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Funny how CNN’s selection from last night’s Piers Morgan interview with Jesse Ventura doesn’t include this clip on gun control. Inarguable? Facile? At the risk of seeming inelegant, when it comes to Morgan the mainstream media maven, the word “stupid git” springs immediately to mind. I guess my 18 years in the UK weren’t totally wasted . . .

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  1. And here’s a pointless and unanswerable ad hominem attack form an anonymous Twitter user…

    This is worse than bad information. This is a dark, vortex of bad rhetoric which swallows up intelligence, logic, and substance. Morgan is a black hole of stupidity.

    In a world where this kind of absurdity is popular enough to warrant air time, we are doomed.

    It’s hemlock for us all.

    • And here’s a pointless and unanswerable ad hominem attack form an anonymous Twitter user…

      Yeah, I had the same thought. “Twitter is going crazy.” Great, give us an on-topic example, either for or against. Oh no, instead, we’re gonna get moon landing stuff, because that will absorb some airtime from the guy arguing against you.

    • In a world where this kind of absurdity is popular enough to warrant air time, we are doomed.

      Back in the old days (the 80s and previous) airtime was limited, and the challenge was ‘getting on tv’. Thanks to the relentless march of technology, the problem the cable networks now face is filling a nigh-infinite amount of airtime with content appealing enough to distract people from the free boobies ^W^W internet.

      Two B-list* celebrities having an argument? Yeah, that’ll make the cut.

      *being generous.

  2. Piers Morgan is a toxic weapon the UK sent over here. Hard to believe he replaced Larry King who at least knew how to interview people. I do remember Larry asking Perry Como if he thought he could do rap, Perry said he could. Nauseating.

  3. Jesse Ventura is spot on. The police will be there in minutes when you have seconds to act, and a CCW holder could very well have stepped up and been a hero.

    As for me, I’m saving up for my 4th AR…

  4. I don’t think that Piers should be talking big right now, especially since two unarmed female police officers were killed by a psycho who shot them 13 times and blew them up with a grenade. There is an article of this on the Daily Mail website.

    • Gun grabbers will whine that the article is three years old, and cites statistics that are five years old. They will then blissfully ignore the fact that things have not changed.

      • But they have changed…the UK has gotten worse and is ramping up efforts to prosecute anyone who defends themselves or even carries the means to do so…
        …The police tasered a guy four times for the threatening behaviour of walking thorough a shop with a screwdriver in his hip pocket…he’d just been fixing the lights down the street and forgot to put his tools away.

        Britain is, sadly, no longer Great by any measure.

        Piers Morgan Go Home.

  5. Here’s the problem.

    There’s never, in the history of the world, been a shortage of stupidity and evil. In modern America, these roles are filled by those like Morgan, MAIG, Progressives, the Bradys, Bloomberg, Rahm, etc.

    However, in the history of the world, there have always been those who simply refuse to tolerate the stupidity and evil that weaken, destroy, and mock human intelligence, dignity, and decency. It may have taken them a long time to rise up and overcome, but eventually good people did.

    One must wonder how much longer true Americans will tolerate the agents of stupidity and evil in their midst.

    Thing is, evil learns from history just like anyone. Imagine if, rather than go to war, the Third Reich simple rejuvenated and expanded Germany through economics and foreign relations. Violence only leads to a response of violence, but infiltration by way of ideals and trickery is a silent war in itself. Progressives know that declaring martial law, executing dissenters, and crowning themselves kings (which they’d like nothing more than to do) would breed violent opposition. So they use the media, easily-corrupted tools like Morgan, and death by a thousand cuts to destroy the country from within.

    Try to shoot someone and they’ll defend themselves. Convince him to shoot himself and you get the job done with clean hands. That’s modern America.

  6. You guys are aware that Mr. Ventura is verifiably insane, yes? Not exactly the kind of person I want arguing my side of any argument…

      • I suppose, but if he were arguing the opposite I am certain most people here would be saying “of course he thinks that, he is crazy” and disregard his comments entirely. I think adding insane people as supporters to a cause isn’t really beneficial.

