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If you’ve been following the fallout from the shootings that took place during rioting in Kenosha, Wisconsin Tuesday night, you’ll be interested to know that none other than the New York Times (of all people) has published a useful accounting of what what happened and when. By their reckoning, it appears that Kyle Rittenhouse the 17-year-old who was arrested for the shootings, was acting in self defense both times he shot people.

I’ll be joining Brandon Curtis of Concealed Nation and Luke McCoy of USACarry on their live streamed program CCX² tonight. We’ll examine the video, talk through what happened, and try to extract some lessons for armed civilians who may find themselves in social unrest situations.

We’ll get under way at 10p eastern time this evening. Pour yourself an adult beverage and join us here:


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  1. The charges against Kyle “trip me to my knees you’re getting .223s” Rittenhouse are bullshit. The only thing he should be charged with if at all is littering for dropping bags of shit in the street.

    • Ha ha, no, not likely. He’s the new Nick Sandmann. Guilty. Never mind what actually happened. Guilty. Just look at him. Guilty. What kind of person needs an Assault Badgun, anyway? Guilty. Racist, obviously. What was he even doing out that night?

      Sad thing is, his life as he knows it is over. He’ll plead to something, become a prohibited person. He will have a wiki page forever. Threats on his life, forever.

      • Please remember this stupid thing you just said.
        This time next year, you’ll deny ever thinking it.

        • Tim, Augusto,
          Point taken, but not the one you made. Next time I’ll write “sarcasm” in large capital letters, just for the slower among us.

      • Nope, KJ, don’t be an idiot. Yeah he’s the new Nick Sandmann LITERALLY… Lin Wood (Sandmann’s lawyer) just joined Rittenhouse’s defense team. When Wood gets done with the judge, prosecutor, governor, mayor, and BLM terrorists, they’ll all be forced to PAY KYLE for trying to cancel him!!

        Kyle’s DGU was 100% legit against 3 hardened violent career criminals including A PEDOPHILE!! Kyle will not spend a single day in prison.

        • I sure hope that you’re right – but the MSM and the hoplophobes aren’t going to go down without a helluva fight. They want Kyle like a horny sailor wants a woman.

  2. Sue the sheit out of every leftish A-hole from San Francisco to D.C.
    Bleeding anuses for CNN & the NYT.

  3. The only thing I can see FAFO Kyle is his age at 17 might be a big issue!
    As for the shootings, he was on the defensive in all case VS Molotov cocktail and handgun and skateboard

    • His age might be a misdemeanor issue depending on the details.

      Underage carry of a firearm without a Hunter’s Safety cert in WI is a Class A Misdemeanor. Max nine months and $10,000.

      Unless the dude started this whole thing by committing a felony I don’t see any serious problems for him other than the immediate cost of defending himself. Well, that and the fact that he’s probably going to have to change his name and maybe his face to avoid being murdered later in life.

      • Lin Wood (lead counsel) will have a donation fund site set up by tomorrow (Friday).
        Help out if you’re able.

    • That molotov cocktail? That’s the only unresolved issue I have left. Douchebag throws SOMETHING at Kyle. Later, a zoom on something that looks like a plastic bag, with something inside. It’s not clear to me that it was an explosive device. Can you help me with that?

    • Ohkay – there was no molotov cocktail. Dan and the others on the video tonight addressed that quite thoroughly. It was a plastic bag that was thrown, with some unidentified object inside the bag. No one has identified that object, but it was not liquid, nor did it ever catch fire. Sorta kinda looks like a hand, or glove – has sort of pointy things sticking out from a common center. That’s as close to an identification as anyone seems to get.

      • I thought it was a molotov because it sure looked like one when it was thrown, but it didn’t behave like one when it landed. Whatever it was, it sure as hell wasn’t a mint on a pillow. The important part is that if it wasn’t intended to damage him, they wouldn’t have thrown it.

  4. Tucker Carlson hit the nail on the head when he said it is a shame 17 year old young men have to step to defend our cities because the politicians have told the police to stand down.

