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we had to call the police because there was man in a car in our backyard telling everyone at a church fundraiser that he was going to find and kill everyone on the street. The police came, took some reports from on scene witnesses and the guy got to drive away after they took his plate – just in case, they said. Great work! I don’t need a gun. I can always call the police after he has done some harm! Silly me! – TTAG Commentator Buuurr

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  1. Where I live this guy would have been arrested for disorderly conduct. The police here are reasonable people and they won’t put up with any type of threats.

  2. Where I used to live (Canada) this was also true. I have phoned the police a total of 3 times since I have been here and this was the first time anyone actually came out. The first time I phoned was at three in the morning during the winter of 2009. There was a knock on my door and a ring of my doorbell. I jumped up to answer and saw a young black male on my porch through the curtain. I opened my inside door and looked at him through the security door. His reaction was, ‘Oh, shit!’ And him running from the scene. I called the police and the lady that answered stated that my imagination was running away with me and that he probably had the wrong door. Right. No car was sent.

    The second time was a dude saying he was going to kill someone just down the street. There was a crowd of about 20 people and someone kept saying, ‘We should call the cops.’ and ‘He is gonna hurt someone!’ I called and was asked to describe him. I stated he was a black male about 6′ and he was ranting and raving and saying he was going to kill someone and that there were people all out on the street watching to see if something happened. She stated that I should get a description of him and not leave my house. No car was sent.

    Basically if there isn’t anyone being killed, has been killed or is in the process of being killed the police around here are unlikely to come. At least that is my experience.

    Tool up folks. Don’t rely on the guy on the clock because he just might decide that he is on break when you are fighting for your life.

    • In defense of the PO-lice… the decision of whether or not to dispatch a police car is frequently the dispatcher’s, not the police officer’s. At least in my experience, if a call goes out on the radio, a cop will go to the call (unless they are flooded).

      • True. No arguments there. But in this city we need more police and the dispatchers need to be ‘turned over’.

    • No, Tim. I am not. I live in a neighborhood where there is a gunshot or two every other night. In the seventh most violent city in the U.S.

      • Here’s to you for being observant and proactive! If only every citizen would keep a wary eye…this is why I love my neighborhood, we are mostly retirees and believe in neighborhood watch. We have to, our local sheriff sucks, most deputies are lazy and the high crime rate North Charleston borders us like an ex wife sitting in her lawyer’s office-just waiting for a chance…

      • You need to move to a safer neighborhood. My rule is if I need to home carry, and you do, it’s time to leave.

        • Yes, I understand the basic thought on that, Tdiinva. Moving is a good idea and we have that in the works but moving isn’t the solution or even a possibility for most folks. Home carry for me is a fact no matter where on the planet I live.

  3. The police are usually very good at arriving sometime (who knows when?) after the fact, and then writing up a report (if it’s not end of shift). And given the legality and politics involved in police-work, coupled with the demographics of crime, if I was a cop I’d be late to the scene, too. Who in their right mind could put up with what these guys have to put up with, on a consistent basis?

    At this late stage of the game it’s up to each citizen to protect themselves. Stay away from trouble and go out armed. Run away if you can, but if not, keep your cool and do what you must. Say nothing to no one, except your attorney, and pray that you are in a jurisdiction with a reasonable Second Amendment oriented DA. In these days of budget cuts, if they laid off the police it would bother me less than if they fired the fire department. I can carry a gun, but not a fire hose.


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