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Joe “Buy a Shotgun” Biden, despite continued gaffes, continues to grow his lead for the 2020 Democrat nomination in the race for President.  He started out with a 26-point leadThe Hill even described Biden’s early lead as “landslide proportions” only eight days ago.  Just two days ago in the Hill, they had the Biden campaign lead growing to 40-points.

With a 40-point lead among Democrats, who needs rallies with over 100,000 people in attendance?

(Jacquelyn Martin/AP)

And Monday evening, the handsy former Vice-President told a bunch of wealthy donors at an Upper East Side condo that if he’s elected president, he will mandate “smart guns” to save America from gang violence.

From the Washington Examiner:

Former Vice President Joe Biden is taking inspiration from Agent 007 in explaining his plan to curb gun violence.

“If I get elected president of the United States of America with your help, if that happens, guns, we have the capacity now in a James Bond-style to make sure no one can pull a trigger unless their DNA and fingerprint is on it,” Biden told roughly 180 donors in an Upper East Side penthouse Monday evening. “We have that capacity to do it now. You know it.”

Biden was referring to so-called “smart guns,” which require the owner’s fingerprint to be digitally verified before the weapon can be operated.

Dear Joe:  James Bond is not real.  And smart guns don’t work.

And in our freedom-based economy, if so-called smart guns worked well, they would command the market.  And the police would embrace them.  Ditto for the federal agents.

But we already know they don’t work.  Heck, I can’t get my iPad to recognize my fingerprint some days.  Sometimes it takes multiple tries.  Will Willie the home intruder patiently wait for my gun to recognize my fingerprint?  Probably not.  Probably not for you either.

Joe, being Joe, had not finished yet.

“Imagine all the people who would be alive today if the only person who could buy a gun is qualified because of background checks and they’re the only ones that can pull the trigger? So my point is there are so many things we have the capacity to do.”

Imagine if we progressed toward a future of freedom instead of a system that reenacts past tyrannies?  Imagine if instead of trying to manipulate people, political candidates wanted people to understand the truth so we would all be better, smarter citizens?

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  1. The only being in the planet stupid enough to make A look like a Fulbright scholar what would Dopey Joe know about smart ?

      • I thought Paul Ryan would shred him. And substantively, he did. Unfortunately, Ryan lost on style, and that seems to be all that matters. And remember, Biden will have all the debate moderators firmly on his side. They flat out lied to save Obama from getting nailed by a critical question. What not again?

        On the other hand, Romney was so stunned by the sheer audacity of Candy Crowley inserting herself into the debate (and telling a bold-faced lie in the process) that Romney was left almost sputtering. I don’t think that will happen to Trump. He won’t let the press-Dem alliance roll over him without punching back.

        All in all, the debates in the general should be quite interesting. Couldn’t care less about the dem primary debates.

    • Coincidentally, I’m convinced that Trump is setting himself up for a career in stand up comedy once he’s out of the White House.

    • “Please, dear Sweet Baby Jesus please let Biden win the primary.”

      Be careful what you wish for. The Leftists were making the same prayer for Trump 3 years ago.

      Look what it got them…

      • Unlike trump, this man has a well documented career of political shenanigans that he cant possibly hide from.

        • He has so far. You can get away with quite a bit when 90% plus of the media is actively covering for you.

    • The buffoonery should be epic with Joe wining the Commiecrat nomination,we can only hope and pray he does.

    • I agree with this sentiment but for different reasons. If Biden wins the primary, and then we’re to go on and win the presidency, I don’t think he would be as bad as many of the other dems. Not good, but not as bad. Call it hedging your bets if you will. I still would rather see a republican in office or better yet a libertarian.

  2. I need to read that, I haven’t had a really good laugh today.
    Thanks Joe…. you are soooooo funny . For a d****h bag.

  3. First, remember the lesson of 2016: The polls are cooked AND crooked. The only poll that matters is the one that happens when the votes are tallied.
    Second, remember the lesson of 2008: The person who wins the Democratic Party primary is the one the Party WANTS to win. Hillary found that one out the hard way.
    Third, remember the Santorum Rule: This early in the primaries, most of the candidates are in it for the donations and the publicity. If they pull a Bernie and last long enough that the frontrunner feels the need to bribe them to go away, well that’s just gravy.

    • Absolutely exact.

      ..and the Left is gonna have a wall-eyed fit when President Trump is re-elected.

      Worse than 2016..way worse.

