, some old Black, Asian and NDN guys with guns too) just don’t want any negligent discharges and unnecessary injuries to give ammunition to the anti-gun news media (pun intended).

      We care about REAL gun safety and sometimes it makes us seem cranky.

    • After-Action Reports and Critiques.

      It’s how we get better. And frequently, the more brutal they are, the more you learn.

    • Constructive criticism is not the same as condescending self-righteousness. Especially when it comes to safe firearms handling.
      If you don’t think that the Four Laws of Safe Firearms Handling should be observed at all times, please let me know what ranges you frequent so that I can avoid them.

    • @Wray
      “Jesus Christ, no wonder so many people are intimidated out of gun ownership. so many of you are DICKS.”

      If an individual is intimidated by words then they should not carry a gun, and accept the fact that they are the weak, that Darwin spoke of.

      “serious armchair warrior types. giving useless criticisms to people that are fighting back the best they know how. Shame!”

      Most of US are alpha males and have actually killed people, so we know what it takes to be successful at mortal combat. Those guys were negligently endangering themselves and others by their piss poor weapons handling and there is no excuse for that. They could/should have asked questions at the gun store.

  12. You know, that’s a damn shame. A person wants to tear the place down, loot, burn, destroy and property owners are standing around outside armed to the teeth! What does that say?
    What’s it coming to when people are actually protecting themselves? What would Bloombag say?

    • I’m sure he would suggest that no life- even that of a looting thug ER I mean misguided child- is worth property and that these armed shopkeepers are continuing the culture of violence.

  13. There was widespread clutching of pearls among the local news outlets concerning shop owners tooling up – even though that’s what stopped several business from being destroyed LAST time and nobody got shot.

  14. For the first time in their lives these people now have guns. They are totally ignorant about gun safety. An emergency came and they got a gun right away. California you have to wait up to 20 days to get your guns. I don’t think they have fired their guns more than two or three times. But the looters don’t know that. As John Lott said most defensive use a shot is never fired. Hopefully it stays that way.

  15. The majority of workplace injuries in industrial settings occur during what are called “upset conditions.” That is, periods outside of normal operating conditions. This includes things like sudden downtime, when a production line goes because something broke or perhaps a power outage. It can also include scheduled maintenance time or installation of new equipment.

    The point is, when you have people working in a very familar environment, but which has changed slightly (like only emergency backup lighting is on) or they’re doing things outside of their normal duties, then the risk of accidents and injuries shoots up.

    I can’t get into a whole risk management plan here, but these liquor store defenders ought to plan a little more for these scenarios, including assigned positions and basic security protocols, so that nobody gets hurt.

    Other than that, this is a great example of RKBA. Good job, men.

  16. While I applaud the business owners in standing up for themselves, as the police are probably not manned well enough to protect every business, I agree with the other posters that since they have chosen to do so, their next course of action is to spend some time at the range learning gun safety. They have the time and determination to protect what’s theirs, now they need to learn how to do it effectively and safely.

    • Yeah, I’m sure they will have ample opportunity to get to all that, as soon as the torch-wielding mob of sadistic opportunists abates.

  17. Last year Ferguson went through two instances of civil unrest where the police showed they could not handle the rioters because they were shackled by Obama’s Justice Department. Ferguson also watched what happened in Baltimore and shop owners weren’t going to sit around and let the mobs run wild and destroy their stores again and the rent a mobs saw the guns and said, “Damn, they got pieces too and they ain’t Five Oh so they ain’t got no probs blasting folks trying to get some discounted stuff.”

    It’s armed citizenry like this that is the reason 2A exists because the dark forces in society aren’t gun owners, it’s the throngs of hyenas that lay low until they outnumber their prey until they strike. Of course the media has to filter out who the real dark forces are in society because it’s not choices in like they make that make them who they are, it’s the lack of equality and fairness.

    In ’92 it was armed Korean shop owners that stopped the looting in their borough and in Ferguson it’s armed shop owners again that proved why guns are necessary tools: guns are covert insurance from the covert forces in government behind these riots and overt insurance against overt despotic forces in governments both foreign and domestic from getting any silly ideas.

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