    I found out Tuesday, that my own home town police department’s officers spent their prep time cleaning out their desks just in case “protesters” attacked Missouri’s state capital.

  5. What’s most amazing about the attacks on Rittenhouse is their complete absence from mainstream reporting on the whole incident. You’ll hear about his pro-police posts on social media. You’ll hear about him being in the front row of a Trump rally. But molotov cocktails? Handguns? A skateboard used as a bludgeon? Not a peep.

  6. It’s time to ask the questions.
    1. Do you have the right to defend your life?
    2. Is it better to be raped instead of killing the attacker? There are people who say you should let your self be raped instead.
    3. Must you leave your home? Instead of staying to defend you and what you have? Or let your home be ran sacked. Destroyed, burned to the ground?
    4. Should you defend your car from being stolen? Or any private property from being stolen?
    5. Are you only allowed to defend against a person of the same skin color?
    6. Are you only allowed to defend against a person of the same sex?
    7. Are you only allowed to defend against a person of the same sexual orientation?

    8. In Texas you can defend another persons private property. Joe Horn for example. Is that wrong?

    9. In England a farmer, Tony Martin, shot and killed a person who broke into his home. He was convicted of murder. Was he wrong for killing the home invader?
    10. Should children be prevented from defending themselves or others. The Pitch Fork murders for example.
    11. Is it wrong for trained children to carry a gun?

    12. Should you be able to cross states lines with your gun?
    13. Should only banks and selected important persons be the only ones to use guns for defense of self and property?
    14. The 2A is about ARMS, not guns. Should that change to guns only?

    • If I recall correctly, Tony Martin was convicted of using an unregistered gun in the defense of his property, not actually for the act of murder. Of course it may seem like the same thing, but its technically not. Also it seems he lived outside of town and his home had been broken into several times. The police, despite their best efforts, had not been able to rectify that either. Shows how fouled up laws are. The crime rates in Great Briton only prove that when you get rid of law abiding people owning gun, bad guys don’t give them up and crime still occurs, though some by a different means.

  7. I think the charges are bogus, but I doubt they will be dropped. More important today is the court of public opinion than the court of law. Where do you think they will find a jury that won’t be hung over this. They stand a better chance of finding a jury who will hang him regardless of legality. Plus, does he have the finances to fight the State? Probably not, the state knows that and it could get plea-bargained instead of trial.

  8. The New York Times piece was reasonably accurate and ought to make a lot of people aware of the basic facts. Might seem surprising, but when they actually report the facts instead of trying to manufacture public opinion, they do still tend to get it right.

    That said, it left a lot to be desired. “He fires four shots as three people rush toward him” is roughly accurate, but leaves out vital details — such as one of the dead people trying to brain him with a skateboard at the moment of the shooting, and the wounded rioter pointing a handgun at him. The videos are embedded, though, so that does help.

    In all, the article is accurate in what it does say, but far more eloquent in what it leaves out. Nobody who reads it without additional knowledge is likely to come away with the impression that he shot in self-defense. Which is probably just how the NYT wanted it.

  9. Dan, I’ve appreciated this whole video – but I wish you would do something about the blue glare on your glasses – probably from your computer screen. Look at yourself sometime later, we can’t see your eyes at all.

  10. I watched the live stream and generally appreciated the video and still photographs.
    The comments were pretty disappointing as many commentators were obsessed with the possible MISDEMEANOR violation of carry a long gun without completing Hunter Safety.

    Not completing Hunter Safety does not negate the Natural Right of Self Defense.

    Likewise whether of not he should have been there is irrelevant to KR’s right to defend himself against skateboard bashers and Glockers.

  11. His lawyers will get him off, murder 1 is way too much of an overreach and the charges came too quickly without any thoughtful investigation.

    That’s whty you get from Democrats.

  12. Didn’t like Luke’s attitude towards this freedom fighter Kyle.
    “I would never go into that situation. I just protect my family and my own home”.
    Well, let the 17 year old kids protect the Republic so you can sit home and enjoy your unearned freedom.

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