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Vice offshoot Broadly talked conservative commentator and author Ann Coulter into an interview recently, so as a hook, they took her out to shoot some guns. You know, because that’s all anyone on the right likes to do (when they’re not polluting the environment and subjugating minorities, that is). Anyway, they schlepped her across the Hudson to a range in New Jersey – yes, there are gun ranges in New Jersey – and discovered, to their amazement, that she has gay and black friends! I know, right? She also appears to know how to handle a gun fairly well, too . . .

As with conservatives, we never get tired of seeing the incredulity on the faces of the accepting and tolerant classes when they find out that gun owners actually come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and predilections. But that doesn’t stop those on the left from painting all gun owners with one big, broad (and inaccurate) brush. What gun owner stereotype gets under your skin the most?

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  1. Political cartoons of gun owners. Always exaggerated to the max. Altars of gun religion and piles of belt fed ammo for our bottomless supplies of machine guns and barrel shrouds.

    • We are bitter , clinging to our guns and our religion , we have antipathy toward people who are not like us , and we are anti immigrant in our sentiments and we are anti trade and yes frustrated .
      I am happy , my carry gun clings to me , I am a Christian who loves all people who respect life like I do and my family was once immigrant so I have no problem with a legal , follow the rules and laws immigrant and I love to trade and yes ,
      I am frustrated .

    • Yeah with those political cartoons I often think to myself “if you replaced the faces with “blackface” would that cartoon get published or would public outcry blow it off the face of the map.

    • Everyone should be a member of the NRA. Yes, they make mistakes. So does every single person who reads, writes and comments on TTAG. Get over yourself and join the NRA.

  2. That the piece of metal on my belt means that I am willing to murder everyone around me in cold blood at the drop of a hat.

  3. Uneducated.

    Can’t speak for everywhere or everyone but I am an electronic engineer, half the engineers I know are gun owners and we go out shooting regularly and most of the gun owners I know own successful businesses, are educated professionals(doctors, lawyers, and others) or are otherwise very accomplished.

    Given how much guns and ammo cost this isn’t terribly surprising when you think about it.

    • +1, Yeah I don’t get that. Half of the office has ccw and shoot regularly. I am a software engineer.

    • Nearly every IT guy I know is a gun owner(or pro-gun in some way). Most are VERY well educated, and it is because they actually do Root Cause Analysis that they tend to favor gun rights over government confiscation schemes.

      • Guilty as charged – I’m an IT director and a “gun nut”.

        Frankly, most of the Engineering/IT geeks I went to school with are Libertarians.

    • Yeah, but you guys actually have jobs in your field of study, cause you’re not afraid of math! You’re just geeks!

      • One of the reasons I like reloading. I actually get to use all that Design of Experiments stuff my company forced me to learn, and then wouldn’t let me use because it cost too much to run trials.

    • But you only have a BA. Or perhaps masters. Not, like the edumecated hipsters, an honest to goodness Ph.D. in gender studies from DeVry…. So, there…

      • Okay, well, I’ll bite on that one then. I have a PhD in a hard science field. I’ve published professional papers in peer reviewed journals and written a book. I’ve run a consulting company providing advice and insight to OTHER professionals in my field. I’m an amateur student of history, I read philosophy and theology and I try, TRY, to give others the benefit of the doubt when they express an opinion I disagree with.

        So, yeah; pardon me if I don’t take too kindly to the “Stupid, Slacker Gun Owner” memes they like to throw around.

        I’ll tell you what else ticks me off about this one. “Respect Earned” has nothing to do with education or chosen field. I have on MANY occasions been astounded by the depth of knowledge and experience of the POTG (here on this site, for example, but other places, too) in THEIR field completely regardless of how many years of college it takes to work in that field.

        What I’m trying to say is that we ALL have something to learn – every single day – and real world experience is a far, far better teacher than “book larnin’.” I can spot an a-hole in a second when someone opens their mouth (or types) in a way that shows they think they “know better” or are the smartest person in the room.

        And, with that out of the way, I’ll leave this one here for all the Progressives that see fit to blather on about stuff they know nothing about:

        So, to all my scientist, engineer, mechanic, gunsmith, farmer, IT, programmer, medicine, plumber, ditch-digger, etc, etc POTG brothers and sisters, you have my utmost respect and I thank you for the opportunities you’ve given for me to learn from you.

        To the Statist Progressives (academics and others)…I hold you in the utter, loathing contempt you deserve for being the willfully manipulative, liars and elitists that you are.