      • I’m crossing my fingers for a few commie nutjobs going on rampages in public mass casualty attacks. It will be all the excuse we will need to start rounding up ringleaders.

      • Indeed. I imagine Trump winning in 2020 would lead to such a liberal aneurism, that it would spawn a liberal Al Queda like movement, that will bomb and murder conservative gatherings and figure heads. Probably funded by a crazed liberal billionaire in the same manner as Bin Laden.

        • That is the only alternative to the leftists winning absolute power through more indirect means. If their march through the institutions stops taking them in the direction they want, it will get ugly very quickly.

    • The dems machine already know their nominee. They need an awful lot of lead time to forge the millions of ballots they will have ready to go in trucks for the Thursday after election day.
      They cheat.

  4. Sniffing the hair of young girls is NOT normal behavior. Especially for someone who is almost 80. At that age, a fixation on youngsters IS a sign of dementia or pedophilia.

    The election is nearly a year and a half away, Biden may be full blown clueless by then.

  5. My official 2020 prediction; at the second debate Trump gets Biden so worked up he throws a punch at him. Right on stage in front of millions of viewers. And of course the leftist media will defend him for standing up against Trump’s violent rhetoric. Probably declare him a Nazi punching champion…

  6. “Imagine all the people who would be alive today if the only person who could buy a gun is qualified because of background checks and they’re the only ones that can pull the trigger? So my point is there are so many things we have the capacity to do.”

    Imagine a world where just like internet and cellphone service switches the government could disable any guns not under its control. All we would need is a forced exchange of all non smart rifles for the new government approved single shot .22 bolt action, maybe you are more into plastic pistols so the 12th generation single shot smart glock might be perfect for you.

  7. Biden’s eyeroll worthy comments on guns not withstanding this poll is an outlier.

    With 20 polls in the last 10 days the quick and dirty breakdown is Biden leads all of them by 4-27 with an average lead of 15.1%. A bunch of those polls are somewhat questionable but without digging into the internals I’m not putting anyone on blast.

    Add in this poll and we shift Biden to +16.29% (rounded, not truncated). So, I’m seeing nothing useful out of this.

    Further, of the polling organizations of note and repute we’re seeing some variation that indicates that things are simply unsettled (how shocking at this point!).

    Quinnipiac has three polls in the last ten days at 14-11-27. Since they tend not to vary their methodology something else is going on there with that kind of spread.

    YouGov, a group I’ve personally dealt with and find particularly sketchy is also all over the place with five polls ranging between 8-27. Again, even if they’re keeping their methodology the same (which I don’t know since they’re so sketchy) that’s a variation that means something else is going on.

    The interesting polls at this point IMHO are UT/Texas Trib (+8) and LA Times/Berkeley IGS (+4). In both cases Biden is losing a lot of support (as compared to other polls) to folks farther down the list and it’s not Sanders for the most part, it’s split with 1-6% going to a bunch of different people plus the outlier for UT/Tx Trib that has O’Rourke in second with 15%.

    Regardless the overall trends, sans this newest poll which is undoubtedly an outlier at this point, indicate that both Sanders and Biden have some serious weaknesses and that Harris, Warren, Buttigieg and O’Rourke are all posed to make up some ground, and maybe even take the lead in the backstretch leading up to Iowa.

    • I don’t know whether to rejoice or lament! Damnit man! Give me context!

      Seriously, Biden seems to be a loser in the general, Bernie maybe has an outside chance, but is unlikely…who do we least want to see as the DNC candidate? Things can change, obviously, but it doesn’t look like anyone in the back of the pack stands a chance in the general. I don’t know who to root for, since they all look to me to lose and lose big to Trump.

      PS: Trump winning is my hope, I’m just re read this and realized that wasn’t clear.

      Also, thank you for the break down, it was useful and interesting.

    • TTAG misstates the article, which cites a 40-point lead among black democratic primary voters, not a 40-point lead among Democrats.

  8. I’ve got a theory, the Democrat party is paying all of these loons to run knowing full well they don’t stand a chance so that one or two of their candidates will stand out as being “mainstream”, but at the same time they get air time for their whacked out ideas. These ideas will be put to the side but kept ready until such time as they have the advantage again and then God help us.

    • That’s my possible concern, they will funnel the Dem voters to a “anyone but Trump” final push. This “funneling” may not have happened in 2016, but the Dem voters have now experienced Trump.

      • Yeah, they are *pissed*, and that motivates them to show up.

