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SpartanPadre sends us a very Spartan EDC “High-Speed, Low-Drag Small Pockets“, via Everyday Carry.

He describes his occupation as an Emergency Room / Intensive Care Unit nurse.  And most hospitals in my neck of the woods have those pesky “Gun Free Zone” signs, so I can see why he keeps things minimal.  Deep concealment means deep concealment.

He covers all the bases.

Gun – Ruger LCP Custom.  Judging that book by its cover, I would just about bet it has a lot better trigger than your standard LCP.  (As an aside, I love my LCP 2 with its vastly improved trigger…)

Blade – Benchmade Osbourne auto blade.

Light – FourSevens Prion 2 that runs on 2 AAA batteries.  A little big considering what’s available and its performance, but maybe it fits his needs perfectly.

And on yes, like a good Boy Scout, a little Victorinox Cadet Swiss Army knife.

He adds this:

From athletic shorts to 3-piece suit. When I need my stuff small this is what I grab.


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  1. Needs a good holster unless he has one of them clips mounted on the other side.

    If that is the case…..he needs a good holster.

  2. Nice to see something authentic, as opposed to “look at all my spendy tacticool stuff”.
    Mall ninja stuff: no.
    Squad corpsman med gear: no.
    Pimp bragging watch: no.
    Plumbers tool kit: no.
    Space Pen: No.
    Spare mag(s): no. Might want to review that again. Lol

  3. The only way he can pocket carry in athletic shorts is if he doesn’t do anything athletic. A belly band or an undershirt with a built-in gun pocket might be his other options? As for a suit i’d be curious go he carries. I wore a suit at a wedding recently. I appendix carried right under a suit vest so I could take off my jacket.

  4. Very nice. My LCP is stock, my knife is a Leek.
    If I think I will be out after dark, I’ll add a light. I keep a small and a medium light in the truck. Where I live an extra mag is extra weight. If I go to the big city I will up-grade to my LC9 w/a spare mag.
    My LCP holster is handmade. Kind of a slide holster, but w/a thumb break strap.
    Did try the side clip but found it to be insecure and somewhat uncomfortable.

    • What is you are inside a building and the power goes out?

      A compact flashlight is 24/7 carry gear.

      What if your mag gets ejected and lost, or your mag decides to fail when you need it most? Who can’t find the space to carry a 2oz spare magazine for an LCP?

      A spare magazine is 24/7 carry gear.

      • Tallest and most closed in building here is the court house/jail. Other than the jail and the basement there are windows every where. I also don’t go to this building after normal business hours, i.e. daylight.
        Only buildings taller than two stories are the homotels and the have daylight stairwells.
        At home I have flashlights, candles and a wood heating stove. What, me worry? Nah.
        Unlike the big city we can and do survive without power, happens often.

        • As for an extra mag, the most dangerous encounter out here is an injured deer on the road. Usually not much exchange of gunfire. In fact, if I need more than one shot, I better give up my guns.

  5. I liked the post by the Cop who said he packs a light even in the daytime because there can be more dark places than you’d expect.

    • The amount of times I encounter dark places that my phone cant sufficiently light up is so minimal It does not warrant me carrying a light. I have one in my car which is rarely far.

      • Nothing says tactical preparedness like getting into a shootout while trying to illuminate your target with a cell phone light.

        A thorfire 3/4″ diameter single AA light throws 550 lumens (using a 14500 rechargeable battery) and weighs about 3 oz. Cost: about $15 on ebay.

        Conveniently, if you pair it with a spare LCP magazine, they lock each other into the watch pocket of a pair of jeans perfectly.

        Now you have no excuses for not being properly prepared. Have a nice day!

        • My phone just needs to be shaken twice to turn on the light. It requires less manipulation than most flashlights.

          Why do I need to carry a light to illuminate an attacker again?

          If I’m at home or in my car, I have access to bigger flashlights. If I’m just out, walking about, minding my own business, why am I dumb enough to be in a dark place likely to be frequented by armed muggers? If I can’t see him, he probably can’t see me, either. I’m not a cop. I don’t have to go into dark places to investigate and apprehend. Doesn’t seem likely.

      • I’ve got a three piece suit, custom tailored. Wore it for my wedding and some other functions. I bring it out now and again just for fun. Done right it looks sharp as fuck in nearly all situations. Works great for professional job interviews too.

        Jeans and a Tshirt or business casual work most of the time but sometimes you actually want to look like you care. Nothing says “That guy has his shit together” like a well fitting three piece suit with the right shirt and well thought out highlights like a nice pocket watch and a tie that sets off a tie pin and is complimented by a pocket square.

