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White House press secretary Jen Psaki (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
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“What is your timetable for action on what the president calls common sense measures?” a reporter asked [White House Press Secretary Jen] Psaki. “And what’s the realistic hope that you have this will pass both houses?”

“Well, we haven’t proposed a package at this point,” Psaki responded. “So it’s hard for me to make a prediction about its likelihood of passing. But I will say that the president is somebody throughout his career who has advocated for smart gun safety measures. He has not afraid of standing up to the NRA. He’s done it multiple times and won on background checks and a range of issues. And it is a priority to him on a personal level, but I don’t have a prediction for you, or preview for you on a timeline of a package, and certainly not what it will look like and how it goes through Congress.”

Later in the press conference, a second reporter asked Psaki, “Does the president still plan to take executive action on gun” control?

“The president has a range of actions at his disposal,” Psaki responded. “He hasn’t ruled out either of those options.”

— Ryan Saavedra in Biden Won’t Rule Out Using Executive Orders To Crackdown On Second Amendment Rights: White House

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    • Ross,

      While you are right in theory, in reality fedzilla’s enforcers will dutifully enforce any executive order until a court order nullifies it.

      And hopefully you are well away by this time that the odds of a court nullifying any executive order with respect to our right to keep and bear arms (which includes being able to manufacture as well as import firearms, firearm parts, and ammunition) is 50/50 at best.

      • “… in reality fedzilla’s enforcers will dutifully enforce any executive order until a court order nullifies it.”

        And that’s exactly what happened under Obama’s administration, with his flood of EOs after he was neutered at the “Great Cleansing” of Leftist scum from public office at the mid-term election :

        The question I have is, can we be proactive on challenges in a way that benefits us the most?

        “Head ’em off at the pass”, so to speak, on the Federal level?

        • Read all about the 2010 repudiation of “Hope on Change” here :

          “It was a remarkable comeback from two years ago, when many experts expected the party to endure a long time in the political wilderness in the wake of Obama’s emphatic 2008 presidential election victory.

          Instead, Obama faces a hard political lesson after a hammering that wiped away the last vestiges of the euphoria that swept him to the White House.

          The political momentum has swung to the rightwing Tea Party movement, which energised the Republican base and notched up a string of high-profile victories.”

          This is what’s coming at the end of next year…

  1. I guess he missed constitution 101 in Law School…. Executive Action is only as strong as the willingness of the people to comply…

    • They pretty much skipped the Second Amendment back in the day.
      He probably never read it. Remember what Saint Scalia wrote “Like most rights, the right secured by the Second Amendment is not unlimited.”

      • the right secured by the Second Amendment is not unlimited.”

        Nor is it open to interpretation by Herr Biden… Even with RINO Roberts any anti-gun EO that comes from “The Big Guy” will meet a 5-4 wall….

        • I’ll add EA is only as strong as its enforcement. I’m betting overworked underfunded cop shops have far more pressing matters to attend to than harassing otherwise law abiding gun owners.

      • “Remember what Saint Scalia wrote “Like most rights, the right secured by the Second Amendment is not unlimited.””

        Doesn’t your use of ‘Esquire Emeritus’ imply you a lawyer?

        Scalia was forced to phrase it that way to secure Kennedy’s “swing-vote” on ‘Heller’, et al.

        Guess what? Kennedy is now *gone*, and all Roberts can do now is fume as he writes a 2A decision… 🙂

        • And it was Dicta.

          Not part of the ruling itself.

          Meh, I say Creepy Joe, Raggedy Ann, and the rest of the psychotic Left can go pound sand.

  2. It seems to me they’ve been moving slow on this. I expected them to move much faster. Methinks they’re weighing the political implications of any ridiculous ideas they have. I think the 1994 midterms loom large in their minds. However, this doesn’t mean they won’t “go big” and try to force a pile of un-Constitutional crap down our throats.

    • Just what I’ve been pondering Jimmy. The threat of Trump running for Congress in 22, becoming speaker, and promptly impeaching both Biden and Harris is becoming more and more likely every day. As to the unconstitutional crap, donate to gun rights legal funds as they are our best chance to block them.