        The best that we can hope for is that the eventual nominee so pisses off a loosing candidate’s base that they simply won’t show up to vote.

        That’s a big part of what happened in ’16. The ‘Bernie Bros’ were so rightly pissed off at the DNC for shafting their man that they expressed it by not showing up to vote. They thought they were punishing Hillery, but were too short-sighted to realize that by staying home, they handed free votes to Trump.

        That same dynamic could still happen in ’20. The ‘Democrat Socialists’ may be so pissed off at the DNC for not giving them their nominee, that they just say ‘fuck it’ and stay home… 🙂

    • This is a fairly common point of view among a lot of my political junkie friends– who are very knowledgeable about this stuff, so you’ll never see them doing main stream media commentaries. It’s a pretty much universally held view that most of the Dem field is in it for money and exposure– Swallwell leads the list on that score.

      There is, interestingly, a lack of consensus about who is footing the bills to fill up the clown car. The majority think the DNC, as you stated. A substantial minority think it might be the RNC paying the dems to act like loonies and tarnish the DNC brand. That might be a little bit out there, but in today’s political insane asylum, I’m not ruling it out.

  9. Hey Joe, if you mandated smart guns today, what would you do with the 400 million already out there in circulation, many of them not registered anywhere? Do you think that the gangs will turn in all of theirs? Do you think that most American citizens will so so? Sorry Joe, I don’t think so.

    Old Joe reminds me, in mannerisms, of Jimmy Carter, but weird, drab and dull, and not as smart. Maybe he is put up as a controllable patsy that can be run from Party HQ, i.e. a sock puppet.

    • Took the words right out of my mouth…I too wonder what the gang bangers are going to do with their existing (albeit) illegal handguns? Turn them in for Biden’s new, mandated, whiz bang 007 pistols? ROLMAO! I can see them lining up for the big exchange!

    • Exactly. That and I suppose gun owners will bring theirs in for retroactive fingerprint scanners? Bluetooth so we know who pulled the trigger? I know most gun owners are down to spend an extra $700 or so to get a “safe” gun they can trust. I never even got the biometric safe craze. There’s no way I’d trust that garbage in a pinch. They haven’t even figured out a mass air flow; or oxygen sensor in a car. Those have been around for 40 years or more.

  10. What a moron. Ignoring all other issues if we had smart guns that somehow worked and we all had to use them then criminals would just do like that do in every other nation… just make them from scratch. And if they’re already making guns, they’ll just make simple things like MAC-11s. So instead of random thugs with cheap Hi-Point they’ll be carrying around scratch made machine pistols. In for penny, in for a pound.

  11. What Mark N. says. There are too many non-smart guns out there for smart guns to make any difference.
    I feel most polls are equestrian manure. The media believes that if the controlled polls say one thing than it will be true.

  12. Ah kid’s like not forget S L O W Joe just praised segregationist dims…”he never called ME BOY”. ‘Cause yer white doofus. Trump gets savaged because he stated “there’s good people on both sides after the Charlottesville debacle”. Wanna get rich? Politics my son😄

  13. Biden the groper, segregationist and lyncher lover. I might be inclined to think Democrats just don’t know or believe his skeletons but it’s just as likely that the party of Jim Crow, the Klanbake and a parade of grand wizard politicians knows very well Bidens past and wholeheartedly supports it. The punchline of course being that defacto minority support the Dems have for some inexplicable reason.

  14. Do you think we are that stupid,Joe? Stop gan violence? maybe in a thousand years once the guns are fully developed but your logic really sucks. If, like the mayor of London, you wanted to ban knives to keep people safe what would you do about sharp sticks?

  15. 40 points ahead, eh

    Hillary “Why aren’t I 50 points ahead?”

    Joe who can’t keep his hands and lips off LITTLE GIRLS and women??? Pedophile Joe?

  16. In his statement, one word struck me as the most important; “if”, what a little word to cover so much ground.
    For damnocraps reality is not an option.

  17. Remember how inevitable Hillary was?

    Yea. That.

    Pollsters and the public should learn a lesson from that episode. Even on election night, the press and pundits were claiming Hillary had an overwhelming likelihood of winning.

    The brutal truth of Biden is this: That man has been on the wrong side of every international issue since about 1972. Every last one. The man has an unerring compass that points in the opposite direction of where he should have gone.

    Then there’s the issues of his dubious domestic issues.

    And then there’s the records of his ‘unwoke’ racial and sexual conduct.

