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In regards to your article about the MAIG [Mayors Against Illegal Guns] winning the cyber war [by using e-forms to flood the ATF with pro-long gun registry emails]: MAIG won that battle, but we are fighting back . . .

John Richardson of the blog No Lawyers Only Guns and Money and I were upset that we got one upped. So we worked together to fight fire with fire. I managed to figure out how to set up an automated email system of our own. It took some work but now we have it up and running on his blog. You simply fill out your name, email, city and state (optional), and there is a pre-filled note stating opposition to the plan.

You hit submit, and the website sends the email to [email protected] on your behalf with your name, email, and city and state (if you provided it), along with the pre-filled note and any changes or additional comments you want.

We’re trying to spread the word as quickly and as widely as we can. If you wouldn’t mind, please post a link for your readers to

This is a simple way for our side to drum up support against this plan. Hopefully we can get some action if we spread the word. The comment period for the ATF’s long gun registry proposal closes May 31st.

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  1. What do you guys think about this campaign? I don’t mind contributing but I don’t want to inadvertently land on the BATF&RBF radar either. Is it worth it?

  2. I thought the same, but hell, I’m probably already on their “list” if they have one…

  3. We are all on their list anyway folks. It never hurts to voice your opinion loudly, legally and repeatedly. Remember, our views on gun control are shared by the vast majority of voting Americans. Never let the opposition look stronger than they really are by standing by quietly. The price is freedom is eternal vigilance.

    Have a great weekend!

    • With respect, appeals to the consensus of the majority are ludicrous, disingenuous, and invalid. If 49 of the 50 states wholly forbade firearms, it would still be just as reprehensible and morally indefensible to do so.

  4. The ATF routinely copies 4473’s during their “inspections” so they have lists that include all of your data and it goes into the Fusion center data soup just waiting for the day…

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