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There’s little doubt that this man is living the dream. Traveling around the country with his family to shooting competitions, winning most of them with ease and finding time to perform the sheer awesomeness that is contained within this video. I mean, seriously — who else would mag dump a Barrett semi-auto 50 BMG rifle at contact distance…while managing to keep the thing rock steady? I’m actually starting to think that Jerry is a cyborg… there’s no other way to explain it. Click here for the link if the above don’t work.

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  1. It is amazing how low the felt recoil is on a Barrett, even shooting it prone from the bipod. Jerry is the man, crazy stuff.

    I’m digging the Barett in FDE.

    • They do kick, but the semi-auto Barrett in .50BMG isn’t as hard as some large game rounds I’ve fired out of bolt-actions, and nowhere near an 8ga single shotgun.

      • Mostly because you need to be Popeye to shoulder the damn thing, whereas most safari rifles and shotguns for field use are rarely heavier than 12-15 pounds. That weight plus the bigass muzzle brake makes the recoil pretty trivial considering the round’s power.

        • I’m in ok shape, but I ain’t Popeye (nor 30 anymore). I’m with you 100% that I wouldn’t want to spend 20 minutes with one welded to my cheek walking, but really, they’re only about 32#. It’s not like the 50-80# of an M134 minigun (plus food that it scarfs at a 2-6KRPM). At 6′ and 210-ish, I have no problem emptying a 15 round M82 mag from standing into a target.

          I’m also completely sure that I can’t do it as fast, or as well, as Jerry…

          If you want even less drama than Barrett’s stone-age ‘design’ – get a Serbu or build your own.

    • He happens to be the uncontested best in the world at what he does. That would probably explain an elevated level of self confidence.

    • Well he has stats and awards to back it up.

      Jerry Miculek saying that he’s a good, fast shooter is like Bill Gates saying that he is super rich.

      • Except Bill Gates doesn’t go around talking about how rich he is. He just lets his wealth speak for itself.

        • Except everybody knows who Bill Gates is and no introduction is necessary. The same cannot be said about Jerry Miculek, who is unknown outside the gun world.

        • Except nobody outside the gun world cares about Miculek shooting 6 rounds of 50 cal in less than a second.

        • Don, why are you even here? What the hell is your problem? You’re on a gun site. If you’re unhappy with the gun content you’re welcome to go back to Cosmo or TMZ or Tiger Beat or wherever the hell you came from and let the adults talk.

      • Jerry Miculek saying that he’s a good, fast shooter is like Bill Gates saying that he is super rich.

        Actually, it’s like Bill Gates saying that he has a few dollars and a decent house.

      • That’s not hoarding, that’s just 2 days worth of practice ammo for Jerry. He is a speed shooting champion, after all.

      • Hey, c’mon, that’s just a well-stocked reloading bench. And Jwm has it – that’s about 2 days worth of practice for Jerry.

        Nick is right, though – the guy clearly is a cyborg. Either that or he has been shooting 5000+ rounds a month for 30 years…

  2. Love the echo after the shots. In the hills around here it goes on and on and on…
    Shooting a 50 is a whole lotta fun! If you guys and gals ever get the chance, do it.

  3. Nick wrote in the article, “I’m actually starting to think that Jerry is a cyborg …”

    Excellent … I am still laughing out loud.

  4. If S.W.A.T. ever got an order to raid Mr. Miculek’s home, I sure hope they call ahead and let him know that they are going to stop by for a “visit”.

  5. Ok, I think I just swallowed the fly that flew into my open mouth…and now that you mention it, why Yes, he IS a cyborg

  6. I’ve put the full Barrett .50 M107 through its paces, was trained on it, and I am fucking well astonished. We used to lay down behind the gun, snuggle up, then kick our feet back and forth to make a line, pull off a shot, and measure the distance from our boots to the line. I’m a skinny bastard, so I used to usually win with 9-11 inches. That’s how far that gun will push you along the ground. My squad leader popped off a few too many rounds through one, and had to have all his dental work redone. Can’t imagine firing it from the shoulder, much less controlling it to fire that fast. I can pull a trigger pretty fast, but to get the weapon back on target in that little time? Yeah, he’s a robot. I for one welcome our new overlords.

  7. Being an OCD neat-freak, those shelves of mixed-up boxes of ammo behind Jerry during the intro were disturbingly distracting.

  8. The sound you think is coming from the rifle in the super slo-mo shot is actually Jerry’s robot laugh. His reaction time is clearly electrically enhanced, thus, while most of us with ‘regular’ nervous systems would laugh after the mag dump is over (which he does, in a feeble attempt to mask his roboticness), he senses the primer being struck and begins his evil cyborg celebration laugh before the round even impacts the target. Hard to believe I know, but science is difficult to comprehend sometimes.

  9. OK, now I know why we have an ammo shortage–he’s hoarding all the ammo. I haven’t seen that much ammo in a store in ages, let alone in his armory. Fer cryin’ out loud!

  10. I stated earlier in another comment thread that I’m not generally entertained by watching shooting videos. I should have stated that there is an exception to the rule for Jerry. But that’s only because A) he’s a frickin’ MACHINE and B) he seems to be having more fun than is generally recommended, medically speaking. That laugh of his after he pops off a half dozen rounds from a .44 Mag or this monster rifle in under a second, that’s just priceless.

    So, while I’m not generally into gun videos, superhuman acts of marksmanship are fascinating to watch.

  11. That man… He just went fully insane on those targets. I know he only shot one of them, but think of the blastyness the others experienced…

  12. A semi-auto Barrett .50 cal humming away at 367.32 rpm? That would be enough to make even the most dedicated enemy crap his pants. Sure, that’s not very fast in comparison to the Ma Deuce, (The M2HB plows away at 485 to 635 rpm.) but this isn’t a mounted turret with a giggle switch. Just a man with an awesome giggle.

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