    • Hey that’s not me… OK well more than one person can be named Chris but it’s going to get confusing fast…

      I’ll be New Chris and you can be Chris Classic.

      As to the sanity of Mr. Ventura.

      I file him in the same box as Uncle Ted…

      He’s nutty, but that doesn’t mean he’s wrong.

      What is this verification you speak of?

        • New Chris Says:

          Well sure he says things I disagree with but that doesn’t make him insane.

          You have to evaluate an argument on its own merits.

          You have misused the term “verifiably insane” and thus committed two logical fallacies in one post.

          The first is an ad hominim attack, accusing someone of being “verifiably insane” doesn’t address their argument at all, particularly when you have no actual verification. It’s a means to dismiss their argument without consideration.

          The second is the association fallacy. E.g. This guy is insane and therefore anyone who agrees with him must also be insane.

          I’m not trying to be pithy here. Honest.

          But if you’re going to denigrate someone because they are, in your opinion insane, then you should at least demonstrate a degree of rationality in your arguments.

          Otherwise you might be accused of being insane by your own standards.

          All that out of the way. i don’t feel like Jesse did a very good job making his case. He didn’t deconstruct the straw man “gun crimes,” and he didn’t compare murder rates by population.

          Morgan is having a bit of fun with statistical manipulation, which means that he already knows he’s not being honest.

          I don’t think the best way to defeat Mr. Morgan is to become him. His tactics rely on denigration and obfuscation. He needs these tactics because he can’t rely on the truth.

          We can.

    • Bleed I don’t have time to bleed.. 😉
      Not sure how insane, but he speaks his mind!
      oh also I believe his being insane is an urban legend.

    • Although the messenger might not be very credible, his message was completely correct. This is a common liberal, progressive tactic – to attack the messenger instead of the message.

    • Jesse is aligned with Terrible Ted on guns, that much is for sure. His TV show on conspiracies with Alex was a low point for him.

    • insane compared to who?

      Im not afraid of jesse ventura at all. Im more afraid of the psychopathic, sadistic, power hungry, and greedy sociopaths that hold positions of power in our country.

      • New Chris says:

        I’m afraid of anyone who is so mentally unstable that they honestly and sincerely believe that they can make decisions for millions of people that they’ve never met, and that their unqualified opinions should be imposed on everyone by the force of law.

        Now that’s a bag of crazy.

  7. I like Jesse Ventura, I just wish he articulated his arguments better. We face down Piers Morgans of the world all the time as gun owners, and while standing behind the 2nd Amendment is fine, it also helps to have a more complete toolbox of arguments to use against the average anti-gunner. I’ve turned quite a few of them over to at least being gun-neutral, and a few to being owners, but it takes more than just “2nd Amendment, deal with it!” to do it.

  8. Well Jesse certainly stated most of what we feel, but…

    Piers Morgan pretty much feels guns are bad and no one needs them.
    so he loves to state how low the death count is in the UK. He needed to counter with this little tib bit: or Germany has seen a 70% increase in violent crime since 1993.

    And of course 12,000 deaths from guns is a tragedy I agree, but he also rightfully pointed out Mexico. Piers wants to call it isolated because of the Cartels. Jesse needed to point out the the Cartels are active in the US, and if we disarm unilaterally it will give the Cartels more reason to begin acting just like they do in Mexico. This being because our current president doesn’t want to close the boarder and has hog tied the hands of the justice department and ICE to do anything of value.

    Piers opened the segment with direct comments on the Aurora shooting. Why not the NYC shooting, oh I forgot that was police officers who shot all those people. Sorry LEO’s just using this as a point here. Jesse stated if folks had been armed in that theater then it could have been mitigated. Given the reconstruction of the incidents, I would tend to believe that.