        Plus, with the appropriate shoulder holster and classic pistol combination it really is OG.

    • Three piece suits started making a comeback a few years ago. I made the switch and I’m glad I did. Super versatile.

      • I do agree that being well groomed and well dressed can be important, I just can’t understand the need to put a noose on my neck, even occasionally.

  6. There’s a 940/3 auto these days?

    That looks like a carbon fiber 940/3, not a 9555. Or do my eyes deceive me?

  7. If going compact, go all the way. Smaller folder, smaller light. Microstream is about half the length of that pen sized light, and a 535 is also smaller than the 940. Can’t say anything about the boy scout style victorinox, but I see it as an extra space taker as well. Personally just never carried them. Too much effort to deploy and it’s far from a multitool. I do like them though. Just not my style.

    Gun is G2G. Micro compact is something I am currently getting into. Trying to break my habit of needing a full combat load on ammo 😉 (Jk, it’s only one extra mag on me with 2 extra’s in the bag and 2 extras in the truck safe, plus another gun in the truck safe and ammo for it too – really not that much)

  8. Rookie Question of the WeeK: I’ve been looking at knives, and wondered about a couple of less expensive brands – Ozark Trail and Camillus.

    Either of them any good? Or would I be better off spending a bit more for one of the upper tier brands?

    Just looking for a decent pocket folder/utility blade at this point.

    • I’d say if Camillus is still Made in New York their worth the money IMO. I have had good luck with mine, however it’s a fixed blade. Their kitchen knives aren’t bad either. I’m guessing Ozark Trail is made in (yuk) China, I’ve purchased some decent made knives marked ( yuk) China. But going off of most Ozark Trail stuff I’ve purchased it tends to need repaired over extended use.

    • I would say the sweet spot is around the $50-70 price point. You can gat a decent blade from a decent company (spyderco, Kershaw, etc). There’s diminishing returns in quality after that and its not so expensive that you are afraid to use it hard if needed.

    • @ rookie; Check out Blade Knives from $25 to $500+. Good selection of makers, including autos and otf styles to fit any pocked book and lifestyle.
      If you are into custom/$$$ try A.G. Russell knives, they sell Randels and other high $$ knives.

    • Almost everything is made in China.

      Quality of Chinese made knives have improved even over 5 years ago.

      That said – choose carefully – I think knife companies formally in the US (Camille’s, Shrade) have a higher standard than Ozark trail.

    • CRKT is a good inexpensive knife brand.

      I carry a CRKT M16-01S, i think it was like $20 at walmart. I’ve carried it in every climate on earth (not exaggerating), it’s a darn good knife, just make sure you clean it after exposure to salt water.

  9. Getting shooted by a Trauma Nurse would probably have its ups and downs. One the one the Nurse could probably plug any bullot hold, one the other They’d probably know were to shootin so it
    would be game over regardless of Medicaid

    • Back when I worked as a paramedic I often joked that my aim got better as my shift went on. By the end of the night, I didn’t want to do any more work.

  10. For the life of me, I do not understand why every single SOB on this site carries 2 MFing knives. Can anyone explain a valid reason for this?

    • I’ll give you my answer and you can extrapolate as you will.

      One’s for cutting flesh. Never used, doesn’t grow dull. Cuts almost like a razor, as I’d want it to if I’m using it with malice. And if you’re trying to hurt me or my loved ones, I’m gonna come at you with malice aplenty.

      One’s for utility use.


      • That is a fairly valid reason. Having said that, I dont carry a purse, so I do have a leatherman wave, but it stays in my vehicle. Also, keep some basic tools in your car.

    • It was commissioned by a distributor. They made a run and then stopped. They will make it again if there is demand.

  11. The item on the left in the picture above looks like a neuralyzer from Men In Black. I suppose that’s to flash everyone who realizes you’re CCW in a GFZ. And Benchmade?? seriously?? I thought everyone who carries a gun already knew that Benchmade is down with gun control, antigun Demorats, and destroying confiscated guns. Time to go get an Ontario Knife or Ka-Bar!

  12. His wife must handle all the money. And drive the car. And decide when he gets to come into the house. And not let him use his cell phone without her permission since she is apparently carrying that, too, in addition to his wallet and keys.

    Get real, people. What does this guy REALLY carry?

    One thing he doesn’t carry is a Swiss Army Knife, because that thing is NOT a Victorinox Cadet but a cheap knock-off instead. Notice the symbol on the knife, then compare it to a real one on

  13. I like all these cute expensive operators stuff.

    Be in a gunfight and in my area the DA will prove you were wanting a gunfight by all the cool operator stuff.

    Best to go in style as a grey man.
    , especially in my area.


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