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Wow. Watching the video of this press conference [after the jump] and judging from the coverage it received in the mainstream media, you’d have thought there was someone, anyone in the audience. Nope. (The woman in the lower left is so not a journo.) You could say The Brady Campaign’s sliding down a slippery slope to irrelevance, but then they’re still the go-to group for gun control agit-prop. As for this non-event, I blame the Old Media’s laziness and the old ennui, given that the Bradys have been doing this scorecard business since 1835 or thereabouts, with no appreciable effect on anyone save, maybe, the Joyce Foundation. I would have LOVED to have been the 500-pound (205) journalist in the room. So many questions . . .


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  1. Having a press conference with nobody in the room is like having sex alone. Helmke does that a lot. The press conference thing, that is. I’m not sure about the sex thing but, then again, I won’t be shaking hands with Helmke any time soon.

  2. That is absolutely pathetic. One wonders what donors think when they see photos like this. The Brady Campaign truly is a dying organization.

  3. I love it-my state,SC, is a 10/100 points. Most of their comments were skewed to the level of being outright lies-and I sent a message to tell them so.

    • Pennsylvania scored a 26/100 which made me sad. But then I found this which cheered me up considerably.

  4. While seems that grassroots support is down for the Bradys, remember that they can still quite a bit of damage with a few wealthy people. Bloomberg comes to mind.

  5. If a tree falls in the woods with no one around, does it make a sound?

    If a man and woman get divorced in Arkansas, are they still cousins?

    If a pompous blowhard holds a press conference and nobody shows, is it still news?

  6. Kozak, you be sure and smile……smile, I tell you…….smiiiiiiiiile like possum eatin’ ripe muscadines when you make Arkansas jokes like that.

    Of course, Texans are just Arkies who didn’t have the sense to know when to stop going south and west.

  7. DANGIT! How did Idaho score two points?! I am so pissed. I want a -2!

    Because stronger gun laws SURE has fixed crime rates in California. Can I get a slow clap?

  8. I just held a press conference on my one-balled junk in my den. I must have wowed the press, because there wasn’t a single challenge or query…

    • The Brady Bunch still hasn’t responded to my email-what a shocker.

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