    Also Piers loves to point to American history with a crack about the OK coral. Minus a deputy and Wyatt Earp, this was essentially a gang shootout. Ok they weren’t wearing hoodies or holding their gats sideways but these were basically outlaws. So the whole reference is a bit off if you ask me. Here is from wikipedia: “The Gunfight at the O.K. Corral was a gunfight that took place at about 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 26, 1881, in Tombstone, Arizona Territory, and is generally regarded as the most famous gunfight in the history of the American Old West. The gunfight, believed to have lasted only about thirty seconds, was fought between the outlaw Cowboys Billy Clanton, Tom McLaury and his brother Frank McLaury, and the opposing lawmen Virgil Earp and his brothers Morgan and Wyatt Earp, aided by Doc Holliday acting as a temporary deputy of Virgil. Cowboys Ike Clanton and Billy Claiborne ran from the fight unharmed, but Ike’s brother Billy Clanton was killed, along with both McLaurys. Lawmen Holliday and Morgan and Virgil Earp were wounded. Only Wyatt Earp came through the fight unharmed. The fight has come to represent a time in American history when the frontier was open range for outlaws opposed by law enforcement that was spread thin over vast territories, leaving some areas unprotected.”

    Of course he also has a point which of course because Piers is British he will never understand. Tyranny folks, yup good old dictator wants to take over and all that. Jesse was right on there. You can’t overthrow a modern government with small caliber pistols. DISCLAIMER: I am in no way advocating the violent overthrow of the current administration or cause any harm to any government official. END DISCLAIMER

    This alone refutes the whole idea of limiting what civilians can or can not own. Even beyond that, Jesse points out that the police are there after the crime to clean up, not to be there to prevent it. Just like Smokey the Bear says, only you can prevent violent crime! lol

    So it wasn’t aired I don’t doubt it. Having anyone Jesse, Iced-T, or even Brad Pitt having some sort of realistic conversation about gun control, GASP!!! We can’t have that, we want people to believe gun folks are all raging lunatics!

  9. Typical colonial imperialist is Morgan. Come to America, look around and decide the uncouth savages already there don’t understand what’s best for them so he must change things to his liking.

    If the people already there don’t like it, screw them, he know’s what’s best.

      • Not our fault that we used what could (at the time) be described as “unconventional tactics”. If you ever find yourself in a fair fight, your strategy sucks.

        • Hell, I’ll kill a man in a fair fight… or if I think he’s gonna start a fair fight, or if he bothers me, or if there’s a woman, or if I’m gettin’ paid – mostly only when I’m gettin’ paid. Jayne Cobb

  10. Why does America have so many more murders than the countries Morgan mentioned?

    Because the US has a certain segment of the population who commits most of the murders, and the US has a higher number of those people.

    The people who are committing the murders in the UK, and the victims, are all members of the same ethnic group that does that stuff here. It’s just that the US has a lot more of them.

    If you factor out murders committed by blacks and Hispanics in the US, the total murders BY ALL METHODS committed by white people drops to just over 5,000, and that’s pretty impressive for a group who makes up 72% of a nation of 314 million people.

    America’s problem is with ethnic groups who, for whatever reason, have chosen to not assimilate. It’s not a gun issue, but it’s not politically correct to say.

    Is it a poverty issue? Nope. Some of the poorest places in America also have high rates of gun ownership—like Appalachia. The thing they don’t have is high numbers of unassimilated minorities.

    • Jean Paul, that is a touchy subject. One interesting aspect would be to see in areas which are ethnically diverse, how does that compare to areas which are not, but we need to compare similar financial backgrounds if possible.
      I am in no way a racist, but The first three places I think about when we think of high crime, is Washington DC, Chicago, and Oakland CA. While all of these places have affluent areas, if we look at where the high crime is, it generally falls into the lower income ethnically non diverse areas.
      These places also have the strictest gun laws, and generally the police are over worked in these areas as it is, so response times are slow, and there is a general mistrust of police in these areas. Gun ownership is low as well.
      The citizens are then upset because the police can respond faster. Yet very few actually consider arming themselves. Then again this can also be contributed to social upbringing and values.
      I do think there is also a gun ownership issue in this country. We can try and compare urban areas which are constitutional carry, and shall issue. Try and target similar ethnic and financial backgrounds. I don’ think we can get accurate figures on gun ownership, but in general it might be an interesting picture.