    • Mechanical Engineer here. Everyone in my undergrad class of 180 were either pro-gun or gun owners, even the elitists and the hipsters (as long as we’re stereotyping).

      I blame the years worth of training in objective, rational problem solving we had to go through.

  4. That 22 year old gun owners are irresponsible dipshits and don’t deserve the same respect as the older crowd. Yeh…Im a little salty.

  5. Gee I agree with Coulter but she makes my skin crawl(is she a dude?)…what’s that mean? AND a large percentage of folks I see at the gun range(in Cook co.,Il) are black-or women or BOTH! Yowzers…

    • Want an even bigger turn-off? Back in the day, Coulter was romantically involved with Keith Olbermann. Gaaak!

    • There have been unsubstantiated allegations that Ann Coutler has AIS, Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome. This means that they are unable to process testosterone even though they have an XY chromosome pair. That is, genetically they are male but because they did not absorb their own testosterone while in utero, they never developed a penis and after birth never develop secondary sex characteristics.

      The result is usually a person who appears to be female, with breasts, a vulva, etc., but no vagina or uterus (I’m not a doctor, so forgive me if I get any of this wrong.) They tend to have long necks, arms and legs. Their testicles never descend and are not visible. They tend to have a higher risk of breast and testicular cancer.

      Ann has denied that she has AIS. I don’t know her or enough about the syndrome to know if it’s true. I think if it is true, then it’s her business and not ours.

      • +1 on it being her business and not ours.
        I’m not even sure why you thought it was a good idea to spread that malicious rumor.

      • wtf?? 1 – you are repeating a rumor with no evidence?? 2 – what does that have to do with guns??

  6. That every gun owner is an OFWG, despite the fact that the most popular NRA spokespeople on the internet now are a black man, a gay Asian, and a woman.

  7. Not under my skin, but perplexed when antis loudly and angrily approach individuals who open carry and claim they are “endangering the children”. Perplexed because if I was indeed “endangering the children”, you wouldn’t be approaching me in such a belligerent manner in the first place.

    • If I was “endangering the children” they would all be dead, and the person challenging me would be able to do nothing about it. At least we could stop it!

  8. Young gun owners can’t control themselves.

    Calling us “Rednecks”

    We’re all “Republicans”

    We’re “uneducated”

    These anger me so much. I can never wait for College to let out so that I can go back to work where nearly everyone there shoots regularly and are pro2a.

  9. That we don’t know who THEY are, or who THEY work for, or what THEY’RE up to.

    That we give half a wet tick-turd what they think.

    That guns are for sporting purposes and not to get rid of your over-bearing (not just sh_ta_ _ tyrannical, despotic, kill kids and sell the pieces for campaign $ evil blue house of liberal (D) bag) government the way the founding fathers did.

  10. That gun owners are white anglo-saxon Protestant males with large bellies, wearing funny looking hats with ear flaps, missing teeth, and wear large worn out boots and red plaid flannel shirts. I don’t fit in that box… I’m Catholic.

  11. Usually I get just the opposite. As an artist and former Hollywood film maker type I generally find that people are shocked that I’m also an avid gun owner and 2nd amendment advocate, not the other way around.

  12. That we’re sexually aroused by ammunition, or by firearms.

    Like a car, painting, scenic countryside, or anything else aesthetically pleasing, firearms can be a pleasure to look at, but they’re not erotic.

    • I recall my first time with a Norinco SKS once. I was young and inexperienced and Asian, and she had a long journey from the old country, but we seemed to hit it off right away. We spent hours on our first outing, and then when it came time to take her home, well, she slid her top receiver cover off with nary a complaint. Soon the recoil spring and the bolt carrier group came off as well, and that was when I flipped her over on her back and produced a spare cartridge. “Oh, owner,” she whispered, as I smiled and went to work, pushing and thrusting into the trigger assembly latch until I had finally found the sweet spot and it came out with a satisfying *pop*, along with the integral magazine and the rest of the stock. Unfortunately, at this time my inexperience betrayed me, and it took what seemed like forever to undo the sling clasp. But I persevered, and quickly moved on to the gas piston switch. Already in such a state of disassembly, she quickly allowed me access to her piston and piston spring.

      I think I must have gone through like 50 patches and half a bottle of Hoppes’ #9 that day.

      Thank you, Norinco SKS, for making me a man.

      • Unbelievable! My first was also Norinco SKS. Do you remember what year you met her?

