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The FBI’s NICS gnomes were awfully busy in June. Televised nationwide rioting and looting tend to motivate people who don’t already own a firearm to tool up. And tool up they apparently did.

The FBI just released its monthly report of the number of National Instant Check System background checks performed last month and June set another new all-time record. The Bureau performed 3,931,607 background checks last month. That’s 5% over the previous record set in March of this year and a whopping 70% over last June’s total.

The FBI has performed over 19 million background checks in the first half of this year. That’s about the same total for all of 2012.

Here’s the regular monthly caveat: this number does not represent the number of guns sold. Many background checks are performed for other reasons such as permit renewals, etc. The NSSF will be out with their monthly adjusted NICS total that corrects for that in a day or two. Keep in mind also that many states don’t require a background check for gun buyers with carry permits.

All of that said, it’s safe to say that gun sales were through the roof last month. Retailers report they are struggling to keep up, reporting land office business. They’re selling guns and ammunition faster than they’ve ever seen at any time in the past.

Unless you’re Shannon Watts, it’s not hard to understand why. Americans who have watched a month or so of civil unrest while police departments largely stood back and let it happen have decided that they want want — no need — the ability to protect themselves. They’ve come to the realization that they truly are their own first responders. Maybe their only responders in some cases.

It’s difficult in many areas to get range time for new purchasers to get in a little practice with their shiny new gats. Many ranges are reporting wait times for a lane of an hour or more and some are taking appointments.

These are dark days indeed for the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex. They’ve desperately tried to piggyback their anti-gun message onto the push for police reform, but as today’s numbers clearly show, American’s simply aren’t listening any more.

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  1. Virginia’s going for an ammo background check requirement next so the Dems are still working on tightening their grip.

    • 15 other states too. Time to stock up. You don’t want to be a frequent flier in that club, you’ll labeled a problem.

  2. Unfortunately most of these people are still extremely antigun. Simply because they purchased a gun does not mean they want you to have one.

    Some of the commenters here strongly echo those thoughts. Re: guns for me and none for you and my personal favorite: I can tell you what you can and cannot own as well as what you can and cannot manufacture. See the previous article about the guy manufacturing ammo.

    • exactly most if not all will gleefully give them up as virtue signaling “look I panicked and bought a gun but they are icky and dangerous you too should turn them in to get destroyed before they can kill someone”

  3. Every time I see something celebrating the increased NICS checks, I’m torn between elation for the increased gun sales (assumedly including many newbies) and the disappointing fact that we have so many in the gun industry who have accepted the lie that we must stop at the gate and ask the government’s permission to exercise our right to purchase.

    Are there BGCs in place to express your opinion? To worship in a church of your choosing? To request legal counsel? To travel? To sire and raise children? To engage in normal commerce with a neighbor or grocery store?

  4. I wonder how many of these guns the illustrious James Campbell purchased, blessings be upon him.

    • I wonder how many of these guns the illustrious All Hail purchased, so many blessings be upon his fantabulous self.

    • How much do you charge him to tag line every comment he makes? He said he paid you in hot pockets, but I am prepared to match that and add pizza rolls and Mountain Dew.

      I’d just like to get someone to exalt me a few times, I’m not concerned about some that might interpret your work as sarcastic because I know I am all things to everyone and humble about it to boot.

      • Careful what you wish for, Cooter. He might glom on to you and follow you around like a lost puppy who’s been fed a treat. I can’t shake him off my leg.

      • Cooter E Lee says:
        “I’d just like to get someone to exalt me a few times….”

        All Hail Cooter E Lee!

        I got you covered Cooter.

    • My purchases actually added ZERO to the count.
      Texas LTC holders do not get their 4473s submitted for approval. The 4473 is just retained by transferring FFL.
      I did pick up three more handguns last month though (I guess the basement is boring, so you’re keeping count. Keep ruling those days).
      A S&W Shield EZ 2.0 9mm (for the wife) and two more German SIGs, a spotless P220 ST (red box), and a NIB P226 LDC Master Shop (1 of 100).

  5. The Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex has only Burn,Loot,Murder to sell, not a winning argument.

    • It is working pretty well so far. The Marxist are doing pretty well, and Americans are too terrified to say anything about it.

  6. Cognitive dissonance is our friend on this one.

    — Gun owners can’t be horrible; I’m one…
    — Getting a gun can’t be stupid; I got one…
    — Those rituals n restrictions can’t make sense. they’re a P I my A…
    — Why they gotta be all up in my stuff anyway; I’m safe? (And responsible. Also important.)

    People don’t much mind when Those People are milked, deplored or restricted. They tend to take it personally when done to themselves.

  7. While I’m OK with FFL’s and other’s making $ I don’t see a Republican sweep. He!! look at the abuse the pink shirt guy and his crazed wife got(he came across pretty well on Tucket BUT couldn’t stop virtue signaling-“but I help black folks against the po-leece!” He’ll still support dim BS as will a bunch of “new” gun owner’s…BTW I didn’t buy a damn thing in June. Everything I own gunwise I got cheap…

  8. “Congrats tyrants, you cemented #2A for the next century.”
    Americans, a history of fighting back against oppression once thay wake up.
    Puts a new meaning on “woke” or should I say woke up!

  9. I try to never speak for others, especially persons I have never met, and to speak with the narrowest “brush” possible to convey my thoughts.
    I think the ‘need’ to become a new gun owner is a situational perception, driven by events as portrayals by the news msm. I think the perception is valid. I think that gun owners can recognize that situations change and threat levels rise and fall, as well as all others who think, (gun owner or not). I think that ‘new to gun ownership persons should be able to recognize that the ‘right to bear arms’ is not dependent on threat levels. I think intelligent, thinking persons can understand that Rights are NOT conveyed by government. Because of our Constitution, Government is denied the ability to limit our basic rights. I think that persons seeking power, are deliberately disregarding that Constitution. I think that those ptb’s must be challenged at every election at every level.
    I think, therefore I am. I am a Citizen of The United States Of America, not a subject of any one else’s will. I will always defend the rights of persons, whether or not I agree with a given position. I do not yield to threat or force. This is how I have chosen, and will continue, to live my life. I am 77 years old and have never seen words draw blood. Speak up, rally on. Live free or die fighting for freedom.

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