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  1. Still, after 30 years, Sarah Brady is blaming everything, and everybody, but John Hinckley. The only mention of Hinckley is when Andrea Mitchell talks, without detail, about the way he obtained the firearm.

    Since the first shot hit James Brady it renders the high-capacity magazine ban impotent. And, once again, Sarah mentions of the maximum capacity of hunting arms and states that, “No one NEEDS a high capacity magazine.” If you are reading this Ms. Brady, you have no right to say what someone else needs.

    The Brady’s personal tragedy is something that few, outside of their family, can truly relate to. But, one family’s tragedy is not a reason for anyone else to have to forfeit their rights. The old Saul Alinsky rule is to, “… clothe your arguement in a moral garment.” Ms. Brady’s use of the term, “sensible gun-control” is sorely lacking in definition and, what is sensible to one is anathema to another.

    I saw the interview and I do feel for the Bradys. But, notice when Mr. Brady answers Ms. Mitchell’s questions how Sarah’s lips move in unison with his responses.

  2. I feel nothing but disgust for the Bradys, who have made a thirty year career out of an errant shot from the .22 revolver of a maniac. Even worse, they are nothing but water carriers for the Joyce Foundation, which is perhaps the most odious group of subversives ever to crawl through the sewers of Chicago.

    Harsh words to follow.

    • Not from me. Everybody’s got their stuff. Wanna hear me go on about my wife who died from breast cancer and my family’s feelings about shortcomings in the health care system that are killing people? Of course you don’t.

      The Brady’s have made a thirty year sideshow out of their misfortune. Mine and I’m sure many others sympathy has long since waned.

  3. Some things just piss me off soooooo much that I cannot/dare not unleash my wrath! Ralph-Bravo! John-I’m sorry to hear about that. The wonderful VA missed the 5 tumors my father had in his brain-but later wanted to push chemo on him in an experiment that would have caused needless suffering. I never trusted them-and never will-with all respect to those who do work there with good intentions.

  4. Why do you guys hate the victims of gun violence who work for gun control after their trauma? I’ve never heard anything but the kind of harsh words expressed in these comments for the Bradys, or McCarthy, or young Colin or Bryan Miller.

    You have almost the same harsh words for the Helmkes and Henigans too, but for the victims it seems worse. Why is that.

    Can’t you imagine that some of these people are sincerely trying to do just what they say they are? Can’t you believe that some of them are well-intentioned?

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