    Biden looks like the only adult in the room right now – and who wouldn’t think so, when the competition is Willie Brown’s side piece, the fabulous mayors of South Bend, OH, NYC and some joint in Florida, a passel of senators, a few governors – all of which has turned out to be a travelling freak show. Compared to this field, Biden looks fairly normal – even with all this stupidity and hair-sniffing. Biden isn’t talking of socialism, or seizing guns, reparations or other hair-brained progressive stupidity.

    So it is understandable that Biden is pulling ahead of the field right now. But Biden’s record is going to cause some big problems inside the DNC between the young socialists/PoundMeToo/Woke crowd and the adults in the room.

    • I suspect the DNC will eventually give it to Biden, for no other reason that the adults in the DNC will consider him their ‘safest choice’.

      That may so enrage the Democrat Socialists that they may well stay home on election day… 😉

    • Biden drew a lot of power in Delaware from Unions and when they closed both car factories in the state he found himself in front of angry people who thought he could have saved the plants. Had he not gotten a VP slot he very well could have been primaried and lost.
      Bill Roth was a great Senator and left a lasting legacy for all to see. Joe was always overshadowed by him.

  18. How long before people figure out how to remove the smart “safeties” to turn them into non-smart guns? Or, for someone to hack them so that their now personalized to the new “owner?” My vote is the day after they’re released. Hackers will do it just for the challenge. The technology may work for kids or someone who loses retention of their gun during a fight. They can’t be proof against someone who has unlimited access to it. I’m looking forward to a portable, battery powered DNA scanner that works in seconds.
    BTW, if personalization is so great, why haven’t people applied it to cars yet? A $50k+ luxury vehicle should be an easy market. No more joy rides, grand theft auto, or car jacking. It wouldn’t matter if someone took or cloned your keys. Instead of pushing the start button, you’d look in a camera or swipe any one of your fingers. You’d think the insurance companies would even given huge discounts for it. Modern cars are mobile computers, so retinal or fingerprint scanners are simple additions.

  19. Old people love Biden.

    This might be old peoples last big push. One side loves Biden the other loves Trump. That’s bad for the future generations, but that hasn’t stopped those older generations from destroying America further.

    • The elderly have kept the Ponzi scheme we all know as SSI going for 80 years and they used to be the primal force in presidential elections. Many have tried to get the 18 year olds out to vote and while their numbers have increased they are still out numbered.
      I am not sure we want the kids voting in large numbers, we would end up with Justin Timberlake as president.

  20. If what Biden says is true, that’s admitting that guns are stolen and not the product “online purchases etc”

  21. The polls are being cooked to make Biden look good so that he gets the lion share of money especially from the big money donors and hopes of making many drop out. A long drawn out primary for the democrats will take an enormous amount of money that otherwise could be used in the general election while it looks very likely that President Trump won’t have any strong challengers in the primary.

    If Biden does get the nomination it will be interesting to see who his VP choice will be as he is looking and acting kind of frail and who knows what else might come along to force him to resign if by miracle he is elected president.

    • His VP will be a minority, a woman, ideally a minority woman. Don’t think they haven’t already picked the VP. Tim Kaine was given the slot to drop out. They learned their lesson, go with the hyphenated person.
      Consider how the DNC selects the nominee and it’s clear the primaries are merely shows. Remember how Herself had the delegates locked up 8 months before the convention and emails showed her being the nominee choice over a year out.

      It’s going to be Joe and one of the noisy socialist windbag members of the aggrieved class as VP.

  22. I’ll extend this challenge to any and all liberals who propose smart guns:

    Set me down with your model, give me a few hours and basic tools. I mean less than 100 bucks worth. A Dremel, some files maybe just a mundane microwave oven or a soldering iron. A spec of JB Weld here or there perhaps. I’ll compromise your smart gun and have the file uploaded to youtube within a day. There’s no way they can build a gun that’s not alterable to be dumb. Period.

  23. The article is right about them not working. When they do there is a delay which puts the weapon in category 1, meaning your mission will fail. Dirt and sweat also hinder the readers ability, all issues that occur in combat.

    To save us from gangs requires education not legislation. Gangs are the result from poor leadership within poor areas. Anybody from those areas who posses the natural leadership abilities to improve the situtation is tormented for being able to see the problems and render an effective solution thus hindering upward gains or is head hunted by educational societies who want the best talent and so recruit them out of slums and ghettos into beverly hills and manhattan leaving there comrades behind to fend for themselves.