        Unfortunately for you, I have to say that I do not think you pleasured her in such exquisite ways as I may have. I still recall our first night alone together, much the same as yours. Her parts strewn across my bed, I had just masterfully removed her gas tube in one swift, yet sensually smooth motion. My excitement was too much to contain, and no sooner than I had released her gas tube, I continued pushing her gas tube release lever further and further. I could feel a sudden release of the lever, and an unexpected explosion, as her operating rod burst forth from her sight block, splattering against the wall and back onto my bed sheets. I was startled, but overjoyed. I had never seen anything like it, and never since.

        My friend we are truly brothers in a way. I don’t think there is anything quite like Norinco SKS, our beloved lady of the East, and a fine first for any young man.

      • I have occasionally dated a chick from the same family only her name was Yugo SKS, tall and slender, she is a wild one! She always bucks and shakes and barks while I shove hard pointy things in her chamber while I stroke her trigger point. Of course she always demands I strip her down and bathe her after getting her all hot.

  13. “Bunch of ignorant, uneducated hillbilly redneck yadda yadda…” BA, Sociology – Notre Dame; MA, Cultural Anthropology – UC Berkeley. Two years with the 1st Cav, 28 years working for a land managing agency, including 6 years as project manager for 2 major projects – 345kv transmission liine and a 20″ gas pipeline, both involving 2 states, 3 federal agencies, private lands, etc. But as soon as they see my NRA cap, they immediately profile me as described above. Amazing how intolerant a certain segment of the “liberal” population can be.

  14. Redneck. As if being a hardworking American grunt is something to be ashamed of, or that all rednecks are ignorant, racism homophobes.

  15. When people automatically assume that im up to no good when they find out im a gun owner/carrier. There was this one time for example I was on a second or third date with a girl and I was dropping her off back at her house. She needed a tissue so I said there were some in the glove box but to be careful because there was a gun in there too. She said and these are her exact words “pull the car over. I cant be involved with some drug dealing thug.” Evel Keneivel esque jumps like that with no reasoning or logic attached to them is what gets me. Gun=terrible person because what would a normal decent human being need a gun for?

    • And yet this same ignorant person, would give everything she owned, including herself, for you to show up with your gun, if an intruder broke into her house, tied her up and said he was going to rape her, and then slit her throat!

    • Looks like she saved you from possibly making the mistake of marrying her, and as Eddie Murphy used to say “HALF!”

      • Hahahaha. Both of you are absolutely right. Im glad she’s gine for sure. But at the same time it says a lot of how gun owners in general are portrayed. At least in the mindset of the unexposed public. Different girl asked me about my “assault rifle” one time. I responded “none of my guns have ever assaulted anyone.” I never got a call back….

  16. Most inaccurate stereotype: That we WANT to kill people with our guns. No thanks… I can’t imagine the pile of paperwork, the lawyer time, and the gargantuan headache that a DGU would be.

    I once ran into a lanky 40-something wearing workout gear as I walked into Starbucks while open carrying. He looked me up and down and said, “You look like you’re ready to kill someone.” I was completely taken off guard- who SAYS that?!- but I finally found a reply. “Not if I don’t have to,” I said.

    And it’s the truth.

  17. Am I the only one entertained when Ann says ” you just have to get used to a small explosion going off in your hands”
    Come on. That was funny!

    • Hmmmmmmmmm, “small explosion going off in my hand”. Made me think of something else that happened a few times when I was a kid.

    • You know what , we gun lovers really are perverse sex crazed perfs aren’t we ?
      I am taking my wife on a getaway this weekend and I’m taking the comment from Genghis Quan with us for some late night reading . incredibly stimulating stuff .
      Thanks brother Quan .

  18. The biggest stereotype is that we give a flying fvck about anything the leftards have to say about anything whatsoever.

    • Or that we wouldn’t/couldn’t/shouldn’t resist their final solution just because the gubmint has drones and nukes. Two words: Try me.

      • “Bring It”

        Or in the words of the immortal philosopher Kid Rock “They can’t arrest us all”.

    • “The biggest stereotype is that we give a flying fvck about anything the leftards have to say about anything whatsoever.”

      We have to ‘give a flying fvck about anything the leftards have to say’ when the things that they say are their intentions to destroy our civil rights, Ralph.

      Just saying…

      • What gets under my skin is the thinking that we all are religious and associate with the right, especially since I am neither~

        • As I say goodnight to my arsenal and close up my gun safe tonight and begin to imagine Ted Cruz as our next president I will say a prayer for you James .