    • “Methinks they’re weighing the political implications of any ridiculous ideas they have.”

      Ramming ‘Obama Care’ down out throats cost them *everything* in the 2010 mid-terms. They seriously thought they could run *on* that shit sandwich.

      They are going to have to weigh very carefully the little political capital they now have on what policy they want to push first.

      The danger is, one heinous mass shooting, and they can get Republicans to flip. Instant ‘political capital’ they can exploit.

      The good news is, school and other headline mass shootings tend to take place in stable economic times, and that isn’t the case now.

      That doesn’t mean there isn’t a Leftist nut-ball who would be more than happy to “take one for the team” with an apeshit. Example, the ‘Bernie-Bro’ who shot up the Congressional baseball game…

      • I think these people are at the point that they think about “political capital” about the same way Nero did.

        They’ve militarized the Capitol. That basically says it all. These folks gots no intentions of giving you a voice in what goes on, Stevie Wonder can see that fact plain as day.

        I’m no grand master of Scrabble but this is, pardon the pun, a four letter word cloaked in a nine letter word. A C-O-U-P wrapped up in a nice little packaged marked D-E-M-O-C-R-A-C-Y.

        But hey, what do I know? I’m just toxic, white [and crystalline].

        • “But hey, what do I know? I’m just toxic, white [and crystalline].”

          Convulsing to death is an ugly way to die…

  3. There are going to be LOTS of lawsuits so I have been upping my support to all gun rights organizations except the controversial one that plugs wants to destroy. Regretfully NRA appears to be self-destructing. Just watch Biden claim credit!

  4. Anyone notice the razorwire & fences in DC? How about the thousands of armed troops?!? Except for FOX & a few others very little pushback. From a gun-free insurrection…gun owner’s need to wake the he!! up!

    • I wish / hope that will be the case.

      I don’t know that the “2A justices” haven’t been compromised or threatened with blood-line extinction.

      Would be easy to do. Generally speaking, most people wouldn’t want their entire family killed. Threats are easy, especially if so massive / horrendous / unthinkable that they wouldn’t actually have to follow up with action.

      If needed, it probably wouldn’t be too hard to find a….contractor…willing to take the gig.

    • “SCOTUS will knock it down with a swift blow…”


      It can take over a DECADE to get a case before the SCOTUS, dude. And with them slow-walking a case, taking the maximum amount of time possible, there’s nothing ‘swift’ about it…

  5. She seems to be indicating that the executive is going to be proposing legislation or infringing on rights via EO. Neither of which makes any constitutional sense. Guessing Biden’s senile brain lost the meaning of his oath of office many many years ago.

    • I’m pretty certain there are tens of millions of folk who may consider them some “executive actions” of their own. And all the fences and razor wire in DC tell me Biden and Psaki understand that quite well.

    • Doncha know, Creepy Joe and Kameltoe had their fingers crossed behind their backs, so the oath means nothing to them.

  6. And the 2nd Amendment community is experiencing the unity from Biden and commiecrats now. You can do a lot in the House and Senate with this slim majority. The Assault Weapons Ban in 1994 passed Congress with a narrow vote of 216-214. They will have Republicans cross over an vote our 2nd Amendment rights away again. The Senate is a different story. There are going to be Republican crossover votes against our 2nd Amendment rights. The people we vote for matter. We just can not say anymore that Republicans have our best interest at heart because they are Republicans. This has never been true or we would not be in the place we are at now. Republicans would have secured and locked our 2nd Amendment rights into law numerous times when they had the chance to do it. We will just continue to see a run on firearms and firearm parts. With out a supply of parts you can not build anything or fix anything. They, the commiecrats, are counting on it.