    If someone stole your best leaders your organization or community would suffer to. That is how it is. They are greedy.

    • When parenting is non existent or consists of bad actions you get bad kids. Single mothers with several kids by different men can’t cope with adolescents. Throw in a wayward boyfriend and you’ve got a violent criminal factory.

      But we can’t say anything. It’s a culture we don’t understand.

  24. Uncle Ho, I mean Joe is right you know. There’s just a little to many it’s in the plan. To make it work I’m figuring you’d have buy back and perhaps smart tech put on your existing gunms( like that would be cheap). And after a time limit any gunm with out Get Smart technology would be illegal. His/ their plan could sure stir up a lot of sht.

  25. So Biden is going to ‘fix’ the gun problem.

    Hasn’t he been in political office for fifty-something years now? All that time and he’s just now getting around to fixing anything?

  26. The evening of the 2016 presidential election, one of the news networks had their polling “expert” on the air saying that Hillary had a 98% chance of winning the election. The polls are about as substantive as bovine flatulence.

  27. No matter how big this idiot is leading by means nothing when he is running against the other losers in the socialist democratic party and any of them will get destroyed by the best president in American history Trump!

  28. Does he really believe that the “smart” in “smart guns” won’t be hacked and defeated by criminals?

    About the only incident a “smart gun” would prevent is a small child accidently discharging the weapon.

    That happens so statistically infrequently that smart guns aren’t worth the risk to those that suddenly need them for self defence.

  29. 40 point lead? I don’t buy it? Same pollsters that were 99% sure Hillary could not lose. It’s fake news. Biden had 85 people show at his last rally in Iowa. Trump had 25k in the arena Tuesday and many more thousands outside. Trump has gained support since 2016 not lost it.

  30. If you put aside the gun issue for a moment the Right Wingers are too dumb to know Biden is way more to the Right than he is a Liberal as his past proves it. Its one of the reasons that in the end he will not be nominated to run by the Democrats if they want to win in 2020. Look for Bernie or Elizabeth to be the nominee. I think the voters have had enough of senile old men like Biden and Trump.

  31. “we have the capacity now in a James Bond-style to make sure no one can pull a trigger unless their DNA and fingerprint is on it,”

    No, Joe, we do not. There is no real-time DNA scanner, certainly not one that can fit inside a pistol and analyze DNA on a finger. The new (2018) DNAscan/ANDE™ Rapid DNA Analysis™ System is a portable, DNA “rapid” scanner is about the size of a microwave oven, takes 90 minutes to 2 hours to process a DNA sample (“rapid”), and requires a mouth/cheek swab sample to be placed in a cassette loaded into the device. A 2017 paper published in Forensic Science International: Genetics found a test of 193 samples swabs indicated an overall success rate of 75% with no incorrect calls identified. This is not near accurate enough or fast enough to be part of a firearm safety system.

    If Biden actually believes his own drivel, let him make a pledge “As of [date], my protection detail will only use firearms make sure no one can pull the trigger unless the DNA and fingerprint match the authorized protection detail personnel. This will enhance the safety and security of my security personnel, the public, and myself.”

  32. It may sound crass, but gun stores all over America are kinda, secretly, praying for Biden.

    He’ll be selling guns like you can’t even imagine.

    • Any one of about two dozens of Democrat candidate wannabes would. They race each other for the title of Biggest Gun Grabber.
      Biden is not nearly the worst of them. Compared to the rest of socialists and borderline comunists, he may be even considered a moderate.
      What happened to this country?

  33. Gun control really in fact does not stop killings, look at the countries who have gun control, and their crime is no different than ours with the exception of how the victim was hurt. look at the Federal Building in Oklahoma City, no guns used there. These gun control laws are a feel good thing not an answer to the why people were killed. So one we no longer have guns but the police and criminals will still have them, and then it will be an onslaught in what size knife you can carry like some states already have.

  34. Only a democrap would try to use the smart gun garbage as a plank in their campaign. No one will ever be able to tell these ignorant voters that any criminal that is a threat to your life, will not care about breaking the law and keep a pre-smart gun for his future crimes.

  35. Lies, lies, lies. No one in their right mind wants a man who inappropriately touches women to represent them in any capacity. Especially not as their President.

  36. Okay Joey…so you think that criminals will stop using old technology guns in favor of new techno bullshit? Really? I got news for you, there are hundreds of millions of old tech guns…new tech have your security team use it…Ass Clown


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