  19. Let’s see…

    That we are all…
    -One step away from shooting our kids/wife/guy who cut us off on the freeway
    -Sexually linked to guns
    -Incapable of rational thought
    -Willing pawns of the gun industry/NRA

  20. Equipment wise I wish some of the stereotypes were correct. If I had half the stuff the cartoonists draw us having I’d be rich.

  21. Racists and cowards, those are the 2 most common things I hear. I do love me some irony, so being called coward by,someone from the anonymity of the internet amuses me greatly. Also being called racist by someone of unknown color who doesn’t no my shade either. Sigh.

  22. Depends on what you mean by “inaccurate”, I think.

    But I’ll give two: first, that having a gun means we’re just itching to kill someone/something; second, that we’re compensating for something.

    Though if pressed I will admit that I’m “compensating” for the inability and lack of obligation of the state to protect me.

    • I might be pressed to admit that I am “compensating” for NOT taking Karate/Judo/Krav-Maga when I was in better shape and want a tool to equalize my odds when encountering a thug who did.

    • Dang. More stuff to add to the to-do list:

      – buy some more guns. (Do stripped lower receivers count?)
      – check the expiration date on my cyalume lightsticks.
      – find somebody to hate.

  23. The thing that bugs me the most is the lack of self consistency, let alone awareness.

    On the one hand you’re afraid of guns and gun owners because we’re paranoid nut jobs. On the other hand you have no hesitation about stepping right up to someone who is carrying and showering verbal abuse upon him or her

    That right there shows a serious disconnect between perception, reality and the survival instinct.

    • “I’m not saying we should kill all the stupid people… I’m just saying we should remove all the warning labels and let nature take its course”

      That was the first thing that popped into my head reading your comment. So true – “aah you’re so dangerous I’m hysterical, but not so dangerous that I wont run up to you (unarmed), get in your face and cuss you out”

      Disconnect. They have a big one.

  24. That every trip to the range involves a 100 round drum mag dump, and that somehow carrying a gun makes you a coward.

  25. A person wearing camo, speaks poorly, using sloppy grammar, not too bright. Overweight, solves problems by exclaiming, “Kill them all, let God sort out the rest.” Smells of BO, dirty and always unsophisticated, lacking intellect, might have graduated HS. Drives 4×4, older rough one with exhaust to look like Semi and loud. Chainsaw in bed, toolbox, homemade front and rear bumpers made from pipe. Raised body to ridiculous height. Drives down highway with flags, most common are American, Confederate, and POW/MIA. Bumper stickers and window with family holding guns, arm out window, wrap-around dark sunglasses. Round NRA sticker, somewhere and at least a, “my kid beat up your honor student” on bumper. Old Ronald Regan for president. Even women chew snoose. Refuses to listen and talks over people. Wears baseball caps with beer slogans, or just one from the NRA. Gun racks in window. Has small wang and women might have one too, it is not for certain.

  26. Biggest stereotype? That we are monolithic.

    Gun enthusiasts, like LGBTs, are a very diverse group. Stereotypes say more about the people that use them than anything else Often pejoratively to reinforce their own bias and to persuade / browbeat others.

    • More like extreme Apathy – stereotypes are the tools of the terminally uninquisitive mind.

      Why spend the effort to get to know someone, when you can just stereotype them and congratulate yourself on “knowing what they’re all about”?

  27. That we’re all uneducated and uncultured. I’m an English teacher with an MFA in Poetry. I don’t have a “redneck” bone in my body. I drive a compact, fuel efficient car. I support gay marriage and pot legalization and the protection of the environment–though I’m not a leftist, I’m certainly no Republican! So as a creative, intellectual type, I’m probably the LAST person the antis would think of as being a gun owner. But I’m more than an owner; I’m an enthusiast. Dare I say, a gun nut?

    • +2 You hit just about every major distinction on my personal list.

      This is also why I would never vote for any of the big-government “conservative” candidates, even if the alternative was Hillary.

  28. That carrying a gun makes me somehow less of a man. I’m sorry, but the lives of my family and myself are more important to me than my ego, or anyone else’s perception of me. I avoid conflict at all cost, but if conflict finds me or my family I intend to win.

  29. I hate that stereotype that says we own guns because we don’t trust any level of government to be able to protect us exactly when we need it – and we feel like we might have to do it ourselves in case the cop we carry in our coat pocket is sleeping.

    Actually, any stereotype other than that one is just a stereotype.

