The First TTAG Meet-up @ The NRA Confab

As you’ve probably already read, TTAG will be out in force, covering the NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits like GSR on a competition shooter’s hand. Or something. A number of the TTAG Armed Intelligencia have asked if we could have a meet-up for those of you attending, or who live in the greater Pittsburgh area. Which sounds like a great idea to us. (Truth to tell, in this age of the Internet, most of your humble correspondents have not met, face to face. Unless you count Apple’s FaceTime. Still. Whatever.)

Anyway, the TTAG staff will be in Pittsburgh Thursday through Sunday, for the show. We’ll be doin’ the show thing during the day (as well as grabbing some face-to-face time with as many of the firearms movers and shakers as we can manage), and covering the keynotes in the evening. Which should leave some (but not a lot) of time for a meet up. We were thinking “Happy Hour,” perhaps. (Hey – NObody’s armed at one of the NRA soireés, so it’s not like we have to worry about our CHLs and all.)

And if you’re thinking about attending, keep in mind that the exhibits are free to anyone with an NRA membership. (The keynotes and such, not so much.)

So, if we can get a tentative headcount, our crack research staff will begin working on a time, date and location. Just add a comment below, and we’ll put you on the list, then contact you as the date nears.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


  1. avatar JoeMerchant24 says:

    I’ll be there!

  2. avatar NeilC says:

    I will also be in attendance. Driving in on Friday morning and leaving Sunday.

  3. avatar Foghorn says:

    I’ll be there. RF asked me to join in with the rest of the writing staff attending, and I couldn’t possibly refuse.

  4. avatar John Fritz says:

    It would’ve been ironic off the scale to have had this NRA meeting in Philadelphia.

    TTAG, please do something in SE Pennsylvania the next time.

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      Philadelphia? W.C. Fields was wrong. All things considered, I’d rather be in Pittsburgh.

  5. avatar Roy Hill says:

    Would if I could.

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