    • Of course they won’t rule it out because President Trump used it to enact illegal gun control

      Trump Executive Orders:
      Jan 25, 2017 · In one of the first pro-gun actions of his administration, President Donald Trump is expected to shortly move to revoke Barack Obamas illegal actions to effectively outlaw gun collecting. Obama’s anti-gun “executive action” was announced on January 6, 2016
      Trump also signed the bill reversing Obamas regulation that prohibited SS recipients who did not handle their own finances from owning guns
      Trump signed 220 Executive Orders and not one of them deprived any gun owner of anything…
      If you are one of the “but muh bumpstock” people, THAT was a BATFE regulation.. NOT a Trump EO…

        • What IS your point, he DIRECTED the AG to draft a memorandum, Trump did not write, dictate, OR sign an EO, EA or anything else of actual consequence to ban bump stocks.. Bump stocks were banned by regulation posted by BATFE… The banning of bump stocks was, in reality, the least harmful thing that could have been done after the Vegas shooting, there was a lot worse things floating around the Capitol and anyone else (Hildabeast) would have signed a TOTAL ban on ALL semi-auto “sporting” rifles.. And now Creepy Uncle Beijing Joe wants to ban ALL “weapons of war” Your time would be better spent looking up every firearm THAT entails (the list is long) and quit crying about a novelty item that served no REAL value in a defensive posture…

      • Just keep defending him because we all know he was just the lesser of two evils when it came to 2A. His son had to stop him from doing the same to silencers. Look that up yourself. Then look at his statements on taking guns then getting due process.
        He was not pro 2A.
        Your just an argumentative EverTrumper

        • Your just an argumentative EverTrumper

          And YOU are obviously just an argumentative, Hildabeast supporting, sore loser, “NEVER TRUMPER”, Get over it, you STILL have your guns (IF you own any) which is far ahead of where you would be with HC and what YOU have to look forward to with Beijing Biden and Kammaltoe… Get over yourself, Trump didn’t take ANYTHING from me or anyone I know…

      • I’m a right wing 2A loving American who doesn’t worship any man especially some politician who didn’t do what he said.
        It was just better than Klinton

    • And if 2-3 times the amount of gun owners bum-rushed the Capitol none of those troops would stand a chance. They know that too.

        • ROFLMAO … PROVE IT !!!

          They already did. And who are you to label an armed force as consequential anyway?

          You can brag and elevate the current NG presence in DC right now as much as you need to make you feel better but the bottom line is ALL of them, and the Capitol, is fully expendable.

        • They already did. You can brag and elevate the current NG presence in DC right now…

          IF, you are referring to that display of stupidity on Jan 6 that did nothing but bring a shitstorm down on ALL of us then you missed the part where no one was armed and the ONLY shot fired was by some pussy fuking cop that killed an unarmed woman… AND there was not a presence of 25,000 armed troops (if you think they don’t have rapid access to ammo, backup AND Air support you need to THINK again and engage your REAL brain, NOT your COD brain).. Any attempt at an armed assault on DC would be suicidal at best…
          I can see you have no fuking clue to whom you are speaking… First of all that abortion of shit going on with the NG in DC is the most abhorrent, embarrassing cluster fuk I have witnessed in my ENTIRE 71 years, 4 months and ten days of living on this planet… Second, if you think there is no surveillance on ALL inbound routes to DC YOU are fuking delusional… Third having spent 6 1/2 years as a member of a VERY consequential (means: important; significant) force (aka USMC) I believe I can determine what is necessary to overwhelm an occupying opposing force (Hue City Feb/Mar 68) of 25,000 troops… So first of all, get a dictionary and look up those big words you seem to not comprehend (means: understand, grasp, get) before you put your ignorance on display, THEN, understand who the fuk you running your stupid mouth to… Class dismissed, you go back to your little Call of Duty game now…

      • if 2-3 times the amount of gun owners bum-rushed the Capitol

        I’m guessing YOU have never been to DC.. I would love to see your battle plan for “bum-rushing” 50/75,000 armed individuals into that city…. You have NO clue the layers of surveillance that exists in the Capitol and the available force (air and ground) that is constantly on call for immediate deployment…

  7. Why can’t everybody just keep this simple reality in mind; NOBODY RULES IF NOBODY OBEYS?

    NOT COMPLYING EN MASSE is the answer to Biden-Harris BULLSHIT.