  30. The biggest stereotype is that gun folk are itching to start shooting people. By and large they know the legal implications of violence better than the average Joe. We don’t like to start fights or invite trouble. We’re actually incredibly peacable.

    • To quote the guy from Target Focused Training:

      “Intimate knowledge of the inner workings of violence universally produces one response: The desire to avoid it.”

  31. That we’re all racist fundamentalist christian conservatives, clinging to god and guns, who wish to use our guns to silence those who oppose us. I’m an atheist libertarian. I’m pro-gun, pro-gay rights, pro-freedom of religion (including the freedom to have none), pro-free speech, and just really pro-personal freedom.

  32. The big lie is that we have some power over the crime and murder in their big cities, but are perfectly content to watch them burn. Followed up by the canard that our preferred solution to their crime problem (marriage, family, etc.) is just a cynical joke that would actually make things worse. Orwell would be mighty impressed.

  33. One BS stereotype is that we “don’t care about children’s safety”.

    I carry precisely because I care about my child’s safety.

  34. The stereotype that has the most relevancy to my life is the one wherein because I’m Black the ONLY possible reason why I own and carry firearms is because I’m engaging in illegal activities. This one bothers me to no end.

  35. The thing that irritates me the most is that the gun haters depict me as this flannel wearing barely sentient creature that can only just grunt in a fashion that allows me to order fries with my Big Mac. Needless to say I am of the opinion that they are far less capable of reason and logic, less well spoken with smaller vocabularies and far more likely to be belligerent lemmings who will take as gospel the rants and lies spewed fourth by their leaders simply because they want to believe in “Hope and Change.”

  36. If a black man or woman has a gun he or she stole it.

    A black person would never qualify to legally purchase a firearm.

    A black person would never be able to legally carry a gun.

    A black person would never be a member of the NRA.

    A black person would never walk around in public wearing a NRA hat or T Shirt that says “keep calm and carry guns”.

    A black person would never regularly attend gun range practice and engaged in polite conversation with white gun owners.

    A black person would never engage in conversation with total strangers who are attracted to their NRA clothing, and talk about the importance of the second amendment.

    If a black person had an arsenal of weapons they would all be illegal guns.

    If I write any more and I can, I will get angry.

    • Chris T
      Man, if I didn’t know better , I would swear you were a black man but you can’t be black and talk logically and eloquently about real issues as you often do . This would defy all stereotypes and kill the progressive agenda and just by some remote chance you are a black man , please go away and comment on some hip hop post because your rationale could spread throughout the black American community and ruin the chances for progressive world domination .
      … written by a Huffpo subscriber ….
      Chris T from Kentucky , once again , Amen and God bless , I know the stereotypes must drive you crazy .

  37. From my part of the world:

    Gun owners are criminals and highly potential terrorists.

    Armed robberies and drive-by-shooting epidemics? Don’t blame criminals as they are a part of the “nomenklatura” (Russian: New ruling class). Blame the legal gun owners who have passed police checks and satisfied the legal requirements.

  38. I fit some stereotypes. I’m a white dude who looks like a scotch-drinking ex-Marine cop who’s extremely right wing, loves the mountains and the outdoors, and who can’t dance.

    Well, I am a cop. I drink heaps of scotch. I dream of hiking and climbing mountains (lookout if there’s a transfer opportunity available anywhere near the mountains!). I fly thousands of miles every year to chase Bambi. I’m extremely right-wing, although I’m not a Republican. NRA member. Plus CalGuns, FPC, and SAF.

    I went shooting at Triple B Sporting Clays today. It was filled with Gun Guys 1.0. At 39 years of age I was roughly half the average. It wasn’t all OFWGs, but they where representing. There were only white and Asian guys shooting. My $1,500 Benelli was the second cheapest gun I saw.

    And you know what? Everyone was pleasant and cheerful. I shot on Station 1 (Pigeon or something?) and Station 2 and it was a lovely day. Except it was 103 degrees outside. The elderly gentlemen I spoke with were cordial and pleasant. You could leave an unloaded Beratta, Benelli, or Perazzi shotgun in the rack and it would be there when you got back. The food isn’t half bad either.

    Given any subset of the American population, I’d prefer the company of CCW holders, gun guys and gun rights advocates. They are the most pleasant, law abiding (well, the ones that matter) and responsible human beings in this nation or this world.

    • “Given any subset of the American population, I’d prefer the company of CCW holders, gun guys and gun rights advocates. They are the most pleasant, law abiding (well, the ones that matter) and responsible human beings in this nation or this world.”