  11. As soon as he blew off the fact that drunk people driving cars wasn’t a valid analogy for irrational or otherwise impaired people using guns to shoot innocent people, I would’ve simply stood up and said, “Excuse me. First allow me to apologize for wasting the time of the audience for engaging in what I thought was a debate with a rational person. If you can sit there and tell me irrational and irresponsible human behavior isn’t the core issue at hand and you would rather pin the blame on an inanimate object, then Mr. Morgan, I can’t continue this interview because you just admitted to me that you are irrational. And frankly, sir, you are an idiot.” and would have just walked out.

    • When Mr. Prissy referred to guns as lethal weapons I would have countered only when used lethally as such, just like cars, bats, or even airplanes.

      England disarmed everyone but the hooligans still manage to wreak havoc.

  12. The violence which results from football in the UK is astounding. We have very little of that here, with a few exceptions. Those rabid fans look forward to beating the shit out of one other at each game, there isn’t much in the US to compare it to. The savagery is part of the sport for them. Ball bats, bottles, knives, brass knuckles, and bad breath are used quite regularly.

    How about Piers do a show on that and offer some solutions, like

    He would never be able to return to England again.

  13. Not a big fan of Mr. I-ain’t-got-time-to-bleed, but I’m stealing the brilliant question he posed, “which roll of the dice would you like? Armed or unarmed?” and making it my own.

  14. Robert, I watched the re-broadcast of the show, and that segment was in it. Jesse can have some strange ideas, but he spoke well for gun rights. But the later show on CNN (at 11:00 PM in Missouri) did have this segment.

  15. People always point to the UK as an example. Sure, they have fewer gun crimes, but their knife violence is through the roof. People will still find a way to be violent

    • Well if Einstein taught us one thing it’s that stupid hair doesn’t necessarily mean stupid person… and while I might find Jesse’s hair to be somewhat silly on a man his age, I also remember his pink feather boa phase and well, this is an improvement over that.

  16. Isn’t this guy always trying to talk to his guests about how firearms should be banned? He did it t Montel Williams, and he told Piers off (slightly, he did talk about mandatory electronic fingerprint locks on firearms… shudder) There’s a reason he’s always on at 0300… he’s filler.

  17. It’s the usual defeatist attitude of someone that wants the illusion of safety. Piers would rather us be victims, helpless and live in fear, dependent on police for our protection. The trade off – the lives of the innocent that have been saved by defensive gun use versus the possibility of reduced homicides by gun. Let’s ask Piers opinion after he’s been mugged or has his home invaded. The police do not magically appear just in time. Face it, the gang and drug problem are sadly unique to the US. You can outlaw guns and those numbers will hardly budge, but no one can ever feel safe even in their own home.

  18. I gotta go with Piers Morgan on this one, I breathed a huge sigh of relief after that last mass shooting incident after I found out that no wild yahoo private citizen with a gun tried to intervene. I mean sure, it took a while for the police to show up and kill the guy (after he slaughtered all those innocent people), but if a non-police officer had shot the shooter then things could’ve gotten REALLY violent, right?

  19. Yeah, just like the NYC gun laws saved all the innocent bystanders from being shot by an armed civilian last month. Of course, the armed NYC cop shot 9 innocent bystanders in the process of killing the perp, but hey, who’s counting?

    As for Piers Morgan, would one refer to him as a “wet wanker”?

  20. “Because it is our right. Period.” That is the only argument needed. Other than that, it is like arguing with an old ex-girlfriend.

    Also, I am for gun control reform. There are too many laws and restrictions as it is and it needs to be simplified and less restrictive for responsible citizens.


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