    • likely to happen…already has in some places…but that won’t stop them from putting it in the books…and employing selective enforcement…people were killed on both sides enforcing prohibition…

  8. All talk…

    I wish they would just do it…time to completely clean house and this will be the reason to get started…since taking over this country doesn’t seem to be enough for most folks…go figure.

      • You obviously either suffer from a total lack of comprehension (I know BIG word, look it up) or you are actually braindead Biden trying to sneak in here and show how smart you really are…. No matter, hang in there we will need cannon fodder when TSHTF… Some guys are for shooting and some are for getting shot, have a strong feeling that you are the latter..

        • You’re an absolute idiot. Hillary Clinton has better thinking skills than you. Arguing with you is a waste of time as your level of stupidity has reached it’s pinnacle by only dragging others down to your pathetic level. You’re a closet troll here and the only thing I have ever taken you seriously for is your ability to float a balloon with all your hot air. GO SUCK EGGS while you’re back to your comic books.

        • Hillary Clinton has better thinking skills

          I knew you were a Hildabeast lover… I would like to return the complement but arguing with you is quite entertaining (amusing if you will) until it’s not… You have made so many idiotic statements on this page I had to give up looking for them all… Anyway, you are the one bouncing around in here attacking folks and misconstruing (I know another big word) what people have said.. What exactly is wrong with describing a force as consequential? The only person acting like a TROLL here is you… And you only WISH you could function on my level…

  9. In the past, the politicians only worried about gun folks not voting for them
    Now that they plan to add 20M+ illegals to the voting roles the pols will not give a hoot about the gun vote.

    ANTIFA and BLM get everything they want and avoid prosecutions because they put a gut level physical fear into the pols.
    The politicians don’t fear gun folk like that.
    There’s really only one way left to get politicians to mind their manners over 2ndA.

  10. @ Matt in Oklahoma, yeah it does. Gun control is about controlling guns/people. Not chump stocks. Put on your big boy pants now

  11. Hmmmm………”Patriots Won’t Rule Out Second Amendment To Limit Executive Orders”. There, Plugs, fixed it for you. I’ll see your headline, and up yours, Crazy Sleazy Senile Joey. Check with the Redcoats, you know Joey, the ones you went to high school with, and get back to us on how their Kingy Georgie’s EOs worked out for them. Ah, the Tree of Liberty thirsts.

    • “…Check with the Redcoats, you know Joey, the ones you went to high school with…”

      LOL, that’s funny right there.

  12. She doesn’t have a clue what’s going on. She’s like that dude that went up on stage with Captain Barack at Nelson Mandela’s funeral and just started spewing out gibberish in sign language. Listen long enough and she’ll answer a question with ‘a cow says moo!’

  13. “He has not [sic] afraid of standing up to theNRA public or the Constitution because we’ve got razor wire fences and machineguns around the Capitol and plans for even more once we’ve fully vetted a Praetorian, I mean, *cough* the National Guard…”

  14. Sure was a lot of gunms sold in the last few years.
    Screwing with the bill of rights might lose somebody a lot of votes. Err maybe note, like votes matter.
    Sure was a lot of gunms sold in the last few years.
    Screwing with the bill of rights might lose somebody a lot of lives. Err maybe not, like who’s got bullets.

    • Err maybe not, like who’s got bullets.

      I’ve got plenty, in fact I’ve got WAY more than I, or any one I know, will EVER use.. Too bad you’re 1300 miles away, might trade for some of them fried taters and catfish…

  15. I hope he does it. Then Supreme Court can finally rule on the liberties, merits, and limits of the 2A. Given the current make up of the Supreme Court now is the time for stupid legislation to be passed so it can be challenged and defeated once and for all.

  16. So the US government can save a lot of money because the Congress and Senate are not needed now that Biden is ruling by Executive Order. Isn’t there a word for that? I’m trying recall what it is but just can’t.

  17. Go ahead, Biden, try it. I guarantee non-compliance. You can’t negate a Constitutional Amendment by executive fiat. It takes Congress passing a bill that has to be ratified by the states to add, remove, or alter an amendment. Go ahead and try it, and start a civil war.

  18. We now have enough to put one in each neighbors hand on our short street. It not enough, they need a back up or two as well.


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