      Hear, hear!

      I became acutely aware of this the first time I took my son to a range (a range business, not a private place or shooting in a less formal setting). I did not know anyone there; yet, to a man, we were welcomed and my son was invited to shoot someone else’s rifle.

      HE was welcomed. And shown respect. It was quite moving, actually.

      I left thinking “Oh yes, THESE are the people I want him growing up around.”

      • I have been to many professional sports games – football, baseball, hockey, etc. – and have usually seen at least one fight or loud argument in the stands. I have been to 50+ years of organized shooting contests, and have never seen anyone lose their temper or even raise their voice (other than the range master saying “cease fire”).

  39. OK let’s fill a stereotype……….I am an urban Latino atheist who wears an earring and tattoos, I ride a Hog, like wearing my colors, and could give a rat’s ass about anyone’s opinion of me. I believe in legal immigration and NO citizenship to those who violate the law, EVEN Latinos. I have no party preference as politicians are political whores, in my opinion, which I AM entitled to. I am pro life, and pro choice……yeah try to figure that one out. Government should stay out of people’s lives-period, whether it is sex, drugs, guns, education. Here’s one to muddle the waters just a little more-cops are a necessary evil, don’t necessarily care for them, but understand that most are decent people, and my line of work does keep me in contact with them. So what side of the political divide does this put me on? Kind of difficult to pigeonhole a person who can run on both sides of the aisle ideologically. I am a little over fifty, but I am not overweight, so I guess OFWG don’t fit even if the flesh is caucasian. Yeah I got guns (those which did not sink with the rowboat on Lake Pretty Effing Deep), but I can also say I am proud of the man tool between my legs, so no compensation issues there.

  40. That all gun owners are Americans. Many gun owners are Americans but there are lots of normal people around the world who own firearms.

  41. The sarcastic comment that that interviewer made in the intro after shooting the rifle: “I’m a real American”.

  42. All insults aimed at gun owners are “most annoying.” Because: it’s unnecessary to stratify and classify our reaction to insults directed as us by any political figure, public servant or political party. In the one word “Democrats” we have the embodiment of one giant insult and threat to our right to self defense.

    There is NO freedom to insult or demean. That’s why we have laws against slander which are enforceable. Insults were also the opening gambit of the Nazi Party against their own Jewish citizens. Once insults are tolerated and allowed, that opens the gate wide for eventual annihilation. You can see the beginnings of this in the increasing boldness in the arrogance and self assurance of all the Democrats including our president and Hillary Clinton and all their supporters. Obama and Clinton both get cheers when they insult gun owners. They even admit they’re purposely slandering a minority as well as accusing us of “terrorizing the majority” (by which they assume they mean themselves).

    This “game” of choosing “the most annoying” insult to gun owners is a foolish game. Our tolerance for such insults and the Nazi-like people who make them should have ended long ago.

    • you absolutely DO have a eight to insult or demean someone, as long as it doesn’t cross into slander or libel. What planet are you living on??

      That’s why Trump doesn’t get thrown in jail for calling people dummies, or Gordon Ramsay doesn’t get sued for calling people stupid donkeys.

      of course, you also have to take the consequences if it goes badly (such as being fired from your job, or social,proble,s).

  43. That gun owners have small dicks and are over compensating. Whilst it is true that I have a small pecker, I dont compensate for it for having guns. LOL

  44. That all male gun-owners have tiny penises (Q: is a plural of penis called penii?? Or are they a gaggle like geese?)

    Some of our penii are at least “gratefully ample” in size, while others may be of the “hernia inducing” variety.

  45. I particularly dislike all the “left” sterreotypes, such as what you wrote in this article. I know a fair number of pro 2nd Amendment Democrats and left-leaning people. I know quite a few right-leaning, conservative, and Republicans who are anti-gun. I also really hate ignorant people who bash folks in my state for open carrying in schools. The only way to legally carry in a school, for now, is to have a CPL and open carry.My voting precinct in Detroit is a school, so I must open carry or break the law -no comment on whether I broke the law or not. Believe me, you don’t want to vote in Detroit after dark without having your gun with you.
    Nuff said.

  46. That we are threatened by smart, brave women who dare to say what they think.

    Coming from progressives who can’t help projecting their insecurities, while vainly pronouncing their superiority,
    which is why Coulter absolutely makes their little pointy heads spin as she pops their fragile ego bubble.

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